British babe sucks agents cock until he cums

British babe sucks agents cock until he cums
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Fbailey story number 603 Girl's Look So Good In White It was no surprise to me that Dad informed Mom and my sister Debbie to wear nothing that wasn't white in color. It was certainly no secret in our house that "girl's look so good in white." He had Mom and Debbie pack everything away that was not pure white in color, even Debbie's polka dot panties and Mom's red bra. Politely Mom told him to fuck off.

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Then she took Debbie into her bedroom and a few minutes later they immerged in just a white T-shirt and a pair of white shorts that were way too small for Mom.

It was quite obvious that neither of them was wearing a bra or panties. Mom's nipples were sticking out nicely and Debbie's dark pubic hair was quite visible.

Mom said that they were going shopping for a new wardrobe. Money was no object. Dad had won the state lottery and the money was in his bank account. He had been harassed by everyone that had ever known him. So we were leaving town on vacation. We climbed into the big RV and drove away.

Mom sat up front with Dad but Debbie sat directly across from me. She knew very well that I was staring at her pussy. I guess that was why she spread her knees for me.

When my cock got hard Debbie just smiled. She looked up at Dad and then she lifted her T-shirt up to reveal her tiny titties.

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I licked my lips and she smiled. Debbie motioned me to follow her to the back of the bus. Yes, Dad had bought a tour bus rather than a normal recreational vehicle. There was a nice corner out of sight from the front of the bus where you could do your homework or whatever. In this case we were going to fool around. Debbie removed her T-shirt and then asked me to remove my pants.

I told her that if she got to see my cock then I wanted to see her pussy too. She said "Fine" and then she put her T-shirt back on before removing her shorts. I was disappointed but she did have a lot of good parts while I only had a hard cock to show her.

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We stood there in the back facing one another and then held our hands out to cup the other's crotch. Debbie walked into my hand and then held onto my erection with her hand. I had turned my palm up and now was bending my middle finger up into Debbie's wet pussy. She wiggled her hips around until I had a good hold on her and she felt my finger up her vagina.

Meanwhile she was stroking my hard cock. In a few minutes I was about to cum and so was she. While I shot gobs of cum all over the carpeted floor she bit her lower lip and squirmed around on my finger.

My thumb had been massaging her clit when her orgasm hit. We dressed and headed back up to the front with our parents. In a few minutes Mom came back and whispered in my ear, "Next time to finger fuck your sister…wash your hands. She has a very strong and distinct smell." I looked at her and she just smiled at me and went back to her seat. Debbie looked at me but I just got up and went into the bathroom. I smelled my fingers and realized what Mom had meant. I washed my hands but thought about what she had said…the next time that you finger fuck your sister…the next time.

Mom had not told me not to do it she had just told me to wash my hands afterwards. Wow! Debbie caught me coming out of the bathroom and wanted to know what Mom had said to me so I told her. She smiled and took me back to our corner. This time she removed her T-shirt and her shorts completely.

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I decided to do the same thing. That was when we saw the big tractor trailer passing us. We knew that the windows were black from the outside but it still excited us.


Debbie got right up to the window and pressed her tiny titties against the glass. The truck driver tooted his air horn and that made Debbie smile. We fooled around and got each other off again before Mom called to us.

I stopped to wash my hands and saw Mom smiling at me.

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We were approaching a big mall and we were going shopping for white clothes for the girls. Debbie kept me right by her side and wanted my opinion on everything. She tried on several items but made sure that they were all tight on her.

She picked out a couple of bras because Mom asked her too but she really didn't want to wear them. Most of her shirts were sexier than a plain white T-shirt but she got some of them too. She picked out short shorts, hip hugger pants, and micro miniskirts too.

She even bought a dozen pair of white panties but none of them were plain. They were the sexiest lacy panties that I had ever seen. They were mostly thongs and high cut with a few boy cuts thrown in.

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Debbie bought two white bikinis and a few white nighties that left nothing to the imagination. To round out their wardrobe Mom and Debbie bought several pair of white shoes with various height heels.

That night I was surprised when Mom told me to sleep in Debbie's bed because it was larger and it would give us room to move around in. We were even more surprised to rear Mom and Dad having sex right next to us. The curtain that Mom had pulled between us did nothing to muffle the sound. It felt like we were in bed with them.

Mom made sure to narrate what Dad was doing to her for us. We heard, "That's it honey…right there…yes…yes…deeper…that's it…I'm cumming…oh dear God…that's it…" Then all we heard was Mom crying out, panting loudly, and grunting like a race horse.

Debbie pulled off her nightie and then pulled my face to her breasts. The next thing I heard was, "Oh yes…right there…suck harder…slip that finger in me…Wow!…that was it…keep it up…" I rubbed her sensitive clit with a vengeance.


Soon she was saying, "Oh my God…that feels incredible…yes…yes…oh my God…oh!" Then my sister jerked around in her best orgasm ever.

Mom called over, "Next time don't make him use his finger.

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I've see that cock of his and it must feel wonderful. If you don't try it out…then I will." Debbie just rolled onto her back, opened her legs, and then pulled me between them. As I entered her wet pussy she said, "Oh yes…enter me…take my virginity…fuck me brother…fuck me good…make Mom jealous." I was pumping into her for all I was worth. In no time at all I was ready to cum.

Debbie felt it and cried out, "Your cumming in me…it's so warm…I hope you get me pregnant." That was when I first realized that my sister was not on any birth control. I had always know that but I never really thought about it…neither had Mom. Mom said, "Sorry honey, I forgot, and I just got carried away." Debbie said, "So did I but I really liked it.

I'd rather get pregnant than have him wear a condom." The next morning Debbie took a morning-after pill and went to a doctor for a three-month shot to prevent pregnancy. Once again Mom never told us not to have sex she just wanted us to do it safely and of course I needed to wash my fingers…and now I needed to wash my cock too. Over the next couple of years we visited every continental state and saw every tourist site available. My mother and father fucked every night.

Debbie and I fucked a whole lot more than that. While we were on the road Dad sold our house and put all of our stuff in storage.

We were trying to figure out where we wanted to settle down permanently. We decided on a nice place in the south where it was warm most of the time and our girls could wear tight white clothing all year round.

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Debbie's breasts grew larger than Mom's breasts and looked great in her T-shirts. Mom's butt grew and looked great in her tight white shorts. Dad and I just enjoyed the view and the other men in the world wishing that they were us. The End Girl's Look So Good In White 603