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Grandpa gay sex film download My home doll Mickenzie was feeling
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The Night Nabiki Went Silent Story: Ani-Can 2 Copyright ©2006 Written: September 20 2006 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: KaosAngel Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ************************************ This is the story of Nabiki Tendo age 20 a bright enterprising young woman who could get any man or woman to do anything she wanted them to do with a simple smile and alot of blackmail of course for that was Nabiki's game "Get as much dirt as you can on someone and the rest will fall into place" was her life motto, until a steel pole was pushed though her anyway.

Nabiki was in her room looking though her latest batch of pictures of Ranma and Akane she had planed to sell to Kodachi and Tatewaki Kuno, the pictures showed Ranma in the nude as both boy and girl as well as Akane, this was Nabiki's most profitable business.

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Ranma and Akane were in the dojo training the morning it happened Nabiki quietly snaping more pictures of the two in secret, "These ones will fetch a pretty yen" she whispered to herself and slowly creped away unseen and unheard. "Breakfast is ready!" Kasume announced to the whole house from the kitchen door and before she had a chance to sit herself everyone fought there way to the table in one pack, "Kasume dear, what have you made for us?" Soan her father had asked as he took his place at the head of the table, "A pot of rice father" was her answer as she started to serve the rice, "Just rice?, no meat?" he asked, "Were out of meat father, the last of the Meat-Girl we got from your last deciple was finished up yesterday for dinner" she replied handing him a bowl of plain white rice.

"Tendo we need to get more deciple's with sisters as good as the last one, YUMM!" Genma said remember the fine taste of the beautiful young girl's meat of the previous days, "I know Saltome but deciple's aren't exactly knocking our doors down, what are we to do?" Soan replied looking toward his three lovely daughters, "After a moment's pause Soan and Genma huddled together and began whispering secretly to each other with occasional glances toward the three young girls.

Kasume, Nabiki, Akane and Ranma were all watching TV in the living area a short while after breakfast Genma and Soan had left the house shouting back, "WE WILL BE BACK LATER" and out the door they went leaving the four to watch TV on the floor. Several hours later, just after dark Soan and Genma walked into the house holding what appeared to be bags of charkhole, a shovel and a large metal pole, "What'cha gonna do with that pop?" Ranma asked looking back at them from the TV area, "Mind your business boy" was Genma's response as he and Soan exited to the backyard, Kasume following behind.


"Father what is all of this for?" Kasume asked when she got out there and saw him start to dig a hole next to the pond, "Were going to have a pig roast Kasume" he said throwing dirt from the hole onto a pile that got bigger, "Oh goody I love those, Where's the pig?" she asked looking around not seeing any meat, "It's inside" Kasume looked though the open door passed the kitchen to the living area where Nabiki, Akane and Ranma still sat watching TV, "But all I see is Akane, Nabiki and Ranma" She said still unsure of where the meat was.

"That's right Kasume dear, we need you to pick one of them to roast" Genma said looking to Kasume while laying charkhole into the now fully dug fire pit, "What, do you mean" She asked, "Nabiki or Akane, Pick one of them to roast tonight, we need the meat desperately" Soan replied, Looking back toward her two younger sisters it was a hard decision but she finally made it, "Akane is young her meat needs more time to age, Nabiki is just right for a good spit roast, she is the better choice" Kasume said and without waiting for reply or saying another word hummed her way into the kitchen to start preparing the things she would need for the Nabiki roast.

When Soan and Genma were done getting the fire pit ready he called to the living area, "Nabiki would you come out here please" Soan called, "Yes father?" Nabiki said as she left the house and walked toward the pond where the fire pit and her father were, "We need you to help us" Soan replied, "Ok father what do you need me to do?" She asked looking around and saw the new pit next to him and Genma walking up behind her with a large six foot long spit, "We need meat Nabiki dear" Genma said with a smile, "Please strip Nabiki" Soan said as Akane and Ranma had come out to find Nabiki and heard what was going on, "Father you cant be planing to roast Nabiki!" Akane said in disbelief.

"Yes Akane we are planning to roast her we need her meat" Soan replied as Nabiki started to remove her clothes, "NABIKI!, you cant be seriously letting them do this to you?" Akane yelled to her older sister, "Akane, its our duty as women to one day be meat, you know that, you will roast one day too" nabiki said looking to Akane as she dropped the last piece of her clothes to the ground and stood before her father and Genma still holding the spit waiting to get it in her.

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Nabiki walked over to the picnic table off to the side of the fire pit and without a word from anyone placed her chest flat on the table looking forward and placed both of her hands behind her back, "Very good Nabiki I knew you would understand" Soan said as he walked over to her with a long rope and began tying her wrists together so she wouldn't be able to move them around when the pain of the spit hit her as it went though her, "Its my duty father" She said waiting for the spit.

"Pop, Mr Tendo, cant you get meat anywhere else?, do you have to roast Nabiki?" Ranma asked standing behind Akane but not being able to take his eye's off the nude form of Nabiki, "Ranma it is a choice between Nabiki and Akane if not her then we have to roast Akane either way we get meat tonight" Soan said with a laugh and Genma started laughing with him, causing Kasume to hear them and come out to check on things, "Is Nabiki spitted yet?" Kasume said upon reaching them, "KASUME!, you knew about this?" Akane said fuming mad, "Yes Akane who else would cook her?, You?, you're a terrible cook" Kasume said joining Soan and genma in there laughing.

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"Akane, Ranma go sit down and let them get this over with, im just meat now get over it" Nabiki said as Akane and Ranma moved to the pond and sat down not able to stop the impending spiting of Nabiki but also unable to move their eye's from the sight of her laying on the table bound helpless waiting to die, "Come now Tendo its time to get little Nabiki on the spit, ill hold her down you push it though her" Genma said handing the spit to Soan and placing both of his hand on Nabiki's back holding her still and bracing her for the intense pain she was about to feel.

Soan took his place behind Nabiki's spread legs and placed the tip of the spit in her pussy, "Father please don't do this" Akane tried asking him again as he pushed the spit six inches into Nabiki and found the first bit of resistance and she jerked a bit in sudden pain but was held firm by a salivating Genma who could not take his eye's off of the junction formed by Nabiki's pussy and the steel spit now inside of her.

Soan steading his hand on the spit started pushing it a little further into Nabiki until he heard a tearing sound and Nabiki squealed in pain like a stuck piglet witch basically she was, "AAGHAA STOP I CANT TAKE IT" Nabiki screamed as the spit tore though her, "Hold still girl we cant let the spit change course and have you dying on us too soon" Genma said trying to keep her still as the spit moved steadily up into her, "STOP PLEASE" She screamed again.

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"FATHER! STOP YOUR KILLING HER!" Akane screamed and wanted to run over and help Nabiki but Ranma grabbed her wrist and pulled her back, "That's the point Akane, of course were killing her, what did you think would happen after we pushed a steel pole all the way though her?" Soan said as he continued his work, "You cant stop this Akane" Ranma said and let Akane's wrist go and she just sat back down to continue watching the spitting.


Ranma couldn't take his eye's off of Nabiki as she jerked from the spit Akane started to cry and buried her face in Ranma's chest, "Hurry up Tendo this meat is fighting me hard I cant hold on to her much longer" Genma said as Soan pushed the spit further into Nabiki in one hard thrust, "AHGHAAAA" was the last thing heard as Genma grabbed Nabiki's hair forcing her head up and her throat to align with the spit allowing the spit to pop out of her mouth and into the cold night air.

Ranma held Akane tight as she continued to cry and looked up at the same moment the spit came though Nabiki and out of her mouth small amounts of blood could be seen on the sharp tip of the spit, Genma released the now fully spitted Nabiki sow and she just laid there to tired from exhaustion and pain to resist anymore, "Get the stabilizer Saltome" Soan said as he released the end of the spit still held tight in his hand he then followed the spit with his hand until it found the spot where it entered Nabiki's pussy and began rubing her clit hard againts the steeel untill she came hard and her pained moans became sighs.

Genma returned with the stabilizer and handed it to Soan who then placed the tip of this mini spit into Nabiki's anus pushing it in hard in one fast motion until it was firmly imbedded in her bowels then he attached it to the larger spit while Genma bent her legs at the knees and bound her ankles to the spit, Nabiki Kabob was now ready for the fire as both Soan and Genma chose and end and picked her up placing her onto the fire that had been burning red hot all the while and was now ready to cook her meat, placing the spit in the "Y" posts at each side they could now sit down and watch the show she would give them while she roasted.

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Kasume came out of the kitchen just as Soan and Genma sat down and walked over to the now roasting Nabiki and began to brush a large amount of the home made barbeque sauce she had made special for Nabiki from one of their mother's old recipes, the same one that Kasume had brushed on their mother the day their father had decided to roast her years ago, once Kasume started brushing the sauce onto Nabiki's skin she started to twitch and shudder in pleasure.

When Kasume noticed this she brushed an extra amount of sauce onto her pussy when that part rotated back up into view Nabiki was comeing hard over and over again, "Look Akane she's loving this, look how much a simple swish of the brush can get her off" Kasume said as she put her brush down and went back inside to the kitchen, Akane stood up and walked over to Nabiki she didn't want to admit it but she could see that the pain of the spitting was gone to be replaced by pleasure in Nabiki's face as she rotated and the obvious amount of cum dripping off of her pussy.

Hours later, Akane and Ranma had retreated to their rooms all Akane could do was think about how awful Nabiki must have felt while she was screaming in pain and beging for her life during the spitting process, how beautiful she looked when finally spitted and the obvious pleasure she must have felt as she was riding the spit to orgasm after orgasm, "I never want to die like that" she said to herself, but at the same time could not deny that she felt some stimulation and dampness between her own legs as she had watched Nabiki force herself to have one last orgasm on the spit.

Ranma could only think about how tasty the meat would be he so loved girl-meat, Soan and Genma were where they could always be found on the back porch playing Shogi, "DO OVER!" Genma yelled, "Now Saltome, no do over's" Soan replied, Kasume was in the kitchen, Nabiki roasted to perfection on the table in front of her as she removed the spit and the steam came pouring out of both her mouth and her pussy. Kasume carved enough cooked meat for the family dinner and then butchered the rest of Nabiki's body to place in the fridge for future breakfast's, lunches's and dinner's all the meat packed nicely in plastic wrap and placed into the now fully stocked fridge ready to eat at anytime.

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