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Haut Diamant anal xxx Pornofilme
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TOM the PAPERBOY As I was driving home from work, I wondered if my "for sale" notice would be in the newspaper. I was anxious to get ride of my boat and trailer since we had not had the boat in the water for the last three seasons. When I pulled into the garage and headed toward the kitchen, I yelled at my wife, "Marge, has the paper boy come yet?" She replied, "No, but he eyes are glassy." I walked into the kitchen and there was Tom, our paper boy sitting on the counter with his shorts down around his ankles and my wife leaning over the counter sucking on his hard black cock.

He just smiled at me with some bit of apprehension showing his white teeth and bulging eyes and certainly enjoying the attention he was getting from my wife.


"What the Hell!" I shouted, and Marge just waved her hand and continued to slide her lips up and down on Tom's wet cock sucking his purple knob and licking his shaft all the way down to his pubic hairs.

"Honey, I told you that if I ever got the chance I'd like to see Tom's cock and above all, I'd like to taste it.

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Well, that chance happened about 20 minutes ago. It reminds me of a nice, thick, creamed filled chocolate eclair." I watched with fascination as Marge stroked his chocolate meat stick, pumping his cock and gobbling all the cock she could get into her mouth, almost to the point of gagging.

I could see the tears in her eyes from taking so much of the boy's cock down her throat. We had fantasized so many times about Tom, the paperboy, wondering what it would be like to have him fuck Marge and see her sucking his black cock. It was the center point of many erotic thoughts over the past few months and we'd both get hotter than hell just imagining such an thing happening.

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Marge even imagined that as she was sucking his cock, what would it be like if I joined in and together, we sucked him to completion. "Would you like that Baby, you know, taking his dark cock in your mouth and sucking another guys cock?

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I'd love to see you do that Honey, especially Tom's black boy cock, but then, I would like to see you suck any guys cock. You know I'd like to watch another guy suck your cock too, maybe even you two guys do a male 69, does that ever enter your mind?" Marge would fantasize for hours it seemed, imagining all sorts of scenarios but always, it seemed to end up with her desire to see me sucking a cock and with his warm creamy cum smeared all over my lips and face.

"Here's your chance Honey!" I heard her talking to me. I came out of my trance and realized she was talking to me, Max Duncan, and suggesting I had a golden opportunity to taste some boy's hard cock for the first time. "Come over here Sweetheart and just touch this beauty!" I walked over hesitantly to the counter and reach out to grasp Tom's shaft with my hand. His cock was so warm and soft to the touch as Marge continue to suck his cock head.

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She reluctantly released his throbbing cock from her lips and pointed it toward me, saying, "Taste it, Honey, taste and lick it for me," and she gently placed her hand on the back of my head and pushed my head toward Tom's twitching cock.

My mouth voluntarily opened and I dropped my head down on that tender morsel and alas, I was actually sucking a cock, a boy's cock, no, Tom was a man for sure even though he was but sixteen years old. His cock was bigger than my 6" and his cock felt rather nice in my mouth. It was like having a fudge cycle in my mouth only not as cold and just as good though.

Marg and I alternated swallowing his cock and we would both lick the shaft of his cock from bottom to top and our tongues would swirl around his purple cock head as we would kiss each other and then start all over again.

After awhile, Marge started stroking his cock and telling me to continue sucking it. She wanted to bring him along at a faster pace and she liked the idea of her jacking Tom "off" in my mouth. All the time I heard her saying, "That's it Baby, go get his cum.

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I want to see you take his "load" fully into your mouth and suck him dry." Then she would add, " Remember now, try to save some of his cum in your mouth so we can share it with a kiss." It wasn't long when I realized that Tom was moaning and hunching his cock deeper into my mouth. I also thought his cock seemed harder, and it was throbbing when it seemed to "recoil" a bit, and Tom was splashing his warm cum against the roof of my mouth in volley after volley.

My cheeks puffed out some and I knew I had to swallow some of his cum to make room for more of his seed. The feeling and thrill of that moment was just awesome.

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Never in my life had I experienced anything like it and I savored the texture and taste and tried to remember to "save some" as Marge told me. Tom had a copious amount of sweet cream and when I pulled my mouth from his cock, he was still shooting some smaller ribbons of cum and Marge was quick to capture those precious pearls of cum on her tongue.

Tom was breathing hard now as Marge cleaned his cock and she was smiling at me, amused at the way my lips were pursed closed tightly, holding the liquid treasure she so badly wanted.

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She kissed me full on the lips and my tongue pushed some of Tom's warm creamy cum into her waiting mouth. We kissed, tasted, passed and repassed the musky liquid and we both swallowed most of his cum.

There were still droplets of goo on our faces as we licked each other clean and rested from a job well done. Tom was all smiles as he watched us come down from our "high" and he said, "You guys are terrific, that was wonderful. I loved both a man and a woman sucking me like that, nothing like the attention of two nice people pleasing a cock with their tongues.


Thanks!" I said to Tom, "No, thank you for allowing us to realize a long time fantasy, Marge and I have been wanting something like this to happen for a long time. Maybe you'll come back again soon and we can explore more "fun" things together. Tom then surprised us by saying, "You bet, I too enjoy sucking cocks as well as licking girls pussies and fucking them, so I am game for about anything.

When I can't find a girl, my best buddy Charles and I give relief to each other." he said with a big grin and winking his eye.

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Tom gathered up his clothes and things and was out the door till the next time. Marge and I fucked each other silly right there on the kitchen floor! The End