Man performs cunnilingus previous to getting his shlong sucked well

Man performs cunnilingus previous to getting his shlong sucked well
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THE CHANCE TO FUCK THE BHABIJI In 1996, I was then resided in service quarter at Rajshahi. The quarter was a long tin-shed building along with an inside road.

Each quarter has 8 feet wide verandah at the both sides and two rooms. The indoor space divided with a small yard (compound) in half portion and other half was occupied bath, toilet and kitchen. The yard was ended with a 10" high boundary wall.

There was a steel door with the wall to go outside (back of the quarter). At the backside every quarter allotted with two small pieces of lands, we cultivated vegetables there.

Each of the quarter allotted with a yard and the yard side divided with a wall for two quarters, otherwise the bath, toilet and kitchen also divided with a wall as the construction was brick built and turned "V" shaped tin shed. So that every after one quarter's yard was face to face and bath, toilet and kitchen was back to back. My quartersbath-kitchen-toilet was south side and yard was north side and the quarter of my north's yard was south side andbath-kitchen-toilet was north side.

For that if I peeped from my kitchen through the tin shed hole, I could easily see my north side's quarter's bathroom clearly. But I didn't getalways the chance to peep from there, only when my wife went out or visited her parents then I got the chance to peep and tried to see the nude body of my neighbor vabi or her daughter(s).

It will not always successful, because they didn't keep their bathroom door opened always, only when they felt uneasy or the man of that quarter was absent.

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After about three months the old neighbor left the quarter and a new neighbor Mr Hamid came to that quarter. From the very first day the Hamid's daughter attracted me with her physical existence. She was about 5'-4" tall but slender. The most attractive thing of her body was her cone shaped pin pointed plump breasts which were clearly visible for her attires. She always wore skirt and T-shirt. She never used any scarf and her cone shaped breasts always made a pair of tents with her T-shirt, when I saw her I felt a heart-throb, her name is Bijori.

In the next part of the story I will address her as "Jori" that I called her with this nickname. I collected information about Jori via Rima. Oh yes, first let me introduce Rima. Rima's granny was a beggar and she usually came to my parent-in-laws house and my MILfelt affection to the old lady and let her to stay one or two in my in-laws house and gave her some money, rice, vegetables etc.

One year ago, Rima's father divorced her mother and married other lady and drove away Rima with her mother from his home.

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But unlucky Rima's mother suddenly died in an accident and she became alone in this world. Her beggar granny picked her and brought my in-law's home. She requested to do something for the girl, then Rima was only 7 year's kid.

About 3' tall and her complexion was blackish. My MIL requested my wife to take her with us and from then Rima was a member of my family. She was neither maid nor relative; she was just sheltered to us. We also never behaved with her like a maid. But we treated her as a helper of my wife and we gave her all dresses and useful things which she required.

My son was then just 2 years kid and she was very helpful for my wife. Now come to the mainstream. I collected information about Jori via Rima. Rime informed me that, the Mr Hamid is a security man (Sergeant of the organization) and Jori is the only child of the family.

She had no sibling at all but Rima couldn't serve anything else. After a day or two Hamid's wife (Jori's mother) came to visit our quarter as manner demanded, my wife already visited her for few moments. Then I came to know that Hamid's wife got tumor in heruterus after the birth of Jori and she had to operate and remove the uterus. So she had no issue after Jori.I began to address her with Bhabiji.

Bhabiji was very fair complexioned and her body construction was medium with 36D-28-36 figure (guessed) and about 5'-3" tall. She was very cheerful and became very easy with us from the first meeting. I felt her looking towards me was very straight and lustful; I memorized it into my evil brain. Who knows, it would be helpful to bring Jori was then studied in class VII though she was about 15 years of age.

Bhabiji also informed about that and I came to know that Jori became always sick in her childhood age and for that she had to break her study and she then studied in class VII instead of passing SSC Board Exam. I thought about Jori and felt carnal desire remembering her cone shaped heart-poked 30B shaped breasts over her T-shirt. I thought and thought about how I could I manage Jori to bring in my bed and fuck her hard or at least see her nice plump cone-shaped breasts and her nice juicy pussy (must be juicy for her age).

Her complexion was not as her mother but she got her father's complexion neither fair nor dark. She was taller than her mom, about 5'-6" at her that age. Her body construction was just like her mother 30-24-34. It was September and once my wife went to visit her parents, I became alone in the quarter. From the next day after returning from office at 1:30 PM, in the kitchen I started peeping through the tin-shed hole towards the Hamid's bathroom standing on a chair.

It was very difficult to peep for a long time but I patiently did that. Everyday Bhabiji and Jori bathed closing the door and I disappointed. I feared that at last my all labor would go in vein. But I had a strong belief that some one day they would remain open the door. At last my entire trying came to a success, in a holiday Bhabiji entered into the bathroom and shocking me she didn't shut the door. It was winter and in the noon the sun inclined at the south sky and the warm sunlight straight fell into their bathroom.

Bhabiji removed her shari from her body and then unbuttoned her blouse. Then she was only in a white bra.

I clearly saw her large voluptuous breasts over the white bra. Then she slipped down the strap of the bra from her shoulder and dragged down at her belly and then I could see her breasts clearly, oh no, not breasts, only breast, yes, my dear, she had only one breast, and other was absent there. I got a shock and amazingly stared at her only left breast. That was very fair, whitish and firm also, slightly tapered upwards and ended with a long black nipple surrounded with black aureole, about two inches in diameter.

The right breast was totally absent; instead of there was wrinkle skin, which may be by burning there.

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The only breast was plump and it was swinging with her every movement. I thought it would be very supple and soft to squeeze and began to crave for squeezing the breast hard. Then Bhabiji untied the string of the petticoat and released to drop down. Housewives do not wear panty at home in our community, so I could see her pubic surface covered with trimmed pubic hairs but not able to see her pussy.

She opened the shower and drenched her body. After that she applied soap on her body and scrub her body with a scrubber, while she was scrubbing her breast it was pressed and lost its shape and it seemed very soft.

Bhabiji pressed her breasts for several minutes while rubbing the scrubber. I became so hot that my penis was already erected hard and oozing pre-cum from its head, I began to rub my slippery penis head while observing the bath scene and I had to masturbate then.

After a few minutes Jori appeared there with her cloths and Bhabiji told her something which I couldn't hear. Jori entered into the bathroom and helped her mom to scrub her back. I amazed that Bhabiji didn't cover her single boob chest and Jori looked at her mom's bob. Jori became drenched with soap and water and she was waiting n at the door.

For Jori I couldn't see clearly Bhabiji's nude body. Bhabiji finished her bath and came to the yard, then I only could see her head. Jori entered into the bathroom and another shocking was waiting for me, she also didn't close the door. Bhabiji already disappeared from there and Jori dragged her T-shirt upwards and removed it away. Then I could clearly see her cone shaped plump breasts, those were tanned in color. The tip of the breasts were blunt, because her nipples were mushroom-head shaped and bulged within a black aureole.

Jori took some water in hand and poured along her finger on to the nipples and for coldness she shivered. Then she put off her elastic banded cotton pants and I could see her bulged pubic surface, which was covered with some silky sparse pubic hairs.

She took some water in hand and washed her pussy by rubbing that. The scene was so excited that I couldn't but masturbate again. What I would do, I could not decide, on one hand I was craving for Jori as well as for Bhabiji after seeing their nude body. But whom I would try first, I couldn't decide. At last I left it on the almighty, whom HE should manage for me, I must not disobey HIM.

So I was waiting for the suitable chance and trying to be close with them. Within the next three months I came very close to Jori and her mother, I random went their quarter and became a close member of the family. Mr Hamid also liked me very much that he couldn't spare time for his family as his service was very busy job and I accompanied his family.

It was very pleasurable to me that Jori and Bhabiji always desired for me and some bantering also made by them with us, though they did it one another's absence.

In the December Jori's final exam was over and Jori's grandpa (Bhabiji's father) came to visit them and took Jori with him for the period of the school till restarts.

I became very glad that the first chance was at my hand then, but I realized that it still was hazardous because of my wife. If I delayed to return from Hamid's quarter she inquired about my delay. But she never saw anything doubtful because I remained very safely. After about 10 days message came from my parent-in-lawsthat my MIL became sick and requested us to see the ailing lady. I took 03 days casual leave and went to see my ailing MIL. At the end of my leave my MIL requested me to leave her daughter (my wife) for more few days, I gladly agreed.

I wanted to bring Rima with me for looking after my meal and cleaning housebut she denied me as Rima would help her by looking after my kid. She informed that Bhabiji was also requested to take of my meals. I returned and reached my quarter in the midnight, so I didn't disturb Bhabiji in the night, my wife packed some food for me, I took those in that night and the next morning as breakfast.

But before starting the office I called Bhabiji and informed her about my presence. After returning from the office I took bath and from the bathroom I heard the knocking sound at my backdoor. I opened the door and saw Bhabiji, she smilingly invited me to take lunch in her quarter. I enquired about Mr.

Hamid and she informed that he came one hour ago and returned his duty after taking the lunch and he will end his duty at 8:00 PM. It was a great opportunity for me but my heart began to throb that I didn't know either Bhabiji would give me the chance to fuck her or not. At the dining table from very near I observed Bhabiji and saw that her nose tip was sweaty. It is a symptom of sexual arousal. When she served food I felt her right breast touched my shoulder but I knew that it was her false breast, made by foam.

I tried my best to convince her into my desiring and told few adult jokes, she laughed but didn't show any interest.

I became disheartened and left the quarter. When I returned suddenly Bhabiji asked me "Moni Bhai, when I'll make tea for u?" I laughed and soon my devil brain started working and I replied "Bhabiji, I'm in leisure now, in the whole year I have to teach private students and only this period I get leave, so I am using this period properly. Now I will go to bed and sleep a deep sleep. You can awake me at about 6 PM, but remember, I sleep like a dead, so you may have to use stick or water to awake me hahahahahaha.

Please Bhabiji, forgive me for this trouble, I will keep my doors opened." Bhabiji giggled and told "Don't woory Bhai Shahib, I'll awake you on the right time, I know how to awake a sleeping man." I came to my room and lay on bed, obviously I couldn't sleep and waited for 6 PM. I began to scold myself for the foolishness, why I told for 6 PM, I could tell 4:30 or 5 PM.

At last 5:45 PM I got the preparation for Bhabiji.

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I lay on my left flank faced towards the edge of the cot and kept my right arm on my eyes covering those, that I can see what Bhabiji will do. I heard the footstep of Bhabiji and acted like deep sleep. Bhabiji entered into my room with a tray in hand and at first she called me few times. Then she pushed on my arm and called me few times. But I continue acted like deep sleep.

Then she kept the tray on the table and stood beside my head. Then she sat touching my chest and replaced my right hand. She tried to tickle at my armpit but failed. Then she opened my eyelid with her fingers and blew into my eyes.

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I decided to try my best for fulfilling my carnal desire. I slightly moved and grabbed her waist with my right hand and murmured "Oh Shilu (my wife's name), why are you disturbing me, please let me sleep for more some time." She again pushed me and told "Moni Bahi, please wake up, your tea becomes cold." I hugged her tightly and pulled her closer and told "Shilu, why you are bantering with me, please sit here, I am feeling something wrong." Then I began to rub my hand with her supple tummy and grabbed her abdomen muscle and pressed.

She tried to impede me by grabbing my hand but I didn't care about her impeding and raised my hand upwards and reached her breast. I knew that her right breast was absent, so I grabbed her left breast and began to press lightly. I felt she wore bra inside so I again told "Oh Shilu, what have you worn, I have told you not to wear this bloody rough thing, but you have worn it again, please Shilu remove it soon now. I reached the buttons of the blouse and began to unbutton those.

I understood that Bhabiji didn't try to impede me further. So I easily opened her blouse and pushed the bra upwards to uncover her breasts. Then I grabbed her left breast and began to squeeze hard, I screwed the nipple and titillate. Then I acted that I didn't know about the absentee of the right breast and groped there to touch the breast and when I confirmed that Bhabiji realized that I have understood the absentee of her right breast, I acted like return in my consciousness and opened my eyes and acted like that I became bewildered about her presence instead of my wife Shilu.

She was staring at me with bare breast and acted like flabbergast and began to stammer "Bhabhabahbahbiji you? Oh sosososorry I couldn't uuuunderstood. Ppppplease Bhabhabhabiji dddon't mind, fofoforgive me, pppplease." She smiled and turned towards me, her breast about to touch my chest and she kept her hand on my shoulder and told "why are you doing such?

Be quiet, please, nothing happened harmful, you call me Bhabiji, so why are you hesitating such, every 'devar' has some right upon his Bhabi." She was smiling, then I look straight at her eyes, I saw her eyes were glittering in joy, I also smiled and told "Bhabiji, really you are meaning it?" She again smiled and told "of course, I'm meaning it, now relax, your tea have been cool. I'm going to warm it." She wanted to get up but I stooped her grabbing her shoulder and hugged her tightly and told "Oh Bhabiji, you are great!" Her breast smashed with my chest.

I pressed tighter and felt the soft feeling on my chest. I grabbed her head and planted some kiss on her cheek and eyes and nose.


At last I kissed on her lips and took her lips into my mouth and began to suck. I inserted my tongue into her mouth and moved inside there.

Then she began to suck my tongue, her eyes were closed and she exhaled warm air. Meanwhile I grabbed her only breast and began to squeeze hard and nibbled on her nipple with my nail.

She became horny and began to moan AAAHHHH. I asked her about the disappearance of her right breast and she informed me that at her 5 years of age she felt into a large fire and her frock became fired and the right portion of her chest burnt. After that when she became adult the right breast didn't develop, it was totally spoiled, so she used an artificial foam breast inside her bra cup.

I asked her "Do you face any difficulty for this disability?" Bhabiji began to weep and told that after about four years of her marriage Mr Hamid doesn't caress her properly.

She told me "Nobody knows about my disability but my husband doesn't show interest to fulfill my sexual desires. Maximum time he intelligently avoids me, but I can realize that for nothing he always shows the business at his workplace." I didn't allow talking her much and took her lips again into my mouth and began to suck.

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Then I took her only nipple into my mouth and began to suck and press with both hands. I already removed her shari and blouse and then I laid her on the bed and lifted her petticoat upwards. How nice the pussy was, whitish in color, with fat lips and large clitoris in between the lips, the pussy was cleanly shaved in that day. The clitoris was black in color, I parted the pussy lips and saw the pink juicy pit craving for licking.

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I touched my tongue with the clitoris and she shivered in ecstasy. Then I began to lick her pussy nicely with the pick pit and the hole also. Pre-cum was dripping from the hole and I felt the brackish taste of that. I was also kneading her only breast with my both hands. Meanwhile my 8" long and 7.5" perimeter penis erected hard and stiffed and was tingling inside my lungi. Bhabiji stretched her hand and grabbing my iron-hard penis she wondered "Wow, what a giant your tool is!

Let me see." She snatched my lungi and dragged upwards and made bare my penis and stared with enthralled eyes. Then she grabbed my penis and pressed and exclaimed "how rigid and strong!" I held her head and dragged towards my penis and told "please suck now nicely". She took my penis head into her mouth and began to suck, she was encircling her tongue with the circumference of bulged neck of my circumcised penis and I was enjoying immense pleasure from the action.

At 69 position I also inserting my head within Bhabiji's thighs licked her pussy and clitoris and I was inserting my tongue into her pussy hole.


She was moaning in ecstasy AH AH AH AH AH AAH AAAH AAAAAH AAAAAAH. After licking about 5 minutes Bhabiji requested me to insert my dick into her pussy "Moni bhai, I can't bear anymore, fuck me soon, please fuck me hard". I got up and sat between her thighs and parting her legs wider I opened her pussy fully, the pit beneath the clitoris opened its mouth to take my penis. I set my erected iron-rigid penis head with her pussy hole and thrust into the hole.

The pussy hole was well lubricated by oozing pre-cum from her pussy and my penis, so with few jolt I could shove the entire length of my penis into her pussy hole.

Bhabiji exclaimed in joy AAAAH. I stooped my body forward and lay on her body and planted a deep kiss on her lips. Then I rested my body weight on my palms keeping both sides of her body and my knees and began to drive my waist forwards and backwards. My 7" perimeter penis occupied the full circumference of her pussy hole and the pussy wall grasped my penis tightly.

My penis began to go in and out through the pussy hole. Bhabiji began to moan in ecstasy and grabbed my waist with her legs and was giving up jerk with my every thrust. The action was very enjoyable and I got full joy of fucking. I was kneading the single breast with my both hands. Sometimes I was holding her shoulder to get more energy to shove my penis with more strength, fuck fuck fuck pokk pokk pokkat pokkat sound produced from the friction with our pubic.

I sometimes titillated the clitoris and she shouted in joy. I asked her "Bhabiji, how are you feeling?" She replied with a weak voice "inexpressible, fuck me dada, fuck harder." I then rolled her body on her flank and raised her one leg towards the ceiling and sat on her other leg and shoved my penis's entire length into her pussy hole. My penis head hit her womb orifice and she shouted in joy. I fucked her in that position about 5 minutes. Lastly I got down from the bed and stood on the floor.

I turned her body towards me and her upper body from her waist was on the bed, the rest portion of her body (legs) was rested on my hand, I laid her on her chest. I parted her legs so wider that the legs became straight alongside the bed and holding at that position I again shoved my pussy, the pussy became fully slippery and my penis was moving easily through the pussy hole. I was fucking her with my full strength, and she was groaning in joy and waving her waist in ecstasy.

After about 5 minutes or so I began to drive my shaft faster with full strength and she began to moan rapider and louder AAAH AAAH AAAAH AAAAH AAAAAH AAAAAH AAAAH AAAAAH AAAAH AAAH AAAAAH AAAH OOOH OOOOH OOOOH OOOOH OOOHHO HHHHOO HHHHHOOOOOO EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH as she reached her orgasm and next she gave few jerk and ejected.

I then again rolled her body and laid on her back and then I could grab her breast and began to knead and began to drive my penis first slowly and gradually accelerated the motion and I also moaned OOOOOOOO AAAAAAAAAAAAA OOOOOOOOOOO AAAAAAAAAAAA HHAAAAAAAAHHHHHH and ejected my load inside her pussy hole, Bhabiji permitted earlier to eject inside her pussy hole.

Then we both got up and washed from the bathroom. It was 7:30 PM and I told her "Hamid Bhai will return soon, fresh hurriedly".

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But she told me that Hamid wouldn't return before 10 PM. From the next day I fucked Bhabiji everyday twice, once after returning from office at 2 PM and once in the afternoon after taking tea. And afterwards when my wife left for her parents I remained alone in the quarter I fucked Bhabiji if Jori absented.