Whore Pinay teacher found his favorite cock

Whore Pinay teacher found his favorite cock
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Read what this true story has as themes before leaving a response or even reading it. Part 1 It was late July and school started in a few weeks me and Zack had been blowing each other for awhile now and no one knew. Since Doug had moved to Florida we only talked to him a little. We were both sixteen and wanted to and in the middle of puberty. Zack had his license and so we got are parents to let us take a road trip to a baseball game in Miami, FL. We packed are bags and were on are way.

Once on the highway it was a good 8 hours of driving.

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We talked and talked for a few hours and then I leaned over and unzipped Zack's pants to get at a big blond blush with a three inch cock sitting in it. As Zack asked franticly what are you doing I said relax and focus on driving. Zack did so and sat back as I licked his hairy nuts he started to moan a little and his cock started to stiffen. As it grew I slowly licked the shaft and did so until it was a nice hard cock just waiting to explode.

It was now 8 inches and I kept sucking it as my wet lips met with his pre cum. I started to use one hand to jerk him off as I prepared for him to cum. As he moaned and pushed himself up a little in the seat he groaned her it comes as a giant load of cum exploded into my mouth after I swooshed it around in my mouth and swallowed I licked and cleaned his cock and balls and zipped up his pants.

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We were only about 30 minutes from the stadium now so we decided to get a hotel room for the night and see the first game tomorrow. It was 8:00 and we were hanging out in the room making out and jerking each other off. Zack stopped and said to me he had a surprise as he put a blind fold on me he walked across the room, I heard him pick up a bag then unzip it. Hold on I will tell you when you can look after about 10 minutes of waiting I asked if I could remove the blind fold when I did I was surprised.

There was Zack dressed in woman's cloths, and he even had make up on. He had a short red skirt, stockings, a black shirt with a bra under even padded with toilet paper.

He had fake eye lashes red lipstick, and eye liner I had an instant hard on. As he walked over I asked if this was it but to my surprise there was more.

Doug lived nearby Zack told me and that he called him up to. It had been a while since I talked to Doug or even seen him. I remembered back to when I fist sucked that black cock and wished that it had grown. Zack slid across the bed and started to slowly pull my pants down to my ankles my cock started to stiffen.

Then using his teeth pulled my boxers down as he came up again my cock was as solid as it had ever been.

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The make up he had on drove me nuts he was like a girl only with extra packaging underneath. As he slid like a snake across my body I felt his hard cock rub against mine as his lips touched mine for a soft kiss then as are tongs locked their was a knock on the door.

As Zack walked over to the door I slapped his ass and he let out a slight yelp. As he approached the door he looked through the pep hole and said that the surprise of the night was here, it was Doug.

He was now a lot bigger he was a nice dark brown 5' 11'' and was built very well. As Zack leaned in and kissed Doug. Doug started to rub Zack's cock and Zack did the same for him.

As I watched I started to stroke my already hard cock.After five minutes we all started to undress and get onto the bed. As Doug pulled out his cock it was huge I could not take my eyes off of it. It was 9 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. I took as much of it in my mouth as possible as Zack crawled across the bed and started to suck mine.

As we lay on the bed me sucking Doug's nice black cock and Zack sucking my own it must have been fifteen minutes before I heard Doug say here it comes. Then like a fire hose it burst into my mouth overflowing and spilling onto the sheets. Then my own cock exploded into Zack mouth, it wasn't as powerful as Doug's and so Zack was able to get all of it.

Doug turned over to Zack and asked if he wanted to go for a ride on a big black snake.

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Without even thinking about it he jumped over and started to stroke Doug's cock until he was ready to put it in. As Zack jerked him off I started to suck Zack's nuts and back and forth between his cock and nuts. I could here Zack getting real horny now. I took some lube and started to rub it around Zack's butt hole as Zack started to lube Doug's cock.


Once he was done I held Doug's big black cock up so Zack could sit on it as he sat down he screamed a little and started to take deep breaths. After about 20 minutes of riding that big cock was used to it. As I walked over to Doug I had him start to suck my cock.

As he started to really suck it he pulled it out and told Zack he was about to cum. Then Zack moaned as Doug's load shot into his ass. I started to get jealous about wanting a hot load in my ass I had Zack lube his cock and then shove it into my ass. It felt so good that I wanted him to pound my ass until it bled. The make-up was still on and that made me even harder. As I jerked off while Zack was pounding my ass Doug came over and moved his head into a possession to suck my cock.

As Zack now pounded my ass he laid down on the bed as I moved up and down while Doug was still sucking my cock. I could feel Zack's cock harden I new I would have a great orgasm then my cock exploded right as Zack's did I could barely hold myself up as my legs were shaking uncontrollably.


As I regained control I hoped off Zack's soft cock and laid on the bed next to him me and him kissed softly as Doug finished cleaning the cum off my cock. As all three of us laid there catching our breath we caught up Doug on what was going on back home and reminisced about the couple of times we played truth or dare and how I would suck everyone's cock even when it was not even my turn.

I loved all those cocks and getting filled up on cum I told Doug. Once we got our breath back we decided to put the two beds together and go at it for another hour.

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We went to sleep and the next morning I woke up to find Zack and Doug fucking in the shower I climbed in and got to work on Doug's cock sucking it while Zack fucked Doug's ass. It was great the water dripped down onto our bodies. I jerked my own cock and exploded into my hand. Doug blew his load into my mouth a few minutes later and Zack had his hot load go into Doug's ass.

When we left for the game we told Doug if he had anyone else that was interested in joining us later at the room for a fuck to bring them by.