Big ass redhead filled up with massive cock

Big ass redhead filled up with massive cock
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Hottest Threesome Ever. By Blueheatt Preface: This story all started when I came home and my girlfriend said she had a big surprise for me tonight. She had ask me one time if I had any videos with two men going 69, she would like to see that sometime. I said nope, that doesn't interest a straight man at all. She then ask me what about a hermie? I said do you mean a girl with a pussy and a dick?

She said yes. I said well, that would be interesting, in fact that might be fun.

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She giggled and said I think so too. Would you suck her dick? I said I'd have to think about that. If I was drunk enough…hmmmmm. That night she put in a video and we got naked in bed to watch it. It was two hermie girls, both all feminine and both real good looking, built hot with nice tits, ass.


Both had pussys, with a dick on top over the pussy. They were both the real thing.

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One was real hot to my liking, and my girlfriend knew it. She had her hand on my dick and when we discussed the one I liked she felt my dick rise up. My girlfriend asked me, would you suck her dick?

I laughed and said if I had to, just to get to fuck her I might.which got me a slap on the arm, as we giggled. She said, make up a hot story about a hermie in a 3 some! She was all very excited about this, which ment I got the benefits when she got real hot. So I began.

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I had met Conette thru another girlfriend. She was a true 'hermie'. She had a pussy and a dick. She was up front about her being a hermie and we hit it off. I was straight and we just fucked like a straight couple, but there was only one thing missing, a pussy for her to cum in.

She had never fucked a girl. I had a girlfriend, Andra, I felt could complete the picture. I told the Andra about her and she was fascinated by Conette. She wanted to see a hermie for real see if she might want to get together for a threesome. We arranged a night and we all met at my place. Conette was 5'2"a slim cute beauty with black hair, short, big tits and a sexy body. Andra was a hot fuck who really got into fucking. She was good looking, 5'2", nice tits and reddish hair.

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I had been fucking them both. We set up a night and Conette came over. She and Andra hit it off and were both excited about the night ahead. They put on skimpy nighties, no bra's or panties. I had on jogging pants. We had a few drinks and watched a hot porn video, about a hermie I found. I was in the middle on the couch. We all rubbed each other as we watched. I jacked on Conette and played with her pussy, and I fingered Andra.

They both jacked on me and we all played as we watched. We all got real fucking horny. Conette said, lets all go get in bed and get ready to play.


Andra wore a yellow short nighty, that showed her full reddish bush. Conette wore the same, yellow short nighty, she had the bigger tits, and had a beautiful black bush.

We all laid down and Conette and I started playing with Andra. We removed her nighty. Soon she began to moan as I sucked her tits, and Conette started licking and kissing her legs.

Conette's dick was a full hardon. No foreskin, no balls. It was about the size of mine, just a little smaller, with black pubic hair around it. She started at Andra calf's, then up to her thighs, and finally kissed all around her bush, licking her very first clit.

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You could her excited breathing, as this was the first pussy she had ever licked. I turned so Andra could suck and play with my dick. I joined Conette in licking Andra clit and pussy. Andra was in heaven, sucking my dick, and having two tongues licking her pussy. I whispered to her: 'Have you ever had a girl fuck you?' She moaned, no, I want to see how it feels, and I want to suck on you at the same time. Conette, raised up as I took her nighty off. Conette came to me and I kissed her and played with her tits.

I reached down and stroked her rock hard dick. She was loving it and all excited about getting to fuck her first pussy. I laid so Andra could suck on my dick, while I watched Conette finger Andra's pussy, and put Andra pussy juice on her dick to get it nice and wet. We opened Andra's legs wide open, knees out. as Conette starting mounting her. I got close up as my face was right there to watch.

I guided her wet dick to Andra's awaiting pussy. Watching all of this, and touching Conette's dick was making me really hot. It triggered a little bi-curious in me. I wondered if she got the same thrill as me, fucking a girl. I soon found out. They were both panting and moaning. Conette entered Andra's wet pussy and slowly pushed her dick in. Conette eyes were fixed on Andra pussy so she could see and feel what it was like to have her dick in real pussy.

She was really hot and excited, as her breathing was gasping.

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Conette gave out a long moan as she pushed her dick in all the way to the bottom and touched Andra's cervix. They both gasp and moaned. She then brought her knees up under Andra's legs. They started fucking slow and moaning louder as their excitement increased. Andra's arms were all over Conette. She laid her tits down on Andra, touching now were all four tits together and they ground their nipples together. Andra moaned and they both felt each others tits. I put my fingers on Conette's dick and Andra's pussy to feel them fucking so wet.

They both sucked on my dick, kissed each other and slow fucked. They moaned so hot, as they wrapped their arms and legs around each other. I reached back and rubbed Conette's clit. "Oh my god, oh my god!" Conette moaned. Andra whispered: "Conette you feel so damn good in me." and she squirmed with Conette's dick in her.

Andra reached over and sucked on my dick as they started in fucking faster and Andra started to yell. "Oh gezzzz, oooooh my god, fuck me Conette!

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Fuck me hard and deep". Conette said: "Andra, your pussy feels so wonderful." She pushed her dick in until their pubic hair meshed. Conette's clit rubbed right on Andra's lower slit. The were fucking like a couple of wild cats. Conette started yelling "Yes Yes YES, I'm cuming in you, I'm CUMING OH GOD YES! They started fucking fast and both started yelling "Cum baby CUM!" They wrapped their legs together and lock in tight and both yelled "oh god, Oh god&hellip.OH&hellip. YESSSS!!!" Pumping each other in a fury.

Moaning, squirming, shuddering and feeling both their bodies. You could hear the cum and juices sloshing between them as they climaxed. They both moaned over and over. It was Conette's first time to fuck a pussy, and she just laid there and let the spasms pump all her cum in Andra's pussy.

Andra moaned: "oh baby, that was so beautiful", and they kissed softly. After a while we began again, playing with each other, touching, kissing and feeling. The two of them whispered, and then I heard Andra say: " Let's make him cum. I want to watch him suck you off, while I fuck him.


I'll bet he'll cum a really big load." With a quiet giggle, they started in on me. Andra got on her back, while Conette laid behind her and put one of legs under Andra's neck and head. She scooted up so her dick was next to Andra's cheek. They pulled on me to move up to fuck Andra. I stopped first to lick Andra's pussy a while, she was wetter that ever.

I looked up to see Conette turn so Andra could suck her dick. Wow, what a turn on that was watch them.

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I fell asleep watching, and watching&hellip.zzzzzzzz