Von älterer frau verführt

Von älterer frau verführt
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The phone woke Derby. He had been dreaming of girls. Christy, the girl he had fucked last night, was sucking his cock in his dream. The tall redhead, Melissa, who he planned to seduce next, was riding his face, her long legs clamped around his ears. His left hand was fondling the big tits of Josie, the Hispanic girl on his short list of girls to fuck, while his right hand was brutally fingering the tiny, hairless cunt of the tiny Asian girl, Anna.

Every one of the girls was screaming their passion for him. Then his ex-girlfriend, Megan appeared. She made her way quickly around his bed, grabbing the girls and yanking them away from him. When they were all cowering, naked, against the wall, Megan looked him in the eye and said, "You're not man enough to have them. You weren't man enough to keep me. You may have a big cock, but that's not enough.

You're weak. You're worthless. You can't even get it right when you try to kill yourself. No woman really wants you." Her face bore such a hateful, spiteful look that it began to change into the horrid mask of a witch. Derby was glad his phone rang and woke him. He lay there in a cold sweat, getting his bearings.

He heard Christy's sweet, sunny answer to his voicemail greeting. She said, "Hey sexy. It's Christy. I really enjoyed last night. Call me." He was still recovering from his nightmare. He hated Megan for what she had done to him. Who the fuck did she think she was, rejecting him?

But she had done it. She hadn't been nasty to him in person like she had been in his dream, but the hurt was just as real. The damage was done. And she was right. He hadn't been able to keep the woman of his dreams, the woman he had fantasized about spending the rest of his life with.

In a way, he was almost grateful to Megan. She had taught him something. The pain of rejection was far worse than the pain of a broken bone or an abscessed tooth because it was a pain of the soul. The only way to ensure that he would never feel that pain again would be to never let a woman get that close to him again. If he refused to feel, he could not hurt. Megan had made him see how to be happy. Enjoy, don't commit. Use, don't feel.

Find 'em, fuck 'em, and forget 'em. Christy had been good last night. She was pretty and she had a nice little body. She had let him do things, and she had done things to him, that he was sure she had never done before. She had gotten off, and she had made him cum. She had worshiped his cock. She had appreciated the way he had fingered, licked, and fucked her. She had drained him dry, which was what he had wanted. If she had thought he owed her anything after that, too bad.

Derby wasn't about to call her, at least not until he had sampled the wares of a few other girls. If he ran out of prospects, he could always go back to her and have her service him again. Derby got up and headed for the shower. He wanted to get dressed and out of there as quickly as possible, because he didn't want to waste time pretending to be polite when his new roommate, Martin, and his family showed up.

Martin seemed like he was a loser, which probably meant his family was a bunch of losers, too. Derby had decided that he was a winner. It was time to get out there and win a night in the sack with another girl.

In the shower, Derby reviewed his options. Melissa, with her long legs, hourglass figure, and wavy red hair? Josie, big boobs, bubble butt, and smoking Latina looks? Anna, with her miniature body and geisha-girl submissiveness? He decided to take them in the order he had found them. Melissa was his next prey. As he dried himself, he felt the stirrings of arousal.

He decided to go commando under his jeans. It made him feel more manly, and he knew he filled the jeans well. They weren't that tight, but if you were looking, you could see. Derby believed that girls who looked at him carefully would see that he had something they might want. What the hell, he thought, when you go fishing, make sure you have good bait. He left the dorm and walked, taking in the sights.

There were a few more girls that he hadn't seen yesterday that might suit his needs cute, young, and walking with their eyes downcast, as though they had no self-confidence. He almost stopped to chat up a few of them, but stopped himself. He needed to focus on his mission, which was to get in Melissa's pants. In, and out. Fuck her, and move on. Yeah, he liked that idea. No chance of getting bored.

No chance of getting complacent. No chance of getting involved. All of which meant, no chance of getting hurt. He pulled out his phone and called Melissa's number. A man answered.

Derby almost hung up, but realized that his number would show on her call log, so he said, "I may have the wrong number, sir.

Is Melissa there?" "My daughter should be back here in a minute. Who is this?" "Oh, hi Mr. Jamison, it's Derby, the guy who helped you unload her stuff yesterday." "Oh yes, Derby.

I really appreciated your help, and my wife and Melissa were glad you volunteered to be their pack mule, too. I honestly don't know why one girl needs so much stuff." "I know what you mean, sir. I have twin sisters. They almost need to rent storage units just to house all their junk.

I guess it's part of being female." "Here's Melissa, Derby," her father said, laughing. Melissa got on the phone. "Hi, Derby!" "Hey, Melissa. Are you settled in?" "I'm getting there. Mom and Dad stayed in the motel across from campus last night.

We just came back from buying some shelf and cabinet kits. Now we're going to assemble them so I can put the rest of my things away. There's just not enough storage space in these rooms." Derby said, "How about if I come over and lend a hand? My whole bedroom at home was filled with that kind of furniture. I had fun assembling it. I'd love to help you guys." "Great. Come on over," Melissa said. Then she lowered her voice. "Dad has no idea what he's doing." In a few minutes, Derby was knocking on Melissa's open door.

She had a single room, with no roommate. He could see pieces of furniture kits scattered everywhere, parts bags, instruction sheets, and packaging materials strewn like the wreckage from a tornado. "Derby, come in," Melissa said, stepping carefully through the debris field. Hmmm, she looked good.

A college logo t-shirt, fresh from the campus store, thin enough that he could see the outline of her bra, athletic shorts which looked great above those amazingly long and shapely legs, and sneakers were all she wore. Her wavy red hair was pulled back in a sloppy pony tail, loose tendrils straying out at the sides to frame her face. Her Dad smiled a greeting from the far end of the floor. He looked relieved to see Derby.

"This girl's going to be the death of me yet," he said. "I damn near broke my back hauling these boxes up here, and now I'm going to spend the rest of my life trying to figure out how to put this stuff together. I don't even know if all the parts are here. 'Insert tab on panel B into slot on panel A and fasten with clip #1.' What the hell does that even mean?" Derby surveyed the mess.

Apparently, they had unpacked all the boxes at once and had mixed up the components. No wonder her Dad was confused. "Want some help?" he asked. "Sure. The faster I can get this stuff together, the faster we can get on the road. It's about a 5-hour drive to get home," Melissa's Dad said. "I think we've made a mess of this. We shouldn't have opened all the cartons at once.

I didn't know that all these parts would look so similar." "May I make a suggestion, sir?" Derby asked, flashing his best impress-the-parents smile. "I think I could use one." "Let's gather everything and stack it in neat piles.

We'll check each piece and put it with identical pieces. We'll separate and sort all this stuff into neat piles and clear as much floor space as we can. Then we'll take one of those instruction sheets, identify the parts and fasteners, and assemble one item. When we go to the next one, it should be easier because there will be less parts to choose from. If we tackle this logically, it should get easier as we go." Melissa's Dad smiled.

"Logic is not my strong suit. I write music for movie and TV soundtracks. It's not fine art, but it pays the bills. Your idea sounds good. You hum the melody, my boy. I'll try to fill in some harmony after a few bars." They laughed together and set to work. Soon, there was open floor space and some neat piles of parts. Derby was pulling pieces from the piles and making a new stack near the center of the room as Melissa's Dad read aloud from the parts list.

The women watched the men work, and things began to take shape. When the first piece of furniture was done, Melissa's Dad said, "One down, two to go." "I'll start on the next piece while you guys rest," Derby said.

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"In fact, I bet Melissa and I can finish the rest of it if you want to hit the road. A five-hour drive is a task in itself. What do you think, Melissa? We can do this, right?" "If you're willing to help, sure," she said. Derby noticed that she gave him a very grateful smile. Melissa's Dad said, "Thanks, Derby. If you're sure you're OK, we'll take you up on that. I have an early meeting tomorrow, so I'd be glad to get moving." Derby busied himself with the next piece while Melissa walked her folks to their van.

While she was gone, he stole a few moments to snoop, just as he had yesterday in Christy's room. 36D bras. Check. Thongs and bikini panties. Check. Filmy baby-doll nightie. Check!! Birth-control pills. Check!!! He knew enough to proceed. By the time Melissa got back, Derby had the frame of the chest of drawers he was working on assembled, and was putting the drawers together. "I really appreciate the way you jumped in and took charge, Derby," Melissa said.

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"I love my parents, but my Dad is just helpless when it comes to this kind of thing, and my Mom is just, well, kind of helpless, period." "They seem like really nice people," Derby said. "Oh, they are, they are. I love them to death. But, I'm kind of glad they left.

I'm a big girl now, and I'm ready to be on my own. They don't want to believe that. They want me to be their little girl forever." "College will be good for you then," Derby said. "You're definitely not a little girl any more. You're a beautiful grown woman. It's time you tasted the world. Time to experience new things. Time to meet new people." "Well, at least I've met one new person. You." Melissa had already decided that Derby was not only good looking, he was a really nice guy. And good looking?

Uh, yeah! Handsome face, good physique, interesting looking package in those jeans. Whoa! Where did that come from? She felt herself blush when she realized she was staring at his crotch as he sat cross-legged on the floor, assembling drawers. She hoped her nipples wouldn't get hard. She needed something to do, fast. "I'll finish building those drawers while you start on the next piece." Working together, it wasn't long until everything was done.

Derby helped Melissa unpack her boxes of books, clothes, even a few old stuffed animals. He saw how she blushed when he opened the box that held some of her lingerie.

"Oops. I'll let you unpack that one," Derby said, pushing it across the floor to her and grabbing a box of school supplies. Soon, Melissa's room was done. "OK," Derby said. "I'll haul this cardboard down to the trash. Then, do you want to grab some dinner?" "That sounds great. But I need to shower first," Melissa said. "Me too. I'm a little hot and sweaty," Derby said. Melissa felt herself get a little weak, thinking how good his hot, sweaty body might look and feel. They agreed to meet at the dining hall in an hour.

When Derby got back to his room, he saw that Martin had arrived and unpacked, but he wasn't there. Derby quickly rifled through his things, trying to learn more about him. The complete works of J. R. R. Tolkien, in hard-cover, no less. A Star Wars poster. Dorky clothing, including two Transformers t-shirts. Holy shit, this kid was even more of a nerd than his e-mails over the summer had suggested.

Derby was going to have to have to figure out if he even wanted to dominate this dweeb, or if he just wanted to get rid of him. Derby showered and dressed quickly. He wanted to get out of there before his roommate showed up and bored him to tears. He dressed to impress, casually, but with style.

He was wearing his hunting clothes, dressed to pursue his prey. Melissa showered and re-shaved her legs and underarms, even though she had done that this morning.

On impulse, she also made sure to touch up the shave and trim on her pussy, making sure that her fiery landing strip was perfect.

She wouldn't admit to herself why she had to do that tonight. But hey, she wanted to look nice. She had seen a picture online of a girl groomed that way, and she thought it looked pretty, so she had started doing it herself.

"My God," she thought, "what if my parents ever found out I watched porn?" She had selected a matching lacy bra and boy-shorts set, green like her eyes. When she dried her hair, she decided to gather a nice thick band from each temple, pinning them to the back of her head in a jade clip.

With her natural wave, it was a sophisticated but casual style that framed her face perfectly. A tiny bit of eye make-up, a few strategically placed dabs her favorite cologne, a simple top that showed a bit of cleavage, a nicely contrasting casual skirt, and some sandals. Not bad, if she had to be the one to say it. When Derby saw her coming toward him at the dining hall, he noted her appearance with approval. Her breasts moved nicely under her top. She had to be wearing a bra, but it did not badly restrict the movement of those nice big tits, and there was a good amount of cleavage showing with that top.

A skirt was a plus; it meant easy access. Stylish sandals showed off a nice pedicure. This chick had style. She also had sex appeal by the ton. She smiled and waved shyly as she approached him.

"Hi Derby. You look great." "That was supposed to be my line, pretty lady," Derby said. "Do you always dress that well for a first date?" Melissa blushed visibly. "Is that what this is?" "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. That was way too forward. I'm out of line," Derby said, sounding like he meant it.

"I'm just really impressed with how beautiful you are. Do you have any idea how many heads turned as you walked over here?" "Oh, nonsense. You're too kind," Melissa said, blushing furiously and feeling very awkward. "No, you're the one being kind, agreeing to have dinner with me. I guess the term 'date' doesn't really apply when we're going to the dining hall.

But hey, we might get lucky. The mystery meat tonight might even be edible." They laughed and headed inside. Throughout dinner, they chatted. Once Melissa started talking, she told Derby a lot about herself. She was an only child from a small town. She had dated some in high school, but had never had a long-term boyfriend.

Her parents were pretty over-protective, scrutinizing every guy Melissa ever went out with. She told Derby that her parents had liked him. Derby told Melissa a bit about himself, keeping things more or less honest, as he had the previous night with Christy. He told her about Megan, the girl that had broken his heart.

He neglected to tell her about his suicide attempt after the break-up, about his year-long depression, and about his hardened heart.


He was charming, witty, and quietly sexy. He could tell Melissa was warming up fast. After dinner, they walked around the campus. Derby steered her to the ice-cream shop where he had begun his seduction of Christy the night before. He took Melissa to the courtyard where he and Christy had first kissed last night, repeated his brooding, sorrowful act, and even made himself wet-eyed and pitiful again. Hey, it had worked with Christy.

Megan was no different. Sitting there, watching this strong, handsome hunk struggle not to cry about his lost love, Melissa's heart melted. She pulled him to her and hugged him to her bosom. "It's OK, Derby. I'm glad you can talk about it. That must have been so terrible for you. I'm glad you trusted me enough to tell me this," she said. "I don't know why, but I do trust you completely," Derby lied. "I had to tell someone. I feel so safe with you." Their embrace gradually changed from one of comfort to one of affection.

They both knew it. Finally, Derby lifted his head and looked into Melissa's eyes. They looked at each other in silence for a long time. Slowly, they came together. The first kiss was barely a touch.

The second was only a little bit closer, a little bit warmer. By about the twentieth kiss, their tongues had met. Melissa couldn't believe the feelings her body was giving her. Her nipples were hard, and she was aware that she was moist.

She also was aware that her breathing had changed. Without knowing how it happened, she realized that her hand was on Derby's strong, muscular thigh.

"Oh my God," she thought, "when will he touch me?" She didn't have to wait long. His one hand caressed her face, then traced lightly over her breast, and came to rest on her smooth bare thigh, a few inches above her knee. That simple touch made her very wet. They kissed a while longer, holding each other, with Derby spending a lot of time caressing her back and sides.

But only that one time had he touched her breast. Melissa wanted more. She didn't know why, but she wanted more intimacy with this gentle, polite young man.

She had been pawed at enough in the past to expect it from him, but he was reserved. It was obvious he respected her too much to rush her. That made her like him even more. Derby thought Melissa was ready for more, but he was starting to wonder if he would get to fuck her tonight.

From what she had said, she sounded like a "good" girl.


That was fine. He didn't want some whore who would fuck anything that moved. He liked the innocent-seeming ones, because they had more to lose if he screwed them and left them high and dry.

But this one might be a real challenge. Maybe he should dump her and call Christy. He could think up a convincing lie about why he hadn't called her all day. Then he felt Melissa's hand on his leg again. Maybe all was not lost. "I should get you home," Derby said.

"Course registration starts tomorrow. We're going to have a big day." "OK," Melissa said. "But I don't think I'll go until at least 10." Derby decided he was going to make sure he would go at 8 so he could avoid her. They walked hand in hand back to Melissa's dorm. When they got to her room, she said, "Do you want to come in?" "For a little while, sure." She locked the door behind them and turned on the small lamp on her new chest of drawers.

She took off her sandals and sat on the side of the bed. "Come sit with me, Derby." As soon as he sat down next to her, Melissa kissed him again. She was ready to pick up where they had left off, opening her lips to his tongue. The kissing got more passionate. Derby removed her hair clip and combed out her wavy hair with his fingers. It was time to see what he could accomplish.

He placed his one hand on her breast, lightly rubbing it through her clothes. She seemed to like it. Emboldened, he let his hand trail down her side to the hem of her top, and then began to caress the bare skin of her side with a loving touch.

Hearing no protest, he inched his way upward until he could feel her breast through her bra. Melissa's only response was to kiss him deeper. He massaged her breast, feeling her nipple harden through the lacy fabric of the bra. Breaking the kiss, he pulled back far enough to focus on her eyes. Wide-eyed, she nodded her head slightly. Derby began to unbutton her shirt, success with each button being rewarded by a kiss. She helped him pull it off her and watched as he tossed it on the floor.

Then she pulled him to her and gave him the most passionate kiss yet. When they broke that kiss, Derby started kissing his way down her throat. When he reached the strap connecting the two cups of her bra together, he gave her cleavage a slow lick.

Melissa gasped. Derby reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She hesitated a moment, then shrugged it off herself. Her big, beautiful breasts were exposed. She lay back on her pillow, and Derby went with her. He kissed her again, and began to fondle her. Her nipples got harder than ever. "Now we're getting somewhere," Derby thought as he kissed the top of one breast. He took his time, but eventually he got to her nipple. He stopped and looked at her face. Melissa was staring at him, doe eyes open wide.

He smiled at her and lowered his face again. Not breaking eye contact, he stuck out his tongue and flicked her nipple with it. Melissa moaned, and said softly, "Oh my God." Melissa had never had a boy make love to her.

She had had guys play with her tits before, she had even let two different boys finger her, and one night she had jerked a guy off. It didn't take long for the kid to cum all over the back seat of his Dad's car. She wondered how he explained the stains in the morning, but he never called her back, so she never found out. Derby was treating her differently than those high school boys had. Maybe he had more experience than they did. She could tell he had a lot more experience than she did.

He was taking his time and making her feel good. She could hardly wait to find out what he would do next. Derby answered that question for her when he began to suck on her nipple. The sensation went right to her crotch. Melissa had never felt this good before, except when she masturbated. And he hadn't even touched her below the waist. Using his fingers, lips, tongue, and teeth, Derby stimulated her breasts.

His touches were sometimes firm, sometimes almost imperceptible. He soon found that suckling her was the thing that seemed to drive her wild. The fingertips of one hand were on her belly, rubbing lightly, and sometimes straying to her hips. It was time to do more. Placing his hand on her hip, he rolled her on her side toward him. He began to fondle her ass through her skirt. She responded. He let his hand move down the back of her thigh to the hem of her skirt.

She kissed him some more. He moved his hand up under her skirt and resumed fondling her ass through her lacy boy-short panties. Her moaning became louder. He rolled her over onto her back again, his hand still under her skirt. The skirt was loose enough to allow his hand some freedom to move. He moved his hand slowly from the side of her hip to the front, until he has cupping her panty-covered sex in his hand.

The moisture was obvious to both of them. With his middle finger, he pressed lightly on her center. Melissa gasped and raked Derby's back with her nails. He pulled back from their kiss and stared in her eyes again. Again, she nodded her head. In a moment, she was nude. Derby studied her body, exposed before him. She was beautiful.

Milky white skin like only a true redhead can have, a dusting of freckles on her face and the tops of her firm, full breasts, perfectly round areolas surrounding large, erect nipples, a flat belly, trim waist, flaring hips, long legs, and fiery red landing strip above her puffy, juicy lips she looked like a centerfold.

This was uncharted territory for Melissa. She had never been fully nude with a man before. She shuddered, both from nervousness and arousal. "What's wrong, baby?" Derby asked. Melissa blushed yet again, bringing even more color to cheeks that were already pink with her arousal.

"I've never been completely naked with a man. I've never made love before." Derby thought to himself, "Yes! I'm gonna pop her cherry! This might be even more fun than fucking Christy.

And this one is really gonna be hurt when I don't call her again." Aloud to Melissa he said, "Just lie back and enjoy, baby. I'm going to make you feel better than you've ever felt before." He gently spread her legs so he could kneel between them and leaned down to worship her tits with his mouth again.

Soon, his kisses and licks moved lower, across her lower chest, down her belly, and finally to just above her mound. He then began to kiss and lick her thighs. He worked carefully, giving her maximum sensation and him maximum control. Melissa was unconsciously moving her legs further apart with each gentle kiss and each teasing lick.

Soon, her sex was spread wide to Derby's view. She was very wet, very aroused, and pretty much out of control. Using just the tip of his tongue, Derby licked the soft skin between the top of her right thigh and her right pussy lip. Only one, delicate lick, which he then repeated on the left. He moved from side to side, licking, pausing, smiling at her, then changing sides.

Melissa was nearly out of her mind. When Derby finally placed his tongue just behind her opening and slowly licked upward between her lips to just shy of her clit, Melissa squealed her pleasure. He repeated this motion over and over, bathing everything with his tongue, but just missing her clit.

Melissa's need was obvious. Without warning, Derby fastened his lips around her exposed, engorged clit and sucked. At the same time, he inserted a finger into her opening. He massaged her walls and curled his finger to find that ridged little sponge. Yes! There! Megan stuffed her fist in her mouth to muffle her scream. Her hips bucked wildly. After her orgasm, Derby moved back up next to her. She was sobbing, overwhelmed by what he had done to her. He took her hand and placed it on his hardness, rubbing himself through his clothes with her hand.

"Did you like that, baby?" he crooned softly in her ear, licking and nibbling on the lobe. "You. you. oh God. you made me cum," Melissa stammered. "I'm glad," Derby said. That much was true. He felt that she would now be more ready for him to take things to the next level. He lightly kissed her neck and throat again, and then licked both nipples, eliciting new gasps and moans from the quivering girl. Again, he placed her hand on his erection.

As soon as his fingertips touched her labia again, Melissa began struggling to undo Derby's pants. Her movements were awkward, so Derby helped her. Once his erection was free of his clothing, she grasped his penis gently, exploring it with her hand.

"My God, Derby," she breathed. "You're huge." She was comparing him in her mind to the boy with the crusty back seat from high school. She had thought he was big, but compared to him, Derby was a giant. She propped herself up on one elbow to get a look at what was over-filling her hand. Derby pulled off his shirt and removed the rest of his clothing as she stared at his manhood. On her face he could see a look of hunger, amazement, and quite a bit of trepidation.

"Baby, it's not that big. Have you ever seen a penis before?" Yet again, Melissa blushed. "Only one besides the little boys I babysat for. And he didn't look like you." She was stroking him slowly, remembering everything she had heard her girlfriends say about how a guy liked his cock handled.

"And I've never seen a woman as beautiful and sexy as you, baby," Derby sighed, enjoying her touch. They lay there for a few moments, Melissa playing with Derby's cock, and Derby lightly stroking all around Melissa's sex. After a while, Derby began to tease her labia with feathery touches. When he entered her with his middle finer, Melissa tightened her grip on him slightly, increasing the speed of her movements. It was nice, if a little clumsy, but Derby didn't want a handjob. He was going for the good stuff.

He pulled free of her hand and went down on her again. He was more deliberate this time, and Melissa's response was more urgent. When he had her right on the edge, he removed his mouth from her pussy and moved up on top of her, supporting his weight on his knees and one hand. With the other, he grasped his bulging cock and rubbed her genitals with it, smearing their combined fluids over her lips.

He circled her clit with the head of his cock. "I want you, baby," he said. Melissa was torn between her desperate need and her morals.

Could she do this? Could she give her virginity to this man she had only met yesterday? He was being so tender with her, and she already knew she liked him more than any guy she had ever known. He was so incredibly hot, and she had never been this aroused in her life. She was trying to have a debate with herself, but the sensations he was giving her were pushing her closer and closer to the edge, making thought almost impossible. Finally she whispered, "I'm on the pill because I've had trouble with, well, with my um, my cycle.

But I'm a virgin. Promise me you'll be gentle." "I'm going to make you feel really good, baby," Derby said. He played with her clit some more, and then carefully applied pressure to her opening with the head of his cock.

Gradually, he entered her until he felt the barrier of her hymen. Not moving any deeper, he pulled back and then pushed forward again. He began to thrust slowly in and out, angling himself so there was pressure on her clit. He knew she loved it. Finally, he stopped against her barrier and looked into her eyes. For the third time, she nodded. "This will hurt a little," he said. "Are you ready, baby?" "I'm scared, Derby. I want to do this, but I'm scared. Just, please, be gentle.

Just do it." Derby pulled out again so he was barely inside her. Supporting his upper body on his elbows, he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her lovingly. Then he thrust forward, tearing his way inside, but stopping as soon as he felt her hymen give way. Melissa gasped and grimaced, and a single tear flowed down each cheek. Derby kissed them away.

Not moving any deeper inside her, Derby kissed her mouth and face with imitation love for a time, and then looked into her eyes again.

Another nod. Giving her time to stretch, Derby pushed forward, until he was fully inside her. Holy shit, this bitch was tight!

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When he felt his pelvic bone against hers, he kissed her passionately again, and then began to slowly stroke in and out. To ensure that she was enjoying herself, and to up his chances of fucking her again, Derby kept his pace slow and compassionate, suckling on a nipple or inserting his hand between their bodies to rub circles around her clit. Although losing her hymen had not been as painful as Melissa had feared, she was overwhelmed by the fullness she felt with her first full penetration.

But Derby was such a tender, careful lover that feelings of pleasure soon replaced her discomfort. Intense pleasure, pleasure she had never imagined. His mouth making love to her breasts, his hand stimulating her most sensitive area, his entire demonstration of his love for her made her begin to rock and raise her hips to meet his thrusts.

Dear God, if this is what it felt like to make love, she wanted to make love with this amazing young man forever! Derby was very much aware of Melissa's increasing participation. She was rocking faster, pushing harder toward him, drawing him in deeper. Suddenly, she wrapped her legs around his waist. He raised himself a little on his arms so he could look at her face.

A few tiny beads of sweat had appeared on her forehead and on her cheeks just below her amazing green eyes which were wide open, boring into his with a mix of passion and love. Oh, yeah!

He began to fuck her a little harder.

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His strokes became faster and deeper, and she responded in perfect harmony with him. She was clinging to him with all four limbs, willing him to take her places she had never known she could go.

Her breathing was audible now, a sexy mix of gasps and moans that spurred Derby on. She closed her eyes and began to rock her head from side to side in rhythm with their fucking. Melissa had lost all sense of herself, no longer able to tell where her body stopped and his began.

She was moving steadily toward her first orgasm during intercourse, and it was going to be huge. Derby was happy to see it. He loved the feel of it when a girl came all over his cock. He didn't have to wait long. Melissa began to tense up, and she stopped rocking. Derby saw that her eyes were open again, but she was not focusing on anything.

Her nails were digging into his skin as she arched her back. Her already tight pussy clamped down hard on his expanding cock. He pushed into her as hard as he could and held himself there while her muscles began to pulse around him. She was holding her breath. Then her spasms started as her orgasm crashed over her. Her cunt was squeezing and milking him, trying to force his cum into her.

As she finally began to relax, his cock started to twitch and spurt. Feeling his cum blast into her took her right back to the height of her orgasm. As they lay recovering, his weight fully on her and his cock softening inside her, they kissed. The kisses were as intense as any they had shared at first, but became more tender as their excitement waned. Finally, his flaccid cock slipped out of her, and he rolled off to lie on his back next to her.

Melissa rolled on her side and snuggled tightly against Derby's strong, sweaty body. With his fingertips, he lightly stroked her back as she copied his movements with her hand on his muscular chest and abs.

Finally, she broke the silence. "I didn't know," she said. "Didn't know what?" "I didn't know how wonderful that could be. I didn't know I could feel that good." She stopped herself before she could say what she was thinking, "I love you." They lay there cuddling and kissing for awhile.

Finally, Melissa said, "I think I'd better go clean up." She stood up on shaky legs, and grabbed some tissues from her nightstand when she felt their combined juices seep out of her. There was a mix of man and woman cum, tinged with her virgin blood.

Melissa was very embarrassed. "Are you OK, baby?" Derby asked, trying to sound concerned. "I'm just a little messy. And a little sore. And a whole lot tired!" She quickly put on her robe to hide her nakedness.

"Don't cover up, baby. You're too beautiful to cover yourself. Please let me look at you some more," Derby murmured. Melissa felt herself blushing again. She wasn't used to this kind of attention. She wasn't used to being naked with a man, although she was starting to like it a lot. "I'm going to the bathroom to clean up. I'll be back in a minute. I'll bring you a damp washcloth so you can clean up, too." In a few minutes, she was back. She offered Derby a warm, damp washcloth.

He simply pulled the covers down, exposing himself to her. She hesitated, then began to clean him. Just as she was done, Derby reached up and untied her robe. She stood up and looked at him, but made no move to cover herself. "Take that off and come here," Derby said. Melissa let the robe fall from her shoulders and stood before him, naked to his gaze. She could feel his eyes on her flesh, examining her from head to toe. Just his eyes on her made her feel her arousal begin again, and she saw that his cock was no longer completely soft.

She lay down with him, and turned on her side to cuddle him again. They embraced and kissed quietly. She shifted her position to rest her head on his chest, and he stroked her hair.

Soon, she was asleep. Derby himself slept for a while. When he awoke, he found that Melissa had rolled on her side away from him, and that he had moved in to spoon against her. His semi-erect cock was nestled between her thighs. His fingers began to fondle her breasts again. She sighed in her sleep and pushed back tighter against him. He let his hand move from her breasts to her thigh.


Derby felt her stirring. He rolled her onto her back, and began to tease her sex with his fingertips. When she opened her eyes, Derby kissed her again. She felt very warm and alive, and soon realized that the delicious sensations coming from between her legs were the reason. She knew he wanted her again. She wanted him just as much. Derby eased two fingers between her swollen lips and began to finger-fuck her slowly.

When he started to circle her clit with his thumb, Melissa raised her mouth, seeking his. Their tongues touched each other, and she felt the electricity building inside her again.

She found his engorged cock with her hand and began to stroke him. Their tongues were fucking each other's mouths, and his fingers were stirring her pussy to a boil.

Soon, it would be time to make love again. "Please, Derby, I need to feel you inside me again." Derby positioned himself between her shapely, long legs. This time, she used her hand to guide his manhood into her.

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She was sore and tender, but she needed him. With one gradual, deliberate stroke, he entered her, filling her completely. When he felt he had hit bottom, he held himself there. "Are you OK?" "Oh God, honey, make love to me again," Melissa gasped. Derby began to move, and it didn't take long until she was moving with him. This time, he started slowly, but quickly increased his pace.

Never breaking contact with her, he shifted their bodies until he was kneeling with her ass on his thighs. Holding her by her hips, he began to thrust hard. This was new to her. It felt wonderful to have him inside her again, but he was moving at a pace she struggled to match. When he began to play with her clit with his thumb, she started to catch up. Derby marveled at how tight she was as he fucked her.

With each stroke, he felt more of her moisture bathing his cock, allowing him to thrust deeper and faster. He was amazed at how good her cunt felt on him, its hot walls gripping his cock like a wet velvet vice. By now, he was fucking her hard. He wanted to cum inside this redheaded bitch at least one more time tonight. Her sex muscles urged him on. The intensity of Derby's thrusts was almost too much for Melissa's newly de-flowered pussy. It wasn't that it hurt, not quite, but she knew she would be tender in the morning.

She wanted to please him, though, so she tried to let herself go. But he was going too fast.

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She was close, very close, when she felt his cock swell inside her. In a few seconds, she felt him explode. She concentrated on the amazing sensation of his hot cum flooding her, but it wasn't quite enough. She began to thrust against him hard, willing herself to cum. But then, she felt him withdraw. Derby got out of bed and started to get dressed.

"What are you doing?" Melissa asked, trying to hide her disappointment. "Going back to my room to sleep. We both have a busy day tomorrow. You were great, baby, but I'm tired. You should get some rest too." Derby had finished dressing and was at the door. "I'll call you." He was gone. Melissa wondered what she had done wrong. She didn't know if she should cry or not.