Cute Karol nails guy to her satisfaction with her dream partner

Cute Karol nails guy to her satisfaction with her dream partner
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Stewardess Cindy Ch 12 Humour & Satire Original story by Frankel. Ch 11 has been skipped because it was about a Huge ape with a cock the size of a tree bough; the ape was called King Cock! Cindy and Sindy had just finished serving meals on their long distance flight from Los Angeles to Sydney.


They moved amongst the passengers chatting amiably when Sindy came to the very fat woman she had seen earlier. "Aren't really fat people supposed to book two seats?" she whispered to Cindy. "She isn't fat, she is pregnant," said Cindy. "What is pregnant?" asked Sindy. "She is going to have a baby," said Cindy. "But why is she fat?" "Because the baby is in her tummy," said Cindy. Sindy laughed. "Cindy you are so funny," she giggled. "No, it's true," said Cindy.

"That is where babies come from. A woman's belly. They grow inside them. I heard about it on the telly one time." "My God you don't think I have a baby in me, do you? I don't want to be fat!" "No," said Cindy. "There is something you have to do first.

I can't remember what it is." "Let's ask her," said Sindy. "I would hate to do it by mistake!" The two stewardesses walked over to the woman and her husband seated in row A. "Excuse me," said Cindy. "We couldn't help but notice you are pregnant. We were wondering, how did it happen?" The couple looked at the stewardesses blankly. "Excuse me?" said the man.

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"How do you think it happened?" said the woman. "I'm sorry but we really don't know," said Cindy. "I've heard of it before, but never understood how the baby got in there.

Do you take baby pills?" The woman laughed at the girls. "I can't believe what I am hearing!" she said loudly. "How dare you speak like this to me!" Stacey, the other stewardess in first class (who had made them not breast feed the passengers) came quickly over. "Is everything O.K?" Stacey asked. "No it is not," said the woman. "These two young women were making the most inappropriate comments I have ever heard!

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They asked how my baby got inside of me!" Stacey grimaced. "Sorry," she said, whispering to the couple so Cindy and Sindy couldn't hear. "But I don't think they were joking. I know these girls. They are not the brightest sparks. I think they probably have no idea how it happens. They have sex a lot but I don't think they really know what it is, or what it is for." The couple looked at each other in amazement.

Stacey walked off to serve another passenger, leaving the girls with the couple. "So you really have no idea how the baby got inside me," said the woman.

"No," said Sindy. "I'm sorry I probably should. I just never heard of it before. I know about babies.


Just not where they are from." "Well," said the woman. "My husband's sperm fertilized one of my eggs and it grew into a baby." "What is sperm?" asked Sindy. "What is fertilize?" asked Cindy.

The couple blinked. "Sperm," said the man slowly. "Is the white fluid that comes out of a man's penis during sex. It combines with an egg inside the woman and turns into a baby." Cindy and Sindy turned white with fear.


"The white stuff is called sperm!" cried Cindy. "It makes babies!" cried Sindy.

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"But we swallowed the pilots' white stuff before. We swallow it all the time. We must be pregnant!" The woman could see the fear in the girls' eyes. She leaned forward and whispered, "Do you mean you swallowed it in your mouths?" "Yes," said Sindy and Cindy together. "Don't worry, you're not pregnant.

It is only when it goes into your vagina that it makes a baby. Men only like to cum in your mouth for pleasure." "For pleasure!" said Sindy. "They like it when we give them a blowjob! We only do it to stop their testicles exploding. You mean they actually like it?" The man was laughing so hard that tears were running down his face. "Like it?" said the woman. "If it were up to men you would do nothing else but suck their dicks, trust me." "Thank you so much," said Sindy.

"I feel like I've learnt so much so quickly." The two stewardesses made their way back to the kitchen area where Stacey was having a cup of tea.

"You'll never guess what we found out," said Sindy. "Where babies come from?" said Stacey. "That too but we found out men actually enjoy blowjobs! Can you believe it!" "And sperm makes babies but not if you swallow it!" "You seem excited by this news," said Stacey. "Of course we are," said Sindy. "We know how to make our passengers happy now. We can give them all blowjobs.

We've become expert at it and it turns out men really like it." "The pregnant woman said it gave them pleasure and that if it was up to men we would do nothing else but suck their dicks." "Who knew?" said Sindy. "It is like we have the keys to happiness suddenly!" Stacey was in mid sip when Sindy said this and tea exploded from her mouth as she burst out laughing.

"You really had no idea men liked it?" she managed to say between fits of laughter. "No," said Cindy. "Now we can do it all the time. I reckon we should give blowjobs to all the male passengers with every meal.

They'll love it. Management are always telling us to please the passengers." "What about the women?" laughed Stacey. "Why not blow them too?" "You can blow women?" said Sindy amazed. "Of course," said Stacey. "I am a lesbian. Women blow me all the time. Would you like me to show you?" "Of course," said Cindy. Stacey closed the curtain to the kitchen and pulled down her panties and raised her skirt.

"Kneel down in front of me," she said. The two stewardesses knelt down in front of Stacey and the lesbian stewardess pushed the sisters' heads towards her pussy. Sindy's nose pressed into Stacey's pubic hair.

"Find a small bud and suck it," said Stacey. The girls poked around in Stacey's pussy until they found her clit and Sindy sucked it with her mouth.

Stacey gripped the walls and pushed Sindy's head into her groin. "Oh God," she cried out, too overwhelmed to care that the passengers could hear her. "Does that feel good?" asked Cindy, but Stacey was screaming in ecstasy as Sindy licked her clit. Having nothing better to do, Cindy crawled beneath her sister and pulled down Sindy's panties.

She found a small bud in her sister's pussy and started to lick it. She was surprised to hear Sindy start mosning in pleasure as her pussy grew wet. Sindy and Cindy flicked their tongues all over the pussies and soon both had faces smeared with pussy juice as Stacey and Sindy screamed in delight as orgasms rocked their bodies.

Hearing the screams the co-pilot came out to find out what was going on. "Guess what!" said Cindy and Sindy as they saw him. "We found out where babies come from!" "You did!" said the co-pilot as Stacey pulled her underwear back on and hurried back into first class.

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"And we found out your secret," said Cindy. "You like us giving you blowjobs. It feels good doesn't it? You do it because you like it, not because your testicles might explode." The co-pilot seemed at a loss to know what to say.

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"Why didn't you tell us?" said Sindy. "It's our job to make people happy. Do all men like blowjobs?" "I guess so," said the co-pilot sheepishly. "Hooray," said Cindy. "Then we can make men happy all the time." "And what is even better," said Sindy, "is that now we know how to give them to women too!" "We can give them to each other every day," said Cindy. "Are you OK?" Sindy asked the co-pilot.

"You look like you might faint." "Would a blowjob help?" asked Cindy. "I could give you one right now!" She seemed so keen that the co-pilot felt he just had to oblige. He led both girls into the cockpit. "Captain," he said to the chief pilot.

"The girls know the truth about blowjobs. They said they want to give us one right now." Before the captain could speak Sindy and Cindy were on their knees in front of the seated pilots rapidly bobbing their heads up and down on their growing dicks.

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Although both girls had sucked the pilots cocks more times than they could count, this felt to them like it was the first time all over again. Cindy and Sindy felt so free now they knew the pilots actually enjoyed it. Before they were worried the pilots' balls would blow up and that each time they groaned they were in agony. Now they heard their moans for what they were, cries of pleasure as they licked and sucked the fliers' big cocks.

"I wish you had told me this was fun for you," said Cindy, looking up at the captain. "I would have done it all the time." "Me too," said Sindy.

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"It's almost like you didn't want us to make you happy!" The pilots smiled at the girls and held their bobbing heads in their hands. Sindy savoured the taste of the cock in her mouth and twisted her tongue around it, flicking it rapidly, remembering how delightful her sister's tongue had felt on her.

Sindy gasped suddenly, but managed to keep the cock in her mouth, as she realised nobody had licked Cindy yet. She was determined to do it for her sister so she sucked so hard on the co-pilots cock that the cum literally rose up out of his balls and into her mouth. She had a strange image of little babies swimming around on her tongue as the sperm filled her mouth and wondered if it was right to swallow them.

She shrugged her shoulders and swallowed anyway, realising she had done it every other time. As soon as she had swallowed she ripped off her sister's panties and began to facefuck Cindy with her tongue. She slid it between her sister's slit, exploring the inside of her canal, wondering if she pushed it in far enough, whether she would be able to taste the mysterious egg she had been told was inside. "I wonder if it has a shell or you have to peel it?" she thought as her sister began to buck her pussy against her tongue.

The captain couldn't control himself as he watched the beautiful blondes going down on him and each other and came in Cindy's mouth even as Cindy flooded her sister's face, letting out breathless moans as she came. Cindy turned around and dove her face between her sister's legs, the girls lying on each other in a classic 69 pose. Their groans of pleasure filled the cockpit and both pilots were soon hard again as they watched the sisters' climax in each other's faces over and over again.

"Thank God for auto-pilot," thought the captain. He climbed on top of Cindy and pushed his hard cock into her arse, pushing it into her anal cavity as Sindy flicked her tongue over her clit. "Oh no, captain," said Cindy. "I might catch pregnancy." "Don't worry," laughed the captain. "I'm going up your butt. You can't catch it that way." The captain began fucking Cindy in the arse. "That hurts me captain," she said.

"That way doesn't feel as nice." "It does for me," he said. "Christ you are tight. It feels so good!" Cindy decided the captain feeling good was more important than it hurting her, so she started to lick her sister's wet pussy again. Just then the co-pilot appeared in front of her and made Cindy sit up as he pushed his cock into Sindy's spread pussy.

"But she will catch babies," said Cindy. "I won't cum in her," said the co-pilot. "Why don't we play a game and see if you can catch the babies with your mouth before they get inside her." "OK, said Cindy as she was rocked back and forth by the captain's thrusting cock.

The co-pilot sucked Cindy's bouncing tits as he fucked Sindy in the pussy. Sindy wrapped her legs around the co-pilot as she continued to lick her sister.

She could see the captain's balls as they danced in front of her face as he fucked her sister's arse so she reached up and tickled them softly with her fingers. It seemed to set off a chain reaction as the captain suddenly came in Cindy's arse. As the cum leaked out and fell on Sindy's face, Cindy also climaxed and squirted on Sindy. This set Sindy off and she came around the co-pilots cock, her pulsing pussy gripping his cock and causing him to cum inside her.

"Oh no," said Cindy. "You came in her pussy. I didn't catch the babies." "Maybe you can lick them out," said the co-pilot. Cindy buried her tongue into her sister's slit and licked the creamy white babies out of her sister's slit.

She swallowed them all down. "That's weird," said Cindy. "Your babies taste like fish!" The girls quickly put their uniforms back on. "Just tell us when you want another blowjob," said Cindy.

"We should really see if any of the passengers want one as well!" "Ah, just be careful with that," said the captain.

"Some people might get a bit funny if you offer them one." "Don't be silly," said Sindy. "It's our job to serve the passengers. If that's what they want, we do it." "OK," said the captain. "But don't offer. Just do it with the ones that ask. And try and be discreet." "What's discreet?" asked Sindy. "Never mind," said the captain. The two girls left the cockpit. "I can't wait to get to Sydney," said Cindy.

"Let's just stay in the hotel and give each other blowjobs. It will be so much fun!" And both girls jumped for joy.