What is Name This Beauty

What is Name This Beauty
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"OHHHHHHHHH Baaaabby. IM ABOUUUTT TOOO CUUUUUM." My Mom screamed as I was pumping my 7 inch dick into her tight pussy. "Hold on Mom, wait for me." I told her After about a minute more of fucking we both exploded, our juices were everywhere. We couldn't care less about the mess; we peacefully lied down on the bed. "We are getting pretty good at this double orgasm thing eh David" "haha, well we should be getting good Mom, we've been fucking all summer." I said as I calmly stroked her big supple breasts.

"Yeah I guess your right baby, and to think on that fateful day 2 months ago I was almost not going to let you massage me, that would have been the biggest mistake of my life." "Well things have a way of working out for the best." She smiled "Ready to go again" she asked as she got on top of me.

"Am I ever!" I said as I watched her start hopping up and down on my cock with her pussy. Over the summer my Mom and I had been fucking like rabbits.

We fucked in every which way possible, we would watch porn on the internet and try imitating the various ways that porn stars fucked. We did everything including oral sex, hand jobs, finger fucking, fucking doggy style, anal, tittie fucks, 69 and fucking in the shower.

We must have had sex on nearly every square foot of our house! Mine and my Mom's stamina had increased a lot over the summer; we could fuck for as long as it took for the other to cum. Also my recovery time had decreased as well, I would unleash my load in her and within a short matter of time I would be ready to go at it again.

You would think that after so much sex it would start to get dull but each time we would fuck would be better than the last! We couldn't keep our hands off of each other. There would be no point of even getting dressed in the morning because soon we would just be shedding off our clothes to make love. We got used to walking around naked all the time and fucking whenever we wanted.

However sadly this time was coming to a close because there was only a week left of summer vacation, soon I would have to go back to school and my Mom would have to go back to teaching. I don't know how I could survive being away from my Mom for 7 hours, away from her sleek stomach and long smooth legs, away from those big beautiful supple breasts, away from that luscious god like ass, away from that warm tight pussy, away from those beautiful blue eyes that screamed "fuck me." The thought of going 7 hours without having sex with my Mom made me cringe.


It made her cringe too. She was addicted to my cock like a junkie to crack. She even applied for a job at my school in the hopes that she could teach my class, but she was rejected because she didn't have enough experience. I woke up one morning and my Mom was fully dressed in a short skirt and white blouse. "Mom why are you dressed" I asked "Oh honey there is only a week left until school, I know we did your back to school shopping but I need some new clothes too." She said.

"Oh ok, can I come too" I asked "I don't know David, we will be too tempted to have sex, I know its fine in our house, but a Mother and Son fucking seems wrong to other people." "Don't worry, I will be on my best behavior.


I promise." "Ok, get dressed then, hurry I want to beat the rush." I got dressed and we left the house and went to Macy's so my Mom could get some new clothes. We walked in and went to the ladies section. "Help me pick out some clothes sweetie." "Ok, I will make sure you look hot and sexy for those kindergartners." She laughed "haha fine, it's not like they will care." I went to the blouse section and picked out 5 or 6 blouses that would look very hot on my Mom.

I picked a few sizes smaller than what my Mom wears so it would look extra sexy. The thought of my Mom in these clothes made me hard. I turned around and quickly walked towards my Mom. She was looking for some new skirts.

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I didn't care that we were in a public place, I wanted my Mom. I walked up to her and put my hand up her skirt, like usual she wasn't wearing any panties so I started fingering her pussy. "David Stop!" she said sternly "Behave yourself; we can fuck all you want when we get home." "I can't Mom, I'm hard and I can't get it down." There weren't many people in the store since it was early but my hand up my Mom's skirt had caught the attention of a couple of middle aged women who were looking awkwardly.

My Mom pulled my hand from her pussy. "Ok, go to the dressing room and I will meet you there in a few minutes." She said I walked very fast to the dressing room and sat down on the bench, my dick was throbbing. After what seemed like an eternity my Mom walked in.


She took off her blouse revealing her magnificent 36DD breasts. She threw her blouse on the floor and got on her knees. "Damn it David! Can't you control yourself Those ladies that saw us probably think we are freaks.

Now take out your dick and I'll give it a quick suck." "Sorry Mom." I said as I took out my rock hard cock. She put her warm lips around it and starting bobbing her head up and down.

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"Ohhh baby." I said. "Excuse me is somebody in there." I heard a voice outside. My Mom was still on my cock so I answered "Yes, it's occupied." "Oh sorry young man, well I guess this isn't yours then, I will go hang it up." He picked up my Mom's blouse which had managed to slide outside the stall and left! My Mom was about to tell him it was hers before she remembered that only I was supposed to be in here.

"Fuck." She said "Now I am going to have to walk out there with my boobs hanging out for everyone to see." I was angrier at the guy for causing my Mom to stop sucking my dick than anything else.

"David, we are right by the bra section, grab me any bra and bring it back in here." My Mom instructed. "But Mom I can't go out there like this, my dick is harder than ever." "Oh for fucks sakes." She said She quickly went back to sucking my dick in order to get me to cum.

"Wow this is taking a long time." She said "Okay I'll give you a tittie fuck that always gets you oozing." She put her big soft tits around my dick and started stroking my shaft with them. She was right, this was getting the job done much faster. "Ohhh, I'm about to cuummm MOM!" "No not on my tits, cum in my mouth!!" Too late I exploded my gunk all over my Mom's boobs.

"Okay Mom I will get you a bra." I pulled my pants back on and ran to the bra section. Nobody was there so I took my time. Instead of searching for a 36DD bra which was my Mom's size, I looked for a small A cup bra with thin white material. I don't know why but the thought of my hot Mom so scantily clad in public really turned me on. I found a small white push up A cup bra with a really thin cloth and I brought it back to my Mom. She out it on "This was all you found I can barely get the hooks attached." She said.

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She finally got it on, wow what I sight this was. This small push up bra was on the verge of exploding. It barely came up to her nipples, in fact you could see the upper half of her nipples, and since it was so thing, you could see my Mom's cum covered breasts. "I am not going to stand in line looking like this, on our way out I'm going to grab the blouses you picked out and the skirts I picked and we will make a run for it." She said. We left the dressing room, I went to where the blouses were and I quickly picked up the pile I had selected earlier and I rushed to my Mom.

"Damn they are gone!" she said "Whatever, I'm just going to take a handful of new ones" she grabbed 6 or 7 skirts. Unfortunately for her the store was beginning to get more crowded. All the men in the store were simply gawking at my Mom's marvelous chest, I couldn't blame them her breasts looked beautiful.

Mothers were shielding their children's eyes, and they themselves looked at my Mom with a look of disgust but also envy. My mom realized that a crowd of people were looking at her, she blushed. "Fuck let's get out of here David." As she grabbed the clothes, took my hand and started to dash for the door.

This was too much for her poor bra to take; it quickly tore and fell, leaving my Mom's cum covered boobs exposed for all to see. Now there wasn't just a crowd of people looking, the whole freaking store was. My Mom was running with all of her might, this was causing her breasts to bounce all over the place. We finally reached the doors, left the store, entered the car and started driving. "Wow Mom thanks to your boobs, I think the guards were too stunned to chase after us." I laughed "This isn't a laughing matter David, do you have any idea how embarrassed I was.

However everyone seeing my breasts was pretty exhilarating. It did get me pretty hot. I put my finger in her pussy.

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"Yeah your right Mom, your pussy is really wet." We got home and my Mom inspected the clothes that we took from the store. She laughed "David, these blouses are way too small, and these skirts I snatched barely cover my butt." "haha well I guess we can't return them Mom." "Guess not." She laughed "oh well, I'm just teaching kindergartners, they wouldn't even know what to do with it." "Mom I was thinking, since we only have a few days left let's make them count." "Oh definitely honey, let's get started right now." She said as she took off her skirt and led me into the bedroom where we have fucked so many times before.

Over the next few days all we did was make love, we occasionally got out of bed to eat and go to the bathroom but we tried to keep distractions from sex at a minimum. After we made love for the last time, we went to sleep.

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It was the eve before the school year started. "Ring, Ring." The phone rang. I looked at the time it was only 4:00 am!

My Mom groaned and got up to answer it. "Hello." "Oh hey." "REALLY!" "Oh no, no problem I would LOVE too." "Thank you very much." She said as she hung up the phone. "Who was it Mom" I asked "It was your school!" she answered enthusiastically. "My school What did they want" "They said that your teacher decided to retire at the last moment, and they decided to give me the job!!! I am going to be your teacher!!!" "MOM THAT'S GREAT!!!!" I was so excited that I couldn't go back to sleep, my sexy ass mom would be my new teacher!!!

School would be just as good as home now!!! I counted down the minutes until 7:00 and I excitedly woke my Mom up. We got up and took a shower together like we usually do. I scrubbed her breasts and ass clean while she scrubbed my cock. Usually these showers turn into more than just showers but today we couldn't risk being late. I got out and put on a set of jeans and a nice t shirt.

My Mom put on a matching blouse and skirt that we bought at the store. This is when I remembered that for kindergartners, a scantily clad sexy woman barely gets noticed, but with horny 8th graders it would be much different. I looked at her and my jaws dropped. She was wearing a white blouse that didn't even cover her belly button. Her massive breasts were too much for it to cover fully, it covered her nipples but about half of each breast was clearly visible, and the other half was somewhat visible too because her breasts were presses against the thin cloth so tightly, her nipple were extremely easy to detect.

Then there was her short white skirt which barely covered her ass. Also it was so small that it clung to her luscious ass cheeks, they looked so juicy I wanted to start fucking her from behind right now. "Mom are you comfortable wearing that in front of 8th graders" I asked "Hell yes I am honey, that day at the store really turned me on, and that will be nothing compared to seeing the looks on the faces of all the horny boys in your class.

Oh I'm so excited!" We walked out the door, got into the car and started driving to school as mom and son, teacher and student.