Cute amateur teen anal pounded outdoors

Cute amateur teen anal pounded outdoors
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I'm Blakely and Frank is my stepdad. I called him daddy since I was 7. When I was 13, I realized my stepdad was jacking off in my panties. My friend's dad did the same thing so I recognized the pattern: stained panties, missing panties, etc. I decided to buy some real sexy panties to tease him.

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After all he was a sexy older guy, younger than mom by 9 years! I went with my gf Deena to a cute lingerie store in the mall and got some lacy thongs, see thru panties and crotch less.

Ialso bought some see through lingerie and a tiny bikini. I made sure Frank knew when we got home from our shopping trip.

He saw the lingerie bags and immediately perked up.

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"Hi girls" he said. "shopping?" "Yes," I said, "new 'girly stuff'" I said coyly. "Ohbetter not let me see it" he joked. "Maybe you should look daddy," I said seriously, "mom might think it is too skimpy." Deena and I giggled and ran to the room.

we went to my room and put away our new stuff. I knew daddy would look thru it, he just couldn't help himself. Deena and I donned our new 2-piece swimsuits, tight over our 13-yr old bodies.

I was 5'1 and weighed 105 lbs. Deena was a little taller at 5'4 and 115 lbs. We walked out and daddy nearly gasped when he saw my hard nipples. I saw him turn red and try not to look. My tits were small at 32b, but my nipples were big and visible through tight material. Deena was a 36c already. I liked feeling her boobs when she let me.

I told daddy we were going to Deena's to swim. We walked out the front door and then darted to the back yard to my window. After a couple minutes daddy came and carefully opened my drawer. I KNEW it! He poked around and pulled out my new white cotton thong. It said "kiss me" on the front. He smelled it, but then I got shocked.

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Daddy picked my dirty panties and smelled them while he stared jacking off into my lil teeny panties! I was mesmerized as his cock grew huge.

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Deena giggled at first but now she said "wow" as his cock grew. Suddenly my daddy stood stiff and jacked really fast. He shot a white creamy load in my panties but most of it spurted on the floor. I heard him moan as his cock milked out. Deena and I scampered to her house to talk about what we saw.

"Can u believe him? Wat a perv" I said, lying. "But Blake you are so pretty." she touched my face.

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"I can't blame your dad." She leaned forward to kiss me. I kissed back, but I was secretly thinking how I could see daddy's cock close up. Kissing Deena was getting old, and I needed cock.

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When I got home daddy was on the couch, his tail shirt a little loose. "You miss me?" I purred in his ear, kissing his cheek. "Yes princess" he said.


He patted my butt. He often did, but now I knew it meant more. As I walked to my room I wiggled my ass a little more for daddy. ------------------- The next day I came home from school. daddy was home alone because he was out of a job.

I kissed his cheek and went to my room. I went to the hamper and found the panties he jacked off in. I mustered up some courage and took them to the living room. "Daddy, I thought mom washed these, but they have a stain." I held up the "kiss me" panties. His face went white. I got him "Daddy u ok?" I asked innocently He cleared his throat.

"Yes princess, she must forgot to wash em." "Well its ok I can still wear them I guess." I held up another pair that I had bought the day before. "Daddy are these to skimpy," I asked innocently. They were see-thru thong with a small medallion hanging from the crotch. "I don't want mommy to get mad." His face was getting redder and redder as he fumbled for words. "Well, you better talk to mommy about it", he said.

"But that's why I'm asking you first. " pleaded. "I just want to feel sexy, I'm not a kid anymore." "I know baby, you are a lovely young lady," daddy said as his eyes swept my body.

"Thanks daddy you are so sweet." I leaned over and kissed his cheek, and I made sure he got a look at my braless tits when I kissed him. "Well honey, those are certainly sexy! And so are you." I smiled and went to my room dreaming of my daddy's cock. That night at bedtime I called for daddy to tuck me in. When he came in. I had the "kiss me" panties on, and I made sure he saw them.

I stretched so he could gaze on my body. "Daddy, kiss me goodnight. He kissed my cheek and lightly touched my thigh. "Daddy can you rub my tummy it hurts?" I asked lifting my shirt up to my tits. He nervously rubbed my tummy.


I fell asleep, or so he thought. His hands lightly moved over my teen tits and I struggled not to shiver. He gently ran a finger over my slit and my pussy ached for his cock. I moaned and faked sleep, but his hand left and he kissed me goodnight. I feigned sleep as daddy rose from feeling my tummy.

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He stood beside my bed and started to stroke his big cock as I peeked through eye slits. I wanted to reach out and grab it. I didn't want to move and scare him, and I watched as hemilked hot cum beside my bed.

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I swear he whispered my name as he shot his pretty load! He DID want me. I was so happy. He quietly got a wash cloth and cleaned up before he left.