Smalltit ebony tgirl tugging her dick nicely

Smalltit ebony tgirl tugging her dick nicely
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" Through her haze, she experienced a vague sense of self-awareness. She'd never been taken by a older man before, and she hadn't ever seen a huge cock before, her thought is to run." Tammy is shy, innocent, and very naive about men and sex, she is 25 single petite woman.

She fidgeted with her short dress, clearing her throat uneasily as she sat at the bar.

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Men were staring at her, and honestly she didn't blame them. The dress was sent to her by a mysterious annomyous admirer and is ridiculously short and the sharp, lethal looking stilettos made her look hot and very sexy. She didn't look like a cheap hooker, or even a more expensive hooker, she looked like a dainty classy woman and even though she didn't dress like this, ever, she knew that she looked incredible.

The music in the club is hot, heavy, and the dance floor is at her back as she sat at the bar, on the corner stool. She stirred her drink and made a face, glancing up to look around and peering at the door. People had been coming and going, and I'd already been here for thirty minutes. I walked up behind her and leaned in close to her ear, " You've barely even touched that drink, ma'am." Tammy jumped being startled by my hot breath near her ear.

Tammy turns her head looking over her shoulder at me, she is surprised seeing me standing behind her. She had met me six months ago, when she was working on a special project for her boss.

She smiles, nervously, and glances down at her drink. Do I make the guess take the chance that this was my unknown admirer? That this was the man that sent her the dress and high heels, and she had taken that incredible leap to meet in this bar?

" I'm waiting for someone." She smiled, a little braver. She tapped her toe against the metal bar at her feet and stirred her drink, taking a small sip. She hoped I would leave her alone, she should have known better. Instead I slide on to a stool next to her, my leg pressing against hers. " I'd love to be that someone." I smiled, the smell of scotch on my breath made her want to gag.


She crinkled her nose and my expression changed. " What? I'm not good enough for you, honey?" I said, angrily.


" Is your special date paying a lot of money for you?" Tammy gasped and stiffened her spine, the bartender came over and put his palms down on the smooth wooden counter. She clenched her jaw, grabbed her clutch and stood up from the bar.

Fuck this, she wasn't going to sit here and take this from some drunken jerk. She had barely taken a step when I grabbed her arm and pulled her back. In the dangerously high heels she wobbled and nearly fell, spilling my drink down the front of my expensive suit.

Tammy stood still with her mouth open in shock. I grabbed a towel dabbing my suit off, I looked at her smiling. I invited her to join me at me penthouse for a private dinner, I said " I'm John Malone, your mysterious admirer.We met briefly six months ago." Tammy stuttered " I'm Tammy.I remember you now.I would love to join you for dinner." We left the bar, going to my penthouse. Tammy walks into the living room and I close the door locking it. I grab her arm spinning her around to face me and lean in to kiss her.

Tammy slaps me then plants a hand firmly in the center of my chest pushing me away. " I'm going home." I look at her " What?" I have never had a woman scold me. I have never had a woman walk out on me." You can't do that." " Watch me." Tammy is startled when I grab her pulling tight against me, and her mouth dropping open in surprise. A small smile on my lips, and my expression looks dark and evil. " What are you doing?" she gasps in shock. I didn't answer. I wrap my arm around her waist, lifting her from the floor as I walk into the bedroom.

It made Tammy gasp, as her hands immediately came out to hit my shoulders. My mouth is aggressive when it finds hers, and I reach out to close the bedroom door, and lock it. Letting her body slide down the length of me, I push her against the wall behind her. Deepening our kiss, my body slams into hers, as I reach up to grip both of her breasts in my hands through her dress.

Tammy moans against my mouth when my hips grind into hers. I did it repeatedly and roughly, completely consumed with arousal. Groaning into her mouth, I reach down with my hands, ripping her dress off.

I broke away turning her so that she is pressed into the wall.

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My hard mouth found her neck, opening to suck at her delicate skin. I lick and taste her while my fingers reach between them to tear open my pants. Within seconds she feels me pressing between her legs, as my voice growls when it came to her.


" I need to fuck you now." Tammy is to shocked to move, she feels me trying to wedged the head of my cock into tight cunt, she starts to squirm. Holding my body completely still, I found she stopped. Waiting a couple of minutes I once more start the sawing motion to gain a fraction of an inch at a time to get my cock up inside her tender tight pussy until I can take her. Damn, I want to lie on top of her and just fuck her, but if I don't get my cock lodged inside her, she will jerk her body and my cock will be pulled out of her.

Finally I feel the head slip inside her inner labia and I knew I was safe. Moving so I'm tight against Tammy's body, my movement causes her to scream, " What. no. oh no.

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John you must stop, I've never done this in a long time.that hurts, take it out of me.oh it hurts, don't push in me like that!" While Tammy was trying to use her hands to push against the wall, trying to push me from inside her. I held her so she can't escape, " Take me Baby Cakes; you've wanted this every since we met six months ago. " No, don't John, it hurts me.stop your going into deep.augh no more, it hurts, take it out and I'll let you, honest I will." I pull out of her, Tammy went over to the bed and laid down on her back.

I climbed on the bed, spreading her legs wide. I crawled between them, my body looming over her, " So now let me get that sweet pussy." I said with a hint of sarcasm to my voice.

" John.STOP! I CAN'T.AUGH, NO!" Tammy cries as the pain of her tight pussy is being stretched, as my cock head is pushing through the overly thick membrane of her vaginal walls until it slides up against her cervix. As my long thick cock stretched her tight pussy, Tammy suffers from having an overly thick vaginal walls.

She screamed, " NOOOOO.OH GOD IT HURTS.AUGHHHHH!" I listened as she cried out in pain as her pussy is split all around the head and shaft of my cock.

I recalled hearing nearly the same words when I took other young women. Telling Tammy, and most likely I had spoken the same thing to the other women, " Fuck me back, move your butt up and take my cock in your busted pussy." " Please don't do it, someone help me, make him stop.oh it hurts don't push so deep in your finger out of my asshole." Once more Tammy is screeching her desire and asking me to stop, " Augh no, someone please help god it's killing me." Tammy continues sobbing as I rammed my cock into the petite woman's small cunt as deep as I can with the head of my cock pushing up against her cervix when I shot my load of cum.

Moving from between Tammy's legs, the woman I had just given her first fuck, I look down and see the blood that is seeping out her mixed with my cum. When she placed her hand over her bald pussy, Tammy feels the wetness and when pulling her hand up, looks at the results of being fucked for her first time.

Tammy just laid there in a daze, having been fucked for the first time in months. Tammy is brought back to reality as she feels her sensitive nipples harden as my hand brushed over them, " Well, shall we continue." I said. Tammy again feeling pressure in her pussy as I pull her closer, my hands taking ownership of her slender waist, sliding down towards her ass and gripping it.

" Wait," she said, " I don't ." " You don't want to what?" I said, my lips on her neck, warm and hot and sucking. " I don't want ." " It seems to me that you want plenty." I pull her even closer, and Tammy feels the hardness in my pants.

Knowing what was in there — Knowing what to do — she stayed, hoping that I would let her go and that the pressure in her pussy would go away. This was the wrong move because I started spreading her legs again. " Wait — no —" " Shhh," I said, nibbling her ear lobe and sending her eyes upward, " It's going to be better this time." When she didn't move her legs, I forced them open.

Then my fingers were rubbing her, rubbing her where she'd never been rubbed; I sucked my fingers and rubbed her some more, and she'd never experienced anything like this before, it was like explosions as her eyes were rolling back into her head and she is making noises. Grabbing those full, perky breasts in my hands and trying to grab her ass at the same time, trying to penetrate her pussy with my fingers, her wet pussy.

God, she is still tight — she is all mine again. I feel the tightness, feel the thick walls. Holding her tight to me, ignoring her protests, I'm ready to enter her. I feel her again, made sure of her wet hot opening.

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It is again going to be tight, but I didn't care — I had to fuck her again. I guided my cock to her soft, warm entrance, and when I found it — hearing her gasp one last " No!" — I thrust with all my might into her tight pussy.

We laid together for a second, locked, Tammy not believing that her first cock is again penetrating her to the hilt, I'm not believing how tight she still is, how unbelievably hot it is to know that I'm the first in months, the one that she'd always remember.

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I start to fuck her, hard, not caring if it feels good for her, feeling her cunt muscles grabbing my cock and pulling me in, fucking her so hard that our bodies slam together, holding her in place with my hands. Her tiny body can't do anything about it while I used it.

Her cries are music, spurring me on. Penetrating her deeper and deeper, feeling her pussy giving way to my huge manhood, my hard rhythm. This is what women are for. Tammy took it, all of it, feeling me entering her again and again, feeling my big cock taking control of her, her legs lifting up and wrapping themselves around me, her voice calling higher and higher. She begins to shake in my arms as I fuck her. I hear her cries and quickened my pace, no stopping now, her high, loud gasps in my ears.

Her thighs are wrapped around me, her tits and her heels bouncing as I thrust.

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I caught a glimpse of the two of them in the mirror, and seeing her being fucked by me triggered it. All at once, I feel my balls tighten and I came, emptying myself into her again, slowing down for a few last hard thrusts before finishing, firmly inside her. We laid there for a few moments, breathing hard. " Well, we've got off to a good start but it's going to be a long night for you. Better eat and rest now before I take you again for a continuation." Tammy blinked.

He couldn't. He wouldn't. We got up showered and dressed, we went to dinner and returned. Tammy is insisting I take her home, I grab her forcing her into the bedroom. I push her against the wall behind her. Deepening our kiss, my body slams into hers, as I reach up to grab both of her breasts in my hands through her dress. Tammy moans against my mouth when my hips grind into hers. I did it repeatedly and roughly, completely consumed with arousal.

Groaning into her mouth, I reach down with my hands, ripping her dress off. I broke away turning her so that she is pressed into the wall. My mouth found her neck, opening to suck at her delicate skin. I lick and taste her while my fingers reach between them to tear open my pants. Within seconds she feels me pressing between her legs, as my voice growls when it came to her. " I need to fuck you again now." Tammy pulls away irritated, running for the door. Suddenly my hand is clamped around her mouth.

She is surprised she froze. " You tease me, you come here and now reject me. huh?" I whisper in her ear. " No woman rejects my advances. No woman refuses sex with me." I spin her round pinning her against the wall. Her surprise on her face and she tries to scream.

" Well that's pointless, isn't it now? We both know there is no one here to hear you scream." She feels my body pressing against hers as my hot breath is on her neck again. I look her over, she is well worth looking at.

She is young, petite, and shapely. Her breasts are a marvel to behold, even flattened by gravity, as she lays there. It seems to me that seeing her naked again is worth it. I continue to look at her, liking what I saw, while she is pulling at her wrists, which I'm holding.

I let go of her hands. She is about to sit up, to pull up her panties. My cock is already fully erect, my hand drifts down and cups Tammy's mound. I feel the heat there. Tammy is shaking her head slowly, saying " No" in a soft voice. I watched her face as I undid my trousers and push them down. She continues to shake her head from side to side, but she made no real effort to stop me as I move her legs wider apart.

Then Tammy is still, just watching as I move her lips apart and position myself so that my erection is pressing lightly against her slit. She starts to squeal as I push slowly inside, her voice rising as I went deeper. I'm only halfway inside her when her squeal broke off for lack of breath.

She watches the rest of my penetration in silence, finally giving a little gasp when I sink that last little bit into her.

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" Oh my god, you're really doing it to me again," she moans. " How can you?" Quite easily, actually. She feels wonderful, wrapped around my cock again, tight and hot. Afterwards I decided that Tammy had been too shocked to realize that I'm really taking her until after I was in her.

When I initially entered her, she had been quiescent, just letting it happen. Now it is finally registering and when I start thrusting it hit home with a vengeance. I withdrew and slam back in and Tammy shrieks and bucks under me, squealing a loud protest.

" Ahhh. What are you doing? You can't do this to me again. OH MY GOD! You can't do this again. Eeeeee. Don't do that. OH my god, that thing is huge.

Take it out." That is just the start of it. Fortunately I'm moving slow to start with, giving her a chance to get the feel of me moving in her. Eventually I tired of her squeals and protests. I pause the action and place a hand over her mouth. " Quite down a bit and provide more action," I told her. " Don't you know that when I do this," demonstrating with a hard thrust, " you're suppose to push up to meet me? Let's try it together." With that I gave another hard thrust, and this time Tammy lifted her hips a little to meet me.

" Again," I said, driving in harder again, she raised her hips to meet me, this time with a bit more vigor.

" That's better," I told her, rewarding her with a gentler stroke which she met easily. " Now try to keep up." I took it slow for a few minutes, letting her get the rhythm. Soon she is moving smoothly under me, no longer complaining but getting a feel for the action. It is apparent to me that the men, she had been with were lacking in educating her sex-wise.

I'm slowly increasing the tempo, and Tammy is keeping up with me with no problems. She seems to have decided that as this is happening again, she'd make the best of it and follow my lead. I feel her legs come up and wrap around me as she clings to me, her hips moving urgently. Strange sensations are building rapidly within her, her arousal is complete and she is now eager to see where it will lead.

She clung and bucks under me, while I rode her hard again, driving her up towards new heights, hurrying her along now as I'm rapidly scaling those same heights.

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Her breasts are soft beneath my hands as I steadily thrust my hardness into her now yielding flesh. We are moving faster and faster, both of us ready for the finale. When the climax hits me I accelerated, thrusting madly into her, emptying my balls into her again, while she wraps herself tightly around my cock and did her best to milk me dry.

Tammy sags down on the bed afterwards, apparently out for now. I pull out of her and roll off her.