Horny Latin Woman Plays With Her Cunt

Horny Latin Woman Plays With Her Cunt
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Laura was a girl I had known for a while. I had met her while I was grocery shopping. I was on my way home from work and I needed some groceries. At some point during my shopping I turned my cart around a corner and my cart bumped hers.

I said I was sorry and continued shopping. We passed a couple of times in different aisles. As I was driving out of the parking lot, I saw her walking with two bags of groceries. It was snowing out and the parking lot was slippery in places. I stopped and asked her if she would like a lift. She said sure and hopped in.

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She said she lived in the apartments just next to the store. She said that she usually walks through a hedgerow to get home, but the snow made it hard to do. I dropped her off and she asked me if I would like to stop in for a coffee. I told her sure. We had a few coffees and talked. I left after about an hour. Nothing sexual happened.

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We eventually got to know each other. We would have sex at times but sometimes we would talk a lot about our lives, our relationships, jobs, anything.

We would go out for lunch or dinner and just talk. I was relieved that after we had sex the first time it did not change of our relationship. Laura was average looking. Her hair now is blondish with reddish highlights, but it has been many colors in the past. She has had bangs for as long as I have known her. Since I have known her she has been on the heavy side and she has put on a few more pounds.

She carries the weight evenly. A little belly and a plump ass.


She about 5 feet 4 inches tall with c cups. She called me up one afternoon and told me she had just got a x rated movie and asked me if I wanted to watch it with her. I told her I would. I will admit that I get horny watching them and so do did Laura.

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It was fun watching them with her. She would get wet watching them. It was no contest, she would get wetter than any girl I have been with.

I really could not believe how wet she could get. If you like licking pussy juice, which I do, it was a very special treat. She also had the most sensative tits and nipples I have ever seen. Once I brought her to climax just by sucking and fondling her breasts. When I got to her apartment she handed me a beer.

She was a gin and tonic drinker. We sat on the couch and started to watch the movie. We would joke about where his load would go and as to the lame dialogue and all the overdone moaning. I said " I wonder if the girl ever orgasms?" There was a part in the moving where a big titted girl was getting fucked doggie style. There was a guy in front of her. She was giving him a blowjob. I mentioned that the girl truly looked like she was enjoying herself.

She never looked at the camera. If she was faking it for the movie, she was very convincing.

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Laura said " Have you ever fantasized about doing that. You and another guy on a girl or you and two girls ?" I said " Of course.

Have you ever fantasized about two or more guys with you or you and other girls and one guy"? She​ said she had. I asked her if she would like to try. She said" How would we go about doing it"? I told her I didn't know but the internet would be a good place to start.

We stopped the movie and went to her computer to start looking. We spent about an hour searching and writing to a few people. I told her when I had some time I would research it also.

We turned the movie back on. We chuckled at how lame it was, but she did not disappoint me, she got so wet. We had sex on her couch. I went home and started looking on the internet. I looked for couples that wanted to swap, couples that wanted a male or a female. We actually met two different couples.

One couple wanted a female. We did not click. The other couple wanted to play together. They looked nothing like their pictures.


Laura said the male did nothing for her. There was a lot of b.s. out there. We finally found out about a meet and greet at a bar at a motel.

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We decided to check it out. It was a long drive, close to two hours. When we got there, the party had a few tables occupied. There were at least 30 people there. We introduced ourselves and mingled. We mostly listened at first. We ended up chatting with 3 couples.

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All 6 of them were overweight. The females we're just ok looking. Laura and I decided to dance. While we danced, we talked about the couples. She said that she would not mind one of the couples. We went back and chatted again. We eventually did more talking to that couple. They were Darlene and Joe. They were a bit older than us.

Eventually the conversation got around to sex. We decided to go halves on a room. We got to the room and I was sure this was not Darlene and Joe's first time. They wasted no time getting naked. Darlene got on her knees and started giving Joe a blowjob. I whispered to Laura "What do you want to do?" She said "I can give you a bj." I pulled my pants down and she swallowed my cock.

After a couple of minutes Darlene released Joe's cock and asked Laura if she could suck me. Laura agreed. Joe walked over and dangled is cock near Laura. She took the hint and started sucking his cock. Joe was breathing heavy. Darlene got up and said to Laura " I would like to finish him." Laura let go of his cock and Darlene stuffed Joe's cock in her mouth.

Laura came over to me and swallowed my cock. I reached my hand down Laura's shirt so I could feel her tits. Joe let out a grunt.

He let go in her mouth. I found Laura's tit and squeezed. I was going to cum. I unloaded in her mouth. Both ladies swallowed their cum loads. Laura stood up and gave me a kiss. She asked me if we could go.

We told them we had to leave. They stayed in the room. We talked about it on the ride home. Laura said she wanted to get fucked and suck a cock at the same time, but could not get up the nerve.