Delicious milf exposes hot bawdy cleft to get it slammed hard

Delicious milf exposes hot bawdy cleft to get it slammed hard
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My name is Ashanti-lee. I grew up in Brooklyn. I am 5'3, medium length brown hair, shapely legs, awesome ass and 34DD tits. I get aroused easily and that has always been a problem when I'm around people. I had a loving mother but an asshole for a father. My mother, Lene, is 5'4" got waist length hair (brunette), amazing legs with a ass to die for.

She has 36 DD tits with the most incredible nipples that would make themself known (harden) in the most inappropriate times. That always got me so wet and itchy between the legs. My father, Christian, was 6'2-3" got blond hair. He worked out a lot so he had a body to be proud of.

He was extremely good looking but just didn't have the manners to go with it when he was at home. He was a chauvinist. Expected everything to be the way he wanted. Dominating if thats what you want to call it. Thing is, at day everything was fine and great but at night sexual tension would shoot through the roof for me. I suppose it was my own fault because I would sneak up to my parents' bedroom and stand outside listening to them fuck.


I say fuck because that's what it was. You see my parents didn't love each other. But what else would you expect from a woman that got paid millions to be a porn star, having erotic sex with hunks with throbbing cocks on camera.

She is retired now but just wouldn't marry someone she loved knowing that the best she had to give, she gave away in the arms of a sex maniac at age 14. So my mom seduced my father, got pregnant and 9 months later? Ta da! Hi, I have arrived! My father came from a rich family that believed if you impregnate a woman, you marry her as soon as possible. They have a "image" they must uphold for future generations.

In this case they got married a month after finding out my mother Lene is pregnant. So now my parents tolerate each other, but don't get me wrong they lust after each other having the looks and all to blame. One night I sneaked to their room again but this time the door was open.

Though the lights were off I could still see EVERYTHING! I could hear thighs slapping, labored breathing, moans and groans. I was so mesmerized by the sight of that pussy and cock glistening that I could feel my own pussy starting to juices starting to slide down my thighs and my pussy lips getting swolen. I was so shocked that I ran, ever so silently though, upstairs to my own room.

I was ashamed but still very turned on! Thinking that just maybe they might have heard me I locked my door and turned of my lights.

Unable to get my breathing controlled I started to undress in the darkness. Finally naked I let my hands wander, one hand on my breast tucking and twisting my nipple, the other hand on my cunt.

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One finger, two fingers and then before long three fingers sliding rapidly in and out, in and out.IN and OUT! Thinking to myself this will never be enough tonight I went to my loose floor board at the end of my bed, lifted it and took out a silver box with my stash of sex toys.hey what did you expect from a girl that gets aroused easily? Anyway, I reached for the big dildo with the suction cup at the end.

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But that's not the only one, I also take out my pink vibrator to first loosen me up a bit. I go to the bathroom that is connected to my room and open the tap of the shower. I get the suction cup wet and stick it to the shower wall.

I get out again leaving the water running and sit on the counter in front of the mirror. I hold the vibe to my mouth spit on it and work it in my pussy. Once in, I switch on working it in and out.

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I started moaning by then needing release. As soon as I was sure that I'm loose enough I switched of the vibrator and placed it on the counter, seeing my juices slide down from it I smile to myself.

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I got off the counter and into the shower. Taking the time to get wet, head to toe, from the water gushing from shower head. Once wet, I hold the dildo by my entrance and slowly I sink down on it removing my hand.

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As its sliding in my steamy pussy I rub my, by now engorged, clit. I hold still a few seconds, letting myself get used to it and then I bend down completely, having done gymnastics from age 5, I manage that with ease. I start moving back and forth at rapid speed moaning and groaning as I feel it go deeper and deeper each time I push back with force.

I start feeling my orgasm coming along and I go even faster rubbing my clit harder. By now I am sure I was load enough to be heard from in the hallway but I just didn't care I was too far gone. In a minute a came so hard that I started seeing stars, screaming "oh fuccckkkk mmeeeeh!! Aaaarggghhhh" and "ssshhhhhiiiiitttt!" Repeatedly, over and over. It was one of those toe curling orgasms that make your pussy so sensitive you just have to hold still. So I stopped rubbing my clit and stopped moving, pressing up on da floor for dear life with my hands praying I won't fall over.

Once I felt my orgasm starting to subside I straightened up and stepped away from the dildo. Standing under the running water for a few minutes longer and then I close the tap. I didn't even bother drying, I just stepped out of the shower thinking to myself, " I'll use you again in the morning dear dildo ".

I stepped into my room with jelly legs and just then I heard a huge BANG! I shrieked as my door got kicked open by my father. "DAD!! MOM!!!" I screamed as they stood there shocked and I immediately tried to cover myself with my hands as I was still naked. They were covered in gowns though, thankfully. " We thought you were being killed the way you screamed Ashanti.


What the hell is going on here?! " My father yelled back. " Nothing, get out!

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" I screamed with tears in my eyes, embarrassed and afraid. Of what I wasn't really sure. My mother, figuring out what might have taken place, in her gentle but firm voice said, " Come Christian it's late everything is fine in here. " My father left after looking at her then back at me, giving me a weird look that made me look down. It was at that moment that I noticed what look like a boner beginning to tent in his gown.

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My mother waited until my dad was out of earshot then said to me, " I hope you had a great time Lee (that's my nickname from her), it sure sounded like it " with that said she gave me a wink, and walk out closing the door behind her with no avail, it was broken with the kick my dad had put to it for it to open. I just smiled slightly still shaking and got in my bed naked.

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After turning and tossing a few times I let my mind wander and think about what had taken place. From the sneaking to their room seeing them fuck, to my mothers comment before going.

OMW!!! My father had gotten a boner from seeing me naked!.but that's a story for another time :)