Die schöne muschi sammlung

Die schöne muschi sammlung
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Pleasure Spirit ********************************************************************************** This story contains loads of paranormal stuff as well as magic and (gasp) a plot. I will try to have as many sections start with sex as possible, but the first section will require background. ********************************************************************************** Chapter 2: John-Bob's and Carrie-Anne's night of Debauchery (Mf, oral, cum swallowing, anal, gs, Ds, humiliation) Carolina Antoinette Miller Flaubert told her husband, "Eat me until I squirt and I'll be your personal whore for tonight and tomorrow, nothing is too depraved to do to me." It was more automatic behavior that caused him to begin to eat his wife's pussy.

He decided she hadn't tasted so well the past two times, now he knows she's been taking a nerd (a classmate of their son's) into her mouth and pussy. He knew that it'd be just like her to not bed him in their bed. He got angry at this and finger fucked her roughly as he sucked her clit more harshly. She squirts more than she ever had with him. She questioned whether the chess club president will ever get her pussy again if she can just get her man to put out like this consistently. He pulled her off the bed, posed her so she was kneeling and sitting on her heals.

His erection comes back when he stuck his placid penis between her lips and she obeyed his next command, "Suck him, Carrie-Anne." She took every millimeter in when he was his placid 13mm, but backed up and took him in once he expanded beyond 5 inches. She repeated this until he reached his full length of about 7.5 inches.

He demanded to deep throat him and it took some effort on her part to do this, but he had insisted she deep throat him at least one out of every 5 blow job she gave him in the two stints of them as a couple (high school sophomores and after their first marriages disintegrated).

She gulped and did everything else she could to suppress her gag resistance.


She sucked and moaned and glanced at him like he was her master knowing these would shorten the time until his orgasm. When she knew he was close and backed off to take it on the face and/or tits, because she disliked the feel of cum rolling down her throat. "No! I made you squirt, whore. ¡Beber mi esperma!" She struggled to swallow his cum (it was aesthetics rather than taste that caused her to dislike swallowing cum). She knew she couldn't not swallow (he had given her an explicit order to 'drink my cum').

He only spurted twice (he had known he'd been shooting less, but that was even with the 17 year old single mother he was giving a 5 or 6 $20 bills for a weekly blow job. She was also a classmate of his son's. Neither knew why talking dirty in Spanish was a turn on, perhaps it was because each had their first groping experience with the other when the blind Spanish teacher taught them for their sophomore year in high school.

This was before the broke up, each married a different person that attended their high school 3 of the 4 years they did and two different messy ends to marriages number one, they were each other's second marriage.

She struggled to smile pleasantly as she struggled not to puke his sperm up, "Did I do a good job?" "Yes. Inflate me." He put his dick back in her mouth, when he was hard again, he ordered, "Stand up." She obeyed. "Bend over and take this." She smiled thinking she was about to get spanked then fucked.

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He pulled out her vibrator and tube of KY. He held the vibe to her clit as he tested the batteries (by turning it on for a moment). She gave an 'ooh' sound as sexily as she could mouth the syllable. He lubed her asshole and probed it first with a finger then 2, then her vibrator. He pulled out the vibe wiped the shit and lube off with a baby wipe and slid the vibe in her pussy (not turned on during either insertion).

He pushed into her asshole. He shoved into her anus and said, "You've been a bad bitch of a wife haven't you?" She thought he was only role playing, "Yes, husband." "What were your wedding vows to me?" He turned the vibe on the slowest of the 3 speeds. "To love, honor, obey." The double penetration (cock and vibe) was distracting her. "And men, what men are you allowed to pleasure with your mouth, cunt and asshole or any other part of your body?" "You." "Name the only man you can pleasure like you've done tonight?" "John Robert Flaubert." "Then, why were you kneeling in front of a naked chess club member making him feel like a king?" She began to cry.

She incoherently begged forgiveness. "You are my whore and I will fill every hole you have.

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Unless you hear from my divorce attorney, you have a chance to earn my forgiveness. I haven't hired an attorney since that uninsured motorist totaled our Insight, but depending on your actions of the next few months, I might." He shoved in and out of her ass slowly but forcefully.

He ramped her vibe to maximum. "Beg for it bitch." "Please forgive me." He slapped his hand across the crown of her head, "That's not what I meant." She cringed at the contact and muttered dejectedly, "I'm your whore, I live to receive your cum, please.

I don't deserve it, but cum in your whore." "You're my PERSONAL whore.

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Not that specky nerd's, what will you do if he ever comes by expecting you to put out?" "Turn him down." "Wrong!" "But--" He put his left hand across her mouth, but not her nose to shut her up.

"You will knee him in the balls and slap his face and tell him your husband will give him worse if he sees him near you, no matter how innocent-seeming. and then you'll turn him down." He pushed down on her shoulder blades as he forced his penis even farther in. He suddenly left a single shot in her ass and pulled out.

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Once he stood, he said, "on your feet." When she was slow to move, he grabbed her mid-back length hair and pulled at it. He pushed her against the wall, arranged her hands and legs as if she was about to be arrested in a 1950's gangster film. He pulled the vibe out of her cunt and slid it up her ass.


From under her arms he reached under and around her underarms then up to grab the tops of her shoulders. He was harder than he had been in years and worked his penis in without using his hands.

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"So, slut, what does some virgin-until-your-sympathy-fucks have that I don't." She stood there crying. The honest answer was 'a ready erection, a kind and generous heart, a quick wit and an IQ closer to my 136 than you, John.' But she needed barely more than half her 136 points of IQ to know this wouldn't be a good answer to give.

"I want an answer." "You stopped seeing me as attractive.

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You wanted nothing to do with me beyond doing the housework." "So, did you cum from his little prick?" "He said he was a quarter black. I know he looks white and nerdy--" "What he has more than 3 to 4 inches?

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Lie and I will hurt you." "Twice that. I measured him once: 18cm from base of the foreskin where his cock met his torso and 6cm around. That's measuring along the side, not the top." "So is my 7 and a half inches too small for you?" "No! You fuck better than George." "Your ex?" "No. well, way better than him. George is guy you call Speky." She cried with shame and fear as his thrusting shoves not only his prick deep into her, but the vibe.

"You want to keep me aroused, because if I can't cum because of your attitude and words. you won't like it." Tears pouring down her face, she said, "I love a lithe, athletic lover. You remember how much I cheered for you when you were in the top 10 for varsity interceptions 4 years running and all state twice in community college. You were virile then and more virile now. Please pump another demonstration of your virility into your cum dumpster wife." He managed one smaller-than-average and second spurt of only a few drops.

"On your knees, you two-timing Jezebel. Face away from the wall." She gulped in fear. He had already lost his erection (now shrunk down to an inch). "Lick me clean." She began to reluctantly lick. "Submit, whore." When he felt nothing from her pussy or ass on his penis he said, "Go start the shower, pull the shower head off it's hanger and let it swing near the taps." She obeyed.

When the water was a nice temperature, he had her precede him into the shower-tub, then kneel in the tub her face close to his dick, "I'll show you what I think of you at this moment." He mostly emptied his bladder on her face, "Clean me off." slipped his dick in her mouth and released the last ounce or two of his piss as she licked and sucked him clean. The vibe clattered out of her asshole as the batteries died.

He washed her body and she washed his. He ordered her to sleep on the floor and allowed her to take one pillow from the bed and put a spare set of sheets between herself and the carpeting.

He ordered her to make breakfast in the nude.