Ich bin süchtig

Ich bin süchtig
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Toby let them out; then threw the card key to Vinnie. "Cheers Vin. See you soon mate" "Any time brother" Vinnie replied, and Toby knew how much he meant it.

He was sure he'd be able to find uses for his thick black cock in his plans. He held the door for Rachel and then took hold of her small soft hand and led her through the lobby.

The large, glass sliding doors parted to allow them outside. Rachel gasped as they stepped into the car park and the cold night air rushed over her bare legs and up under her coat; blowing through her pubes onto her uncovered vagina and creating dimples on her completely bare legs. She released Toby's hand to pull her coat tighter. Toby grabbed the top of her arm instead, maintaining a firm grip on her as they walked. "So where's your car then?" Toby asked. "M.my car?" She shivered, she had been expecting to be bundled into a boot; she wasn't expecting to drive.

"Yes, your car. I didn't bring my car in today. I got a lift with Dad." "Ok." She said, a little bemused. Hopefully this would give her a better chance of escape. "It's over there." She said pointing to the far corner of the car park. Toby tightened his grip on her arm and kept hold of his gun, which he had hidden in his inside coat pocket.

They walked silently next to each other until they reached the car. The car was black and so Toby had to walk right up to it before he could see what it was. "What the fuck? That's an Audi R8!" He exclaimed. "I like cars." She shrugged. "Well, my opinion has just gone up of you Rachel. I may have to borrow it at some point" "Let me go and you can borrow it any time you like" Rachel replied. Toby couldn't help laughing. "Ok then." He chuckled "I'll think about it" He would be borrowing this car whenever he wanted anyway.

He let go of her arm and fished the car keys out of her handbag. He clicked the button and opened the front passenger door. "In you get!" he ordered, leaning on the door "You're driving!" And he tossed the keys at her. Rachel flinched as he thrust his arm up in the air and missed the keys completely. This meant she had to bend down to pick them up, causing her coat to ride up her legs.

Toby squatted to get a full view of her bare arse, whilst she hunted in the dark for the keys. Eventually Rachel found them. And stood up to see, and straightened out her coat to see Toby had pulled the gun out and was watching her suspiciously as she walked round the other side of the car. She could feel the gun pointing at her the whole time. There was no way she could run. They were the last people in the car park; there was no one around to see and nothing for her to hide behind if she did run.

In the open car park, he could pick her off no trouble. So she climbed in and did up her seatbelt, hoping there would be another opportunity. Toby climbed in next to her and placed his hand on her bare thigh, and stroked it up under her coat.

"Where to?" Rachel asked, desperate to stop him doing what he was about to do. Toby ignored her, running the muzzle of the gun along her thigh, pulling the tails of her coat apart as he did; unveiling more of her sexy legs. He could see most of her thighs now, but annoyingly the top fraction and the other delights down there were still hidden. Rachel was panicking; she turned on the ignition in an attempt to stop Toby from moving that gun any further up her leg.

"Give me a kiss before we go!" Toby whispered leaning across. Rachel felt a weight drop into her stomach. She leant over and pecked him on the lips before putting the car into first gear. "No! A proper kiss!" Another weight joined the first. She felt so disgusted. But he had leant further across, his hand on her thigh. Rachel sighed and keeping her foot on the brake, grasped Toby's face in her hands and put her lips to his. She started slowly at first just brushing her lips against his; then gradually she started to apply greater pressure until their lips were locked together.

Her top lip was pressing on the gap between his, so she tilted her head slightly and the change of angle lifted his top lip slightly, allowing her to slide her tongue inside his mouth. Toby closed his lips around it, as it retreated out of his mouth, thus allowing him to slide his tongue inside her mouth.

Rachel massaged Toby's tongue between her full lips, whilst tickling the tip with her tongue. For five minutes their tongues fought a battle for supremacy. Meanwhile Toby had continued to stroke her leg with the gun, running the cold metal along her thigh, gently gliding it over her smooth legs.

He ran it all the way up to her hip, then back down to her knee; and then stroked slightly further inside until the base of the gun was running along her very inner thigh. Like a snail it slowly inched up her leg. Rachel's legs started to bounce in anxious anticipation. Finally the cold metal came into contact with her labia causing her to gasp and pull away. Toby placed his free hand on the back of her neck and pulled her back to him until he felt her soft lips on his again.

As they kissed he started to stroke her pussy with the gun shaft. She gasped as the cold metal pulled the heat out of her.

She had started nibbling on Toby's bottom lip and he had a slight inkling she was enjoying herself. Toby slid his hand along her neck and down the front of her coat giving her breast a squeeze through the thick fabric. Before sliding his hand lower. He unbuttoned the bottom button of the coat and pulled it apart, at the same time withdrawing the gun and his lips away from her.

He looked down at her beautifully exposed fanny; lightly covered by a brown bush; it was well groomed but he still wasn't a fan. Reluctantly Toby pulled his eyes away from her pussy and looked at her face; which was staring back at him expectantly.

"Where to?" She asked her hands clutching the steering wheel. "Oh!" Toby said remembering where he was and the situation. "Your house!" "My house?" She questioned "Is that a problem?" He asked pointing the gun at her head. "No." Rachel replied in fear. It was though. What did he want to do there? Why her house?

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In a way the fact that he was using her stuff, her car, her house was scaring her even more. It seemed like he didn't care, and wasn't scared of being caught, she felt so helpless. "Other than my boyfriend will be there." She said as an afterthought, "and if we go anywhere else he will wonder where I am and call the police." Toby just laughed. "You don't have a boyfriend.

Everyone knows that you're too focused on your career to have a relationship. I overheard you last week by the coffee machine saying exactly that." Her head dropped.

"Nice try though. Now let's go back to yours and no more funny business." Rachel sighed and then put the car into gear and setting off. For a while Toby just sat there savouring the roar of the engine. It truly was a great ride. Then he started to stroke Rachel's naked leg, just using his fingertips at first, brushing them from her knee all the way up to the crease where her hip met her thigh.

Toby could feel the tiny little mole hills pop up as his caresses created goose bumps all up her leg. Occasionally he would swap and use the gun to stroke her leg instead. He started to focus on the bottom of her thigh; just above her knee; then gradually he moved his fingers up her leg and started brushing the soft skin of her inner thigh. He was still only using his fingertips and he could tell his gentle, teasing touches were having an effect on her. Rachel's leg was bouncing up and down slightly as she tried to focus on her driving.

Toby couldn't help it; he could feel his cock stiffening at the dangerousness of the situation. He started to run his finger along her hip bone; this made her legs bounce even more. Then as they pulled up to a red light, Toby couldn't help but slide his finger between her legs. Rachel moaned as his middle finger slid between her pussy lips and ran along the mouth of her snatch.

Toby flicked his finger back and forth, and Rachel couldn't keep herself from moaning in pleasure. Toby couldn't quite believe it, but he was enjoying how much of a dirty whore she really was. Maybe this would turn out even better than he thought.

Toby continued to enjoy himself and so did she. Her head was tilted back and her eyes were closed as the feelings washed over her. In fact she didn't notice the light turn green, until a horn from behind startled her. Rachel jumped, and immediately set off, without really looking and they very nearly ended up hitting the car beside them. "Woah!" Toby shouted, "You stupid fucking whore! Watch where you're going! You trying to get us killed or something!" Although he shouted at her; the adrenaline was coursing through Toby's body and it turned him on so much.

His dick was so hard he couldn't stop himself; he undid his trousers and pulled his rock hard cock out of his boxers and started to stroke it up and down. Rachel stared at his member in shock, watching him pleasure himself. "Keep your eyes on the road!" Toby ordered.


"I think we are going to have to develop a punishment system for you. Every time you put my life in danger, with your female driving, that's 10 points. So we're already on 20!" "20!" She said outraged. "Yes 20! 10 for the traffic lights back then and 10 for taking your eyes off the road." Toby could tell that she thought the second one was very harsh but she wisely thought better of saying anything.

"Oh and we'll add 5 points for you clearly enjoying me fingering you too" A look of indignation appeared on Rachel's face, but she recovered quickly. "And what do points mean?" She asked nervously. "You'll have to wait and see." They pulled up to another red light, which allowed Toby to molest her further. He continued to stroke his stiff cock with one hand, and with the gun in his other, began to run it along the inside of her leg.

When he reached the top of her leg, he forced it between her thighs so the muzzle was pressing on her pussy. He started to rub it up and down. Rachel bit her lip, trying to control her emotions. "Spread your legs!" Toby ordered. And reluctantly Rachel did. Then as the lights changed Toby found what he was looking for and gently slid the shaft of the gun inside her.

Rachel squealed as the hard metal stretched her, the unrounded corners digging painfully into her delicateness. As they pulled off she started to bite her bottom lip harder, Toby could see the fear in her face; one mistake and a bullet would travel up her vagina and out her arsehole.

Rachel was trying to concentrate on driving but with a gun in her pussy, her driving was getting more erratic. She knew she had to calm down so as not to get any more punishment points. Whatever they entailed. She sighed as she went through the next two sets of traffic lights. For each red light she hit; her degradation got worse. Despite her luck she was still being fucked by a gun which Toby was slowly sliding in and out of her.

The cold hard metal pulling the heat out of her. The edges and unforgiving strength of the metal were extremely painful. She was coming to another set of lights and she thought her luck was still with her until at the last second as though it had been waiting to tease her it flicked red. She ground to a halt and saw a white van pull up on the passenger side.

Surely Toby would have to put his cock away. And more importantly could they see the gun. She knew it was a false hope. They were too far over to see her side and the gun was hidden between her legs anyway. Toby glanced up at the van and rather than hide his cock, without even looking at her said: "I want you to suck my cock" "What?" Rachel said; this wasn't the turn of events she'd hoped for.

"Suck my cock!" Toby hissed menacingly, and he pressed the gun into her pussy. Rachel squealed as the edges of the gun scraped her pussy walls, plus even worse the hard metal trigger guard dug into her clitoris. Rachel decided she had no choice she had to do something to stop him hurting her.

She breathed in deeply composing herself and twisted her body so that her head was over his cock. Toby enjoyed the feeling of her breath on his tip.

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He had pulled his foreskin back to increase the enjoyment and the warm breeze on his mushroom was delightful. Rachel took a deep breath and bent further and placed her lips to the soft pink skin of his bellend.

Toby grunted from the initial shock of all those nerve endings being ignited at once. Then as he got used to it and Rachel started to slide her lips down his shaft the shock turned to pleasure and he started to pant. God it felt good. Rachel slid her lips down until his cock touched the back of her throat and then slid her lips back up, rubbing her tongue along the width of his shaft as she went. It felt incredible; but not to Rachel she felt disgusted with herself. She hated giving a blowjob to her ex-boyfriends, but to be forced to do it made her feel sick.

Besides every time she went down on him the gear stick would dig into her ribs. But she managed to blank out the pain; besides it was nothing compared to the gun between her legs. She could hear the van drivers banging on the window, encouraging her on. Her cheeks blossomed red at the thought of them ogling her like a pair of horny teenagers. Then suddenly they sped off. It took her a few seconds to realise that was because the lights had gone green. She sat up and carefully drove off.

In front of her the van dived across the road so that it was on her side and then slowed down right down until she had caught up. As she pulled alongside, the passenger had rolled down his window. Rachel knew better than to roll her window down. But she did mouth 'HELP!' at them a few times.

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She didn't know if they didn't understand or were just distracted and enjoying the view Toby was giving her by pulling her coat further apart; but all she got in return for her pleas was a torrent of abuse. "Alright, slut! You fucking slag! Why don't you come up here and suck us both off?" Were just some of the more tasteful things said. Luckily for her she had to turn at the next junction and could escape them.

The one advantage of the van drivers switching sides is that Toby had been forced to hide the gun, but she knew that it could easily return. So as she pulled up to yet another red light, she decided that the best way to avoid that was to keep Toby happy. So, as soon as the car was stationary she leant over and placed her lips around his cock once more.

"Good girl. You're learning. I didn't even have to ask that time." Toby teased. Rachel licked her tongue along the full length of his shaft, before kissing the very end and then gradually working her lips down his shaft, swallowing a little bit more of his member each time.

Toby was really moaning now as she continued to suck and tease him, she could taste his salty pre-cum dripping out of his cock and struggled not to gag. She felt like she'd been sucking for ages.

And glanced up to see the lights flick from green to red. The bastard hadn't told her the lights had gone green. "Keep going!" Toby said. Rachel glanced up at him and saw that he was looking over his shoulder and as there was no one behind he didn't see any need to drive off.

So Rachel got back to her work, swallowing his cock once more.

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She felt Toby's hand on the back of her head pressing her down, until her bottom lip was kissing his ball sack, and her tonsils were tickling his bellend. She started to gag; with so much of his dick in her mouth she was struggling to breathe. She started to panic, whilst also trying to make sure she was pleasuring her tormentor.

He seemed to be enjoying himself as he was grunting at the feel of his entire penis inside her warm mouth. He continued to maintain a firm grip on the back of her head, making her swallow his entire dick. Rachel was really panicking now, with her mouth so full, she was struggling to get enough air into her lungs, she felt sick and faint and the last thing she wanted to do was throw up on a man with a gun.

Mercifully a car pulled up behind and Toby released her. Rachel sat up and struggled to refill her lungs and calm herself down, as they set of again. Made all the more difficult by Toby's next comment. "By the way, if I haven't cum by the time we get there.

I'll be adding on more punishment points." Rachel, started to panic, it wasn't long until they would be home. And Toby knew that too, for even when the office had been closed between Christmas and New Year, Rachel had insisted on having a couple of meetings, which she had hosted at her house. Rachel started to worry, she didn't want any more points and the unknown punishment they led to. And now the traffic lights that had been constantly stopping her for further abuse, were now betraying her in the opposite way.

The last three lights were all green. Panicking she started to drive one handed; stroking Toby's cock vigorously, in a desperate attempt to get him to cum.

However, before long she was pulling onto her driveway. She let go of his cock. To steer her car carefully into the garage that had opened at her approach. With the car safely stopped. The realisation that she had failed to make him cum in time came over her. "I'm sorry Toby." She sobbed. "It's ok. And call me Master!" he responded.

"Sorry Master." She said it instinctively and it was only after a few seconds that she realised what she had just said. She'd called him her master willingly. And worse still she felt a slight tingle between her legs as she thought about the word. She was starting to submit. "How many points is that?" She asked. "Well that depends." Toby replied and he showed her his phone.

Rachel was horrified to see a timer and that 1 minute 20 had already gone. She understood immediately what that meant and dived across the car to put her lips around his cock once more.


She started working feverishly to get him to cum as quick as possible. She ran he tongue along the dark line on the base of his penis causing Toby to shudder. She then placed her lips over the tip of his cock and used her tongue to lap the pre-cum from the eye.

She also gripped the base of his member with her hand and started to stroke it up and down. She even started to stroke and caress his balls with her free hand, running her nails over the soft wrinkled skin.

She felt his balls clenching as the pleasure built up inside him; and she started to bob her head up and down faster, massaging his entire cock with her lips. His salty pre-cum filling her mouth and that along with the moans of pleasure told her he was close. She sucked on his cock relentlessly working feverishly with her lips and tongue to pleasure her master, whilst rubbing his balls to aid the flow of pleasure through him. And then it was all too much, Rachel gently squeezed one testicle between her thumb and forefinger as she slid her lips from the very tip to the very base of Toby's shaft and as she did she felt his hand grip the hair on the back of her head; his balls tighten and his cock expand as his warm juices began to soak the back of her throat.

She started to gag and splutter as the sticky cum hit her tonsils; she was also struggling to breathe as his thick cock filled her mouth and blocked her wind pipe. But she willed herself not to panic. "Swallow it all bitch! We wouldn't want any white stains on your lovely car would we?" Rachel tried to obey, she didn't want to ruin her car certainly or more importantly displease Toby.

But the sperm kept on coming she could feel the liquid filling her mouth and slowly start to seep out over her lips. She swallowed feverishly trying to stop the build-up in her mouth but with each swallow she seemed to suck more sperm out of him to replace the volume that was trickling down her throat and making her stomach churn. Eventually the flow started to slow and she could feel his cock soften slightly.

She ran her tongue along his cock, focusing particularly on his bellend to ensure she had swallowed every last drop. When Toby was satisfied this had been done, she felt his hand release the pressure on the back of her head.

And she sat up. Her ribs were killing her as the hand brake had been digging in throughout. As she rubbed them, Toby checked his phone. "5 minutes 36" he said smiling from ear to ear. "Very impressive. I'll be nice and only add on 5 points because you did such a good job." "Thank you master" Rachel couldn't help smiling. She felt flattered; it was always nice to know your efforts were appreciated; even if they had been under duress.

"So that leaves us with a nice round 30 punishment points." Toby said. This brought Rachel back down to earth. As she still didn't know what the punishment would be.

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She felt sick again. Although she was back home, Rachel knew that her night was nowhere near over.