Fast fingers make pussy wet and ass hot

Fast fingers make pussy wet and ass hot
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Sarah Fernandez sighed. Her day was ruined. She had no plans, and all of her friends were doing something. She stood up and stretched, walked into her kitchen and looked in the fridge for something to eat. She had just dumped her boyfriend and was feeling really depressed. He was a stupid jerk.

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He acted like he owned me, and he never gave me anything out of all the sex we had. It was all about pleasuring him, I thought. But, actions speak louder then words, and thats why I left him. Still. I thought, he was nice at first.He should have helped me when I needed pleasure, and thats that. I then realized thinking about my ex was making me pissed, and so I went into the living room to see if anything was on TV.


I noticed it was 1:37, and there was nothing good on at that time, so I stood up and threw the remote at the couch and went to my bedroom and started surfing the web.

I decided to get on hotmail, and noticed Hannah was on. Sarah172: Hey Hannah! Hannah#1: Hey. Whats up? Sarah172: Nothing much.

Im bored. Hannah#1: Want to come over to my house? My parents and my brother are gone. Sarah172: Sure! See you in an hour! Hannah#1: Alright! I looked into the mirrior. I think I have pretty nice tits for sixteen, 36C. I think I have a nice ass, but I'm plain with my shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes.

Im rather skinny, and I work out and weigh a nice 120 LBS. Im an average 5'7 tall At about 2pm I was at Hannah's house. Everybody thought Hannah was a lesbian, but I still thought she was a nice girl, and I have always wondered what it would be like to get with a girl, but never had the guts to try, even though I thought Hannah was the most beautiful girl I ever met, with her 40D breasts and cute ass, not to mention her curvy figure and blue eyes and blonde hair every girl wished they had.

Hannah popped a movie in and we sat on the couch.

Hannah had wanted Sarah for a long time, but she thought Sarah might get freaked out and would think she was disgusting. "Im tired." Yawned Hannah. "Me too." said Sarah. I think I fell asleep, and when I woke up Hannah was on top of me and I was looking up into her eyes.

I think she was trying to turn off the TV. It was the perfect moment, and Hannah couldnt control it anymore. She leaned down and kissed Sarah on her lips. I jerked and stared at Hannah, wondered what she was doing, though I liked it. A lot. it was much better then when my boyfriend used to kiss me. Hannah had soft, sweet lips. She must have thought I was angry, because she was stuttering an apoligy, promising she wouldnt do it again and she was sorry. I shut her up by kissing her back, loving those electric shocks that ran through my body.

She stared at me, surprised I wasnt disgusted with her, which started making me feel scared I did the wrong thing. All of a sudden- "Have you ever had any feelings about a girl before?" She asked."No." I whispered.

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"oh. Thats okay-" she said, interrupting me. "No, let me finish.

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I havn't. Until now." She smiled. "I have liked you for a long time." She wispered, and kissed me again. I smiled and wispered, "I love you too." She slipped her hands under my shirt and lifted It off. I shivered. She then unclipped my bra and squeezed my left nipple, making it hard. She rolled it my nipple around in her fingers. Hearing my moan, she slipped my hard nipple into her mouth and bit. I gasped in pain/pleasure and all of a sudden she stopped and I took off my pants while she undressed down to her black thong.

She said, "I'll be right back, take off your thong." and she ran into the kitchen. I shrugged, took off my pink thong and laid back on the couch. A couple minutes later she was back with a glass of ice water, some string, and some hersheys syrup.

She set the hersheys syrup to the side, and then she took a drink of the water so I didnt think much of that, then she put that to the side as well. "Wha.?" I stuttered. She put her knees on either side of my waist and tied my wrists behind my back so I couldnt move. Then she grabbed the syrup and squeezed some out on my boobs, and I groaned because it was COLD. she watched it run down my tummy, and then licked it up making me moan.

Then, she squirted some all over her finger, rubbed it so her finger was COVERED in chocolate, and all of a sudden she thrust it into my pussy as far as she could. I gasped, it felt so good.

Breathing heavily, I groaned, "Hannaah. Urrhh" She then started finger-fucking me with it Once her finger started sliding faster she added another finger, I groaned and she saw I was getting close to orgasm and she grabbed an icecube from her water and pushed it up inside my pussy as far as she could. I moaned again, tensed up and creamed all over her fingers.

She smiled, pulled out her fingers, Licked them off, looked at me and said "Yum." I giggled and kissed her. She then went into her room and grabbed her pink dildo. I grinned and she slowly slid it into me, and fucked me until I came. I then got down on my knees and stared at her pussy, wanting to taste her so bad. I did what came naturaly and licked her clit. She groaned. I slowly ran my tongue up and down her engorged slit, she moaned again, and started chanting "Sarah.

Sarah." I then started teasing her, running my tongue over her pussy lips, licking up all her girl cream, but ignoring her clit.

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"PLEASE. STOP!! Sarah!!" she whimpered. begging me to make her cream. I obeyed and sucked her clit, fucking her pussy hole with my tongue. I then used the flat side of my tongue to spoon up all her juices. "You taste sooo good," I moaned into her pussy.

I wanted to make her cum, so I stuck two fingers inside her hole to stretch her a little, fucking her gently with them. She closed her eyes and moaned.

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All of a sudden I grabbed her forgotten dildo and shoved seven inches of it into her pussy and started fucking her, her moans turning me on even more. I fucked her until she came, pulled it out and sucked up all of her juices with my tongue.


I licked off the dildo with my tongue, looked at her, winked, and said "Yum."