Jerks weenie while on web camera

Jerks weenie while on web camera
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If you haven't read part 1, the story will be difficult to follow. I had no intention of writing a part 2. But, at the request of one of the commenters, I've continued the story with a twist.

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I hope you enjoy! This a Brother Sister Taboo story with appropriate over 18 ages. If you like please let me know, and I'll try and write more. Any comments or suggestions for further writing is welcome. I couldn't believe I'd gotten myself in this position. I was seriously sick to my stomach. There I was on my knees, naked, blindfolded, and mouth wide open.

My heart pounding, and it felt like my rib cage was going to shake out of my chest again. I was clearly reluctant to do this, but I hadn't played my cards right this time. This is what happened. I awoke late the next morning, to an empty house. Fear and panic began to take over me. Not just because of what I had done with my sister last night, but because my kid was gone too.

I frantically searched the house for clues. My last stop was the kitchen where I spotted two empty bottles of Sky sitting on a note. It read, "Gone to Mom's for the week. Enjoy your forfeit." And further down it read, "What's a camel toe slide?" I laughed partially just relieved and partly because it was clear that she found the forfeit written on my second sheet of paper.

I had planned to get her to press her clit against the shaft of my cock, and then have my sis slide her camel toe up and down my rigid member until she was so wet, hot, and bothered that she wouldn't object when I slipped my hot dick inside of her. Just the thought of it was making me hard, and I wished I'd come up with a different forfeit for earlier in the game. I felt the desperate need to see how she felt about last night, and as I grabbed my sore throbbing cock, I knew I also felt the desperate need to do it again.

My cell phone rang and caller ID said Mom, "Hello" "Hey Kiddo! I was just calling to let you know everybody made it here in one piece, and your sister told me about last night." My heart busted a hole in my stomach on the way to the floor. There's no way she tattled on me again. "Hello?" I choked on the air but managed to get out "I'm still here." "Ok.

Anywho, I just don't think ole PaPa can handle a whole week of all these kiddos running around, so you're going to have to make due with just a couple of days to yourself. Ok?" I let out a feeble "Ok." Good lord, did she know or not? "Alright, Love You Kiddo! Maybe come down with the kids next time and give your sister a break.

Bye" "Yeah, ok, Love You too, bye" Holy shit. That was nerve wrecking. "I guess I just need to calm down," I told myself as I looked around at the empty house.

Out of habit, I grabbed some books to study, but I had to grab something else first to stay focused. So, I took a nice hot shower while I stroked my cock in my sister's bathroom. I was still a bit sore, but god damn I was horny. I sprayed a good deal of spunk down the drain, but between the nerves and my thoughts about my sister, I just couldn't study right now. I decided I had to probe for how my sister was feeling, so I sent her a text message explaining what a camel toe slide was.

I was on edge waiting for a reply. Nothing came all day, the disappointment was at least enough to get me back on track with studying. It wasn't until night fall that the reply came, and all it said was "okay". Ugh, give me some info woman. I laid in my sister's bed, slowly stroking my cock.

I just couldn't let this go. I wanted more of my sister, and I needed to know if she wanted me too.

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I nervously took a pic of my hard dick pointing at the ceiling through the opening in my boxers and sent it to her. My heart was beating through my chest as I awaited for a reply and slowly rubbed my hand up and down my stiff member.

I waited and waited. I was ready to spray cum everywhere, as I started just gently touching my cock with a finger or two, slowly up and down. I felt like I could cum the second she touched me, but not until then. I felt like all my cum had to be saved just for her.

I awoke the next morning with the hangover I should have had the previous morning. Ouch. I hadn't had anything to drink last night, but I felt like my dick was punishing me for not allowing myself a release.

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Either way, there was no chance I was going to get any studying done today. I downed some Excedrin, but as the day progressed, I knew I had to just get out of the house and get some fresh air if I was going to beat this thing. So, I went out for a run. I told myself I was just running to get my blood and adrenaline flowing, so I could kill my headache.

But, I knew better. I knew exactly where I was headed. It was a long run, but I felt great now and was staring at the front of my mother's house with my sister's suv parked in the drive way.

The sun had almost completely gone down, and now I just stood there wondering what my next move was. After the stars had come out, I finally came up and knocked on the door. "Hey!!! I didn't expect you to show up! Where's your car? You didn't run all the way down here did you? What happened?" I laughed nervously, "Oh nothing. I just needed to clear my head, so I went for a run and here I am." I came in to see my Dad watching tv and my sister further down the sofa with a drink in her hand, staring into open space like a deer in headlights.

Christ, she didn't look happy to see me, but she looked so hot. "Well, since you're here, why don't you help your sister pack up and head home." My mother grunted at dad's suggestion.

But, I jumped at the opportunity. "That sounds like a pretty good idea. I'll get going on that." My sister just sat there frozen while I went back to the visitor bedrooms and began packing up the kids' things. As I came back through the living room and out the front door, I noticed my sister had disappeared off to somewhere. She was clearly avoiding me. By the time I had the suv packed and the kids in the car, mom and dad had headed off to bed, and my sister had reappeared to help put the sleeping children in their car seats.

I hopped into the driver side and waited for my sister to join me up front. "I can drive." I started the car. "No chance.


I don't know how much you had to drink." She didn't say more as we began to drive away. It wasn't until we were halfway back to her place before she spoke up. "I can't do that again John." I sighed inside.

It hurt to hear, but it was what it was. "I have to know though." She spoke up again. "Are you still going to keep your word and give me the money I won?" I drove on for a moment thinking. My stomach churned as I guiltily considered how I was about to answer. I just couldn't help myself though. "Sure. I'd love to." I let a moment pass to let that sink in, and noticed she seemed to perk up a bit. A smile even crossed her face before I finished. "I'll even drive to an atm right now, but you're going to have to keep to the agreement and finish the blow job you started." I could see her heart sink as her face fell.

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She started sobbing. "John. I really need that money. and I can't do that again." I was getting kind of pissed off now. We had an agreement after all, and sister or not, I desperately wanted more of that ass.

I just drove on in silence.


I would give her the money of course. In all honesty, I loved my sister and would have given her the money if she asked without any favors at all. I was just being a horny perv.

It could have ended there, but apparently desperation over came her. At the next stop light, she undid her seat belt, leaned over into my lap, fished out my cock and began sucking it right there in the car. "Oh fuck yeah." I kept one eye on the kids in the back, one eye on driving, and as much focus as I could on my sister's lips and tongue as they moved up and down over the top half of my dick.

It felt so amazing. Too amazing.

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That was another issue I had. As much as I loved getting head, I could never cum from just a blow job. I wanted desperately to shoot into my sisters mouth as we arrived at the atm, and I delayed getting out, as I just let her bob her head up and down on my cock for some time. The nice cool night air really added to the sensation of her cool lips and warm tongue on my cock. She reached down the crotch of my shorts, cradling my balls, and gently massaging them as she blew me.

But, it wasn't meant to be. After what felt like forever in heaven, I pulled her head out of my lap, kissed her, and put my dick away as I hopped out of the vehicle. I grabbed the money and rejoined my now buckled up sister. I wasn't thrilled about that, but it had been me who put a stop to it. "You're not going to give me the money are you? Because I can't get you to cum." I shook my head.

I wanted more yes, but I was happy and had no intention of prolonging my sister's suffering. After all, I had hoped she'd be more willing at this point. "You haven't even finished the last round of poker." I turned to see her down trodden expression as she hung her head looking down at her lap.

I rolled my eyes and tossed her the money. "You think I'm a whore now don't you." I groaned. "I'm sorry sis. I really didn't intend to make you go through with all of that, but once we did, I had actually hoped you liked it as much as I did." We both sat in silence the rest of the way back to her house. She didn't even help bring the kids in. Just walked straight inside and as far as I could tell, straight into her bedroom and locked the door.

The next morning she was a no show again leaving the kids to me. I made everybody breakfast and walked everyone to the park as I assumed my sister never left her room.

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I guess she'd earned some time off, after what I put her through. When we got back home, I checked her room and she was gone. It wasn't until after dinner that I heard one of the kids say "Ooooo momma's pretty".

I stepped away from the dishes and popped my head out the door barely fast enough to see her back go down the hall way to her room. She was wearing what looked like a new dress and heels.

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I probably would have thought they looked pretty sexy on her, but to be honest, I was bushed from taking care of the kids all day. This type of interaction continued day after day as she came home later and later.

By the end of the week, I wasn't feeling that bad for her anymore and was getting fed up. That's when things changed suddenly.

The next morning she was back to her normal self it seemed.

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I was relieved as we began sharing time with the kids again and split up the responsibilities. It was only after lights out that I felt a difference as she went straight to her bedroom. I was disappointed that we couldn't spend time together, but before long she came back out and looked smoking hot. She wore a sparkling red low cut oyster dress that really showed off her nice full tits.

She walked up in bright red heels with bright red lipstick, and said "Game on Big Bro". My heart felt like it was about to leap out of my chest. I pulled out the poker set, and she poured us some vodka. This is where things began to change. "Strip." I looked at her confused.

She just stared at me with an authoritative glance. "Did you not hear me? I said strip." I looked her body up and down, as I began to strip. Fuck it. I'd give anything to fuck her tonight.

She then sat down across from me and took half my chips. I smirked. "I guess I'm playing something special tonight." She brought it. "That's right bitch. It turns out you're right about a lot of things. These past several nights I found out just how easy it is to pick up guys and get them to do just about anything I want." I went a bit pale.

She wasn't her usual self at all, and I knew I shouldn't be jealous, but I was incredibly jealous of her now. She saw right through me. "Awww is big bro jealous. Well don't be, I have a surprise for tonight.

We're going to play for your kind of stakes. If you win," She stood up, waved her hands over her body like she was Vanna White and gave a twirl before sitting down. "You get me. And, if I win. I get the same forfeit you gave me." I brightened up immediately with a no doubt shit eating grin. "I'd love to eat your pussy sis. No problem there." "Oh, you won't be eating my pussy unless you win bitch." Now it was her with the shit eating grin as she pulled out her cell phone and laid it on the table.

"I met a nice bi guy named Stephen at the bar last night. And if I win, you'll be giving him a Blow Job." Yeah, my grin was gone. This just got serious. I wasn't even slightly bi. The thought of a man in my mouth was absolutely revolting. But, I had to win. I had to have my sister again, and after all, I had the tell. I knew I could win this.

The game was on. I stone walled her for a long time. Up some chips, down some chips. Luck had been on my side, but she was starting to figure out how to press her chip advantage against me. She was taking bigger risks and forcing me to either gamble or fold more hands than I should.

This was bad. This was very bad. And then it was all over. She was up and dancing, singing "my brother is going to suck cock, my brother is going to suck cock". This time it was me saying. "I don't think I can do this." She stopped dancing, walked over to a kitchen drawer, pulled out the blindfold from the other night, and said, "Put this on and pretend it's someone else bitch. Now get on your knees and open your mouth, cause you have a cock to suck." She grabbed her phone, hit speed dial, and spoke, "Hey Stephen, come on over, he lost.

Yeah baby, he's my bitch tonight. Seeya in a few." I couldn't believe I'd gotten myself in this position. I was seriously sick to my stomach. There I was on my knees, naked, blindfolded, and mouth wide open. My heart pounding, and it felt like my rib cage was going to shake out of my chest again. I was clearly reluctant to do this, but I hadn't played my cards right this time. And there was the knock at the door.

OMG this wasn't happening. I heard them kiss as she lead him over, he said, "Holy shit. This is for real. What a pretty little mouth you have there." FUCK FUCK FUCK I heard him undo his zipper and pants hit the floor. My mouth snapped shut at this point. I couldn't do this. There was no way. She got down next to me and slid her hand across my cheek and finger over my lips. "Come on bubba, open your mouth." I opened just enough for her finger to go in.

I sucked her finger like a dick as tears began to stream down my face. Shit, what was I going to do? "Good boy. Now open wide." I felt her get really close, her breath on my ear as she said, "Cause this is not my finger".

She shoved my head forward and before I knew it a cock was pushing it's way down my throat. I gagged and tried to push away, as my sister burst out laughing. "That's right suck that cock big bro." The man moaned as he face fucked me. I felt like I was going to die if I didn't get any air and began to bite down. He pulled his dick out as she slapped me.

"Be good bitch." I had swallowed my pride, but the last thing I wanted to do was swallow this guy's jizz. But, I guess she realized she took it a bit too far because then I felt her lips around my dick. I was in shock at this moment, but it still felt good. The guy took a step back. "I can't believe you followed up on the bet dude. You've really got balls." I had no intention of opening my mouth again though.

No chance in hell. He took off my blindfold and laughed, "Now lets go double fuck your sister until she passes out." Hell yeah.