Toga party bang bose boys

Toga party bang bose boys
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I have two brothers Jason and Marvin. Among the siblings I am the youngest. I recently turned 18 and as everyone I had a lot of unsatisfied sexual urges. Nobody at school loved me and neither did I. For the weekend I and my brothers went to grandma's house. When we reached grandma's house it was nightfall and grandma welcomed us with some superb pancakes. I walked into the bedroom upstairs and started to unpack.

I slipped on my favourite pink lingerie and headed to the drawing room. I loved my grandma very much as she was not strict as my mom. After a light meal I decided to go to bed. I went upstairs took of clothes, masturbated with a dildo for a while and then plunged into deep sleep. Next morning Suddenly I felt somebody pulling of my blanket not realizing that I was nude.

I was shocked and sat up panting."Ooo shit sis, sorryyy sssorry I didn't mean it, I just wanted to surprise you", said Marvin and he ran out of the room.

I just sat there naked winking, not knowing how to react. After all it was my brother so I made up my mind and stepped under the shower. After a relaxing warm bath I put on a strapless gown and didn't care to wear a panty. When I headed downstairs, Jason was busy with his laptop while Marvin glued to the TV and he pretended as if he didn't notice me. I went and sat beside him in the sofa and I said "I will definitely tell mom about your behaviour". Marvin replied that, "It was your fault, we shall talk about it later and don't spoil my holiday mood".

Then we argued for some time and I went to the barn to get some fresh air. Then I had a conversation with grandma. We were totally jobless and completely bored.

I and Jason were chatting about body tanning.

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Suddenly we got an idea of going to the creek that was close by. We got ready and grandma gave us some sandwiches.


I packed my blue bikini and a tube to Vaseline. We started to walk towards the creek. As we walked I and Jason chased each other but Marvin was calm. We reached the creek and it was sunny, so we planned to have a sun bath. Both of my brothers took of their pants and lied down on the bank of the creek. "Excuse me, where can I change", I said picking up my bikini from my bag.

Jason replied "You need us to build you a dresser in this wild silly sis, go find some cover and change". My brothers laughed and grinned at each other; I searched for a thick bush and took of my gown. I pulled up my lacy blue panty and before I could put on my brassier I saw a green hooded snake near me. Immediately I freaked out and started to run shouting, "A fukin snake. snake. help me Jason".

On seeing me running, my brothers locked their eyes on to my teen breasts that bounced on my chest as I ran madly. Marvin and Jason checked out the place and there was nothing.


I stood there breathing hard in fright and hiding my breasts with my hands. Jason said "silly sis", and he gave me my brassier. Then I applied Vaseline on my body and settled near my brothers and they were still starring at my ass but I didn't mind.

I parted my thighs and raised my hands above my head and let my body imbibe the fresh air. I felt incredibly free and relaxed. "Hey sis I have never seen you in this exotic attire back home? Asked Jason. "Mom never allowed me to wear it "I replied and smirked. "So you are enjoying sis and what about Marvin why is he damn silent" asked Jason. I said nothing and Marvin said "I am damn bored lying like a retard under the sun".

The hot sun made my skin warm and my nipples erect. Jason suddenly exclaimed "hey sissy, you will get nasty tan lines if you have your bikini on". "So you are asking me to take it off, don't even think about it", I replied and Jason kept quiet.

Then I thought about nasty tan lines and mom will find out that I had sun bathed with a bikini, so I finally decided to take it off. I said "Thank you Jason for your advice as mom will come to know what I did on seeing my tan lines".

I stood up and took of my bra making my breasts fall free. I could see miles of enthusiasm in the eyes on my brothers. I said "here we go" and pulled down my panty revealing my pink curls of my shaved pussy. I felt totally embarrassed but I didn't show it out. Marvin exploded "Sandy if you are nude we are going nude too". I replied "Okay no problem".

As my brothers stripped I looked at their semi erect manhood. Not bad both of my brothers had big dicks but the biggest was Marvin's, about 6.5''. We laid there starring at each other's cunt. I lost my mind and tuned horney and my brothers didn't seem to care.

I was totally wet and I couldn't take it anymore so I planned to seduce my brothers. I just rolled over and made my breasts touch Jason's chest. I could see Jason's cock growing before my eyes and finally he said "Can I fuck you sister? I blushed as I massaged by throbbing pussy and nodded yes. Immediately Jason sprung up into action and said, "You have grown up sandy dear". Jason put his arm round my shoulder and pulled me towards himself and I ended up actually sitting on his knee.

His hand was stroking my breasts and thigh. My left leg was wedged directly between his thighs and I could detect his hardening under me. "I am sure that you know to give blowjobs, so how would you like it to be, you are taking me or Marvin first", asked Jason.

I replied "I want both of you in me, Marvin fucks my arse but you wouldn't say no to fuck my pussy as well?" Jason was obviously in need of some clarification and he said "Wow, that's the fucking spirit, let's do it Marvin". But Marvin didn't respond. Jason's hand was now massaging my soft breasts and at the same time he slid his right hand under me meddling with my clit. I could feel my pussy getting wet and almost uncomfortably hot.

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Jason rubbed his hand harder on my clit and I let out a gasp. I could feel his erection getting bigger. He separated my swollen pussy lips and slid a finger inside my love tunnel. I was so excited that I could not resist squeezing my pussy muscles and pushing against his finger. "Holy shit, Sandy, you are hot.," he said and inserted another finger into my sopping cunt. Jason was finger-fucked me and I was enjoying this immensely. Jason was fully hard and it wasn't a very long cock but it was invitingly thick, one of the thickest I have seen.

I kneeled down before Jason, lowered my head and swallowed his dick into my mouth. It felt hot and smooth, very hard, almost ready to burst. I started to suck it a little, then let go and just circled the head with my tongue. Jason was groaning. I sucked him a bit more, then I picked up speed and Jason was busy with my breast, squeezing and rolling my nipple. I was so excited that I didn't really mind his urgency; in fact I could hardly wait to feel his cock inside me.

Then I lowered myself down onto Jason's rock-hard cock and gasped with delight as it entered my pussy. It was beautifully thick, stretching my hot cunt to the point bordering on pain, making it even hotter and wetter if at all possible.

I started to ride him slowly and he moved with me. After a while I stopped and then I felt his cool slim hands on my hips, guiding them up. We didn't bother about what was happening around us. Suddenly I realised that Marvin was behind me standing or possibly kneeling, and then I felt the tip of his hot cock at the crack of my arse.

He rubbed it a bit and then used his fingers to transfer some of my copious pussy juices onto his cock ready to slide into me. "I.

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I don't know if you can manage sandy. shit, you had me really hard," mumbled Marvin. I looked at Marvin and smiled saying "It's all right brother get into me".

I enjoyed the pain as he slowly pushed his long dick up my tight glory hole. I thought it impossible as Jason was filling my pussy so completely but somehow I managed to accommodate both of them. I could feel Marvin's cock reaching higher than Jason's and then I had them both inside me and a thin piece of flesh separating their dicks.

I never experienced being so completely filled up, stretched, and stimulated to the very edge of pain. I couldn't resist the urge to move now and I started to gently rock while they both managed to get in the rhythm of fucking me; Jason's thick cock bobbing up and down in my pussy and Marvin's long member sliding in slow strokes inside my arsehole.

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Marvin held my waist while Jason caressed my breasts. I could feel them rubbing against each other inside my holes and as their movements became faster I couldn't hold on any longer, the feeling of being fucked by two men at once took me over the edge and I started coming, and unbelievably I came and came, after the first orgasm which seemed to originate in my pussy and clit came another one concentrating on my arsehole.

I screamed and shook as my whole body rode on the waves of pleasure. I felt intense pressure on my buttocks as being sandwiched between my brothers and two cocks pounding my holes. I could feel my cunt contracting achingly in the excitement of the moment. Then my brothers exchanged their positions. "Did you like it sandy?"Asked Marvin and I went slightly reddish saying "Yeah. I did".


Jason said "Fuck her Marvin, She needs your thick prick inside her". I couldn't agree more and opened myself wide for them. This time Marvin entered my pussy with one thrust and I again had this fantastic feeling, stretchy fit between my pussy.

I couldn't see everything but Jason positioned himself under me and invaded my ass. I groaned and said "Oh, yes. Please! Push it in, push it in deep!" "Oh, it's. great. shit, it feels really good," Jason was already almost moaning and started to fuck me quite hard. Jason didn't take long, the excitement of the new position was working its magic and soon Jason was moaning loudly, almost on the verge of screaming.

"Oh yes, yes, shit, I'm coming, fuck, fuuuck!" he yelled and thrust his fat cock deep inside me, filled my ass hole with cum which brought me to orgasm but Marin was still pounding my pussy. I heard Jason exhale deeply as he climaxed and Jason rolled off me and after catching a breath a second later.

Now it was me and Marvin. To my eternal surprise he removed his cock from my pussy and said, "I don't want you to become pregnant sis". Then he directed his cock on to my mouth. As I slowly engulfed Marvin's dick, I could taste his per-cum and I couldn't believe how hot this was making me. Marvin was groaning softly as I continued to lick, suck and kiss his cock.

I could feel he was close to coming and indeed very soon with an animal groan he did shot hot streams of cum, spluttering over my mouth.

Marvin moaned loudly in unbearable excitement and I savouring the rich taste of Marvin's spunk. I swallowed some of his cum and let the rest dribble onto my breasts. I was so excited that I could hardly contain myself while I spread the semen onto my breasts and I was desperate for a relief. I wanted to be fucked again but obviously neither of the men could manage. Then my brothers helped me clean up my creampied cunt and breasts with the water from the creek. After playing for a while in the creek we walked home.

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Before we reached home I said to Marvin "I will not tell mom as for the gallons of pleasure you gave me".