Twink tube thumbs Jason and Silas are so insatiable for some prick

Twink tube thumbs Jason and Silas are so insatiable for some prick
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I was lucky enough to have entered puberty early. As a result, I always looked older than my classmates. I was shaving every day in junior high school and had a full bush around my cock before most of my friends had hair one around theirs. One of the things that made me popular was that I could pass for being old enough to buy beer and cigarettes for all my friends. From the first moment those hormones kick in every boy wants to fuck. It is hard-wired into us.

Biology spurs us on to spread our seed far and wide. One side-effect of my premature development was that I could attract older girls. It made my friends jealous when girls from the high school would check me out and talk to me while they were still trying to work up the courage to hold hands with our classmates.

The fact I had three older sisters meant girls held no mystery or awe for me. The first time I realized just how lucky I was occured when I was twelve years old. I was at the mall walking with a couple of my friends when these two girls walked by us. As we did one of the girls and I locked eyes and turned our heads as we passed. We shared a smile just as we lost contact.

On our second circuit of the mall she was alone and my friends dared me to talk with her. "No problem," I assured them. I walked up to her, full of confidence I had no right to have. "Hey." She smiled at me. "Hey," she replied. "I'm Joe." "Barbara. Nice to meet you Joe." She held out her hand, which I took. It was soft and buttery. "You want to go get a Coke?" She nodded. I led the way to a little stand, paid for two sofas and found us a table. "How come I have never seen you around school?" She asked.

It suddenly dawned on me she thought I was in high school like her. Took me a second to decide if I should lie or not. "Which school do you go to? I go to Central." A look of understanding came over her. "I go to North. Can we still be friends?" My cock went from zero to tent pole just from the sly smile she put into that question. We spent about an hour chit chatting. I invented a false identity as we talked, making myself out to be a junior, a golfer (which was true), and a member of the lacrosse team.

I found out she was a cheerleader, senior class secretary and, best of all, did not have a boyfriend. She gave me a kiss on the cheek after giving me her number. The "sister committee" told me to wait a day before calling her so I did not appear desperate.

When I did call her she quickly agreed t meet me for a movie date, again at the mall. I arrived early and bought two tickets. Barbara was right on time and seemed impressed that I already bought tickets. She insisted on buying the popcorn. The lights went down and I met no resistance when I put my arm around her.

She put her head on my shoulder. I made my move as I gently turned her head to face me and ever-so-slightly pressed my lips to hers. It was my first kiss and it was awesome. Before the lights came back up our tongues were battling each other and I was rubbing her breasts through her shirt.

A couple of times her hand "accidentally" brushed against my crotch and there was no way she could not feel my wood. We kissed good night outside and made a date for the next day at her house to go swimming. My sisters were full of questions when I got home. They told me I was doing great and the fact she invited me to her house was a good sign. They were pretty sure I would be getting laid soon. Emotionally I was a rollercoaster, filled with hope one minute and sure I would screw things up the next.

As I was getting ready my oldest sister Jane came up to me and gave me a three-pack of Trojans. She told me they were her boyfriend's favorite brand and wished me luck. I showered and shaved. I combed my hair within an inch of my life. I put on a pair of board shorts and tank top over my speedos.

Lastly I put the condoms in my pocket and was on my way. I didn't even get a chance to knock on her door. Barbara must have been waiting for me. When she let me in my heart stopped at the sight of her.


Barbara's boobs were not huge but on her slender frame they looked bigger. A brown bikini top kept them in line and was just tight enough to where I could see the outline of her areolas and nipples. Her stomach was flat and her legs long and muscular. She giggled when she realized I was staring and did a quick little twirl, giving me a peek at her tight little ass.

"Like what you see, sailor?" A wolf whistle was my only reply. She took my hand and led me out back to the pool area. Her parents were obviously richer than mine. Besides the pool there was a pool house, gazebo, and full-service barbecue island. "Gonna swim in your clothes?" There was that devilish smile again! I kicked off my shoes and pulled my shirt over my head. I was buffed but not cut back then and had only the slightest trace of chest hair.

My hands shook a little bit as I removed my shorts.

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It was Barbara's turn to state. She looked me up and down, obviously approving of what she saw. I wasn't a super jock or anything but I played baseball and football so I was still looking pretty good. "Damn," she said, barely audible.


I may have looked older but I was still only twelve with all the awkwardness that brings. I didn't want her to think I was an animal, but also didn't want her to think I was a wimp. Barbara, God bless her, broke the tension by pushing me in the pool and diving in after me. Once I regaining my bearings we splashed each other and chased each other around the pool. Neither one of us tried too hard to get away from the other. Soon I had her penned into a corner. The first kiss of the day was long and passionate.

The feel of her bare skin against mine was an incredible sensation. After about half an hour she asked me if I wanted a drink. "Sure." Barbara jumped out of the pool and went over to a cooler. She pulled two bottles out and came back over and handed me one. It was to be a day of firsts. The drink she handed me was a beer.

I copied how she twisted the cap off and we clinked bottles and took a swig. I suppressed a cough as my first taste of alcohol trickled down my throat, cold and burning at the same time. "You okay?" "Yeah. Just went down wrong." I got out of the pool and we went over to a double chaise lounge and laid down. It didn't take long before we held each other and kissed each other.

I waited a few minutes before bringing my hand down to her breast and gently palmed it.

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One of the many bits of advice from the sister committee was to be extremely gentle with a girl's boobs, to caress them and not act like I was trying to rip them off her body. BY now I was feeling like my cock was ready to tear out of my tight swimsuit.

Barbara's hand slowly went down to my crotch and she slowly rubbed her fingers over my penis. Someone else's handeven if through cloth, felt so much better than mine! Next I stepped things up and notch and tried to get my hand under her bikini bra. After a couple of inept tries Barbara broke away, smiled at me, and reached around to unclasp it. I was staring at my first barre of naked tits! I instinctively leaned forward and brought my tongue to her nipple.

She let out a soft little moan and I circled it with the tip before taking it into my mouth and sucked. "Oh yes!" She yelped. Her hands rubbed my back and shoulders as I suckled, every so often switching from one to the other. My mind was a whirlwind of excitement and hormones.

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All of a sudden she pulled away and got up, grabbing her bikini top in the process. Had I crossed a line and pissed her off? She motioned me toward the house.

"No need to give the neighbors a show," she said. I grabbed my shorts and shirt and followed her. She took my hand and guided me up the stairs. I enjoyed the view of her swiveling hips and ass in motion as we made our way to her parents' bedroom. She lay back on the king-sized bed and motioned for me to join her. We resumed our kissing and groping with renewed passion and energy.

I slowly worked my hand south until I reached the top of her bikini bottoms. Barbara quickly lifted her ass from the bed and let me slide them off. Her pubic hair was soft and silken and already matted down with her juices. I made a circle over her outer lips and clitoris. Her musk filled the room and tickled my nostrils.

While I began my finger assault on her, Barbara's hand rubbed the hard lump beneath my speedos. I ached for relief, hoping it was only moments away. When she started kneading my balls events went into overdrive. Gone was every bit of advice my sisters gave me, every tip I had learned from reading and watching porn, and every fantasy I ever played out in my mind, anticipating this moment. Some primal part of my brain took over, that single-minded part that thinks only of reproduction.

The next thing I knew I was kneeling over her, cock in hand.


I quickly found the right place moved the head of my penis to her entrance. Without subtlety or style and pushed my hips forward as quickly and strongly as I was capable. Barbara, taken by surprise, let out a yell as I sank every inch of my boycock into her. As nature took its course I pounded into her with everything I had. I let out loud grunts every time our pubic bones met. Once the initial shock left her Barbara put her hands on my ass and tried to pull me into her ever deeper and faster than before.

I pushed myself up a bit, took a breast in each hand, holding on for dear life for the ride. Barbara must have been getting into it as well, as she was pushing her hips up to meet my thrusts.

I would like to say I have a ten-inch cock and I fucked her for an hour and made her orgasm ten times, but I can't. I may have lasted a minute, possibly two. All too soon I felt that painful tingling halfway up my cock. My balls tightened as I pushed myself as deep into her as I could. Spurt after spurt of my sperm shot out into her, my first attempt at seeding a female. After it was done I collapsed on top of her.

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She held me, gently caressing my back as we both tried to catch our breathe. As my cock began to shrivel and slip out of her, it finally dawned on me I had forgot the condom.

I had just filled this girl with what felt like a quart of potent seed. I looked down at her, looking for a sign of what to say. Getting fucked at twelve was great, but the thought of being a father at 13 was not.

"Hey, tiger. Feel better?" "Uh, yeah. How about you?" "It was a little quick. Can I ask you something?" "Sure." "Was that your first time?" I nodded. "Cool! I have never been with a virgin boy before." I smiled weakly.

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"Look, Barbara. I'm.really sorry. I brought them but I forgot.I was so.excited…" "Well, even though I think we would make pretty babies together, it's pretty late in my period so we are probably ok. Go slower next time, ok?" "I'll try." I wanted to confess everything to her, but I didn't. I thought I was in love with her and we would be together always, all that silly gothic-romance stuff boys succumb to early in life.

For that moment, I was happy, healthy, naked, and in bed with a beautiful girl. Life was good!