Teen vibrator blonde suspected thief was in denial from the start

Teen vibrator blonde suspected thief was in denial from the start
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CHAPTER ONE I walked into the bathroom knowing my daughter would be there; I had been turned on by her by the time she turned sixteen.

Her breast grew to at least a D cup and she inherited her mothers beautiful curves although her buttock was much firmer and tighter. I watched her touch her self smoothly, running her hands down the valley of her breast and massaging her nipples and touching her dark brown mound.

It was odd she had had brown hair inherited by me but her mother's blue eyes and sharp featured face. Her cheek bones were slightly high giving her an edgy model look but her eyes were soft that gave her an almost innocent look. I grew tired of watching her caress herself and quickly but quietly stripped off my clothes and jumped into the shower not giving her time to turn around and held her close to me. Her buttocks pushed against my groin in an attempt to escape me but it wasn't working.

I slowly rubbed her hips and said licking her ear "Turn around and continue!" she looked at me in fear and said "Dad could you please get out!" I laughed and pushed her into the shower tiled wall and rubbed my groin up and down her buttock. She stilled and began crying and making incoherent noises. I smirked and slowly cupped her breast and she began struggling wildly.

I ignored her attempts and took her nipples between my thumb and finger and began pinching and pulling at it making them painfully erect. I laughed and began slowly kissing her creamy white shoulders making her quiver.

I slowly bit down on her neck and gave her a small hickie. She gasped at this and said a little louder "Please dad not this!" I smirked and began kissing her neck and whispered "Shut up you whore, do as I say or regret ever crossing me!" she shut up immediately, I laughed and turned her around to face me, she shook in fear as I looked at every aspect of her teenage body.

Her beautiful perky breast and her huge erect pink nipples, her toned flat stomach and her nice tight pussy. She was 18 and legal to have sex but her mother was dead set against, till this day she think her daughter has had no sexual experience, I laughed and said slightly amused by her babyish antics "Don't cry you will enjoy some of it!" I massaged her nipples harder this time making her groan out in pain. I smiled and licked her neck making her shiver. I slowly ran my hand down her stomach and slowly cupped her virgina.

She stilled as I slowly massaged her clit with soft circular motions, she began shivering and breathing fiercely. I laughed and quickly plunged my finger into the depth of her pussy.

She jumped at contact and I moaned at the way her cunt tightened against my finger. I fucked her slowly loving her juices slip along my finger and her scent encases the shower. She moaned harder this times and began fucking herself on my finger. I smirked and turned her around so that she could face me and pushed her against the wall again and pressed my lips against hers and lifted her leg up and pushed two fingers at once into her.

She stilled and groaned into my mouth giving me a chance to stick my tongue into her. She kissed me back reluctantly and fucked my finger whilst I used my other hand to maul at her breast. She suddenly stilled and I fucked her cunt harder with my finger; she seemed to realise what was happening to her and said breathlessly "Please stop!" I laughed and slowly plunged my finger into her hole, nice and tight, I pumped my fingers faster, I continued in a fast and rough pass until I heard her let out a strangled moan and collapsed to the floor, I laughed and said "Keep your mouth shut!" and I walked out with a somewhat satisfied smirk and listening to her cries her eyes out.

Chapter Two - Mum's Turn She cheated on dad with one of her law partners and this was the perfect moment for me to exact revenge.

For years I wanted to see, taste, and smell that erotic body of my mothers. She didn't even look like she had four kids.

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She had beautiful curvaceous hips and a slim waist, it seem to run in the family all the women had those traits. Her bust was nice and big at least a double EE; at time I thought about sinking my teeth through those mounds, it made me hard every time. Her arse was a little fat but it slit made me wonder how it would look spanking it until it was red hot and full of welts.

I strolled through our massive kitchen, my adrenaline was pumping but nervousness was coursing through me. I watched her from the door cut the vegetables in a professional manner.


I watched her arse giggle a little in her loosely fitted skirt and slowly began walking into the kitchen, she still hadn't notice I was in the kitchen with her and it made me even more excited. She had a knife in her hand and it pinched me with a little fear, I then smirked, she didn't have the heart to stab her own son if he even raped her. I gave my most charming smile and said making her notice me with a nervous yet surprised gasp "I'll cut that for you mum!" she looked at me nervously and then smiled in thanks giving me the knife.

I smirked to myself and dropped the knife into the sink and said standing behind her with a triumphant grin "Time to redeem yourself mum!" I took each massive breast into my hand and fondled them forcefully. She struggled widely but she couldn't compare to my brute strength. I laughed at her tires to escape but it was futile. I slowly opened her white shirt and put my hands through the broken buttons and began touching her naked breast.

She pushed back against me making her arse rub against my cock, she soon realised this and stopped. I laughed and pulled her blouse off her body and dropped it to the floor and ripped away her bra with one pull and began massaging her nipple.

Her breath began to quicken and she still struggled but less than before "Please, I beg you anything else but this!" Her pleas fell on deaf ears. I turned her around pushing her back against the counter and forced my lips to her. She kept moving her head away protesting that she was my mother. I laughed and held her head with my hand by her chin and kissed her fully. She stood there shocked. I wanted to taste her mouth and she was denying me access.

I laughed and mauled at her nipples, she suddenly screamed, I laughed and plunged my tongue into her mouth. She squirmed more widely this time as she felt me reach for the zip of her skirt. I pulled it down forcefully and watched as the skirt pooled at her feet. I laughed and walked away from her and locked the kitchen door making sure if anyone came in they wouldn't enter.

I watched her shake in fear hiding her breast and closing her legs. I walked towards her and cornered her; she shook violently as I reached out to stoke her pussy. She looked at me with fear and hate. I laughed at her and took her by her beautiful blonde hair and threw her over the dinner table.

She turned around in protest giving me an eyeful of her breast. I watched her fascinated until she looked at me with realization and covered her breast again. I laughed and pulled off my shirt in front of her watching her as she took in the sight of her son's well toned chest.

I had to admit I did have a great body, I worked out three times a weak in the gym and I was wrestled as a hobby on the weekends. I slowly bent over her and took her nipples into my mouth.

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She began thrashing wildly and it was staring to piss me off. I grabbed her hands and pushed them above her head and took her nipples in my mouth once again and watched as her nipples grew. I laughed and got off her and stood there watching her for a while and said looking to her ice blue eyes "Get on your knees and give me a blow job like you did your lover.

You like being treated like a whore so act like one!" she began crying fiercely and watched as I took off my belt and held it threateningly in my hands and let my jeans drop to the floor. She gasped at the sight of my hard on and dropped to the floor as she looked into my eyes.

I smirked in triumph happy to know that I was finally going to be able to feel her lips around my 10 inch cock. She was about to take out my cock when I said smirking at her humiliation "Beg for it!" she gasped in horror and her defiant expression came back. She screamed in anger "Let me suck your dick and get it over with!" I looked at her for a minute with so much anger and slapped her with all my might. She dropped to the floor in a messy and pathetic heap and sobbed. "I control you not the other way round whore!" she regained a little composure and sat on her knees "Matt please let me suck your cock!" I shook my head displeased "Can I suck on your massive cock son?" I shook my head and she seemed to get frustrated "Can I put you massive meat in my slutty mouth and allow me to suck you off until you cum, until I can feel your cum run down my throat!" at this I realised she had did this before.

I nodded and watched she tentatively took my cock out of my boxers and kissed the tip of my cock with her rosy pink lips. I instantly had a raging hard on and pushed past her lips and into her mouth with excitement.

She quickly gagged on my enormous choke and tried to hold onto my legs for support. I felt her scream vibrate through my cock sending me on edge. I fucked her face harder and held onto her head to keep her at bay. I pushed my cock into her mouth deeper feeling her throat constrict around my cock. I moaned ion delight and pushed further watching her eye widen and through bulge. I laughed and moaned at once she began to learn how to deep throat me. I kept my fast pace for ten minutes before I felt the need to cum in her mouth.

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I slowed my pace still thrusting into her with force and held my head still as I slowly forced all of 10 inches down her throat. She looked at me with fear and shock, but most of all fright that she might pass out. I watched her with sick fascination at how her eyes looked so beautiful frightened and that when I finally came all the way down her throat.

I let go of my head and watched as she fell back chocking and panting.


I laughed and watched her cry on the floor. I watched her while and pulled her up and threw her back over the table and pulled her panties to her slightly open knees and pressed my index finger into her cunt. She was wet! I laughed and slowly stood behind her and held her hair pulling her head up and forcing her back to arch sexily and quickly plunged into her.

She screamed in pain as she was forced to accept all my cock into her tight clammy hole. I laughed as I fucked her from the back. Chapter Three - Melanie's Turn It was midnight and everyone was sleeping except me. I laughed at what I was going to do. I have been watching my sister for months now and now I finally had the courage and leverage to do what I wanted with her.

She was seventeen and she thought she was queen of the world and I hated that she treated me like she shit. I actually caught her giving the principle head's in the toilet and I knew I could use that to my advantage to get what I wanted from her.

I would own her like a dog and she would have no choice but to do as I say. I laughed at the thought and crept into to her room and stood at her beside and watched as her 34C breast rose and as she breathed in and out.

I watched her nipple erect in the cold air and how her legs were left slightly open. The covers she was using had dropped to the floor whilst she slept and it gave me perfect view of her body. She was nice and slim and I guess that was all thank to her cheerleading. Her hair was a platinum blonde colour and she had such an amazing arse; I especially wanted to fuck her beautiful pink small mouth.

I threw off my pyjamas and walked over to my sister and began taking off my clothes whilst watching her breast. I slowly climbed on top of her careful not to touch her so she would wake. I straddled her waist and slowly reached out and touched her perky breast.

They were so nice and soft and so squeezable. I felt like I would cum right there.

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I pulled at her nipples a little and heard how she moaned unconsciously. I slowly bent down and took her nipples into my mouth and gently sucked them, she began moaning louder and it was starting to turn me on. I slowly took my hands off her breast and stuck a finger into her open mouth and moaned as her warm mouth encased my finger. I smirked and pulled my finger out of her mouth and climbed off her and wanked off next to her face until I got hard.

I moaned a little as I slowly slipped my cock into her open mouth. She suddenly opened her eyes as I slipped my 7 inch cock into her mouth. She looked at me with anger and fright and began slapping my thighs.

I pushed my cock into her mouth until I felt her whole mouth around my cock and until I felt her throat tighten around my cock. She began scratching at me and screaming around my cock sending shocks of vibration through my cock and up my spine.

I laughed and moaned and once and started pushing my self in and out of her mouth until I felt her teeth scrap against my cock. I tensed a little and looked down at her in anger and held her neck and said threateningly "Sis, if you don't stop, I'm going to tell the whole school you gave your coach heads!" she began chocking, I pushed my 7 inch cock further and felt her squirm, I let her breathe for air and said "Were not finished continue!" she hesitantly did so, but she knew she had no choice.

She gave me the best blow job ever and didn't stop, she licked, sucked and moaned like a professional, I played with her breast which were a B size and said "You are my sex slave and you have to do what I said before I spread the pictures of what you did!" she began to cry and sniff, I laughed and felt myself about to come, I grabbed her hair and pushed her forward, making her gag and shot my load down her throat; I held her in place and said "Drink all of it!" she did so and collapsed on the bed.

I walked out of the room and laughing silently making sure not to wake the house.