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Pornofilme kostenlos inzest
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Chapter 5 Clinging tenaciously to Jennifer's slender, trembling loins, the brawny German Shepherd humped frantically as he attempted to sink his cock into her fuck-hole. Mounted in the doggy fucking position, the dumb brute knew where her cunt was, but he was missing the mark in his haste and frenzy. His angry red cock-head bumped against the backs of her thighs, bounced off her ass-cheeks and plowed up the crack of her ass.

He whined piteously, driven wild by being mounted without -- as yet -- having the delight of feeling his thunderous prick up her cunt-hole. His hot cock-knob slid across her tingling clit, and Jennifer moaned and jerked, but then his prick slipped on up without penetrating. His hairy cock-stalk pulsed against her cunt and his naked red cock-head was flaring out over her upthrust ass, pulsing and dripping. His swollen balls were jammed into her groin.

Jennifer could feel those massive balls pump with their load. Ooooh, I really shouldn't let a doggy screw me, she told herself. But then her clit exploded against his hard, hairy cock-rod and she whimpered.

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Naughty or not, Jennifer was yearning for a cuntful of doggy cock. She reached back and grasped his balls. With this new development, Jennifer had stopped sucking on her brother's cock -- although she was still collaring his cock-knob in her parted lips -- and Joe was afraid that the distraction of the horny hound might interrupt the blow-job he had been so greatly enjoying.

"Want me to pull the son of a bitch off you, Sis?" he rasped, just like any concerned brother preventing the rape of his kid sister. Jennifer looked at him. "Don't you fucking dare!" she cried. Joe groaned, realizing how truly depraved she was, and his cock surged in her lips, his lust aroused even more by the sordid knowledge that his sibling was a dog fucker -- or, at least -- that she soon would be.

Gently squeezing the German Shepherd's big balls, the blonde nymphette tugged his cock lower down, so that his naked cock-knob slid into her pussy. Her hand moved up and grasped his prick by the hilt. Then, tilting her wrist, she turned his great prick down so that it was aimed straight up into her bubbling cunt. She moved his cock-head up and down, using it to stir her creamy bowl and whipping the naked prick against her throbbing clit.

"Ummmm," she moaned, as that massive slab of fiery dog cock brushed against her explosive clit. She realized that she was neglecting her brother and gave his prick a suck. Joe grunted and leaned over her shoulder, staring down in total fascination as he watched the brute's swollen cock slide around in her creamy pussy.

The lad didn't mind waiting awhile before he blew his wad, for he was excited by the sight of impending bestiality as he was by the pure pleasure of her incestuous mouth. Preliminary doggy spunk oozed from Adolph's parted piss hole and flowed, all thick and gooey, into Jennifer's already soaking cunt-slot.

As if his balls and the dog's were somehow connected, via the bridge of her nubile body that linked them together, Joe spilled another trickle of pre-cum onto the girl's lashing tongue.


Jennifer tugged the tip of the frantic dog's cock into her open pussy-slot. The fat red wedge of naked prick expanded in her clinging cunt-lips. "Shove it up my fuck-hole, boy," she gasped.

"Feed that big fucker to -- unghhh." She broke off, gurgling, as Joe plowed his cock back into her gorge. She sucked on it voraciously, then drew her lips up to his cock-knob. "Fill my cunt up, Adolph! Stuff me full of big, doggy prick! Oh, shit! Fuck my ass off, you hairy bastard! Shoot your hot doggy slime up my cunt!" Holding Joe's cock-head in her lips and teasing the slimy tip with her tongue, Jennifer hiked her trim little ass up, urging the animal to plunge into her pussy.

The doggy yelped. Now that the tip of his cock was bedded, the beast knew what to do. His front paws gripped her around the hipbones, pulling her back. His haunches heaved, rippling with sinew, surging with animal lust. His flanks quivered and he panted heavily, drooling onto her arched back. Then he began to sink his prick into Jennifer's smoldering pussy. His cock-head vanished in her cunt.

"Oh!" Jennifer cried, as she felt her pussy fill up with pounding dog prick, stretching her cunt-lips open and pulsing in the wet folds. Adolph fed her an inch of hairy cock. "Oooooh!" she whimpered, shoving her ass back to meet his burrowing bludgeon. With a deep, rumbling sound in his shaggy throat, the brute plunged again, driving his prick all the way up into the girl's cunt. "Fucking hell!" Joe gasped, watching over the slope of his sibling's trembling ass-cheeks and seeing the long, thick doggy prick disappear into the coral pink slot of her soaking pussy.

The dog's cock was buried to the hilt. Jennifer's pliable cunt-lips were plastered open around the hairy root of his thick cock-stalk and his swollen balls were ballooning in her crotch, jiggling with their load. "He's fucking you, Sis!" Joe groaned.

"Don't I fucking know it!" she cried, her words muffled on his prick. Her lips were trembling as they slid around on Joe's cock-head and her eyelashes fluttered up and down.

The dog's massive prick was stuffing her to the brim, filling her to the very core of her cunt-hole. His cock-knob felt like a glowing ember in her belly and his rock-hard prick was working like a crowbar in her pussy. His cock was so deep that she thought his fiery knob might come sliding right out of her mouth, brushing her brother's prick out of the way!

She thought that her hipbones might jump right out of their sockets as his rock-hard cock throbbed and expanded, filling her fuck-hole completely. Whimpering, clinging to her haunches, the big German Shepherd held the full, pounding penetration, savoring the pleasure of having his smoking-hot prick buried ball-deep in her sweet, clinging pussy and letting Jennifer thrill to the sensation of being stuffed to the brim with hard, hairy animal cock.

She wriggled her ass and hips, grinding her fuck-hole around on his prick while still retaining the full coupling. Her pussy rippled, the inner muscles pulsing, closing around his hairy cock-shaft in a series of rings, as if she were jerking him off with her cunt.

The firm, trim cheeks of her ass went up and down, and she shot her hips out from side to side. Her wet cunt was pulling like a squeezebox on his prick. Joe, panting like a locomotive, shoved his cock deep into her throat. Jennifer wondered if those two swollen cock-heads brother's and dog's, might not be bumping together somewhere in the middle of her body. Spiked at both ends, the girl felt as if she were roasting on a spit, transfixed through and through by fiery pricks.

A fat cock-knob pulsed in her gullet and a swollen prick flared deep in her belly. She quivered and moaned. Taking two cocks at once, fucking and sucking simultaneously, was naughty at any time -- but the fact that one of those cocks was attached to her brother and the other was sprouting from the bestial loins of a doggy drove Jennifer crazy with lust, a combination of oral incest and bestiality filling her with a delectable sense of utter and delicious depravity.

Her head bobbed up and down on her brother's delicious prick, taking it all into her mouth and throat and then sucking slowly back up to his knob, her drool streaming down his cock-shaft as it came sliding from the oval collar of her lips. "Ummmmm," she purred, cherishing that mouthful of sweet sibling slime. Adolph was yelping deliriously, still holding all of his prick buried up her cunt-gash. Jennifer began to hump under him, pulling her pussy-tunnel up and down through a few inches of stiff doggy cock, adding the fiery sensation of friction to the thrilling feeling of having her fuck-hole stuffed chock full of animal prick.

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The German Shepherd got the idea. He began to hump, shoving his cock out as the girl pushed back onto the stiff prick.

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They began working in unison, fucking together like some well-oiled machine. His prick plunged in, plugging her pussy to the depths, then pulled back out, the hairy cock-rod all matted with cunt-juice. Joe fell into the rhythm with his sister and the doggy, fucking her in the mouth each time the dumb brute plowed up her pussy. He was still staring down over the angle of her heart-shaped ass, watching the dog's hairy prick go in and out, as thrilled by that bestial sight as he was by the action of her skillful tongue and talented lips as they worked on his cock.

The German Shepherd was clinging to her ass and the boy was leaning over her shoulders and, for a moment, they were face to face.

Both were panting.

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The doggy blinked and Joe grunted. They stared at each other, a boy and his dog, sharing some primitive knowledge that spanned the gap between the species. And, between them, they were filling that naughty little nymphette with joy.


Jennifer was moaning and whimpering, panting and gurgling. She thrust her mouth onto Joe's prick and danced her ass under the dog. Her lips pulled up Joe's cock-shaft, sucking through every delicious inch and her cunt-lips were pulled out, distending, as the dog's prick drew from her pussy, so that he seemed to be turning her cunt inside out.

They fucked into her together, stuffing her from both ends, then changed the pace and Adolph screwed up her fuck-hole as Joe pulled from her face, then the doggy withdrew as her brother fed his prick to her face again.

Her cunt-slot was overflowing, spilling out foaming juice onto the brute's hairy cock-stalk and soaking his balls as those big bags of spunk swung in and slapped against her sodden crotch. Her mouth drooled onto Joe's cock, spilling out saliva down his cock-rod and onto his belly and balls. Streaks of pre-cum ran through her slobber. Joe's balls swung in and whacked her under the chin, sloshing with the cum load that was filling them fuller by the moment.

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The dog's balls rolled heavily into her groin as he sank his prick in to the hairy hilt, tilting her ass up on his savage thrusts. "Oh! Unghhh! Ahhhhh!" she grunted, buffeted between them and soaring to the heights of bliss of that double dose of prick. Her fat tits swung as her lithe body coiled and uncoiled like a pliable spring, gleefully taking cocks in and out of head and tail. The doggy shoveled his prick in, hiking her nimble ass up with a long, underslung stroke.

Her knees left the ground, then bumped back down when the brute drew his prick back. Her haunches sank under his weight, then heaved up on tensing thighs. Her golden-blonde hair tumbled about as she jammed her radiant face down on her brother's thundering cock, gorging like a glutton on that scrumptious sibling snack. Waves of exquisite ecstasy coursed through her loins and shot up her thighs.

The horny teenager was creaming and creaming again, her cunt and clit exploding, peaking, ebbing, then peaking at another crest. Her tongue bathed Joe's prick, drooling. She wailed, yearning for a cuntful of doggy cum and a mouthful of brotherly ball-juice. Her ass whipped wildly about and her head fairly flew up and down on Joe's pounding prick as she sought to bring both of her bizarre lovers off at the same electric instant. "Cum -- umpfhhh -- cream me -- unghhh -- shoot your fucking jism into me!" she panted, her words punctuated by grunts as Joe stuffed her mouth and throat, urging on boy and dog and yearning equally for both slimy squirts.

Her ass heaved and pumped as she sought a cuntful of hot canine cum and her mouth was working like a suction pump as she milked for sibling spunk, hungry for the gooey geyser of her brother's engorged balls. Joe was fucking his sister's mouth as if it were a cunt and her cunt was sucking like a mouth on the German Shepherd's plunging prick. The dog was yelping and from the way his cock was bucking in her cunt, Jennifer knew that the brute was about ready to flood her pussy with cum.

She pulled her mouth off Joe's cock for a moment, skinning it back with her fist so that his knob flared out.

With her lips stirring right against his sticky crown, she pulled his prick back into her mouth, sucking greedily on the knob and frigging his cock-shaft with her fist, adding manual stimulation to the oral suction to bring him to the crest. "Yeah! Swallow my slime, Sis!" Joe howled. Adolph bayed like a wolf.

They blew their wads into the cum-loving teenager at the same instant, filling her with jism and with joy. The dog spurted a river of canine cum up into her sodden fuck-hole and her brother hosed her throat with a steaming stream of his jism.

Jennifer wailed, her clit detonating again and her cunt tunnel contracting. Her mouth pulled hungrily on Joe's prick and her fist flew up and down on his cock-shaft, pumping jism jets into her maw while, at the same time, her pussy sucked more scum from the dog's cock and balls.

She swallowed a creamy mouthful and her brother instantly flooded her tongue with another load. She drank it greedily, feeling the sweet succulence warming her belly as the dog's heavy cum load splashed into the core of her cunt, sloshing around in her swampy pussy.

Joe groaned as she drank him dry. Jennifer pulled the last slimy spunk out of his pisshole in a creamy rope, her throat pulsing as she gulped the precious stuff down. Growling and snarling with delight, the German Shepherd emptied his big scumbags to the very dregs into her flooded fuck-hole. Joe sank back onto his heels, panting and voided. Adolph slumped over her twitching ass, drooling onto her slender, arched back, as the last of his spunk trickled out into the pool of her pussy.

Jennifer continued to wriggle between them, working off her last sweet spasms on the dog's prick and coaxing a few last tasty scum drops out of her brother's spent cock-head. Both sets of balls, beast's and boy's, were empty, shrunken and collapsed. Yet both pricks were still stiff.

And insatiable little Jennifer smiled, knowing that the fun was not yet ended .