Any one want to try fuck my asian wife when she is passed out

Any one want to try fuck my asian wife when she is passed out
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Alicia, Fay and Sam Since my ex wife decided to screw my so called best friend behind my back, and then left me for his best friend, I have had plenty of free time with no-one to nag me to do exactly what I wanted to. I have a liking for girls beautiful feet with perfect toes, well manicured toenails and shapely ankles.

I also like bare midriffs and small breasts. I have looked on You Tube where they have a vast amount of videos that show off an assortment of anything you like. I go for gymnastic stretching videos where girls love to flaunt themselves. This particular day, I had no work, made myself a cup of tea and was looking through a few different videos when I got a shock.

Here was a video with a girl I recognised immediately as a friend of my daughter Alicia, called Fay. Here she was going through a variety of stretches to help her do the splits. She was wearing some grey tight hipster stretch pants that looked like imitation jeans, with a long sleeved grey loose open necked crop top with 'Where is the love' across it.

I have always thought that Fay was cute even though she was young, but until I saw the video, didn't realise just what a fantastic figure she has for a 13 year old. She started off by introducing herself, and then she stood up to start stretching using a chair back to rest her foot on. She put the chair away, adjusted the webcam so it would show her on the ground, and whilst doing that, got a wonderful view of the top of her breasts enclosed in a black and white striped bra, probably either 32a or 32b which for me are perfect.

She stretched up showing off her well toned midriff. I was entranced. A few weeks went by before I saw her again.


My daughter asked if she could have some friends around to use our pool as the weather was perfect, and as I never had a problem with watching girls in bikinis frolicking around in water even though they were all too young for me to take it any further, I smiled and said yes. The plan was for 4 girls to come around early on Saturday afternoon, enjoy the pool and catch some sun in their bikinis, stay for something to eat and go home around 10.00 to 10.30. The weekend was here and the girls started arriving.

Alicia answered the door after the ringing of the doorbell to find April and Sophie. April was 13 and Sophie, who was her sister, was nearly 12 and even though she was younger than the others, had become part of the gang. Both girls came in with beaming smiles and said "Hi, Mr. Johnson". The3 girls ran upstairs to Alicia's bedroom to change. The bell rang again and this time it was Sam. She has been Alicia's best friend since she started primary school and immediately rushed up to me and gave me her usual hug.

I had always had a soft spot for Sam. She was about 4 months younger than my daughter, being a 5ft 6in tall bundle of fun with lightly tanned skin, a truly beautiful girl. While she was hugging me, the doorbell rang again and when I disentangled myself from Sam, I answered the door.

There stood Fay. She had on a crop tank top with oh so tight hot pants which enhanced her long legs and finished off with neatly painted toes in flip flops. She said "hello, is Alicia here?", then looked past me to Sam, and said hi to her. I must have been staring because Fay looked at me and smiled, turned to Sam and giggled, and then ran up the stairs to join the others. I left them to it and went out into the garden as the grass needed cutting and a bit of digging in the vegetable patch, so wasn't surprised when I didn't see the girls for about an hour.

I made sure that I had done the digging first so that whilst cutting the grass, could catch sneaky looks of the girls in the pool. Alicia had taken me to buy her a new bikini for the occasion and all I saw of it was when the assistant put it in the bag and presented me with the bill. As I caught sight of her pulling herself out of the pool in her new pink bikini, I was shocked by how small it was compared to what she had worn last summer and how her body had blossomed.


My baby was growing up. She joined April and Sam who were on the sun loungers topping up their tans. They all seemed to enjoy putting sun cream on each other, especially under the edges of both pieces of their bikinis. Kay and Sophie were still in the water. I finished cutting the grass and was hot and sweaty.

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What I would normally do would be to take my t-shirt off and dive into the pool, but as Alicia had her friends over, I didn't want to crash her party. As I went past the girls, I asked if everyone was OK for drinks and Alicia piped up, "We're all ok, thanks. Hey dad, aren't you gonna cool off in the pool like you normally do?". I told her that I didn't want to embarrass her. She said "that's OK dad, you know everyone here".

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So I took my T-shirt off and in I dived. "Nice dive, Mr Johnson" Fay commented. "Thanks" "Can you teach me to dive like that please, Mr Johnson?" "OK, no problem. One thing everyone, I appreciate the respect in calling me Mr.

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Johnson, but you are all making me feel so old. For those of you that don't know, call me Ray." "What do you want me to do" said Fay. "Stand on the side of the pool, and show me what you know" So out she climbed, and I stared yet again as she seemed to pull herself out in slow motion.

As water cascaded down her body, over her beautiful ass, then down her long legs and off of her ankles and toes. She stood up and turned around, again in slow motion as I checked her out from her toes up her long legs to her bikini covered pussy, across her wonderful midriff, and then those tits.

Her nipples were threatening to break out through the material. She then coughed, drawing my attention to her face across which had broken out the most amazing smile. It would appear that she had deliberately taken her time so that I could get a good look at her and here I was, busted. I moved backwards and she waited for me to tell her what to do.

"Stand with your toes on the edge of the pool, put your hands straight up, bend your legs and start to lean forward, Just as you are losing balance, straighten your legs and launch yourself. Now you try it". Fay then proceeded to do one of the best dives that I had ever seen even down to the pointed toes on entry. As she came back up and broke the surface of the water, a normal look upon her face, I still wasn't sure what I had just witnessed.

It was then that the others all burst out laughing. Alicia shouted out in between fits of laughter, to say "Fay is in the school swimming team and is one of the best swimmers in the county". Fay came over and stood up facing me. "I am sorry, I just couldn't resist, I hope you aren't mad with me" "Of course not.That was probably one of the best dives that I have seen".

Fay said something back to me and I realised that I was staring again and hadn't heard her. That enigmatic smile spread across her face letting me know that she had caught me again.

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What on earth was I thinking as she was only 13 years old, but I felt like a naughty child caught with their hand in the cookie jar. "Ray," she said again, "could you get me a drink please?" The others all wanted a drink as well and it would seem that I had my escape. Collecting the glasses, I went into the kitchen, put the glasses down and went to the fridge.

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On opening the fridge door, I took the lemonade out and as I closed the door, there stood Fay, again with a smile on her face. "Sorry about playing a trick on you, I hope you're not angry with me?" "No, it was fine" I said, and went to walk past her but she stayed her ground. "Ray, do you like my bikini?

I saw you checking me out a couple of times." I should have said that she was young enough to be my daughter but all I said was that it was very nice.

"I don't mean nice, I mean do you think it's sexy?" I couldn't believe that she would ask me a question like that. How could I diplomatically answer that without upsetting her? "All of you girls look great in your bikinis" was all I could think of saying. "But do we look sexy?" "You are all young girls and you shouldn't be thinking like that yet".

"But we all like to be noticed by boys, even Sophie, and why do you think that your daughter got you to buy her a new bikini?" I must admit that I had already had that thought and was pleased that there were no boys there to contend with. I gave in to my thoughts, hoping that she wouldn't go running out to the others. "I think that you all look very sexy in your bikinis" hoping that this would suffice in what for me was becoming more, and more awkward.

That seemed to please her and she turned and went back out to the rest of the girls. If she was older, I wouldn't hesitate about making a pass at her, but at only 13, I wasn't going to let that happen. I took the drinks out to the girls who all thanked me, but what I got from Fay was what can only be interpreted as a mischievous grin. I would have to watch myself around this beautiful girl very carefully. By now the sun was at its hottest that even the sun worshipers among the girls couldn't take the heat anymore, so they all went inside to use the X-box and chill out.

This gave me a chance to cool down in the pool and try to gather my thoughts. I climbed out and lay down to let the sun dry me. It would appear that I had drifted off as I felt pressure on the sun lounger, knowing that someone had just sat on the edge. I turned and wasn't in the least bit surprised to find Fay looking at me. "You are going to burn if you lay out in this sun, do you want me to put some cream on you?" she said, whilst putting cream into her hand.

She then started rubbing her hands on my back. It felt like little electric shocks running down my spine and I suddenly became aware that I was starting to get hard. "I don't think this is a good idea, do you?" I said, feebly, enjoying the feelings I was getting. She then moved down to my legs, which was fine down by my feet, but when she got to my shorts, her hands seemed to be going further and further under my shorts.

I couldn't believe how forward she was and realised that even though I was enjoying it, I had to put a stop to it, before one of the girls caught us. "Fay, as much as I am enjoying this, this is so wrong. You are so young and I don't think you realise what an effect that you have seem to be having on me. I think you should go and join the others". I started to turn over, as my hard on was subsiding, and realised that she was smiling. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing.

The only way that I could think of dealing with this was to stand up, pick her up in my arms and throw her into the deep end to give myself some breathing space.

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As she came to the surface, she was still smiling, so I shrugged and disappeared up to my room. What I failed to realise was How determined she was going to be. I turned the shower on, took my shorts off, and realised I was still semi hard, so with the thought of what had happened, and what might have happened, I got into the shower and started soaping myself. All of a sudden, I had a feeling that I wasn't alone and turned around to be confronted by a vision of loveliness.

There was Fay, still with a smile that could melt an iceberg. She untied the strings on her bikini top and let it drop to the floor.

There were two of the most wonderful breasts that I had ever seen. She walked forward and joined me in the shower, and even though I knew it was so wrong, I cupped both of her tits. They felt wonderful, but as I was trying to work out how to get out of this situation, I felt a hand on my prick. As she started to pump my hard on, she looked into my eyes and said "you know that you want this as much as I do, so stop fighting it and enjoy". She knelt down in front of me and whilst holding my prick in both hands, she slipped it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head as she sucked on it.

I looked down and putting my hands gently on her head, couldn't believe what was happening. I knew I was just about to come and told her, but she just kept on sucking.


I came in her sweet mouth and she started swallowing as much as she could, but some dribbled out of the sides and onto her tits. She licked me completely clean, and stood up. I bent down to her tits and sucked on a nipple, cleaning them of the small amount of cum that had dripped onto them "Did you enjoy that?" she said, and bent down to pick up her top. I helped her back into it, after cupping her tits again.

"It was fantastic, but we shouldn't have done that. Where did you learn to do it?" "I have been sucking my brother off for a couple of years now. I just thought I would like to try a man. I have fancied you but haven't had the chance before. There isn't time to take this any further now as the girls might miss me, but you need to return the favour". She then gave my prick another squeeze, stood on tiptoes to kiss me on the lips, and then ran out of the bathroom.

Watching her go, I had a pang of guilt but overriding this was the enjoyment of her rear view. She had a perfect peach of a bum. In actual fact, everything seemed to be perfect on her. What was I going to do about it? I finished showering and got dressed in t-shirt and swim shorts, tidied up and went downstairs with a smile on my face.