Teen Korea masturbating in bathroom

Teen Korea masturbating in bathroom
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Chapter 10(Last Chapter) When Shellie walked out onto the deck the next morning, she found another houseboat tied up about five feet from theirs.

As she watched the boat, a young girl came out onto the deck. The pretty little blonde stretched, arching her shapely body. Shellie studied the sweetness of the girl, seeing the tight little ass swell out, encased in a very tight bikini bottom, the small, pointing tits well defined. After a moment a man came to join the girl. He wore swimming trunks, and was tall, muscular, and quite handsome. Shellie saw an attractive lump where his cock and balls were.

Suddenly her eyes widened. The girl turned to the man and wrapped her arms around his neck, standing on tip-toe to reach his mouth. The man cupped the girl's tight little ass, pulling her hard into his crotch.

The girl squirmed against the man as they kissed passionately. Feeling a light touch on her shoulder, Shellie glanced up to see Jay standing near her. "Who are they, Mom?" he asked. "I don't know," she replied, wrapping her arm about her son's waist. "They tied up sometime during the night. They seem quite friendly, don't they?" Without glancing at Shellie or Jay, the man and girl entered the cabin of their houseboat. "You've got hard-on, baby," Shellie said to her son, rubbing it.

"Did that little girl turn you on?" "She's pretty," Jay said. "I have a strange hunch ." Shellie said, but let it drift off. She was watching his cock strain inside his cut-offs. Shellie wore a gown, a short one, that exposed her thighs to her hips. It was a gown to tease. The man and girl returned to the deck of their boat, not paying any attention to Shellie or Jay. The girl resembled the man quite a bit.

Shellie felt a tingle of strange excitement bubbling inside her body, and was not surprised to find her pussy becoming moist. The man pulled the girl close to him, and draped his arm about the bare shoulders. His hand cupped a firm little tit, and the soft purring sound of the girl came to Shellie and Jay. Shellie saw the girl's small hand slide down the man's bare chest to his crotch, her fingers curling about his balls and cock. She stared as the girl fondled the man's cock and balls inside his trunks.

Jay, too, was watching. Shellie could hear her son's breathing, and a glance at his cut-offs showed the head of his cock pushing from the ragged edges of his shorts. By then, the girl had the man's cock out of his trunks and was slowly stroking it, sliding her fist up and down. Shellie could see the swollen head of the man's cock, and her own breathing increased.

She lowered her hand to the exposed head of her excited son's cock and rubbed it as they watched, unabashed and openly.


The girl dipped her face and swirled her tongue on the man's chest, slowly moving her face downward. Shellie and Jay stared as the girl kissed the head of the man's cock, then wrapped her wet lips about it, sucking up and down.

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The man, his eyes closed, leaned back in his deck chair, one of his hands resting on top of the blonde head, the other sliding across the girl's smooth, creamy back to the curve of her little ass. The girl's head bobbed up and down, swallowing half the man's big cock, her ass twisting as the man fondled it. Shellie cupped the head of her son's cock, feeling it dripping. she ran her fist up and down his cock and wile watching the little girl suck that big cock, she drew her son's hand to her thighs, sliding his fingers underneath the gown to her hairy cunt.

She swung her legs open, wide, and began to jack on her son's cock as he fingered her et cunt, both of them staring at the wanton display of the little girl sucking the man's cock. The little girl lifted her mouth from the man's cock and, with a soft squeal, almost tore her bikini bottoms from her sweet little ass. She then swung her slim legs across the man's, and Shellie and Jay watched with fascination as the girl stuffed that big cock into her cunt. They stared at the naked little ass bouncing up and down, fucking the man.

Shellie found her passions intensify, and lowered her head to her son's lap, but keeping her eyes on that little ass. Taking her son's cock into her mouth and sucking it, she listened to the excited squeals of the girl, watching the pretty ass move up and down. She could see the man's hairy balls now, almost see his cock clearly penetrating that sugary young cunt.

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"Fuck it, baby!" they heard the man urge, his hand now cupping the small ass. "Fuck that hard cock, Julie! Your little cunt is so fucking hot and wt! Fuck it good, honey!" "I will, Daddy!" "I'll be damned," Shellie whispered softly, grasping her son's cock hard and squeezing it. Jay giggled, thrusting two fingers up his mother's hairy cunt. They watched the girl with hot delight, watching the small, sweet ass bouncing and wiggling. They listened to the gasp and sobs of desire Shellie wanted to climb onto her son's lap, stuff his cock up her cunt, and fuck him wildly as they watched the man with his daughter.

She saw the man look directly at her past his daughter's shoulder. Shellie stared at the man, then wend down on her son's cock once again. She sucked Jay's prick quickly, gliding her hot, wet lips up and down from the swollen head to the base, spreading her long legs very wide, knowing the man could see her hairy cunt.

"Ohhh, Julie, suck my cock a while, baby!" the man gasped. With a squeal of ecstasy, the little girl pulled her cunt from her father's cock and dropped to her knees hurriedly. Shellie and Jay watched the girl struggle to take the thick, long prick into her mouth. With that, Shellie lifted her face and, getting to her feet, she stared at the man and his daughter, stripping her gown from her body and standing naked for a moment.

Then she went to her hands and knees, and wiggled her ass at her son. "Fuck me, Jay!" she groaned.

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"Fuck my cunt, baby!" Jay didn't hesitate. Seeing the pretty blonde with her mouth filled by that hard cock, he went to his knees immediately, and as his mother shoved her hands to her ass, pulling the hairy lips of her cunt open for him, he made a quick lunge. Shellie squealed with rapture as her son's cock penetrated her cunt swiftly, his balls banging against her long clit. Jay grabbed his mother's swinging hips and began to fuck her with quick, short strokes, his eyes never straying from the little girl sucking that big cock.

Shellie turned her face toward the other houseboat, watching, shivering with erotic enjoyment because the man was watching Jay fuck her.

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Shellie wiggled and shook her naked ass with wildness, finding herself intensely aroused to be seen fucking her son. Her mouth watered with desire the suck the man's cock, too, to suck it while her son fucked her cunt, or her asshole. Her pussy burned around her son's cock, clamping it with gripping waves of wet heat.

She cried out with ecstasy, and listened to the little girl purr with cock-sucking hunger. Her son beat against her ass with strong thrusts, making slapping sounds against the hot cheeks.


"Ohhh, Jay, I'm getting close!" she squealed. "Ohhhh, baby, ram it to me hard! You're about to make me come, darling! Ohhhh, shove it .

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ram it . pound my hot pussy with that hard, hot cock!" The man's eyes burned on her naked body, one of his hands resting on top of his daughter's blonde head. Shellie saw the naked little ass twisting with desire as the girl sucked frantically on her father's cock now.

She could see the man's big, hairy balls. "Suck it faster, Julie! Ohhh, sweet, baby, sweet! Suck hard, honey! Ahhh, Julie, I'm about to give you a mouthful of hot cum juice! Take it, honey!" Shellie saw the little girl sucking faster, then heard the man grunt loudly. Julie made a gurgling sound, and Shellie saw the creamy cum juice running out of those stretched young lips.

Still the girl sucked hard, swallowing what she could, now holding her father's hairy balls in a small hand. Seeing the girl take her father's gushing cum juice into her mouth so eagerly, Shellie strained her naked ass back against her son, feeling his cock throbbing deep inside her rippling pussy. "Now, Jay!" she screamed. "Ohhhh, I'm going to come now, baby! Ahhhhh, push it hard!

Ohhh, I'm going to come now!" Jay made groaning sounds, straining into his mother's pussy. "Come with me!" Shellie cried. "come in me! Ohhh, Jay, come inside Mother's cunt--now!" Jay yelped as his cock spurted, flooding his mother's greedy cunt with the boiling juices of his young balls. Across the expanse of water, the little girl was now running her pink tongue about the head of her father's cock, licking the shaft and his hairy balls, her lips glistening, her eyes sparkling.

Shellie remained with her ass in the air as her son slipped his cock out of her pussy, sitting back on the deck and gasping but still watching the man and girl. The girl removed her halter and dropped it. Her small titties were tight and firm, with luscious pink nipples that jutted with stiffness. She smiled at Shellie and Jay, somewhat shyly. Shellie slowly stood up, unconcerned about being naked.

She faced the man and girl, looking at them without saying anything for a moment. "Good morning," the man called across to her. "It seems we're going to have another hot day, I'd say." "Yes, I think so," Shellie said. She glanced at her son, and saw he was staring at the pretty little girl, who stood naked, too, facing them. There was a small patch of golden fuzz near her cunt, glinting in the sunlight.

She now had her fingertip between her lips, and was looking at Jay with shy interest. "Would you like to have coffee with us?" Shellie asked.


"It would be a pleasure," the man called out. He stood up and shoved a thick, wide plank across the two decks, and came over onto Shellie's houseboat, followed by his naked daughter.

"My name is John," the man introduced himself. "And this is Julie, my daughter." "I'm Shellie, and this is my son, Jay." The little girl stood near Jay, still looking shy, but her eyes gleamed with boldness.

Shellie noticed Julie was looking down at Jay's still exposed cock. "We noticed you yesterday," the man said. "I hope you don't mind us tying up so close." "Well," Shellie smiled at him, "not really, especially after ." She was watching the girl.

The man stood next to her. Julie's small hand slipped toward Jay's cock and her fingers closed about it. "My daughter isn't as shy as she looks," the man explained. Julie began to stroke Jay's cock, pulling on it, her eyes turned down to watch. Jay glanced at his mother, and Shellie smiled at him. As he returned his mother's smile, he lifted a hand and closed it about the girl's small tit. "I think they're going to get along just fine," John said.

"Will we get along, too?" Shellie turned to look at the handsome man. "We can try," he said, and slid his arm about her waist. "That is, if you don't mind company." The little girl had gone to her knees in front of Jay, and was stuffing his cock small mouth. Shellie reached for the man's cock, turning toward him. "We can do more than try," she whispered. The man cupped her naked ass, squeezing the ass cheeks as she turned her mouth to his. Just before he kissed her, Shellie whispered, "We can be good friends, if you remember my son comes first with me." "No problem," the man said, kissing her as his cock stiffened in her hand.

Shellie wiggled her ass, mewling into the man's mouth, seeing past her shoulder, watching her son getting sucked by the eager little blonde . The End