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Hot gay latino guy strokes off his big uncut cock
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Thea Chapter Seven "Barbara and the Convicts" The day was warm. Thea wore a thin summer dress that was cut low on the bodice. It was just enough to accent the moons of her unfettered boobs. The skirt hem was about six inches above her knees. The office sat back from the road in a heavy wooded area. Three times she went past it, before spotting a small sign with the house number. However, the four men that were hiding in the woods had not had any problem and were ready to enter when they saw Thea pull in.

There was Bill Evans the appointed leader, Doug Tone the oldest, Mace Johnson, and Nick Toa. Evans was a genius who had been convicted of bank fraud. He had planned the escape from the federal prison that so far had been successful the last three days. They had been watching Barbara's office all morning and knew that right now there were only the two women inside.

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Evans then outlined his plan. After he finished explaining it, they all grinned at each other. Barbara Hunt was almost forty years old. Due to a good diet and exercise, she maintained a good body and looked ten years younger than she was. Having been previously married for six years, she had opted to stay single.

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Remaining in mourning for close to a year, she returned to college and got a degree, and opened up her own business. Barbara had suitors and slept with most of them.

For she certainty enjoyed sex. Twice a month she would drive to the next state and make the rounds of malls and supermarkets before she met someone who appealed to her. She also had female friends. In fact two of them, Bess Proctor, and Nikki Dunlop, both of whom who were due to stop in sometime this week. They were married, but they also enjoyed the softness and touch of another woman.

Plus, they enjoyed men other than their husbands. So when Thea walked in, Barbara immediately got a tingle in her groin at the sight of the beautiful girl. Having her sit so she could admire her long legs and peek down her blouse, Barbara accepted the folder and was just beginning to go through it when the front door opened. Looking up, she saw the men enter. Sensing something wrong she grabbed at the phone only to be stopped.

Standing up, she started to speak, when Mace grabbed her and pulled her away from the desk. Nick grabbed Thea and growled in her ear to be quiet. Doug Tone quickly put up a sign that said the office was closed. Next he grabbed the two women's keys. In less than five minutes, both their cars inside the garage. After everyone had done as planned, Bill Evans approached the two women. "Ladies, it would be to your interest to listen to us. We are going to be here for as long as we need.

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The duration is up in the air for the present time. You will be expected to do as we say. Which I am sure you know what we all want! You go along with us and you will be okay. You don't, well, that is up to you. Right now however, we are hungry and tired. Mr. Johnson will escort you," he then pointed to Barbara "To the kitchen." Turning it Thea, he said, "You will sit here and be a good girl. Do not make any noise or make any moves. Is that under stood?" Thea nodded and inwardly shook.

For the next twenty or so minutes, the three men were huddled and spoke in low sounds. A bit later the kitchen door opened and Barbara had heaping platters of food in each hand. Next pitchers of juice and steaming coffee were brought in. Evans noted everything and they had the two women tied and gagged. Then he and the rest of his band sat down and ate. Finishing, the men talked in hushed whispers broken by low rumbles of laughter.

Then one by one, they showered and returned to the living room wrapped in towels. Barbara was then released and was told to wash they're clothing. After the machine was loaded and running, she was again led back, but not tied. Evans walked over to the two women and in an even no nonsense voice, "We are going to split you two up now. You will go with Tone and Johnson." He said pointing to Thea.

"You will come with us." He then addressed Barbara and Thea "Are we going to have any problems?" The girls looked at each other briefly and then back at Evans. Both murmured there would be none. Thea was untied and led by the arm into one of the bedrooms. The door was closed and Tone said in an easy gentle voice, "Okay, let's get down to it." "I…please…I'm married." Thea said in a whisper.

Her little heart was beating fast. "Your status is unimportant to me. We have been in prison for two years now and you know what we want." "&hellip. Please!" Thea replied in a pleading voice. "Look, let's make it easy and hey, you may even enjoy it. So don't fight okay?

He said with a smile. "I'm scared." Thea whispered as tears fell from her eyes. "I'm afraid that you will hurt me." "I can understand that, but we are not going to hurt you. All we want is some good loving. Understand?" Tone said, as he looked her over. Putting his arm around her waist, he gently pulled her close and with his other hand, he stroked her hair.

"You . promise?" She looked at him with pleading eyes. "You want hurt me…too much will you? I . will do what you want." Thea answered in a whisper. "Hey! No reason for anyone to get hurt! But if you want, we can do what you like. No, good. Now, go on and take off your clothes, get on the bed, lay back, and let's have a good time." Yes! She wanted to shout out!

Let's get down to it! For as usual, she had been alone lately. And being alone most of the time meant no loving.

Opening her blouse, she gave the men a little smile as they raptly watched her. When her boobs bounced forward, murmurs of approval escaped from their lips. Their mouth became dry at the sight of her flaring hips, and crotch area. Getting on the bed, she moved over to the middle and let her legs open enough to give them an open view.

Both men quickly joined her on each side. Letting her eyes fall to their jutting cocks, she shivered with excitement. Both men were well hung and she could tell that their size should fill her to perfection. "Is. Uh, do you; want…uh…am I okay?" She inquired. Hopefully this day would turn out to be just an orgy and that was all. She found the men to be okay and looked forward to having her slit filled a few times. Plus there were two different men in the other part of the house.


Hmm, that meant she would have four, count them, four different, Yes, four different cocks up her today. And maybe, just maybe, she would get a taste of each one in her mouth!

"You are perfect." Tone said. His statement breaking up her daydream. Lying back, she smiled as the men took up positions on each side of her. In reality, she was shivering inside with excitement. All sorts of erotic thoughts ran through her mind as once again she could do everything she had ever wondered about because of her predicament! The first thing that happened was that the men started at her breasts.

Their rough hands gently squeezed he flesh. Then they kneaded and pulled it. Next came their mouths. Whimpers soon came from her throat and after three or four minutes she was breathing heavy. "Now, see, is this bad?" Tone asks as he flicked her nipple with his tongue.

"Ohh! No…this is…" She answered. "Are you married?" Tone asked with a smile at her response. "Um! …yes, I'm married." She stuttered as her flesh was heating up.

"I bet he likes to keep you in the sack doesn't he?" " Uh, um! Oh! Oh God! Not really!" She answered as the caresses were beginning to tell on her. "Maybe once, twice a month." "That's all?" Tone asked in total disbelieves. "You got to have a boyfriend then." He laughingly joked. "Ahhh! Please! Oh, oh, oh yes! More! Um!" She stammered as their caresses made her faint. The two men were getting serious now as they increased their attention to her body not only with their hands, but their lips on her neck and face.

Doug reluctantly let go of her tit and took her by the chin. Turning her rosy looking face toward him, he gently and sweetly kissed her full lips. The kiss took Thea by surprise at first, but the second, and then third one inflamed her young loins. Her arms slowly reached out and went around the older mans neck.

This was her avenue to full satisfaction. Kissing and fucking! Whispering, Doug then asked if she had a boyfriend between kisses. "Ah, not really a boy friend. He is my uncle." She confessed in a small voice. "Uncle huh? How often do you two get it on?" He asked excitedly. - "As often as we can. Usually three times a month." She answered. "I see. So you get plenty of loving then?" Doug again kissed her long and sweetly. "I . would like . it more . often." She confessed in a whispered.

The kiss was good she thought. Hopefully he would give her some more. "I understand. Your young and you need sex. Give me one more sweet kiss, so I can began loving on that pretty little pussy you got between your legs.

That okay with you?" Doug asked as he gently opened her thighs wide. "Oh!

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Yes! Please! Thank you!" She cried out as their lips feasted on each other. Her tits felt like they were going to burst now. She had to have relief! Doug gave the breast he had been playing with a final squeeze and moved down the blonde's body. The muscles in her stomach jumped when he licked her belly button. Moving on down, he smiled at the sight of her crotch.

All it took was the touch of his fingertips on the inside of her thighs to make them open and permit a clear view of her crotch. Damn! He thought. What a cunt! The lips were pink and so full; they looked like they had been stung. Running his fingertips up and down them made her squirm and whimper. His heart rate sped up, as the sight of her nude sex was too much. He had to have her! Sitting up, he crawled between her thighs.

Oh yes, he thought as his head lowered and his tongue came out and pushed past the lips of her valley of desire.


"Oh! Yes! Oh! Oh! My God!" Thea whimpered, as Doug's mouth was now tight against her sex. Mace looked down at the top of his friend's head and smiled.

He knew that the girl between them was a true treasure. There were stories about girls like her, but he never truly believed it until now. Her peaches and cream complexion looked so good that he leaned and kissed her sweetly on the cheek. Thea gasped and turned toward him "Thank. ah, ah . you! That was …nice." She stuttered with passion as Doug's tongue was exciting her into new heights.

Mace laughed gently and this time his lips went to her shoulder, then her neck, and finally her ear. Thea was really moaning now as the kisses were like coal thrown on a raging fire. Turning her beautiful face toward Mace, she had a look of wanting as the man moved his hand from where it had been kneading her tit flesh to her chin.

Their lips seemed to singe as they fused together and their tongues fought a duel with each other. Finally, Thea flung her arms around Mace and cried out happily. Doug pulled back and looked at the glistening labia lips. They looked as though they were pulsating. Once again his mouth latched onto her meat and sucked it inside his mouth.

He chuckled when he felt the girl jerk and unintelligible sounds that came from her throat. Making her squeal one more time, he backed away and got in position to take her.

It was time to fuck! God! What a snapper he thought as his prick eased just inside the pink tinged lips. With a careful push, he sunk it to the root. Thea was happily engaged in kissing Mace. When the cock of Doug Johnson struck bottom in her cervix, all the air in her hot little mouth expelled. Before she could get a complete breath, Mace hooked his hand behind her head and gave her a firm kiss.

He held the kiss until Thea felt as though she was going to faint from lack of air. Gasping, she finally caught her breath and smiled through half opened eyes at Mace. She was in heaven!

Nude, in bed with two, not one, but two men who were thrilling her with new delights. She knew then that somewhere and someplace, she would have to do this scene again, and again! Mace raised himself and laid his head on his hand. He enjoyed looking at the girt and ever so few moments he would bend and kiss her sweet lips. When his eyes swept down to where she and Doug's body were joined, he got a lift as the girl opened her thighs even more so he could see the juncture of the sex organs.

Bending to her face, he thanked her as he peppered her face with his kisses. "Thank you. You sure look beautiful lying there getting fucked!" "You're ah, God! Welcome!" Searching, she found Mace's hard cock. Cooing a little, she whispered, "Can…ah!

Oh, oh! I suck!" Doug kept her speaking in broken phrases as he continued to sluice back and forth in her now well-oiled slit. "Sure baby, let me get situated just a little so we can both enjoy it!" Mace quickly got up and turned to a stroking Doug.

"Doug, can you pull her ass to edge of the bed so I can straddle her chest?" "Sure! Just let me get in a couple of quick licks first." Doug lifted his hip and drove forward. Thea gasped as their pubic hair meshed. Pulling back, he pounded on her in quick succession before pulling out his smoking cock. Taking Thea under the knees, he pulled her to the edge of the bed. Putting her legs on his shoulders, he once again buried his manhood inside her. Mace swung a leg over her form and scooted forward until his crotch was millimeters from her beautiful face.

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Her bountiful breast flesh felt good on his legs. Fisting his hardness, he rubbed it across her cheeks first and then to her lips. Gurgling with joy, Thea swallowed his length easily. Her tongue began immediately licking up and down his length. Um! She thought. This was better yet! Now two of her holes were full. The thought of one more in her butt made her shiver with anticipation.

Mace's cock fit her mouth completely. She whimpered softly as the very faint acrid smells seemed to turn her on. God she thought! How much better could it get? Then suddenly, Doug showed her it could get better as he began to pound on her hole with conviction. After a dozen strokes, his cock was like a hose as it spewed forth two years of celibacy.

Falling back, the semen continued to emit from his pee hole. Lowering the girl's legs carefully, he then laid down. He was worn completely out. By the third breath, he was asleep.

Mace watched his friend. Whispering for Thea to stop sucking, he rose and pulled her with him. Exiting the bed, he then got down on the floor on his knees.

"Get on your hands and knees." He told her. Doing so, Thea shivered when Mace got behind her and went between her Legs. "Open your thighs some more." Whimpering, she was told to be quiet when both of his hands began to probe her. "Hush! Yeah! Damn! You have got some kind of a snapper!" Using both hands, he separated her labia lips wide. Grunting at the intrusion, Thea grunted slightly when he entered her slick hole.

Within minutes she was gasping as his hips delivered powerful strokes into her body. When his hands reached and cupped her tits, she almost cried out. "Mace, please, ah! Oh God! Yes! Don't stop!" She cried as he had now reverted to giving her some light slaps on her ass cheeks. She enjoyed them so much that she would try and anticipate the next slap by backing up against his driving hips.

Finally unable to continue, he gave a hard shove and like Doug, he filled her snatch to the full point. Backing away after catching his breath, he bent and kissed her between the shoulder blades. Thea gasped a little and when his cock plopped out, she turned around and looked at him.

He was leaning against the w all smiling at her. "Come here baby." Thea crawled over to his open arms. They kissed and lay there letting their breaths even out. "Darn! That was good. You are fantastic! I would like to have you every day. You sure you don't want to co me with me when we leave? " Mace said as he stroked her cheek and tasted her full lips. Thea smiled. All she really wanted right now was to get his flaccid cock up one more time. The men had really gotten her blood to boil and she wanted another round.

Unfortunately, she was having no luck as his phallus refused to awake. Kissing him again, she slid down his body and had just put his still damp cock in her mouth when the door opened. Nick walked in. He smiled at the sight of the beauty as her heart shaped mouth bounced up and down on the cock of Mace. "Bill wants everyone in the living room.

Uh, uh!" He said to Thea, as she reached for her dress "Bill said no clothes for you!" They woke Doug up and then went back in the front of the house. A huge tray of sandwiches and drinks filled the table. The rest of the bunch had on shorts and when Thea walked in, they murmured their approval. As well they should. Her skin now had a rosy hue from the exertion she had undergone. Locks of her golden hair fell about her face and framed into a mirror of loveliness. Over on the sofa, a still nude Barbara was locked in a passionate kiss with Bill Evans.

She also had a rosy look about her as she had serviced both men. Mace put his hands around the waist of Thea and lifted her onto a table. Her legs dangled over the side. Positioning her until just her pert butt rested on the edge, he then eased between her legs and kissed her. "Open up your legs some more baby.

Come on! Spread them! All right! Let everybody look at that pussy you got. Hell! You don't mind that do you?" He whispered as once again they kissed. "No, I don't mind." She answered.

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I will do anything you ask me to do." "Good girl! That way everyone can see that luscious meat." Thea secretly enjoyed the looks the men gave her. She could see that their cocks were beginning to receive new life.

Evans smiled as he and Barbara approached her. He had one hand on the buttock of a contented Barbara as her hand caressed his hard flat stomach. His eyes took in the beauty and lushness of the younger girl.

Giving her full tits and cunt a good look, he reached and rubbed her soft inner thigh very gently back and forth. "What's your name?" He asked. "Thea." She said in a whisper. "How old are you?" He continued as his hand advanced up her thigh. "Twenty." Her nerves began to tingle as his hand advanced closer to her wide-open slit.

"You married?" "Yes." His fingers were now brushing against her pubic hair. "Did the boys take care of you so far?" "Yes." She whispered. "Old Mace here, he didn't give you a too hard of a spanking did he?" Thea looked up and her face features asked how he knew. Laughing as his fingers rode up and down her slit "I had just finished fucking this good looking cunt here" He answered as his hand pulled Barbara closer by her buttock "And I could hear your ass getting spanked." "Oh! I see.

No. It. was _ good! " "Okay then. You go ahead and eat. Then go shower. When you get through, I want you to come back and get back on this table.

We are going to have a show. So for now though, stay right there with those fine looking legs spread until you finish eating. How does that sound?" He smiled as he was now rubbing each side of her pink tinged cunt. "Okay." She answered with a stutter as Evans cupped her prominent labia lips together. Leaning forward, Bill Evans let go of an envious Barbara and took the younger girl in his arms.

His slowly thickening cock lay up against her silky covered slot as she eagerly accepted the kiss he gave her. Breaking apart, he stroked her cheek and then went down to a firm breast. Cupping it only for an instant, he again took Barbara by the waist and walked away Thea was handed a plate of sandwiches and a soft drink. Being hungry, she wolfed down two of the fat stuffed sandwiches quickly.

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Mace returned and smiled. Looking down at her spread thighs, he said, "You are a dream." "Thank you." Putting his hands at her side, he bent and kissed her.

Their lips locked together firmly as Thea had always enjoyed kissing. When his hands went to her boobs, she pushed against them so he could feel all her flesh. Mace continued to heft them as they enjoyed another kiss.

Then he whispered, "Now you make me proud when you get back." Thea looked quizzically at his remark and before she could speak, he squeezed her globes and walked away.

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She was still wondering when Nick Toa approached her after she had finished eating. He led her to the bathroom and patted her gently on her butt as she entered. Washing her hair and enjoying a long spray of water, she wondered again at Mace's remark.

So far she was enjoying herself. Being fucked in front of others was fantastic. And she loved staying nude. The only thing she wanted was to suck some more cocks. Reaching down to her grotto, she eased a finger up herself. Her cunt had already returned to its normal size. The exercises Barbara had shown her would insure that the next cock up her, it would be with feeling. She had learned that when she screwed Jake and Uncle more than twice each within an hour did or so, she would become loose there.

Barbara however, had shown her how to exercise and stay tight. Toa smiled when she exited. She returned it and putting his hand softly on her buttock, he guided her back to the living room.

She found the men all sitting across from the table she had been on having a drink. They were still nude Toa helped her back on the table and then quite unexpectedly, kissed her on the cheek. The girl was in a state of bewilderment. Smiling, Barbara approached and stood in front of her. She then had Thea scoot around until her buttocks just rested o n the table. "Lean back on your elbows!" A small sound of applause came from the men. She then opened up Thea's thighs wide.

The men gave out a few cat - calls as her fat lipped cunt came into plain view. Bending down, Barbara leaned forward and kissed the hairy mouth gently. Thea's body jerked as the sensation was enjoyable. Again Barbara kissed it and then began to lick at the meat with gusto. Thea's boobs jiggled delightfully as the men called out remarks. This was fantastic! Nude, held prisoner, having her cunt ate, and in front of four nude men! All with a prominent hard on that she secretly wished would find their way up her hole or mouth soon.

Suddenly Barbara began to suck her labia vigorously. Not being able to support her any more, Thea lay completely back. When her body surrendered to the loving Barbara was bestowing, she whimpered. Barbara finally stopped and stood up.

Looking down at the girl with a smile, Barbara rubbed each peach complexion cheek slowly. Thea began to tremble from the caresses.

Barbara's hands moved down and grasped her lust aching nipples. Twisting the luscious berries made Thea whimper and close her eyes to block out the pain. The hurt was quickly forgotten though when Barbara suddenly stopped, and placed a kiss on her open lips. Thea sucked in her breath, as her chest expanded and pushed against Barbara's hands. Then a wet tongue found her ear lobe. With closed eyes, she let herself be pulled into the arms of the woman.

Kisses were enjoyed and Barbara let Thea lie back down. Rubbing the sweet labia lips, Barbara eased a thumb from her left hand inside Thea. Moving it in and out, she swiftly put in the one from her right hand. Barbara next hooked the girls' lips and began pulling them apart. Thea gave out with a plea and then changed it to gurgles and sighs as a feeling of enjoyment swept through her body. When it felt like her cunt was going to be pulled apart, Barbara stopped and before the lips could retain their former shape, she rammed two fingers deep inside!

"Ah! God! Please! Thea cried out. The fingers felt like rods of fire as Barbara continued to gouge and turn her hand. Beads of perspiration erupted on her fore - head, as her eyes stayed shut as they tried to block out the pain. Suddenly Barbara stopped and began to slowly finger her with compassion.

"Oh! Oh! Yes, mo . re, please, oh yes!" Thea whimpered as a solitary tear rolled down her face. Barbara whispered something and Thea nodded. She then returned to fingering the girl's cunt. With her free hand she motioned for the men to approach. "One of you take her here." She said as she moved her wet fingers that had been tormenting Thea with a plop. "Someone else can take her in the mouth." "Let me have some more of this broad's cunt." Evans said as he worked his cock back and forth to make it harder.

Putting the head just to the outer lips, he pulled back and rubbed his cock head back and forth. Thea began pleading for him to do her "Please! I need it! Ahhh! Yes. Oh yes!" She mumbled as Evans relented and pushed his hard meat to its fullness up her. Nick Toa was by her head. He was rubbing her cheek. Taking his middle finger, he pushed it past her full lips. Thea sucked at it like a baby with its mother.

Pulling away, he guided his cock into her sweet mouth. Letting her get settled, he then began fucking her mouth in slow steady strokes. By now, Barbara had lain down with her legs open. Tone and Mace joined her. For a few moments they swapped kisses and then Tone suggested a new position. Within a minute or two, Tone was getting a blow -job, while Johnson was holding Barbara by the hips while his cock drove back and forth in her cunt.

Thea and Barbara were tired. The men had taken them twice each in succession. Thea took another shower and the water seemed to wash away her tiredness. Joining the others, she took a chair by the window. Suddenly there was a movement through the blinds. They had not been pulled together good and it was possible to see outside.

There! There it was again! Something or someone was definitely there! Evans and Doug Tone were taking a nap. Nick and Mace were to keep watch. Mace sat down next to Thea and took her in his arms before she could speak. As his lips found hers, his hand reached down and eased opened her thighs. Cupping her cunt, he pushed a finger deep inside the warm flesh. Thea tried to resist, but quickly gave way to the danger and passion.

When finally they stopped, Thea gasped to catch her breath, "Mace, something or someone is outside. You need to get away from here. I don't want you caught and sent back to prison. So, go! " Thea pleaded with the hint of tears in her eyes.

He stared at her for a moment and then said, "Nick, I'm going to give the outside a check. I will be right back." Slipping on his clothes, he eased out the door. Within scant seconds, the roar of guns erupted outside.

Before Evans and Tone could get back to the living room, the front and rear doors were flung open. A half dozen armed officers rushed in. It was all over in seconds. The police chief turned to the now robed women as Evans and his men were led away. "He told me that he and his men did not hurt or violate you in any way? Is that true?" "Well, they had made us strip so that we wouldn't run away, but that was all and they never touched us or anything…else." Barbara said with a straight face.

"Hmm, okay. Well, anyway, we picked up a lead and it was all we needed." Nodding his head he turned and walked away. After everyone had gone, Thea and Barbara had a laugh about what Barbara had said to the police Looking over at Thea, she smiled broadly.

"You know, don't think badly of me, but I enjoyed the men." Thea listened and suddenly she started laughing and heartily agreed. "Yes, me too. Mace and especially Doug were good lovers." "Yeah, I noticed that when Doug had me, he was gentle and knew what to do." Barbara said with a grin. "Oh, by the way, did I hurt you with my fingers?" "…Just for a few seconds.

Then it was o . okay." She answered in a low voice. "Good. I didn't want to, but Evans told me he wanted to see you jump around a little. Are you sure I didn't? Let me see!" Barbara added in a low, slightly husky voice as she scooted closer.

Putting her hand under the robe flaps, she whispered for Thea to open up her thighs. Thea slightly jerked when the smooth hand gently separated her warm thighs. A long sigh expelled from her full lips as the manicured finger traveled the length of her slit twice before going deep inside. Barbara gave Thea a close scrutiny look as she slowly let her finger enticingly explore the wet softness.

"You don't seem to be loose down there. Actually, you feel good. Very…good!" She said as her finger moved deeper in the treasure trove of Thea. "Ahhh! Yeas! I…oh…that feels good!" Thea said in a little girl voice as she lay back. "I'm glad you're okay." Barbara said with a hidden smile as her hand started backing slowly out of the younger girl's slit.

"No!" Thea said suddenly. "Please, Barbara, oh my God! Um! Please, oh please, don't take your finger out. I …um…feel so good!" You needed not to worry a compassionate appearing Barbara said to her. I got so many things in my mind that I want to do to you. Oh no! Don't worry! I'll keep this juicy pussy of yours well filled. Leaning down slightly, she kissed the blond ever so sweetly.

"I have some friends. Would you like to meet them?" "I…guess so." Thea answered. "Good. I would love for them to see and …feel you." She replied as her finger sunk back inside again. "Plus I have some men friends who like to come over.

You interested?" She asked followed by another kiss. "I have a feeling that you would truly enjoy it." Barbara whispered as her tongue licked at the ear of Thea. "Didn't you enjoy the cocks that were up you today?" Thea murmured an affirmative reply as she lay back with her eyes closed.

Her thighs were open to the driving hand of Barbara. The scenario she was outlining sounded so good and inviting.


Pushing back against the two fingers, Thea smiled and asked, "Uh…When? Easing her fingers out, Barbara lowered her face down and lightly kissed Thea's lips. "I will contact you. But for right now let's just …enjoy each other! " "Ohh! Yes!" Thea replied as she was pushed back on the couch. When the head of Barbara disappeared between her firm thighs, she whimpered and tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks.