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High School Lovers Family and friends Michael? Where did you go? Ashley taunted from behind a nearby tree. I snuck up behind her quietly and quickly, scooped her up and hugged her tight. She screamed and then giggled. I kissed my sisters forehead and said, (gotcha.) No fair it was my turn she squeaked. Can we have pizza, Ashley asked? As we walked back to the house from Sanctuary, our little fort in the woods. A little about us, my sister and I are from (Mass-a-two-shits, yes I said that right, the state is a hellhole) and I was eager to leave even at fourteen.

Michael/Me, I am fourteen, I have light orange hair, green eyes, the beginnings of an orangish beard and a muscular build due to all my exercise and sports, football and weight lifting mostly. I still had a small amount of fat, but I was by no means ugly. The girls in school seemed to think I was attractive anyway. Ashley, my only sibling is younger by one year.

My parents called her a "Happy Accident." At 13, she is 5'2, 93 pounds, red hair and green eyes, she perfectly mirrored our Irish heritage and naturally had all the boys in school drooling. This made me both angry and jealous. My sister and I had an unusual relationship.

We were always, much closer than most brothers and sisters, and even at fourteen I would give my life for her without hesitation.

The trust we shared and how she looked up to me could be chalked up to the fact that our parents are always away on business trips. They worked for fortune 500 companies all over the globe, selling products and bringing business opportunities to other companies. They were free-lance, but still only made around one hundred and ten thousand dollars a year, depending on the current company they represented. Don't get me wrong we wanted for nothing, but even I could tell many of the companies were skimping.

Our parents were in Michigan for the next two weeks. while they were gone I was in charge. Mom (Mary) and dad (Sean) a little about them.

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My father: Is a big guy, my sister and I get our Irish heritage from him. He's the pinnacle of Irish men, he's 5'10, weighs 250 pounds, (some of which is muscle), dark orange hair, a red beard, and green eyes.

My mother: Is English and Scottish. So we all have slight accents even though my sis and I are second generation. My mom is a petite woman, at 5'7 and 130 pounds she has dark brown hair and grey eyes. Though she's not Irish she sure acts like an Irish woman, perhaps because she had been around Dad and his family in Ireland since they were little.

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I will call the "parents" by their first names, so as to not confuse readers with all the: "moms and dads." Ireland Mary and Sean grew up together, but Mary's family moved away at 15. To both their sorrow. They kept in touch until a sad fate, on February 21st of 1963 Mary's father was diagnosed with liver cancer and died on March 15th 1963 at the young age of 48, Mary fell into a bad crowd and a dark place.

When Sean found out he tried to contact her. Grandma (Edith) told him that Mary needed him and that she couldn't get through to her. Sean had a job with a local farmer, (a good man, named John, whom we shared family dinner with many times when I was younger) John gave him some money and told him.

John: Don't worry about your folks, I'll tell them, now go get your girl. Sean left the country and took a long boat ride to the U.K. It was summer so Mary wasn't in school. Instead she was at a local park smoking marijuana with a couple of guys.

They'd asked to have sex with her and she declined. High and horny, they attempted to force her. Sean's Irish blood boiled and he blacked out. At the hospital his eyes cleared. The nurse told him, as Mary had told her. Nurse: You beat the three men to the brink and Mary had to stop you, before you killed them. You then ran seven miles with her in your arms to this hospital.

Sean: Is she ok? I have to know. Nurse: She's fine we were able to clear the drugs out of her system for the most part, but the withdrawal will be hell, aside from marijuana we also found other substances. She's sleeping now.

While your waiting can I hear your guy's story? Sean proceeded to tell her about his life and love with and of Mary. Sean stayed by Mary's side for six days, called his mom (Ashlyn) and Dad (Kenley) twice, to their great relief. They were both proud, because he followed his heart and mad because he'd left without telling them.

Two days further, passed and on the eighth day Mary woke up. Sean sighed heavily and began to cry, and to Mary's great relief, she realized Sean was beside her the entire time. Sean: I will never leave you again. I love you more than the world, and I have always! Mary moved back to Ireland with her mom (Edith) until Mary and Sean turned 25, when they moved to America for their current job positions.

Back to the present. Michael: Sis, we had pizza two days ago, why don't we have some Chinese? Her eyes lit up. I set the table, calling the local Chinese restaurant and ordered some chicken fried rice and a plate (or rather box,) of general Tso. We took showers then started a movie, the nightmare before Christmas (my favorite.) The dinner arrived at half past six. I figured, I have a lot of extra money so I gave the guy a decent tip as it had started to rain aggressively and he had to drive in it.

He smiled, thanked me and ran out in the downpour. My sis and I were brought up to respect people that work day jobs and to never take for granted the money we get.

We always helped the needy at the shelter and the homeless gathered in downtown Falmouth. When Ashley turned 15 she'd have to find a job, instead of living off our allowance. Our parents were, by no means poor; however, they wanted us to learn to stand on our own two feet, to work for everything we get, and to never take handouts. I currently worked a part-timed job at a local well known restaurant.

The owner had taken a liking to me. He owns three 4 star restaurants and is one of the best chefs in the state. I started training under him when I turned 15. Of course it was unofficial, so I didn't get paid.

I did however do dishes and cleanup after closing on the weekends and maintenance jobs here and there, for which I was paid. We ate dinner whist watching nightmare before Christmas. By the time we finished both, it was already 8pm. So I did the few dishes and took out the trash from the week. My chores consisted of dishes and Ashley and my bathroom every other day.

Trash every Thursday. In addition to cleaning my room and the kitchen daily. Ashley cleaned the dishes and bathroom every other day and the Livingroom, stairs, and her room daily. Ashley ran up to the bathroom and brushed her teeth, I came in and joined her.

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We butt-bump each other playfully. Michael: I'll see you in the morning sis, I said as I kissed her on the forehead. Ashley: Ok, night. Michael: I love you sis, I yelled from down the hall. Ashley: I Love you too Bro. Ashley had started high school a few months ago. I drove us to school in my Jeep CJ. Class started at 7am, it was currently 6:53, so we hopped out and ran to the doors just as they were being closed. We went to a rather high end public school, but two years ago a kid brought a gun to school and shot himself.

He was a good kid overall, but he'd given his heart and lost it to a rather sweet girl by the name of Anna, a 5ft 7 beauty, blonde hair, blue eyes, and long legs. I was a little mad at him, it was selfish, he never thought of how Anna would feel. Anna soon committed suicide out of guilt, despite the entire school trying to convince her it was not her fault.

Since then security has been very tight. We called the two security guards at the front door, Tom and Jerry, because they were always chasing one another when they'd forgotten something in the security office. They checked our bags and ushered us in. Ms. Beecraft, our social studies and homeroom teacher glared at us as we entered.

She loved us because we were great students, other than our last two days of tardiness. Mark: Hey Michael, what was it this time? Asked my best friend Mark.

Mark and I had been friends since 2nd grade when he moved here from Hawaii. His mother was from Oklahoma and his father was pure Hawaiian. He was a military man stationed in Afghanistan, a Sgt.

Jeremy Baroda. He died in October 2004. His marine unit was ambushed by a group of insurgents.

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He was buried with full honors and a silver star. Mark does his father proud, he is 6 ft. 200 pounds, jet black hair, and tattoos everywhere. He visits his people on a regular basis so Mark still kept his tan up. He also has utmost respect of women, part of his Hawaiian heritage. Michael: My sister was doing her hair, I joked, which earned me a punch to the arm. I Love you too sis. Ms. Beecraft called attendance and accidently called out Anna's name.

I saw a tear run down the face of Adrian, Anna's best friend. He was a gay southern boy and loved by all. I reached in front of me and squeezed his shoulder to comfort him. He gave me a weak smile.

Ms. Beecraft continued, we have a speaker today, he'll be educating you on the dangers of drugs. So all, and yes I do mean all of you must attend, this is mandatory. The entire class sighed. Ms. Beecraft continued with announcements, then just before the bell rang asked to see Ash and I.

I looked at my sister with mock worry, she giggled. The students filed out in a flash. Ms. Beecraft: I need you two to be on time, you're my finest students in all other aspects.

Is something going on? Michael: No, I replied. Yesterday a family friend from Ireland called and didn't remember the time difference, you know the ones that talk until you finally get a word in? Today I simply forgot to set my alarm. She knew I was telling the truth as I never lied.

My sister just nodded in agreement. Ms. Beecraft: Ok, please no more fuckups she said, and then covered her mouth. OMG! She said, I've never slipped. Michael: I was appalled, but I just laughed, no worries, just don't make it a habit. I was no stranger to cursing, when I was with my guy friends, I always did. I, however never cursed when a woman was present. We hurried off to our next class. The remainder of the day was dull, with a capitol D. That is until Ashley ran into my arms just after fifth period.

Michael: What's wrong, sis? Some idiot had turned her down for a date. Normally you might think, so what? There's always another guy.

However my sister has never asked anyone on a date. Michael: Sis you're still too young. I don't want to have to hurt someone because he crossed the line. Ashley: I know, but I want to held and told I'm beautiful. Michael: I hugged my little sister, you are beautiful and any guy would be lucky to be with you.

I tend to forget she's still young despite her maturity. She's in 9th grade, too smart for her own good, I always said. Ashley: Ashley smiled, Are you hitting on me, brother.

Michael: Always, I joked, and smiled, I am simply speaking the truth. His loss, my gain, I figured. Michael: I'm sorry sis. How about I take you somewhere nice? Ashley: She smiled and nodded. Last period was a little more interesting, history is my favorite class. Roman Times, World War II, and the Revolutionary war. We were studying the witch trials presently.

The teacher, however had an odd way of teaching, and I found myself doing my own work, which was fine by me. I stopped Mark in the hallway, following final period and told him I'd have to take a raincheck on our hangout, he was annoyed, but when I told him I was taking my sister out, he lightened up a bit. Mark: Going on a date are we? He joked. Michael: Ha-ha, yea some moron turned her down, so I promised to take her to dinner. Mark: Good, bro.

Have fun, call me later if you want to hang he yelled down the hall. Michael: Will do I shouted back, over the chaos of students hurrying to get to the bus and their respective cars. My family likes meat, like anyone else, but we are huge veggies too. So Ashley decided to eat at Olive Garden (My Favorite, aside from Chinese.) Ash and I walked in, arm in arm. We chatted like crazy smiling a lot and joking around.

Waitress: The waitress was quite pleasant and smiled at us, you two are so cute how long have you been together? Michael: I laughed nervously, this is my little sister. Waitress: Ok, then. She then looked confused and when I did not continue she took our order and stalked away obviously perturbed.

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Probably thinking we were on an actual date. We paid for our food and walked out, I held all doors for her just like a real date. I drove back to the house where we were met by a local cop, apparently the waitress thought that it was a good idea to call child services. I understood and didn't blame her. A woman in a grey dress suit stepped out from a blue parked car, beside the house. The officer nodded at the door, I lead him in for a cup of coffee. I was no moron I knew what was going on.

I kept an eye on my sister through the window though. The woman, who later identified herself as Alice, questioned her as though she were three.

Ashley took it like a champ. She kept asking if I'd hurt her, when finally my sister had had enough…Now before I tell you what happened I should tell you my sister boxes with me on the daily, so she's tough. Now on with the story. Following this final straw, my sister, in all her Irish fury stood up, squared off her shoulders, tucked her fist and connected square with the woman's jaw.

For a thirteen year old girl she sure was tough. The woman staggered back and when she turned around. Ashley: Ashley said, "My brother is an absolute gentlemen, and if you knew him you'd never had asked that. Officer James unsuccessfully suppressed a laugh at this. Ashley stalked inside and I hugged her and walked out. Michael: Our parents are gone for the week, I turned around now and spoke to the officer directly, completely ignoring the case worker.

They'll be back next week. If you'd like, officer I will more than gladly accommodate you for visits on a daily basis. (Not that I had a choice, but I was young, and annoyed.) James: Officer James nodded. I'd be glad to, I'll be over three tomorrow after school. The next few days officer James actually hung out with us until 6.

He was a good man and I decided to add him to the table for dinner the last two days. After the third day he said, James: "those people are morons, thinking you'd ever hurt your sister, I wish I'd cared for my sister as you do." His sister died in a car accident several years back and they were in the middle of a fight. So he never forgave himself.

Michael: You're a good man and she knew it, your sister is smiling looking down on you." James: Thanks Michael he said, I'll have a talk with your parents when they get back, and nip this ridiculous talk in its bud. The next day I got a few looks from other people who seemed to have heard the latest gossip, most people ignored it as I was well known and they didn't believed it.

Though some were concerned. I was grabbed from behind and picked up in a bear hug. Michael: What's up Mark? Mark: Sorry they thought anything less of you man that's a deep insult. Michael: No worries man, the waitress was just worried and I understand. Mom and dad got back and Officer James's family and my family became close friends.

Enjoying Thanksgiving, Halloween, and occasionally Christmas, when we weren't in Ireland with family. My parents were rather proud of me. As the topic of how our two families came to be such good friends; was always a topic of conversation we soon had to revise the tale. Telling people your kid was falsely accused of trying to get with a minor; is not a topic you want to discuss.

Therefore, we decided tell people we met on Christmas vacation in Ireland, which they had joined us on several occasions, so it wasn't necessarily a lie.

Fast forward a year. I cleaned up the basement and carpeted it. Dad taught me a few things about, "around the house, jobs." I bought several pieces of gym equipment. Including dumb bells of varying weights, a bench press, a punching bag, new boxing gloves, and several other items. I also installed a high end stereo system. Dad was pleased when he got back from his latest trip and often used the gym. I worked out for hours daily, Ashley joined me daily, continuing our boxing sessions.

I had convinced my boss to let Ashley help out and soon Ashley had a new job at the restaurant I worked at, she loved it. The customers were polite and respectful. She made the same as me and even helped me out on the weekend evenings. The new school semester started. Mark and I hung out rarely during the summer, so our reunion consisted of bear hugs, and I had gained 12 pounds of muscle, working out vigorously deleted any fat I still had before the summer.

So this bear hug was equal parts painful. Mark: Damn, your buff, man. Did you find a girlfriend? Michael: No, I replied I turned the crappy basement into a gym. Mark: Badass, Speaking of which, remember we still have weight class so we should carb up. Michael: Yea, maybe at lunch we seniors, (Myself, Mark, and Adam, a close friend, whom we didn't hang out with a lot.) can go eat at Pizza by Evan.

Mark: Sounds good man, considering weight class will start shortly after. The bell rang and I hugged my sister and we headed to Mrs. Bailys class, our new homeroom teacher. Mark: Wow! I've never met her, she gorgeous, I elbowed Mark, whose jaw was unhinged. Thanks man, sorry I lost myself there. Mrs. Bailey taught Biology and science both recent favorites.


History fell to third place. I sat next to Mark with my sister just beside him. Homeroom was rather dull as she called attendance and then went over the syllabus for the semester. We stayed in the same class for Science and we started with the first page of the new books, (thank god, unlike other kids, I like school and sitting doing nothing is boring to me.) Following science was math, (math is difficult for me.) Actually my sister helps me with it.

Lunch follows third period and Mark and I headed over to the front desk. Adam, as we discovered had moved, I'd have to find him and kick his ass for not telling us.

As a student council member I was able to sign my sister to hang with us for lunch. The burger Joint (Pizza by Evan, yes I know pizza?

It also has burgers.) Was packed which is rather unusual, I guess some military guys had booked the place, but they were cool with us in the corner. Mark and I ordered a ton of fries (5 orders) and Ash got a chicken Caesar salad. (I LOVE CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD.) Suffice to say I was jealous. Mark and I devoured our meal and I drove us back to school. Weight class was led by a humorously large man (Mr. Kern) considering his profession. We had to start with a mile run then jumped into the weights.

Mr. Kern: Partner up. So of course Mark and I teamed up, out benching everyone. History was next and surprisingly dull. My sister and I hung out for the majority of the class. I had language arts last year since I was always a grade ahead, reading at a 6th grade level at third grade and understood words far ahead of my age; I was allowed to skip the class.


Sixth period was Biology with Mrs. Baily. The class was rather interesting, though we started with a most basic, photosynthesis. The School day ended with a rush of clamoring, bags, books and bodies, as students yet again all trying to get out at the same time. Mark and I hung out for an hour at Pizza by Evan finishing all, but the math, I drove him back to my place and we greeted a bubbly Ashley, who had finished her homework.

Ashley: So you fellas need help with math huh? Michael: You're lucky you're my sister, else my male ego would be offended. Mark laughed beside me and agreed.

Mark: Hey gorgeous, good to see you. Mark half-hugged Ashley. Ashley: You too Mark she said with a smile. We hung out for a bit, finished homework, watched the new Godzilla 2000 movie and then I drove Mark home.

Mark: Thanks bro, see you tomorrow. Michael: Alright, I'll hit you up in an hour. (Mark and I played GTA 5 online. Until about 6 when Ash and I started hanging out before bed.) Mark and I would tag team the cops and other players. I sometimes accidently hit a car in traffic and would imagine it was some idiot who had annoyed me earlier in the day.

The next day I saw my parents off for a gig in England, they figured they'd be back by this Monday. As it was Friday, Ashley and I had the house to ourselves for a day, we always assumed they'd be back early, because one year we were caught having a party. I picked up Mark and told him to invite no more than five people, Ash and I also got five picks.

No rowdy people. School started and went through the day as any normal day, though somehow it seemed slower, the party was lingering in the back of my mind, and it was hard to focus. I am a good kid, but I needed release, as it was a chaotic time. (High school, one big drama, with no end.) Finally the last bell of the day rang, our candidates went home for dinner and to finish homework. At 5 they began to arrive and Ashley, Mark, and I greeted them and took their car keys.

They'd all stay the night. Our house was a three story Victorian, with a basement and no attic, the party stayed on the first floor and if someone needed "happy time" the second floor spare bedrooms were available. The rule was always have a sock on the door and clean up afterwards. Ashley was off limits of course, as she was too young. If someone did try feeling up my sister I may have to go to jail for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

My fists. The party dragged on until late. I was sitting on the stairs watching the party, a bouncer of sorts. Michael: Can you please get Mark, I asked a young blonde. I pointed to him. He was dancing with my sister smiling like an idiot. He waltzed over and took over. Michael: I'll be back in fifteen I have to use the restroom. Mark: K, man, I'll be here.

The blonde girl I spoke with followed me and waited until I exited the bathroom. Michael: I shook my head sorry sweetie I'm not looking for a companion this evening she frowned with a cute pouty face, I held her shoulder, kissed her cheek and walked away, leaving her smiling.

Michael: I'm back, I can relieved you, Mark. Mark: Naw, you go hang out. Michael: Alright bro, are you sure? Mark: Yea I'm danced out. I went and danced with my sister so there was no illusion as to whether I was available.

The party continued until around 12am, when it began to die down, couples retreated to the guest rooms and the living room was left a mess, albeit not as bad as your normal parties. These kids were all very respectful and not the mischievous types.

Nothing stolen or broken. Mark, Ash, and I escorted people to the guest room and cleaned the small mess, I brushed my teeth, and headed to bed. Hugging my sister and kissing her forehead. Michael: Love you, sis Ashley: Love you, too.

Mark: I love you both, too, he said jokingly.