Female anime with big dick on hot sex

Female anime with big dick on hot sex
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2013 Chapter Nineteen: The Sullivans Visit my blog at www.mypenname3000.com. "You got a cute ass," I said, pinching Mary's plump ass as she turned the shower on. "Have I ever told you that?" "All the time," Mary answered, giving me a fond look. "And I never tire of hearing it." My cum was running out of her ass and cunt, white rivulets that ran down her legs and made her look so goddamn fucking sexy. We had just spent the last hour and half making love, in every position we could think of, and I came inside every hole my naughty filly had.

I gave her ass a squeeze, enjoying the feel of the flesh of her cheeks. Mary slapped my hand away. "Didn't you get enough?" she asked with a pleased smile. "Never," I answered, pulling her to me and kissing her on the lips.

"How could I ever tire of you, Mare." "Stop it," Mary protested, half-heartily. Sensing weakness, I kissed her again. "My family will be here soon. We got to get ready, Mark." Steam started to pour from the shower and Mary slipped out of my grasp and into the shower. Warm water splashed on her perfect, naked body, running down her perky, freckled breasts and flat stomach, and matting the fiery heart of pubic hair above the slit of her pussy. She ducked her head under the water, her auburn hair plastering to her body.

I followed her in, pressing up against her back, my hard cock rubbing on her ass and the small of her back, while my hands wrapped around her and found her breasts and her hard nipples. Mary sighed in pleasure. "We don't have time, Mark," she whispered. Her nipples were hard points beneath my fingers.

"You're just so beautiful," I whispered, kissing her neck. "How can I resist your perfect body." Mary turned in my embrace, lust shining in her eyes.

I groaned as she grasped my hard cock, stroking it with her wet hand. Her breasts were pressed against my chest, her nipples hard as rocks. I slid a hand down her wet back and fondled her plump ass. "I thought we had to get ready?" I asked, enjoying her hand stroking my cock. "We do," she whispered, her legs spreading. "My family will be here soon." Her hands were guiding my cock to the hot entrance of her pussy.

I cold feel her lips brushing my cock's head and then hole that led deeper inside her. I thrust forward, slowly, enjoying the feel of her cunt's embrace. "If we need to get ready, I whispered into her ear, "why are you sticking my cock in your delightful pussy?" "Because, I love when you're inside me," Mary gasped, as I bottomed out. "You're so handsome that I just can't resist your seduction. So fuck me! Ride your filly!" Her lips were on me, her tongue in my mouth.

I gripped her hips and her legs wrapped around my waist and her arms around my neck, as I pressed her against the shower wall. Then she broke the kiss, moaning passionately in my ear, holding me tight, as I slowly began to thrust my cock in and out of her sweet pussy. "Tonight, I'm going to make love to both my sisters," Mary whispered into my ear.

"My bitch of an older sister, Shannon, and little Missy. I'm going to eat their pussies and they're gone to eat mine. And then you can fuck them." She gripped my cock harder with her cunt. "Imagine it, the Sullivan girls naked and wet and willing in your bed." I pictured them.

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Shannon, a more mature Mary, her body riper. Missy was Mary younger sister, still in high school, just coming into her beauty. All three, together on the bed. Three red-haired beauty's caressing each other. Who would I have first? The more experienced Shannon, or the youthful and possibly virginal Missy. "Your the best, Mare," I panted.

"So sweet of you to share your sisters." Mary gave a throaty purr. "After you cum in my sister's naughty cunts, I'm going to eat your tasty cum out of their twats." I could picture Mary kneeling before her sister, eating creampie while I took my filly from behind.

Her sister would be writhing in pleasure, begging Mary to eat her nasty cunt harder and better. Begging for Mary to give her an orgasm. And when I shot my load in Mary's tight pussy, the sisters would swap, and Mary's creampie would get eaten. "Yes, Mare!" I panted, my balls tightening, "Yes, oh fuck, I can't wait! Here it comes, Mare. You've been a naughty filly!" I groaned as my cum shot inside her. "Fuck, fuck, cum in me!" she gasped.

"Are you that excited?" "Yeah," I panted, leaning against her. "Don't stop," Mary urged. "I need to cum! Keep fucking, stud!" Our flesh slapped together as I started fucking her again. "Are you excited to eat your sister's cunts?" I whispered in her ear. "Yes, I can't wait," she moaned, fucking her hips back into me.

"I'm going." A knock at the bathroom door interrupted her. "Yes," Mary angrily shouted. The bathroom door opened and someone entered.

"Sorry, Mistress," Thamina, our Arabic slut, apologized. Thamina was one of the three sluts that were going to serve us tonight. Desiree, wife of the previous owner of our house, and Fiona, a waitress from Seattle, were the other two.

"Your sister, Shannon, and her boyfriend have arrived." "Figures," Mary moaned, bucking her hips on me. "She's early. Tell her we're getting ready and will be down soon." "Shall I tell them why you are delayed?" Thamina asked with amusement. "No," Mary gasped. "And be on your best behavior. Tonight, you're just regular maids, not fuck maids." "Of course, Mistress," Thamina murmured.

"You will call me Miss Mary in front of my family, slut," Mary moaned. "Or I'll paddle your ass until its cherry red and you can't sit down for a week!" Mary's cunt gave my cock a squeeze. "Umm, your dusky ass jiggling at every blow, your naughty little cunt getting wetter and wetter!

Umm, yes, fuck me harder, Mark!" I obliged, fucking Mary hard, our groins smacking together wetly in the shower. Her cunt spasmed on my cock as she screamed her orgasm loudly. "My randy stallion! Oh yes! Oh fucking yes!" I kept fucking her harder and harder as she moaned her passion. Her cunt kept rippling on my cock as a second orgasm followed the first, not as strong, but she still bucked and writhed against me. Her cunt was milking my cock, hungry for my cum.

I felt my balls tightening and I groaned into my filly's ear and unloaded into her cunt, three blasts of sticky cum. I was ready first, dressing in a pair of blue jeans and a dark blue pin-striped white-shirt. I was freshly shaved and wearing a musky cologne that Mary had got for me. "Umm, you smell great," Mary had purred, kissing me on the lips. My hands slid down, squeezing her plump ass. She reached behind and pushed my hands off. "No, you go downstairs and entertain our guests." I sighed, adjusted my hard cock in my pants and I left Mary, naked, putting on her makeup in front of the bathroom mirror.

I walked down stairs, hearing voices in the living room. Fiona walked by in a her conservative maid outfit, at least conservative compared to the one she usually wore. She was wearing a classic, french maid's outfit, low cut bodice surrounded by lace, a short skirt with layers of white, frilly petticoats beneath, and fishnet stalkings held up by a garter belt covered her beautiful legs.

Her strawberry-blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail and the small, white maids cap covered her head. In her hands she held a silver platter, three wine glasses and two soda glasses on the tray. "Master," she greeted, the flushed, "I mean, Mr. Mark." "Don't let Mary here you slip up," I warned.

"She's looking to paddle someone." "Thanks for the warning, sir," Fiona smiled and I followed her into the living room where she placed glasses on coasters on the coffee table.

Mary's family and her sisters' boyfriends were all sitting, nervous, in the living room. I knew that feeling well, from my job as a door-to-door vacuum-cleaner salesman. Even after years of doing the job, being in a strange house was always a little uncomfortable. Mary's father stood up, he was a tall man, a little heavy around the middle.

His hair was red, streaked with gray and tied back in a ponytail and a bright, red beard peppered with gray covered his lean face.

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He had green eyes, the same deep shade that Mary had. "Mark?" he asked, with a question, extending his hand. "Yeah," I answered. He had a firm grip. "I'm Mark Glassner and you must be Sean." I noticed a gold wedding band.

"Oh, Mary didn't tell me you remarried." Sean blinked, then looked down at his left hand. "Oh, no. I just." He sighed. "I'm sure Mary told you about her mother." I nodded. Mary had told me all about how her mother had ran off when she was six with a musician. Her mom wanted to have fun, so she abandoned her family to whore around with some indie rock band.

Mary's mom had written a detailed letter to her husband describing all the fun she was having with her boyfriend, and others. She divorced her husband and signed away her custody rights to her children. Mary was still hurt by her mother's abandonment. "Sorry," I said, not sure what else to say to a man who seemed to never have gotten over his whore of wife running out on him.

"It's fine," Sean shrugged. "Anyway, this is my oldest, Shannon." Sean motioned to a fiery red-head in her early twenties. Shannon was taller than Mary, and had her father's lean face. Other than the red-hair, I wouldn't have thought Shannon was Mary's sister at all.

She was dressed in tight blue jeans that showed off her firm ass and a lilac, peasant blouse embroidered with small, dark purple flowers down the V neckline. "I'm so happy to meet you," Shannon exclaimed and threw her arms around my neck and hugged me.

I could feel her breasts pressing against me through her loose blouse. They felt bigger than Mary's. Shannon broke the embrace and looked me up and down.

"You're better dressed than Mike," she said. Mike was the asshole Mary was dating when I met her. He was her high school sweetheart and took advantage of her. Mary feared turning into her mother, of becoming a whore and running off with another man, so she stayed with Mike even after she thought he had cheated on her. One of these days I was going to get around to punishing the guy for how we treated her.

"You better not break her heart, Mark," Shannon warned with a mother's fierceness. "I won't," I told her. Her eyes were a beautiful hazel, flecked with green spots, and bored intensely into me.

"I love her." And then she was all smiles again. "Of course you do." The youngest, Missy, stood excitedly behind her sister. Missy looked like a younger version of Mary, the same, heart-shaped, freckled face, but with blue eyes.

Her hair was lighter, a strawberry-blonde, gathered in two pigtails. She was gangly, still filling out, and looked to be about sixteen. She squealed happily and through her arms around my neck. "Oh my gosh!" Missy exclaimed. "I can't wait for the wedding! I've always wanted a big brother!" Then her lips pressed quickly on my cheek and then she squealed again and jumped back.

"I.well.It's nice to meet you, Missy," I stammered, thrown off by her enthusiasm. Her body had felt so nice pressed up against me, small breasts and lithe frame of a teenager.

My cock was even harder in my pants, knowing I was going to fuck both of these girls tonight. I wanted to do it right now, but I knew Mary wanted a nice, normal dinner with her family, first. "Well, I'm George, Shannon's boyfriend," a man, about my age, said.

He had short, black hair, the kind of haircut you see on a business man. He was dressed nicely, gray slacks, buttoned-down white shirt with a gray vest over the shirt. A gray fedora was perched on his head and I almost laughed. He was trying to look smooth and not quite pulling it off.

I shook his hand. "You have a great house. Mary never said what you do?" I smiled. "Poker," I lied. "I'm a gambler." "Not a bank thief?" George asked. Clearly he's seen news report about me. Well, I was that, with my power it was child's play. "No, that was a misunderstanding. You can ask Mary, she was with me when some of those happened.

Didn't stop the FBI from breaking down my door and scaring us, though." "Of course," Sean said. "My Mary wouldn't be involved with a bank robber." God, it was getting hard to hold a straight face.

Mary didn't even object when I told her about robbing a bank, in fact she got wet and excited and we fucked passionately. The last guest, sipping at a soda and sitting quietly on the couch, was a teenage boy.

He was sixteen, the same age as Missy. He wore a red hoodie and blue jeans, his left ear was pierced and his hair was long and shaved at the sides. I looked questioningly at the youth. "This is Damien," Missy said, excitedly. "We've been dating forever!

Ever since the spring sock hop! He's the best!" Missy started glassy eyed at the youth, puppy love dripping off her body. "Hi," he muttered and shrunk into the couch beneath the stairs of all the adults. Everyone sat down, the adults grabbed their wine glasses and Missy grabbed the other soda. Shannon and George sitting on the couch next to Damien, Sean sat in a recliner, and Missy perched on the couch arm next to Damien, who's eyes glanced at her coltish legs and he held his glass over his crotch.

I wasn't the only one that needed to some relief, I thought with a smile. "So, poker, that must be exciting," Sean said. "I just teach High School English." "Oh, High School can be pretty exciting," I said, remembering all the fun I had today at Rogers High School.

That was a mistake, I really needed to attend to my hard cock. Fiona was standing at the far end of the table. Looking so beautiful, so sexy in her maid outfit.

God, I couldn't wait till after dinner, I need to fuck something. I caught her gaze and motioned her to the hallway where the first floor bathroom was. Thamina walked in. "Is there anything I can get you Ma-Mister Mark?" "No, I'm going to check on our dinner with Desiree. She's an amazing cook. Thamina will get you anything you need." I stood up.

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"Excuse me." "Oh, good, I'm starving," Shannon admitted. "Only had a salad for lunch. Got to watch my figure," she giggled, sipping at her wine. I glanced at her figure, and whatever she was doing, it was working.

"How many staff do you have?" Sean asked, eying Thamina. "It seems a little much." "Oh, we have enough," I answered. "Mary wanted tonight to be special. If you'll excuse me," I said, desperate to get some relief for my cock. I disappeared into the dining room and cut through the kitchen. It smelled delicious and Desiree looked curious at me as I walked by. I exited the kitchen entering into another hallway. This hallway led to the stairs and the first floor bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, Fiona was waiting, a naughty smile on her face. I closed the door and held a finger to my lips and Fiona's smile broadened. I bent her over the sink, flipped up her black maid's skirt and the ruffled petticoats beneath and exposed her freckled ass and the wet slit of her cunt. Her vulva was flushed with desire and her inner lips protruded from the center of her tight slit.

I fished my cock out and sighed in relief as a slid slowly into Fiona's warm embrace. I fucked her slowly, with strong, deep strokes, savoring the delicious feel of her pussy on my cock as I reamed her silken walls.

Fiona clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle a moan. There was something deeply exciting fucking a woman while a group of people chatters on in the next room. It was getting noisier in the living room as the wine loosened their nerves.

The bathroom door opened and a stunned Missy Sullivan looked on. She gaped, not knowing what to do as I fucked Fiona. Then hurt and anger replaced the surprise, her blue eyes staring daggers at me. She drew in a deep breath, about to scream, and I was about to give her a command when Mary was behind her, clapping a hand over her little sister's mouth. "Shhh, Missy, it's me," Mary whispered. "I'm going to let go, so don't scream." Missy nodded her head.

"Your fiancee's is.is.with another woman." Missy's face flushed scarlet and she tried to look away, but her eyes were rooted to where my cock was pumping in and out of Fiona's cunt.

"It's okay, babydoll," Mary whispered and gently nudged Missy into the bathroom and closed the door. "Mark's a real man," Mary continued, whispering in her sister's ear. They were the same height and Mary wrapped her arms around her sister and pressed against her back.

"And a real man takes who he wants when he wants her." "But, but," Missy tried to protest, her thoughts scattered by the situation.

"Go ahead, watch a real man fuck," Mary purred. "Watch a real man take his pleasure from a naughty little slut who's going to get her bottom paddled, latter." Was it fair to paddle Fiona for following my commands when she had no choice. No, but that wasn't going to stop Mary. She just loved paddling asses and would use any flimsy excuse to do it. My strokes were getting harder, I always loved having an audience, and Mary's innocent little sister made quite the inciting audience.

Fiona must have thought so, too, because she screamed into her hand as her cunt rippled on my cock. Or maybe she was excited by the thought of getting spanked by Mary. "He's big," Missy said in awe. "He's bigger than Damien." "Damien's still only sixteen," Mary said, "He may grow a bit more. Imagine that cock in your pussy, Missy. I bet it would feel better than Damien's little cock. I bet you'd have a nice cum! You did say you never came with Damien?" "No," Missy whispered.

"It feels nice, but I never cum." Missy bit her lip and glanced at me. "You don't want me.with him?" "Would you like that?" Mary asked. "I.I love Damien," Missy said. "He loves me and I gave him my virginity. We're going to get married and have a bunch of kids." "Of course you are, babydoll," Mary whispered. "But fucking and love have nothing to do with each other. Mark loves me, yet he's fucking Fiona.

I love Mark, and yet I fucked other people." "Really?" Missy asked, eagerly. "Who?" "Fiona there," Mary answered. "You've been with a woman?" Missy gasped. "Wow!" "He's going to cum, soon" Mary whispered. "See his face, his balls are ready to cum.

When a guy gets that look there's no stopping him." I gritted me teeth, their talk sending me over the edge and I dumped my load into Fiona's cunt. I pulled out and Missy's eyes were glued to my wet cock and then she saw the white sperm leaking from Fiona's pussy.

"That's a real man's work there, Missy," Mary said. "Now, don't go tell anyone about this. It's our little secret, okay." Missy nodded, staring in amazement at Fiona's pussy. Mary opened the door and gave her a little shove then rounded on me, hands on her hips. Even angry, she looked stunning in her black dress. It was tight, clinging to her curves, and low cut to show off her freckled cleaved.

Black stockings covered her shapely legs, held up by a garter belt, the clasps just peaking out from beneath her skirt's hem. "You're supposed to behaving, Mark Glassner," Mary hissed in anger.

"Sorry, Mare," I sheepishly said. "I got horny." Mary rolled her eyes. "When aren't you horny, Mark?" I smiled. "Never," I retorted with a grin. "You're gorgeous, Mare. I love that dress on you." A smile cracked Mary's face. "Well, have you got it out of your system, or do I need to worry about you sneaking out during dinner to stick it up some slut's ass?" "I'll be good," I promised.

Mary smacked Fiona's ass. "Wipe that cum up and get out there and serve." And then Mary grabbed me by the arm and dragged me out of the bathroom. Shannon and Sean were excited to see Mary and Missy had this knowing smirk on her face when Fiona walked out looking a little flustered.

But she didn't say anything. Shannon hugged her sister for a little longer than sisters normally hug, her hands stroking Mary's back a little more sensuous then you'd expect. Mary's wish to have all women desire her was working on her sisters, especially Shannon. Dinner was a delicious, multi-course affair. Starting with a delicious potato soup, homemade of course, followed by an almond-topped salad. The main course was lemon and pepper roasted squab stuffed with a delicious, bread stuffing.

Creamy mashed potatoes were served on the side, covered in a savory gravy. Wine flowed and soon everyone was laughing and having a good time. Sean was a funny guy, it turned out, loving to tell stories about all the stupidly funny things his students had done over the years. Damien came out of his shell when when we discovered we both played Call of Duty. "Ghost is going to be whacked!" Damien exclaimed. "Gonna dominate on Xbox Live!" He was a nice kid once he got over his shyness.

Missy sat next to him, nodding when Damien would say something, but she kept staring at me, that knowing smile on her face and a flush painting her cheeks red. Shannon and her boyfriend George talked with Mary. Shannon had her eyes fixed on Mary's cleavage most of the time and every so often Mary would shiver. Mary leaned over and whispered that her sister was playing footsie with her underneath the table and every so often would get bold enough to rub her foot all the way to Mary's pussy, brushing her hard clit through the fabric of her panties.

George was oblivious to his girlfriends activities beneath the table. The talk turned to my supposed poker career and I made use of all the World Series of Pokers I had ever watched to bluff my way through the conversation. It was important to Mary that I didn't exert any unneeded control on her family. When dessert was served, Mary excused herself to use the restroom and Shannon joined her.

When Mary came back, her hair was a little mused and her lipstick smudged. I pulled her to me and kissed her and she whispered, "Shannon kissed me." George kissed Shannon when she sat down and plates of chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream were brought out by Desiree herself and everyone praised her cooking. Sean insisted she join us and eat some of her cake, along with Fiona and Thamina. "I am stuffed," Shannon said. "That was worth starving myself all day.

But I'm going to have to spend an extra half hour at the gym to burn off that cake." Another bottle of wine was broached, and somehow, to Mary's embarrassment, her dad started talking about her security blanket. "Mr. Fuzzydown, was his name," Sean laughed, "and she carried it everywhere, tucked underneath her arm. When people asked her about it, she would say, 'This is Mr. Fuzzydown, my butler.' She had gotten it in her head that a butler protected people." "I was four, dad," Mary blushed.

"It was some stupid movie I watched as a kid, I think." "She wouldn't even let her mother or I wash it," Sean said and Mary and her sisters fell silent. Sean cleared his throat, "Anyway, its getting late and I should be getting Damien home." "Oh, its too early to go," Mary pouted. "Why don't you have Mark talk to Damien's parents, he'll straighten it out. He's very persuasive. If his poker career ever fails him, he could get into sales and make a killing.

Besides, my sisters and I have some lady business to attend to." "What?" Missy asked, excitedly. Mary just smiled mysteriously at her little sister and turned to head upstairs. Shannon eagerly followed, probably hopping to continue their kiss, and Missy glanced at me, flushed, and then chased after Mary.

After speaking with Damien's parents, us guys retired to the living room. "I have a present for you guys," I said. "Right now, Mary and her sisters are making love and I am about to go and join them." All three started at me as if I was speaking a foreign language. "Not funny, man," George said, some heat to his voice. "It's okay for Mary and I to have sex with them," I calmly told them. "You guy's don't mind. And I'm sure your girlfriends won't mind if you guys get laid tonight, either." The sluts, Desiree, Fiona, and Thamina were lurking for my signal and came out, naked.

Desiree had nut-brown skin and big breasts that swayed as she walked. Fiona's breasts were nice sized, smaller than Desiree, and topped with red nipples. A landing strip of fiery hair led down to her pussy. Thamina still wore her headscarf, her dusky breasts were topped with dark nipples and a V of black hair pointed down to her cunt. "Sean, you're my future father-in-law, so why don't you choose first," I said.

Sean swallowed and glanced at me. "I.I haven't been with a woman since." Since his wife left him. I nodded. "Isn't it time to change that. Choose one and you'll have a night to remember." "God, they're so beautiful," he groaned and chose Fiona. Fiona's blue eyes sparkled with lust and she pushed Sean down into the recliner and draped herself across Sean's lap and started kissing him. Sean sat there rigid, for a moment, and then his arms wrapped around her and he was kissing her back just as passionately.

Damien grabbed Desiree. "Your tits are so big," he moaned. "Like Mrs. Corra my math teacher." He, slowly, reached out and squeezed her big tit. "It's so.soft and yet firm!" he marveled. "Not so hard," Desiree winced. "A women needs to be touched, gently." "Will you show me?" he asked, eagerly.

"How to please a women?" Sean was to lost in making out with Fiona to catch the implication of that statement. From what I gathered in the bathroom, Missy wasn't terribly satisfied with Damien's performance. The boy was eager and Desiree was soon stretched out on the couch talking him through feeling up her breasts. Thamina went to George, shyly. Thamina always got shy around strangers.

Her strict, Muslim upbringing had shamed her from pursuing the desires of her body. George cupped her chin and kissed her gently until she stopped trembling and then he sat her down in the other recliner, spread her dusky thighs and Thamina moaned in appreciation. George, it seemed, didn't need lessons in how to please a woman. "Shh," Fiona hushed my future father-in-law, placing a finger on her lips as her other hand was busy with his pants.

"Let me take care of you." She rose up and I could see Sean's penis poking at the waxed lips of her pussy as she guided him into her hole, then she sank down and groaned as he shot his load prematurely. "Sorry," he gasped. "It's been so long." "You don't need to apologize," Fiona said, rising up on his cock, still hard even after cumming.

"Now that the first one is out of the way, you'll last longer." "Sheesh," Sean muttered. "Wow, I had forgotten how amazing this was!" On the couch, Desiree was teaching Damien how eat a woman's cunt. "Umm, that's good. The clitoris is very sensitive, so be gentle with it. Yes, nice, slow rubs. Don't be afraid to kiss it and suck on it, but watch your.uuhh.your teeth!" she panted, playing with her nipples as Damien eagerly sucked at her pussy.

My cock was hard in my pants and then I realized the flaw in our plan. Mary wanted to make love to both her sisters, alone, at first.

She would text me when she was ready for me to join her. In the meantime, I was supposed to make sure her father and her sisters' boyfriends were distracted. They were. But we only had three sluts stay. I should have had a fourth slut stay so I could have someone to play with. I considered going next door where the other sluts were at, probably having themselves a fun little girly orgy, when I saw Fiona's ass as she rode Sean.

She had a free hole. And Sean would soon be my father-in-law so we were practically family so why not share a whore with him.

I walked over to the chair, my cock bumping into Fiona's ass. "Are you.uhh.going to fuck my ass, Master?" Fiona panted, forgetting how to address me in front of company.

Well, the cat was out of the bag so what did it matter. "Yeah, slut," I told her. "I'm going to ream your sexy ass." I slid into her tight ass, extra tight as Sean's cock filled her cunt. "What." Sean started to protest and Fiona sealed her lips over his, stifling his objections as she fucked us both, rising and wiggling her hips, finding a rhythm to pleasure the two of us. Fiona broke her kiss and started panting, "Oh, fuck, your cock feels so good in my ass, Master. And Mr. Sullivan's feels so good in my pussy!

Thank you, Master!" I started fucking Fiona back, getting into the rhythm and enjoying her sweet ass. Sean was groping her breasts and sucked a red nipple into his mouth. "God, your ass feels amazing, slut!" I growled.

"Hmm, you like my slutty ass, Master!" Fiona cooed. "Are you going to cum in my ass? Are you going to fill my slutty as with your hot cum!" "Fucking slut," I groaned, her talk turning me on.


That tightening sensations was beginning in my balls and I fucked Fiona's ass as hard as I could, shoving her cunt down onto Sean's cock. My future father-in-law was gasping in pleasure as Fiona's cunt slammed down on him over and over. I fucked her harder, three more powerful strokes and then I was flooding her ass with my cum. "Oh man!" Sean moaned. "Oh man! That's feels so good!

It's been so long!" "Mm, pour your cum in my hungry cunt," Fiona purred as I pulled out and sat down on the ottoman.

I watched as Fiona's hips rose and fell, her asshole gaping open and leaking dirty cum. "Oh yes, oh yes, I love cum shooting in my slutty cunt! Yes!" More cum was forced out her ass as Fiona came. And then she slipped off Sean's lap and dutifully cleaned my dirty cock off while Sean panted in the seat, his eyes closed. George was fucking Thamina now, leaning over her as the recliner rocked from the force of their fucking.

Thamina's dusky legs were wrapped around his hips, pulling him hard into her cunt. Her headscarf was half hanging off, exposing her beautiful, black hair.

The colorful fabric spilled across her breasts, a nipple peaking out from beneath a hem. "Sorry," Damien apologized. I looked back to see the teen between Desiree's legs, cum splattering her stomach. "It's okay, most young men are a little trigger happy," Desiree purred as she stroked his cock. "Mmhh, you feel like you're ready to go, again." "Wow, your wetter than Missy was," Damien groaned as Desiree guided her cock into her cunt.

"Oh man, how are you squeezing my cock with your pussy?" "Kegals!" Desiree giggled. "You feel so much better than Missy," Damien groaned.

"You just got to treat Missy right," Desiree murmured, "then she'll be a randy bitch for you. Besides, Master's going to show Missy how to treat a man. You won't be disappointed." "I won't?" Damien asked.

"How can she compare to you, Desiree?" "Oh, that's sweet," Desiree purred and kissed him, wrapping her legs around his pumping hips. "I'm serious, I think I love you," Damien panted. "No you don't," Desiree said, stroking his face. "You just love how my pussy's making your cock feel right now.

That's lust, not love. Love is more pure, it's about just wanting to be with them. Enjoying their company. Helping them out. And missing them when they're gone.

Its about trust and intimacy." "I thought I had that with Tiffany," Sean suddenly said, rubbing his face. "God, I still miss her." "Tiffany, that's Mary's mom?" I asked. Fiona's cock cleaning had turned into a very pleasant blowjob, her mouth bobbing up and down on my cock. "Yeah," Sean sighed. "I don't know what went wrong. I thought everything was just fine.

I mean, we fought, but it was nothing serious. I really thought she loved me and then.then she just changed. It was like she became a different person. Wild and lusty." "Sorry," I said, feeling uncomfortable. "I don't know what I'd do without Mary." "It's like a part of me was ripped away," Sean sighed.

"Every day it hurts. Thirteen damn long years and I still love her." He grabbed his wine and downed it. "Fuck, I must be drunk." I pushed Fiona off my cock and she took the hint and slid onto Sean's lap and held him to her breast and he started crying.

George and Damien were too lost in their fuckings to notice. Then, Fiona stood up, and led Sean to her bed. Sean trailed after her like a lost boy, head hanging down, just stumbling behind her.

I felt very uncomfortable. Around me Damien was furiously pumping atop of Desiree while sucking at her bit tits, and George was giving it to Thamina hard, their groins slapping together with loud slaps and Thamina was moaning in pleasure.

A burning hatred for Mary's mother filled my heart. Sean was great guy, and Mary and her sisters were great gals, and she just left them from some fucking musicians. If I ever got my hands on Tiffany I would leave her howling for all the pain she caused. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I sneezed as I got out of the cab.

The cab reeked of body odor and some disgusting aftershave. The cabbie, a black Haitian that barely spoke any English, spent the entire drive over to the Pirate's Rum Bar and Grill jabbering away in Haitian creole on his bluetooth.

I was glad to get out of the cab. It was late, after midnight, later than I wanted to be out. I may look eighteen, but inside I felt like my forty-four year old self. We were only here this late because the bouncer that lets in underage girls doesn't start until midnight. The bar was a dive but a lot of young people were hanging outside. The rumors of its no card policy after midnight had gotten around and all the young party goers were arriving.

The place looked pretty disgusting on the outside and hoped it wasn't as bad on the inside. I spent too much time in dive bars when I was enslaved by Kurt Bronson, thirteen years ago. Back when I was Tiffany Sullivan, happy wife and mother.

I closed my eyes, fighting off the tears as I thought of Sean. It still hurt to think of Sean and my daughters and all that was stolen from me, but I forced it down. I was on a mission from God. I needed to fuck Antsy, a girl that wasn't even slightly bi-curious. I already had her half convinced to do a threesome with me and a guy we picked up at a bar. It was the reason we were here. I needed to get Antsy in bed so I could perform the Prayer of Avvah on her and make her a trap for her brother, the Warlock Mark, to fall into.

Antsy got out on the other side of the cab, dressed in a her tightest pants, low-hipped ass hugging jeans that had sparkling hearts on the back pockets, drawing the eye to her youthful curves.

Her top was a loose thing, tied around the back of the neck and lower back, the colorful cloth cupped her breasts and swayed and jiggled as she walked. Around her belly was a gold chain that drew her eyes to her exposed stomach. Her jeans were so low cut, her red thong was clearly visible wrapping around her hips and disappearing down the front and back of her pants.

The mom in me disapproved of her wearing such slutty clothing, the woman in me just thought how fucking hot she looked and how much I wanted to be those jeans. "This is so exciting," Antsy giggled. The girl had come to Miami to party and already had a one night stand last night and was excited to have another. "Yeah," I lied. I didn't feel excited inside.

I felt homesick, but I was Sister Theodora Mariam, and I had my mission from God, and come hell or high water, I was going to fuck pretty little Antsy tonight one way or the other. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Oh, its too early to go," I pouted. "Why don't you have Mark talk to Damien's parents, he'll straighten it out. He's very persuasive. If his.poker.career ever fails him, he could get into sales and make a killing.

Besides, my sisters and I have some lady business to attend to." "What?" Missy asked me, excitedly. I just gave her my most enigmatic smile at walked upstairs.

I glanced behind me to see Shannon eagerly following. Shannon had fallen under my powers quiet quickly, from that long hug she gave me, to playing footsie under the table, culminating in us making out for a minute in front of the bathroom.

Normally my sister was a complete bitch to me, but my powers gotten her to be quiet friendly. When I reached the top of stairs, I could hear Missy's excited steps as she raced up the stairs. "Wait up!" she called. Shannon looked disappointed.

She clearly wanted to continue that kiss in private. I had made a wish with the Devil for all women to desire me. It had different effects on different women, some became quite bold and other just friendly. But any woman would yield to my advances, even my sisters. Or that whore of a mother if she ever showed back up. Of course, what I would to to her wouldn't be that pleasant.

I dismissed that thought, I had two sexy sisters to play with and opened the door to my bedroom I shared with Mark. The sluts had made the bed up while we were in the shower, putting on clean sheets. Mark and I had a pleasant afternoon, first we had fucked a pair of virgin teenagers, and then we spent a few, pleasant hours making love.

I think Mark was a little jealous of how much time I would spend with my friend April when we would meet for our trysts at the Blue Spruce. I was more than happy to prove to Mark that I could spend just as much time making love with him. But now, I wanted to make love with my sisters. They were both beautiful. Shannon with her flaming red hair, not the drab auburn I got, and those breasts. My were nice a perky, but so were Shannon's and they were bigger.

Mike, my ex, would always stare at them, making me so jealous. Missy was beautiful, as well, skinny and lithe and full of youthful energy.

And her hair was a gorgeous, strawberry-blonde. Shannon didn't resist when I pulled her in for a kiss, just melted against my body. I could feel her breasts pressing against my own tits. Shannon's tongue slid into my mouth, wrestling with my own. Her hands roamed my back, sliding down my bare back, to the silky fabric of my dress and then down to cup my ass beneath my short skirt.

I returned the favor, squeezing her ass through her skinny jeans. It was firm and perky. "Oh my gosh!" Missy gasped. "What are you two doing?" I broke the kiss and reached out, grabbing Missy by the shoulder and pulling her to me.

"Just expressing how much we love each other." "But.but," she started to protest, but I silenced her with a kiss. Missy was frozen, her lips sealed in shock, but then desire overwhelmed her and her lips parted, allowing my tongue inside her mouth. She wore watermelon lip gloss and tasted of chocolate cake. Her slim body pressed against me and I slid a hand up her side to cup her budding breasts beneath the white bodice of her yellow dress.

The dress was held up by thin, shoulder straps, and I slid one off her right shoulder and then off her left shoulder. I broke the kiss and Missy stood stunned, licking her lips and her eyes wide. I tugged at her dress and it slid off her body. She wore a strapless, gray bra beneath her dress and a matching pair of gray, silk panties with a pink bow.

"Isn't she beautiful?" I whispered and Shannon hugged me from behind and whispered into my ear, "Yes." Then her tongue was licking my lobe and I shivered in pleasure. I could feel naked skin pressing against my back and hard nipples.

I was too busy kissing Missy to notice when Shannon had removed her lilac top and bra. Missy trembled before me, and I whispered, "Shh, it's alright babydoll. I'm going to make you feel so good." "Okay, Mary," Missy breathed and jumped as I reached out and fingered her bra cup, slipping a finger underneath the cup to feel her supple flesh beneath. I was delighted to find the bra clasped in the front and deftly undid it, her bra sliding off her arms and shoulder to lie on the floor.

Missy instinctively moved her hands to hide her budding breasts topped with dusky nipples. She was as freckled as mine were, and her nipples were the same dark shade, although they looked slightly bigger than mine.

I grabbed her hands and pushed them back down to her sides. Her nipples were hard with desire and her breasts rose as she her breath quickened. Missy licked her lips, staring wide eyed as Shannon kissed the nape of my neck. "Don't you want to see our baby sisters pussy?" I asked over my shoulder. "Ohh, I would love to," Shannon purred. "C'mon babydoll, lets see how cute it is. I haven't seen you naked since you were four and you said big girls bathe themselves." Missy shook her head.

"I'm too embarrassed." "You let Damien see your pretty little pussy," Shannon cooed. "And stick his little cock in it. So don't be shy. It's just us girls, now." Missy just flushed and looked down. "Maybe if you saw your sisters pussy that would make you feel better," Shannon said.

Missy nodded and Shannon pulled the zipper down the back of my dress and what was so tight suddenly loosened and started slipping off my shoulders. I wiggled my shoulders and the dress slid down my body and landed in a pile at my feat. I was naked underneath, save a black garter belt holding my black stockings up.

"Wow," Missy said in amazement. "You're not wearing any underwear." "What a naughty girl," purred Shannon and she squeezed my plump ass with one hand. "And you shaved, all except that cute little heart," Missy whispered. "I showed you mine, baby sister," I said, "Let's see yours." "Fine, but don't laugh," she warned.

She hooked her hands in her silk panties and pulled them down. Her pussy was adorned with sparse, red hair. "I'm a late bloomer, apparently. I just started growing hair six month's ago." "It's so beautiful," I whispered and reached out, sliding a hand down her pubic bone, through her fine hair, and down to her little pearl.

I let my finger lightly graze her clit and she shuddered in pleasure, then I slid my finger between her legs, down her wet slid. "Wow, that feels good," Missy gasped. "Damien's always so rough, but this, wow." "I bet Damien is getting a lesson in how to please a woman properly," Mary answered. "What?" Missy asked, confused. "You don't mean." "Hmm, our maids should be servicing your boyfriends and dad," I told her.

"What?" Shannon demanded. "George better not be getting serviced." I turned, my naked nipple grazing Shannon's naked breast. "You're one to get jealous, fooling around with your sister," I pointed out. Shannon spluttered, "Th-this is different!" "Is it, sweet sister?" I asked, reaching out and unbuckling the belt that encircled her waist, undoing the button of her jeans.

"Do you want me to stop. Do you want to go downstairs and stop George from getting the same pleasure you're about to experience." Her fly rasped down and my hand slipped into her panties. Shannon's pussy was shaved and wet and my finger slipped insider her.

"No," she gasped as I fingered her. "I guess, fair is fair." Then she kissed me on the lips, her hand gently caressing my breast, rolling my sensitive nipple between gentle fingers. I felt a soft hand at my butt and Missy was pressing up against me, her sparse pubic hair tickling my hip as her hand fondled my butt.

Her hard nipples brushed my back and arm and her lips were wet fire as she kissed my neck. "Fair is fair," Missy whispered. I shuddered when Missy's lips touched my hard nipple, sucking it into her mouth as Shannon played with the other.

Missy sucked and licked, playing with the hard nub in her mouth. Shannon's thigh slipped between my legs and my pussy left smears of juices as I writhed on her.


Then Missy released my nipple and yanked down Shannon's jeans. "You're the only one not naked," she giggled. "Fair is fair!" And then Missy yanked off Shannon's red, flimsy underwear then gasped, holding up the torn panties. "Sorry," Missy said, weekly. "Ohh, I'm going to get you," Shannon fumed and lunged at Missy, who leaped back, hit the bed and fell backwards onto the mattress.

Shannon was on her and Missy giggled beneath her tickle assault. Mark had to tried to tickle me once and lost. Little did he know the tough opponents I had faced. Shannon, who sometimes seemed impervious to tickling, and Missy with her deft little fingers that could make even Shannon squirm. My pussy wept juices as I watched my sisters rolling on the bed, their naked bodies flushed with exertion.

Missy somehow got on top and was pressing her advantage, her fingers deftly tickling Shannon's side. Shannon seemed on the verge of yielding beneath Missy's assault, but it was a feint and Missy rolled off of her, howling in laughter, her face turning strawberry red.

"You.win!" Missy gasped. "I'm.sorry!" "No you're not," Shannon said, continuing to tickle her. "But you're going." Shannon's words were cut out as Missy sat up and through her arms around her neck and kissed her. Shannon's attack was stopped dead in her tracks as she melted against Missy. God, it was erotic watching my sisters make out, writhing naked upon each other. I slid my hand down to my wet cunt and started to slowly rub my flushed pussy.

I caught glimpses of Shannon's pussy, lips protruding and swollen with desire, and Missy's tight, girlish slit surrounded by wispy red hair. I reached out and pinched Shannon's toned ass.

I need to work out more, I thought as felt how taut her ass is. My ass was a little too plump, although Mark did seem to love it. But Shannon's ass was amazing. An hour at the gym a day, Shannon said, two hours on Saturday so she could be lazy on Sundays.

Shannon ignored her pinch and kept making out with Missy. So I goosed her harder. "Ouch!" Shannon gasped, rubbing her ass. "Bitch!" "You guys seemed to forget about your other sister," I purred.

"Lie back and let me finger you both to wicked orgasms." I need your cunt juices for a spell, I wanted to say. But, it wouldn't do to bring that up.

Missy laid out to my right and Shannon to my left. I knelt between them and bent down kissing first Missy's dusky nipples and then Shannon's. To my surprise, Shannon's nipples were smaller than my own, but just as hard and Shannon moaned in appreciation as I sucked her tit.

Then I slid my hand down both their stomachs and rubbed both their cunt's together. I wanted to tease them, tracing their sexes with my fingers, playing with their pussy lips, and occasionally brushing their hard clits with my finger, almost by accident, and delighting as they shuddered. Their hair fanned out on the bed, Missy's strawberry-blonde merging into Shannon's fiery red.

"Please," Shannon begged, first, "Please, I need more!" "What do you need?" I asked, coyly. "Your finger in my cunt!" Shannon panted, writhing her hips as I slowly stroked her pussy. "And what about you, babydoll?" "Please, Mary," she whispered. "I need to.to." "Cum?" I asked and she nodded. "Say it!" I hissed. "Let me hear you beg, babydoll!" "Please stick your finger in my pussy," Missy sighed. "I need to.to cum. I need to cum so badly! I feel like I'm going to explode inside." Both my sisters moaned together as I inserted a single finger inside them.

Missy was tighter, of course, and Shannon wetter. So much fluid was leaking out of my older sisters cunt that a stain was forming on the bedspread below her ass. I slowly fucked the one finger into their pussies, then I slipped a second finger in.

And a third into Shannon. Missy was so tight, I didn't want to wear her little pussy out. Let Mark's cock do that. Missy came first, when my thumb started rubbing her clit in concentric circles. She bucked on the bed and clapped a hand over her head to scream her orgasm into her hand.

Just like she would when I shared a room with her last year. Missy would start masturbating the moment she thought I was asleep and clap her hand over her mouth to muffle her groans. It didn't work half as well as she thought it did. I was always too embarrassed to talk to her about it, though. I, at least, had the decency to masturbate in the shower or when she wasn't home. I brought up my dripping hand up to my eyes and smeared the fluid on my right eye and muttered, "Mowdah." I felt energy rush into me through my eye as I completed the spell.

I would be able to recognize a nun, now, thanks to the spell. Then I licked my fingers, tasting the fresh, spicy flavor of Missy's cunt. I fucked my three fingers faster in Shannon's cunt as Missy panted, and rubbed harder, faster at Shannon's clit. My fingers made a wet, squelching noise as I fucked them in and out of Shannon's cunt. With my other hand, I found Shannon's anus and slipped a finger in lubed with Missy's cunt juices.

"Oh wow!" Shannon gasped. "I've never.ohh.in the ass before." "Umm, Mark will love to hear that," I purred, fucking her cunt and ass with my fingers and rubbing her clit hard. "Are you going to cum for?" "Yeah!" Missy giggled, rolling on her side and reaching out to play with Shannon's tit, pinching her dusky nipple between her fingers. "Cum, cum, cum!" Missy chanted, over and over, starting out quiet, almost a whisper, and getting louder and louder. "Cum, cum, CUM!" Shannon bucked, her orgasm seemed triggered by Missy's chant.

Fluid gushed out of her cunt, splashing my hand and soaking the bed spread. My fingers dripping in watery, girl-cum, I wiped her juices across my left eye.

"Mowdah." I muttered and felt the same energy rush into my left eye. Shannon gasped for breath and Missy stared shocked at her pussy. "Did you just piss yourself?" Missy asked.

"No, no," Shannon panted. "Sometimes I squirt, when I'm really excited. It's just pussy juices." I stared at my sisters and noticed something, a faint silver outline surrounding both of them. I concentrated for a second and silver nimbus surrounded my sister. I blinked in surprise. Were they nuns? Fear hammered my heart for a brief second. No, they were my sisters. Then what was I seeing?

I wanted to ask Lilith, but I didn't trust her around my sisters. Or myself around her, to be honest. I touched my Shannon's leg and saw threads shoot out in all directions from her. A thick, silver thread connected Shannon to Missy, another thick silver thread led off into the house. A thick red thread seemed to fly at me and a thick, golden thread led off somewhere far away, to the south-east. Other threads, thinner than those four, led off.

I tried to touch one, but my hand went right through it. When I touched Missy, the same thing happened, similar threads connected Missy to Shannon and to me. She had that same, golden thread that Shannon had, disappearing off towards the south-east. Missy grabbed my hand and pulled me to her and I lost my concentration, the nimbus shrinking to back to the faint outline about her. "You made us cum," Missy said and kissed me.

"So were going to make you cum," Shannon said, sliding down my body. "I've never eaten a pussy before, but I kinda always wanted to." Missy's tongue was in my mouth as Shannon parted my thighs. I came the moment Shannon's tongue swiped across my slit. Shannon's tongue dug into my pussy, drinking my fluids and Missy mouth felt wonderful as she played with my turgid nipple. I was breathing hard, a second orgasm following on the heels of the first and I writhed on the bed as passion overcame me.

Missy and Shannon kissed me everywhere. One would suck at my tits while the other ate my pussy, and then they would switch, kissing across my body. Missy was an eager cuntlapper, and I had my third orgasm as she wiggled her tongue in my cunt, bathing my teenage sister's face with another flood of sticky fluids. Then Shannon straddled my face, her wet pussy tasted sweet and tangy as I eagerly ate her. Missy was nursing my clit and sliding two fingers in and out of my pussy with slow, steady rhythm.

I devoured Shannon's pussy and drowned on her copious fluids. She had the thinnest pussy juices I ever tasted, and she drenched my face as I ate her. I could feel her fragrant juices running in rivulets down my cheeks, pooling in my ears, wetting my hair. More ran down my chin and onto my neck and between my breasts. Missy straddled my face and Shannon went down on my cunt, sucking on my pussy lips as Missy's tight slit descended to my eager tongue. I devoured her innocent cunt, reveling in the fresh, spicy flavor of her womanhood.

Her clit was small, and Missy shuddered atop me as I sucked it into my hungry lips. After we both came, we cuddled together, all three of us smeared with pussy juices and delighting in the pleasure we gave each other. I reached for my phone, "We're ready for you, stud! *-)," I texted. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The inside of the Pirate's Rum was surprisingly clean. Dubstep pounded through the bar and I was dancing with Antsy and a beefy guy named Travis. He was a bodybuilder, his tanned forearms as thick as my thighs.

Antsy and I were grinding on his hips to the music. My panties rubbed deliciously on my wet cunt as I writhed on his hip. "Do you want to get out of here?" I asked him. "Come back to our hotel room?" "Both of you?" Travis asked. His hand was squeezing my ass, his other hand fondling Antsy tight butt.

"Yeah," Antsy giggled. Her face was flushed from all the drinks I'd been giving her all night and she was ready to get good and fucked. "Hell yeah!" Travis exclaimed, a big old shit-eating grin on his face. Travis got us out of the club and into a cab faster than I thought possible.

He was eager to get us back to our motel before we sobered up and he lost his chance at a threesome. Travis sat between us on the cab ride, making out with first Antsy, then me, then back to Antsy.

His hands roamed all over our body and the cab driver got quite a show when the tie holding Antsy's top on somehow came undone and her beautiful, perky tits spilled out. And then Antsy was on Travis. Her jeans rolled down to her knees as she sat on Travis lap, his cock sinking into her cunt. Her back was to Travis and he grabbed her and had no problem lifting the girl up and down on his cock, her juicy tits bouncing about as she fucked him.

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I sucked a nipple into my mouth, hungrily nursed at Antsy's tit. Antsy was too drunk, too overcome with lust, to care that a woman was sucking at her tit.

We reached the hotel room before Travis could cum, and Antsy pulled up her pants and raced to the motel room, her tits exposed and bouncing as she ran. Travis followed, leaving me to pay for the cab, a Cuban who leered at me and barked something rapidly in Spanish, pointing at his cock. I snorted, and walked to my motel room. Travis and Antsy wasted no time, he was on top of her, fucking her cunt hard and fast. Antsy's jeans were stuck on her right foot all bunched up.

I pulled off my dress and panties and crawled next to them. Antsy was panting like a slut as he fucked her and I kissed her on the lips. She resisted for a moment, and then she gave in, kissing me back. Travis grunted, "Tight pussy, oh fuck that's a tight pussy!" His balls were slapping loudly into her ass as he fucked her good and hard. Then his back arced, his ass tensed, and then he was shooting his load into Antsy cunt.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "We're ready for you, stud! *-)," my phone read. "Well, have a good night," I told Damien and George. Damien was lying atop Desiree after cumming in her twice.

George was getting his cock sucked by Thamina. Her cunt was messy with both of our cums. "I'm going to go fuck your girlfriends." I went upstairs and entered my bedroom.

".George is going to propose," Shannon was saying when I entered the room. It was a beautiful sight I beheld when I entered the bedroom. Mary lay in the middle of the bed, Shannon on her left and Missy on her right. All three were beautiful, and all three were flushed with desire. Who to fuck first. Big-titted Shannon or sweet, innocent Missy. I pondered that as I stripped off my clothes. Defiling innocents won out over big tits and I sat down next to Missy.

"You're going to let me fuck you," I told her and she nodded, biting her lip in the same cute way Mary did. Mary laughed. "Told you," Mary nudged Shannon. "Men are pigs," Shannon sighed. She was sitting up on her side, resting on her elbow.

"You just lost me twenty bucks, Mark." "Did you expect me to let my fiancee lose?" I asked with a smile, stretching out in the bed next to Missy and running a hand across her belly. Missy giggled, nervous. Shannon gave mock surprise. "You conspired against me!" She pretend to swoon, hand on her forehead, and fell back to the bed. "My own sister played me false." Mary flashed me a grin and turned to face Shannon.

"Well, there are other ways you can pay," Mary said, seductively and then bent down to kiss her older sister on the lips. "It was all a trick to seduce me?" Shannon overacted. "I guess I have no choice but to submit to your vile lusts!" "So vile!" Mary cackled, kiss down Shannon's stomach, going lower and lower, her body twisting about. Then she moved her legs, straddling Shannon's face as Mary dived into her older sister's pussy.

I watched the sisters sixty-nine, moaning in pleasure as they tongued each other's cunts. I sucked one of Missy's nipples into my mouth while my hand gently groped her other, budding breast.

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Her nipples were a little large than Mary's and just as sensitive. Missy cooed in delight as I played with the hard nub with my tongue. I kissed over to her other breast, nibbling on her nipple, gently, as my hand slide down her taut stomach and into the sparse patch of downy hair between her legs and the wet hole they guarded.

Missy's hips rose from the bed as my finger strummed her clit. Then a low gasped escaped her lips as I traced her pussy lips lower until I found the hungry hole between her legs and slipped a finger into her tight cunt. I couldn't wait to get my cock in her tight little hole.

I finger fucked her and watched my fiancee and her sister pleasure each other, rubbing Missy's hard nipple against my cheek.

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Shannon had her arms wrapped around Mary's butt, her finger teasing her asshole. "Slip it in," I told Shannon, "she'll love it." Mary gasped and purred as Shannon slipped her finger past Mary's tight rosebud and started fingering her bowels. "Umm, I love it up the ass.

Thanks, hun!" "I'll always look out for my filly," I told her. "I love you." "Aww," she sighed. "Even with your finger up my little sister's cunt?" "Even with my dick up her cunt," I answered, mounting Missy. Missy's legs spread willingly for me, her face painted with excitement and nervousness.

Her eyes were glued to my hard cock. I knew I was bigger than Damien, but he was only sixteen, and may still grow a bit bigger. I placed the cock at the entrance of her cunt and slowly slid forward. "Oh, wow!" Missy moaned. "Hmm, that's big." Her cunt gave way to my cock, gripping it in velvety tightness, and I kept sliding in until I was all the way in her. "Your cunt feels nice," I told her as I slowly fucked. "Tight and silky." Missy moaned beneath me.

"This feels nicer than with Damien," she whispered. "I bet he just stuck it in you," I told her. "Didn't get you ready?" "No," Missy admitted.

"We really didn't know what we were doing." "Well, don't fret, Desiree is showing him all the way to please a woman," I told her.

Her cunt tightened and a flash of jealousy crossed her face. "The big-titted slut?" she gasped. "He always drools over big tits." "He's young, he hasn't learned to appreciate all the different shapes and sizes breasts come in," I told her. "And yours our quite lovely." "But what if he.likes Desiree more than me?" she suddenly asked.

God, she was ruining the mood with her blathering about her boyfriend. "Do you love him?" I asked her, whispering in her ear. My balls were slapping against her ass as I picked up the speed of our fucking. "Yes," she answered. "I want to marry him and have his babies and live together in a big house." "I can make it so he loves you forever and never leaves you." "Really!" she gasped.

Her hips were starting to move beneath me and the pitch of her voice was growing higher as the pleasure of our fucking was coursing through her body. "Yes, I would love that!" "Missy, you love Damien with all your heart forever and ever," I whispered. "Oh, yes, I do," she moaned. "My sweet Damien!" Her cunt was spasming on my cock. "Yes, yes, my Damien!" I fucked her harder, enjoying her tight cunt milking my cock as she came.

Her lips were kissing at my neck, her hips grinding her clit into my pubic bone, striving to reach another sweet orgasm. I grasped a small breast, and squeezed her nipple as I grunted on top of her. Besides me, Mary was moaning her passion into Shannon's cunt. The bed rocked from the force of my strokes. I was getting so close to my orgasm. "Here it comes!" I groaned, three more hard slams into her cunt.

Her pussy was spasming on my cock again as I bruised her clit with my strokes. And then I exploded into her tight cunt, spilling my seeded into her womb.

Christ, I hoped she was on the pill. I'm not sure how Mary would take me knocking up her baby sister. "Wow," Missy moaned as I rested on top of her. "I.came twice." "Damien's going to make you cum, next time you're with him," I told her. "He was quite the eager student." "He'd better," she giggled, "else I'll be quite mad at him for cheating on me." "What about you cheating on him?" I asked. Missy glanced at her sisters as they pleasured each other.

"Well, we're all going to be family. So maybe it isn't cheating, just a new way to express love for each other." "They're really going at it." "Yeah," Missy answered. Shannon and Mary were devouring each other's cunts like they were dieing of starvation. My cock was hardening again inside Missy's youthful cunt.

"Are you getting hard?" Missy asked. "Hmm, I am," I said. "Want to try a different position." Missy giggled. "Okay." I hugged her and rolled onto my back, lifting her on top of me. "Cowgirl style," I said. Missy rose up, her budding breasts thrust forward and she timidly started rising up and down. "Good, go a little faster, and try changing your angle." Missy leaned back a little more. "Feel how my cock's hitting different spots inside you." "Yeah," Missy said, with a smile.

"You should use this with Damien, it will let you control things a bit better," I told her. "Make his dick hit the parts of your cunt that feel the best." "I will," Missy panted as she rode me. "I'm going to blow his mind!" Missy was riding me faster and faster, throwing her head back, her long, strawberry-blonde hair waving wildly as she tossed her head in pleasure.

I stroked her belly and then up to her small, apple sized breast. Her small cones were firm, topped with hard nipples that I played with. Her cunt felt amazing as she rode me, sloppy wet from her juices and my first load of cum. Next to us there was a muffled moan coming from Mary and she writhed on top of her sister. Shannon was cumming a moment later. Mary rolled off her sister and snuggled up against me.

Her face was drenched in cunt juices and she kissed me, letting me taste Shannon's sweet and tangy pussy. When she broke the kiss, Mary asked, "Is my baby sister making your cock feel good." "She is, Mare," I groaned. "You give him a good ride, babydoll," Mary ordered.

"Yes, yes, I am!" Missy panted. "Oh wow, I like this position! Jeez, I think, yes, yes, here it comes!" Her tight cunt rippled as she came and she sat down on my cock, breathing deeply. "You got to keep fucking him," Shannon said. "Oh," Missy gasped, and then started to ride me again. "Ride him!" Shannon cheered, clapping her hand. "Ride him, cowgirl!" then she whistled. Missy had a big grin on her race as she bounced fast and hard on me.

She raised her arm over her head and pretended she had an imaginary lasso. Mary kissed me a second time, her breasts firm pillows on my chest topped by her hard nipples. My left hand reached out and I cupped a breast. Mary shifted to give me better access, and I played with her nipple. I moaned into Mary's sweet lips as I flooded her sister's cunt.

Freunde werden Freunde sein Mann Party Frauen

"I want you to fuck Shannon's ass," Mary whispered into my ear. Then she set up and pulled Missy off of me and laid her out on the bed. Mary spread her legs, her young cunt gaping open and leaking white cum. Mary bent down and just licked a big gob of cum that had ran down to her ass. Mary then dove into Missy's sloppy cunt, cleaning her out. I crawled over both Missy and Mary and onto Shannon. "You going to fuck me, future brother?" Shannon asked with a mischievous grin on her face.

"In the ass," I told her and rolled her roughly over. "I've never been fucked in the ass," she said, her confidence vanishing.

"George.he always wants to." "Do you love him?" "Yeah, he's great," Shannon answered. "And sweet and makes me happy." "Then why won't you make him happy?" I asked, spreading her ass cheeks.

"I.I'm afraid," she answered, biting her lip. "It'll hurt." "Maybe with me," I told her. "I'll break you in for him." Shannon gasped in pain and I saw Mary looking up from between Missy's thigh, a smug look on her face.

I remember Mary always complaining about how Shannon bullied her when they were kids. I smiled at Mary and fucked into Shannon's tight ass hard and drew back and slammed my cock all the way into her bowels. Shannon grew to enjoy the ass fucking, by the end, and was begging me to cum up her ass. By the time I did, she had already cum once and was working her way to her second orgasm. Her ass was tight and hot and gave me such pleasure as I creamed it.

Shannon came a second time as little Missy ate my cum out of her ass while Mary and I watched, cuddling on the bed. "I think the dinner was a great success," I told her. She smiled and kissed me. "I can't wait for Sunday night, and dinner with your mom," Mary answered with a naughty smile.

I laughed and heard a my phone chirp. I got up, found my pants and pulled out my phone. "Finally ready to start streaming, hope you can watch *-)." It was from Vivian, the first girl I ever fucked.

When I made my Pact with the Devil, I tried out my powers at a Starbucks. I fucked Vivian, a customer, and both baristas: Cynthia and Mary. I fell in love with Mary and thought Vivian and Cynthia were so cute together, that I ordered them to fall in love and stream their lovemaking.

And then forgot all about them. "Its from Vivian," I told Mary. "She and Cynthia are about to start streaming." "Ohh, let's watch," Mary said, excitedly. I texted back, "Cool, Mare and I and a few others going to watch!

*-)" Then, I grabbed my laptop and typed in the link. It was too a streaming site called nasty-girls-live.com. Then I grabbed an HDMI cable and connected my laptop to the TV in the bedroom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Travis shot his load into Antsy's pussy and collapsed on her.

Antsy was still wiggling her hips, close to cumming when a loud snore erupted from Travis. "The asshole passed out," Antsy moaned. "Help, he's crushing me!" I pushed hard and, with some effort, rolled the beef cake off of Antsy.

I fell across her in the process, our breasts rubbing together. Antsy stared up at me, her breath quickening, her tongue running pink across her red lips. Electricity ran between us, a force pulling us together, and I bent down and captured her lips in a kiss.

Antsy kissed me back, her tongue slipping into my mouth and we fenced. Her arm wrapped around me, stroking my back as I rubbed my hand up and down her side from hip to breast, her skin silky fire beneath me. I slid my hand across her stomach, and down to her shaved pussy, wet with her desire and Travis's seed. "No," she gasped in protest as my finger slowly stroked her clit. "I'm not a lesbian." "Neither am I," I whispered, kissing her again, rolling her clit beneath my finger.

"It's not gay when you're drunk," I lied. Antsy relaxed and giggled. "Good, cause I'm very drunk." She kissed me this time, her kiss growing more aggressive as I slipped a finger up inside her cunt. I searched for G-Spot.

I needed to get this girl to cum before she sobered up. I needed to preform the Prayer of Avvah. Her body writhed beneath my ministrations. My finger hooked, stroking the walls of her pussy, searching for that bundle of nerves while my thumb stroked her clit. Her body bucked beneath me and I knew I found the G-Spot and started massaging it.

"Cum for me," I whispered into her ear, licking her lobe. "Let me hear your beautiful squeals of delight!" "Uhhh, keep stroking me there," Antsy moaned, "and I'll bark like a dog for you!" I stroked her G-spot harder, rolling her clit beneath my thumb as I sucked at her ear. Her hips were squirming as her orgasm built and built.

And then her body went rigid and a strangled gasp escaped her lips. "Avvah Mark Glassner," I whispered. "Avvah Mark Glassner." Antsy went rigid beneath me, slipping into a trance as the Prayer took effect. And then she slipped out, a lazy smile on her face. "That was nice," Antsy murmured, and then her eyes closed and passed out.

I sighed in frustration. My pussy was hot and ready and needed to cum and I had two useless drunks passed out in my bed. Guess I'll have to take care of myself. I slipped my hands down and started playing with my pussy. Mmhh, my fingers felt nice as I strummed my clit with one hand, and plunged two fingers into my cunt with the other.

I was one step closer to saving Sister Louise and stopping Mark and his lover. The thought spurred my passion and it wasn't long before I was cumming loudly.

As I licked my passion off my fingers, I knew with certainty that Good was going to triumph over Evil. My pussy was still itching, and I slid my hands down to give myself a second orgasm, while I fantasized about the look on Mark's face when he realized he was beaten, that all his Evil works had been undone. I couldn't wait! To be continued.