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It was nearing midnight, which meant that most of the customers had long since left and now only a handful of people were left. Because of that, Leo gave me the green light to work the bar as long as I kept my cool and tried to act older. It wasn't too hard when the three people I was serving were hammered out of there minds already. They didn't expect a sixteen year old to be serving them drinks, nor did they care as long as I kept them coming.

"You're holding up ok back here TK?" Leo asked, patting me on the back as I cleaned a pitcher of beer. His real name was Reginald Marino, but he had long dirty blonde hair and a bushy chin strap to go with it that vaguely made him look like a lion. He was a stocky man with a beer gut, but all in all, a really nice guy, who was a long time friend to my dad. Because of that, he let me work at his restaurant, secretly, for the last two years. "Yeah, the couple near the end is fixing to go home," I pointed.

"Just leaves the dame then? Real looker too," he wolf whistled at the lonely woman at the other end of the bar. Less then a second later a wet towel drilled him in the back of the head.

He whirled around to see his wife glaring angrily at him. Karen a.k.a. Missy K, was a slim good looking woman in her late thirties. She was definitely out of Leo's league but they seemed happy together, and she was like another mother to me so I was eternally grateful for all her help.

She wore black pants with a white shirt and olive colored apron over it, the uniform that all employees wore. "I heard that Leo!" she barked. "I was just kidding honey," he shrugged playfully as she disappeared back into the kitchen. "Thanks for letting me work late shift Leo," I said placing the pitcher back on the rack. "Hey, don't give me that. You've been working hard for the last two years in this dump and I know how much ya need the money." With a long sigh he leaned up against the counter and shook his head, "When your aunt and uncle come back I'm gonna give 'em a piece of my mind.

Leaving a kid alone to take care of a house.

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Despicable." "If they come home." "Ah, c'mon TK, they'll be back." "They left two years ago Leo, only a note and a credit card as a goodbye. It's safe to say that they aren't coming back.

I haven't even gotten a phone call from them or any other kind of communication. For all I know those assholes are dead." He let out a long sigh, "I remember the day you showed up in my restaurant with that note in your hand." "Yeah," I laughed quietly, "you broke a table you were so mad." "Well whatdya expect?

Your Dad and I were good friends, and when he passed I rarely got to see ya. Next thing I know, you're waltzing into my restaurant on the brink of tears with a note from your aunt and uncle that says you're on your own." "And you hired me on the spot.

Even offered to take me in." "Ya, but I knew that you wouldn't take me up on it. Your Mike's kid after all, hardheaded and independent, with just a bit of attitude when you least expect it. Even got his shaggy black hair too," he ruffled it just to annoy me, "Not as tall as him though. What are ya like six foot?" "Five 'ten." "Scrappy too, just like him.

Luckily you got your mother's green eyes though." It was obvious that this conversation was starting to tread dangerous water. He must've realized it as well because he changed the subject, "So the first day of school is tomorrow right?" "Yep, my junior year." "You got enough money to pay for it right?" "Been saving up all summer." "Atta boy," he nodded in approval, "I still can't believe there charging five grand to go to a high school." "Well, it's either five grand to go to Wilson High which is only a ten minute walk from my house, or take a forty minute bus ride to a public school for free.

Plus, I'm not that far from the restaurant so I can get some afternoon shifts in." "Working hard as usual kid." "Honey!" Missy K shouted, "I need you back here." "Coming," he called back before patting my shoulder, "Call me if ya need something TK." "No problem Leo." I grabbed the wet towel on the ground and wrung it out before wiping down the bar table.

The only person left was the woman sitting on the other end of the bar, her head slowly rocking back and forth no doubt from all the drinks she ordered.

I kept my eye on her as I started cleaning my way towards her end of the bar. She wore glasses with nice wavy chestnut colored hair, and although I couldn't see her body, I could see that she had a nice rack. Easily C-cups, and damn did they look good in her maroon colored v-neck shirt. She had to be mid-to-late twenties, judging by her smooth and creamy skin, and I guaranteed that if she smiled she could've melted ice.

When I got to her, I casually cleaned around her so I wouldn't bother her, however, she decided to make her presence known. "Hey," she pointed at me, her high pitch tone was surprisingly calm. "You know what I hate?" Oh gosh, a talker. Better brace myself for her life story, "Men. Men are the worst! They're mean, cruel, deceitful, and cruel!" "You said cruel twice," I continued wiping down the bar. "That's cause they're doubly cruel!" "Doubly cruel huh?

Sounds like you had a rough day." "Don't," she hiccupped, "Even get me started." Bullet dodged! Looks like I don't have to listen to her after all. It was really the only downside to working the bar at night.

Usually the people were laughing and telling funny stories while getting wasted, but there was always that one person whose life was worse then everyone else's, and they always wanted to talk to someone about it. Luckily this woman didn't want to talk about it- "Hey!" she shouted again. "Yeah?" "What are you doing? Aren't ya gonna ask me what's wrong." "You told me not to get you started," I shrugged. "No," she whined, pounding her fists into the table like a spoiled brat. "I'm a girl!

I want to talk to someone about what happened! Please!" With a loud sigh, I walked back over to her and leaned onto the table, "Go ahead." "Well it all started when I moved down here for my new job like…four months ago." She swayed and slurred her words as she talked, "I had a nice apartment that I could afford and everything was perfect!

Perfect as pie! I want pie. Pumpkin pie, with whip cream-" "Focus," I ordered snapping my fingers in front of her. "Right, right. So, then, I meet this guy, and he was AMAZING. Smart, funny, a good kisser, and just a really great guy. Well, he wasn't that great in bed, but that's not the point." She laughed suddenly as she held up her hands to measure out what I can only assume to be this man's junk, which if I had to guess came out at about the size of a cell phone, "He had a small dick.

Ha! I remember not trying to laugh at it when I first saw it." "So he was a great guy. Then what?" my tone was hinting my annoyance pretty well, but she either didn't notice or didn't care. "Well…we…were having a great time for the next month. Then, out of no where, he asked me to move in with him." "So after a month, you decided to move in with this guy?" "Yep!

Sold the apartment, paid the lease, sold the excess furniture and moved into his apartment. The next two months were like a dream come true! We went out shopping everyday, ate at high class restaurants, and bought a lot of booze. And the best part was that my job didn't start for another month, and he didn't have one!

We could spend all day together." I already could see where this was going. "But today, when I went to go look at my bank account, I found out that I was out of money. I had like, twenty grand in the bank and it was all gone somehow. I don't know how it happened either! And, when I told him that, he yelled at me, and kicked me out of the house. So now, I have no apartment, no clothes, no furniture, no place to stay, and no money to buy another beer." I grabbed a bottle of beer from below and popped the cap off, setting it in front of her, "This one's on the house." I personally loved saying that.

It just seemed so cool to me for some reason, although it was only my third time ever doing something like that.

In one smooth motion she picked it up and chugged it in one try, slamming it back onto the table with a loud belch. "Thanks, you're not completely useless even if you are a guy." "Uh, thank you? I think," I scratched my head trying to figure out if that was a compliment or an insult. Now that her story was done I finished tidying up the place, setting most of the pitchers back on the rack while disposing the beer bottle that I just gave her.

"What am I gonna do!" she shouted slamming her head onto the table. "Wait! I got it!" I turned around to see her pointing straight at me. "You!" "Me?" I looked around to make sure that she wasn't pointing at anyone else.

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"You're not an asshole, so can I stay with you? Please! Just for one night. I start work tomorrow and I need a good night sleep." "If you start work tomorrow then why'd you get drunk?

You're probably gonna have a nasty hangover, you know that right? And what kind of logic is that? I'm not an asshole so I'm a candidate to take you in? I don't even know you." "I don't get hangover for your information," she slurred before clapping her hands together, "Please! I'll leave early in the morning so you won't have to worry about me getting in your way." "It's not that simple." "Why not? Are you living with someone?" "N-No I'm living alone actually." "Perfect," she threw her hands up in the air.

"That's not the point, I don't even know you." She lifted up her purse and set it on the table, fishing through it rapidly until slamming a card in front of me. I picked it up to discover that it was her drivers license, although I was curious as too why she gave this to me in the first place as I scanned over it. Her name was Melissa Benson, age twenty-eight, six foot, with brown eyes.

"See! Now you know me." "Ok…Melissa, I guess I know a little more about you now." "C'mon just for one night. I'll even show you my boobs," she grabbed them for emphasis. I gave her back her driver's license and sighed, trying not to look at her as she curiously fondled her own boobs. This was going to be a moment I would regret, whether it was tomorrow, or twenty years from now.

I just had this bad feeling about it, but I knew I couldn't let her wander the streets homeless and alone at night, plus, it looked like it might rain too so that would only make her day ten times worse then it already was. "Look, just wait by the door. I'm going to tell my boss that I'm leaving and I'll let you stay at my place for one night. Got it?" She grinned widely, "It was the boobs that did it huh?" "No, it wasn't," I shook my head, heading towards the door to the kitchen.

"Just get ready to go ok." "Ok!" I opened the silver door that led to the kitchen, "I'm taking off if you guys don't need anything." "Ok!" Missy K called back, "Good luck tomorrow." "Thanks!" I shut the door and went to the employee locker room, untying my apron and tossing it inside my locker while grabbing my bag. Throwing it over my shoulder I headed back out to meet Melissa, weaving through tables only to find waiting patiently outside.

I walked out the door and nodded, "This way, I don't have a car but my house is a short walk from here," She smiled and grabbed onto my arm, squeezing it in between her breasts as she clung to me like a baby to its blanket. My patience was being tested now, and to calm myself I started mumbling, "It's the right thing to do," over and over again, under my breath so that she couldn't hear me.

Melissa on the other hand seemed perfectly content with the situation, humming happily as we crossed streets and rounded a couple corners. "Hey, what's your name?" "Huh?" "Your name! I told you mine, but you didn't tell me yours." "It must've slipped my mind." That was a lie, it was completely intentional but since I had been caught I had no other choice, "I'm Tucker, Tucker Kingly." "Well you're quiet the gentleman Tucker Kingly!" "Shh," I ordered, "People are sleeping." "Sooooooooorry," she whispered looking around as we arrived at my house.

"A two story house? And it's yours? You must be rich!" "Not rich," I fumbled with the key to the lock before getting it open. "C'mon, it's starting to rain so you better get inside." She nodded and followed me in as I flicked on a light.

It was a rather plain living room but she still marveled at it, circling around the couch with a look of awe in her eyes. She was like a kid who had just seen snow for the first time, but that snow was my living room, and it was also annoying me.

"Melissa, stop." "Where's your washer and dryer?" "Huh? Uh, down that hallway, why?" She looked at the hallway and smiled, dropping the skirt she was wearing to the ground and tossing her shirt off soon after leaving her in a matching black lace bra and panties. "What the hell are you doing?" I turned around immediately. "Well, I want to wash my clothes, and I promised to let you see my boobs so I'm killing two birds with one stone." "I didn't agree on that.

Look, the guest room is up the stairs, first door on the right. I'm on the opposite end, so yell if you need anything." I rushed up the stairs trying to look away the entire time. Once I was up there, I darted to the safety of my room and slammed the door shut. "Fuck is wrong with that woman." After my heart rate settled a bit, I dropped my bag in the corner, took off my shirt and changed into a comfy pair of shorts.

It was almost one thirty now, which meant that in six hours and thirty minutes I'll have officially started my junior year in high school. I plopped onto my bed and got under the covers, closing my eyes to try and fall asleep. Sleep didn't come to as quickly as I'd like however, and I found myself tossing and turning for the next half hour until my door opened. "What?" I groggily lifted my head up although it was still pitch black in my room so I couldn't really see her.

"Is something wrong Melissa?" Her footsteps drew nearer and nearer until I felt my covers move.


"What are you doing?" I was slowly waking up now as she slid underneath the covers next to me. "It's too cold in my room," she whined, "And I've been sleeping with a guy next to me for the last three months." "S-So?" I felt her naked breasts press against the back of my neck and my body tensed up immediately.


She wrapped her arm around me and trapped me up against her body, purring evilly. I tried to wriggle free but she was hell bent on keeping me next to her so eventually I after a minute I quiet struggling and she hummed triumphantly. "I can see why guys like this position," she whispered, "It's comfy and warm, and…" I felt her hand slowly move down my chest, "It gives me control of when I want to play." Grabbing her hand I turned to face her, my patience non existent now, "Stop Melissa!

I have to get up early tomorrow, and you're drunk." "Tuckerrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I'm horny, depressed, and hammered. It's not like we're going to see each other again after tonight, so quiet being a bitch and lets have sex," she pouted, "Please! I'll even be on top." I reached up and turned on the lamp at my bedside, finally illuminating my room and giving me a prefect shot of Melissa naked upper body as she looked at me like a newborn puppy begging for a home.

To be honest she had a good point. I don't know why I was complaining, Melissa was sexy and if any guy said no to her they'd have to be insane. Plus, it's not like I'm a virgin anymore, and I don't have a girlfriend either so why I was hesitating was beyond me. "Alright," I shrugged, trying to play it cool, "Only if you're on top and we go to sleep we're done." "Deal," she leaned forward and kissed me. Her hands cupped my head softly as I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her closer, ignoring the stench and taste of alcohol on her lips.

Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and I happily welcomed it as the passion started to pick up. She climbed on top off me as I moved down to her neck, sucking and kissing it tenderly as she groaned into my ear. She pushed me back and nearly ripped off my shorts to reveal my hardened dick, a wicked smile crossing her lips.

Scooting backwards, she bent down and licked the pre-cum oozing out of my dick. It sent shivers through my body and she must have noticed because she licked it several more times before finally sticking it in her mouth, her hand wrapping around the base of my dick and moving with the flow of her mouth. "Fuck," I gasped, closing my eyes and enjoying the sensations that Melissa was sending throughout my body. With a loud slurp, she lifted her head and licked her lips seductively, sitting up with my dick in her hand as she positioned herself over it.

Lowering her hips slowly, the tip of my dick slid ride into her soaking pussy and she let out a long moan. She started off slow at first, seeing how much of my dick she could take before starting to pick up the pace. Her pussy was perfect, not too tight and but not loose either, and her cute moaning drove me crazy. My hands moved to her boobs as they bounced up and down with her movements, and when I squeezed them her back arched immediately. "Fuck! Oh fuck! This is exactly what I needed," she grabbed onto my hands and squeezed them even harder as she started panting desperately.

Her exposed body glistening in dewy perspiration as she shouted, "O-Oh I'm cumming! Tucker I'm cumming. Fuck, fuck, fuck!" She froze as her pussy clamped tightened around my dick, the only sign of life was her shortened breath, but eventually she relaxed and climbed off my dick.

The hazy and out of energy look in her face was pretty alluring, but she didn't stop there. Leaning back down to finish the job, she started sucking on my dick again, licking up the remainder of her pussy choice while giving me arguably the best blowjob I've ever had. "I'm cumming Melissa," I said, and soon after I shot my load into the back of her throat. She swallowed it with ease, even taking the time to clean off my dick before crawling back up to my side and collapsing on my chest.

Grabbing the covers, I pulled them over us as Melissa passed out in a drunken state of ecstasy within seconds, a smile fit for a king spread across her face. I threw my hands behind my head and put on a smile of my own. Guess this wasn't that bad of a choice after all. The next morning my alarm clock started beeping at six o'clock rather then seven, and although the lazy part of me wanted to shut it off and go back to sleep, I knew that I needed to get up. My body felt a little drained, and after looking at Melissa, last night's little escapades came flooding back into my head making me smirk.

She was still passed out, though, and I thought about waking her up but I decided against it, carefully getting out of bed and proceeding to get ready. Twenty minutes later I was munching on a piece of toast as I wrote a note for Melissa: Hey, had to leave early.

Here's a spare key to the house. Lock it then put it under the mat. Good luck at your job -Tucker It was a dumb idea to give a stranger my house key but I trusted Melissa enough to not steal anything. Grabbing my backpack, I walked back up to my room to see her still sound asleep.

I crept in and set the note and key next to her before heading back downstairs, exiting my home and locking the door. The sun was barely lifting over the horizon providing me with minimal light while the biting chill caught me by surprise. I zipped up my jacket and walked to the sidewalk, gazing to the right to faintly catch a glimpse of downtown. But since today was a school day I wouldn't be going that way, instead, I turned left and started walking towards the park.

It was a bland walk through houses, with not to much to look at. Then again I had been walking down this path for the last two years so I could practically sleep walk my way there.

After about five minutes, I stopped in front of the park and looked both ways. If I wanted to get to school I needed to turn right, but I woke up early today for a specific reason, so I kept my head down and cut through the park. It was only about a hundred yards from end to end so after a quick walk across a dewy wasteland, I emerged on the other side and headed down Zimmer Street.

After five minutes of nothing but the sound of my footsteps, I finally stopped in front of my destination. Oak Bridge Cemetery. The gate was always unlocked, so I flipped the latch up and walked into the fenced off area, heading down the single paved pathway that the cemetery had to offer. The tombstones had become as memorable as the menu back at the restaurant to me.

Each one telling the tell of another unlucky soul, however, after passing the lone tree in the center of the cemetery, I walked off the path. Making sure not to be disrespectful, I weaved through a couple of graves before stopping at the two that mattered the most, to me anyways. "Hey Mom, Hey Dad," I glanced down at the tombstones and smiled softly. "How have you guys been? Good I hope. Not having too much fun without me." The wind howled softly in my ear, reminding me that I wasn't going to get an answer, but that was something that I was used too.

"So you probably know that I did something kind of stupid last night. In my defense it was for a good reason, and I didn't exactly expect the outcome, that was just a bonus. I know if you guys were there you'd probably be chewing me out and telling me how much of an idiot I was, but with the day she was having I figured it wouldn't kill her to have someone throw her a bone." I chuckled softly, "Anyways, I uh, start school today. Junior year.

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One more year to go…" I don't know how long I stood there, but it felt like ages. My cell phone started buzzing and I fished it out of my pocket. It was the only thing that I let Leo and Missy K buy for me because I couldn't afford it, and because if I was ever in trouble it'd be useful. "Bro, where are you?

School starts in 10 minutes," Jason, arguably my best friend, texted. "On my way," I responded, shoving my phone back in my pocket.


"Well," I cleared my throat, "Guess I'll get out of here. Wish me luck guys." With that, I turned and left the cemetery and headed back towards school. It was another long and lonely walk, but I managed to make it with a minute before the bell rang. "Dude," Jason waved me down in the back of the class. He was around my height, not fat but not skinny, with spiked up hair and a chill vibe about him.

He wore shorts and a bulky sweatshirt with some skateboarding logo on it. I weaved through the class and took a seat at the open desk next to him, "Saved me a seat?" "Yeah, was worried you'd get stuck sitting next to some of the snobs we got in the class this year." I only vaguely recognized some of the people in the class, but if Jason thought they were a bunch of snobs then I had not reason not to believe him. "Least we have Hailey in our class this year." "Hailey?

Heartbreak Hailey?" "Yep, front row." I put the conversation on hold and sat straight up, looking too see whether or not he was telling the truth. Sure enough in the front of the class, there she was. Heartbreak Hailey in all of her glory. Arguably an angel on earth, with short golden blonde hair that barely fell to her shoulders, a smile that could turn heads and an hourglass body that dropped jaws.

She had perky B-cup boobs, and an ass that looked good no matter what she was in. But she wasn't called Heartbreak Hailey for nothing. In the last two years she had been one of the hottest girls in school, and she turned down any and every guy that tried to make a move on her. Personally I think it was because she liked the attention, and now that she was a junior she didn't have that much competition in the looks department at school.

"Got some feelings for her?" Jason jokingly asked. "Yeah, but who doesn't?" I laughed leaning back in my chair. "Why don't you make a move on her? C'mon, maybe you're the lucky guy who finally gets her attention." "Even if I was, I don't have the time to deal with her high maintenance bullshit." He rolled his eyes at me, "Just ask your boss for a months vacation man.

You've been working almost everyday for the past two years.

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You deserve a break." "Someone's gotta pay the bills man." "Yeah, yeah. Hear about what happened to Mr. Peterson?" "Nah, what happened?" "Turns out he nearly beat his wife to death, got sent to jail with attempted manslaughter or some crap like that." "What?

When did this happen?" "From what I heard it happened the week after summer vacation started." "Then who's our homeroom teacher?" "Dunno, heard it's a chick though. Supposed to be her first teaching job too. We get to break her in," he laughed, "God, think of the shit we can get away with." "Knowing our luck she'll be some old lady who's a total hard ass." "Never know." "Fingers crossed man.

Oh! Dude, you'll never guess what happened last night," I made sure that none of my nearby classmates were listening as I leaned in closer. "So you know how I get to work the bar on late shifts if we're short handed." "Yeah, what about it." "Dude, last night there was fucking beautiful chick there, and she was hammered drunk. Like, ordering drink after drink until she couldn't keep her body still.

So I listen to her story and be a nice guy, and out of no where she asked me if she can stay at my place for the night because she doesn't have a place to stay." "You actually let her stay at your place?" I nodded. "Dude, did you score with some random drunk chick?" When I smirked slyly he got the message immediately. "Nice!" We fist bumped and he shook his head with a wide grin on his face.

"So what did she look like? Give me a description." "She had-" The bell to begin class rang and only moments later the door to our classroom, cutting my sentence short as Jason turned his attention to the front of the classroom.

He immediately grabbed onto my shoulder and pointed to the front of the class. "Dude, our new teacher's fucking hot!" I turned to see for myself, and that's when I realized that I was right all along. I did regret my decision last night. "Hello class, my names Ms. Benson and I'll be your homeroom teacher this year," Melissa addressed the class with a smile, wearing the same exact clothes she had on yesterday.

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"I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better. I'll take roll real quick and then we'll get started." She must not have noticed me, or the fact that I was staring at her in peer horror the entire time as she took roll.

However, when she got to my name, things halted immediately. "Lilly Kassel?" "Here!" "Tucker Kingly." "Here," I said slowly.

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She froze for a moment, staring at the roll sheet before slowly glancing upwards and locating me in the back of the class. She soon shared the same horrified look I had on but quickly expelled it with a shake of her head.

Clearing her throat, she said, "Mr. Kingly…would you join me outside of class for a moment. I was told to give you a, uh, message, from the office." "Y-Yeah," I stood up, "Ok." She walked over to the door and opened it as I made my way to the front of the class and exited.

She followed me out and shut the door as I took a couple steps away from the classroom then turned to face her. "So," I began, "That job you mentioned was a teaching position." "Yeah…and the reason you had to get up early was because you had school today." "Yep." An awkward silence soon ensued, only broken by a sudden outburst from Melissa, "You lied to me!" "Excuse me?" "You didn't tell me you were only sixteen!" "I didn't tell you my age so how am I liar?" "You were working behind the bar!

You were serving me drinks all last night!" "Yeah, I was. Sometimes the manager lets me bartend when we're short handed and I'm working late shift." "B-But you're not even twenty-one!" "When was the last time you asked a bartender for their I.D.? As long as I serve people drinks they don't care, and neither did you last night." "I was depressed and I didn't notice! I can't believe this," she whined burying her hands in her face.

"I'm going to get fired on my first day for sleeping with a student." "Calm down! I'll admit that this is kind of weird yeah, but no one has to find out. It was a mistake. A one time thing. Let's just forget it ever happened, ok? I'm your student, and you're my teacher. We act natural and pretend that we've never met. We'll go back into the classroom, and I'll tell people that I have to go to the office to fill out some paper work during lunch.

It'll be fine, I promise." She groaned but reluctantly agreed to it, straightening up and taking a deep breath, "Well then. Back to class Mr. Kingly." "Sure Ms. Benson," I humored her before opening the door and walking back to my seat. "Dude? What was that about?" Jason whispered. "Gotta fill out some paper work during lunch. That's all." He bought the answer with a simple shrug as Melissa returned to the front of the classroom and continued to read her roll sheet.

I almost wish I could forget all about what happened last night but now I knew that that was impossible. She was my homeroom teacher now, so I would be in her class for four hours a day for the rest of the year.

Needless to say I couldn't look at her without picturing her naked, so I ended up spending most of the day staring out the window, vaguely listening to her as she went over what we'd be learning this year.

That was the rest of my day in a nutshell, and when the bell finally rang to release us, I was thinking about how many different ways I could've said no to her and avoided this situation entirely.

It made the walk to work that much quicker, and soon enough I was walking through the back door and into the employee locker room. I grabbed my work clothes out of my backpack and threw my backpack into the locker as Leo opened the door. "Hey TK! I thought I heard the back door open. How was the first day of school?" he asked walking into the room. "Pretty horrible to be honest." "Really?

What happened?" I took a deep breath and looked at him, "You remember the time you let Mouse cook?" "I don't think I'll ever forget that." "It's worse then that." "Holy shi-" he checked the door to make sure that no one was coming. "What happened?" "Remember the girl that was at the bar last night, hot as hell and drunk off her ass?" "What about her?" "I…kind of took her home with me.

And then we uh, you know," I rotated my hand in little circles causing Leo's eyes to nearly pop out of his skull. "I see." He walked back over to the door, opening it up and leaning his head out of it. Once he was done looking he shut it and turned back around with a wide grin on his face.

"Atta boy TK! I don't see why you're so down, she was gorgeous, and if I was you I'd be parading the fact that I hooked up with a babe like her." "I forgot to mention the part where when I went to school today, I found out that she was my homeroom teacher." "Oooooooo," he winced.

"Ok, that is really bad." "Ya think? And she was pissed when she found out I was only sixteen. So I can kiss any thought of a peaceful school year goodbye." "I can see why," with a loud sigh he put his hand on my shoulder.

"Why don't you take today off? Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate. And we'll make it a rule that if you're working the bar that you can't talk to drunk woman anymore. That should fix the problem." I chuckled, "Yeah, let's hope it does, and if it's all the same to you I'd rather work.

I need to get my mind of this." "Your choice, I gotcha on cooking duty with Rocky." "Sounds good to me." "Alright, I'll let you get to it," he patted my shoulder and left the room. I walked into the bathroom and changed quickly, tying my apron on as I walked through the silver doors to the kitchen. Like Leo had said, George "Rocky" Manalow was hard at work near the grill. He towered over me, and everyone else who worked here at six 'eight, with dark chocolate skin and a completely shaven head.

We gave him the nickname Rocky for two reason, the first being that he used to box and apparently he whooped the shit out of people, and the second being that he was built like a brick wall.

On his first day of work he flexed and ripped the sleeves off his shirt, so he was the only one allowed to wear sleeveless shirts during work. He was still a cool guy though, always calm and collective, plus he taught me how to box in case I ever came across some unsavory characters so I knew that he was looking out for me. "Hey TK, heard you had your first day of school today. How'd it go?" he asked in his signature deep voice "Worse then the time Mouse tried to cook." He stopped stirring the pot in front of him and turned to look at the far wall that had a large scorch mark that vaguely outlined a person.

"Mind explaining?" "You want the long version or the short one?" "Short." "I accidentally fucked my new homeroom teacher." "Ok, that is bad." "Told ya," I grabbed a nearby order and went to work.

Since I was sixteen it wasn't illegal for me to work in the kitchen now, but last year when I started I remembered how Missy K was also so alert when I was back here. I don't blame her either, because if I got caught then they'd be the one's taking the punishment not me, but other then that, it was a good idea to put me back here because now I can something other then a sandwich for dinner.

Rocky wasn't one to talk during work, or at all really, so we continued on in silence other then the sizzling of the grill and light chatter from outside the window. It helped me clear my mind for the most part, and after three hours rolled by Rocky ended his shift and Missy K joined me in the kitchen with Leo coming in and out and helping when we got a little behind.

Their restaurant wasn't huge, but it was thriving just fine so two to three people in the kitchen was completely common. They only had about ten employees, and everyone got plenty of hours so it wasn't like we were under worked, although I know two employees are pushing to get another person hired so the work load will be even lighter. Personally I didn't care, I had priority over everyone here so if I wanted to work a whole week then I'd be scheduled for a whole week.

Sure it was probably breaking a law or two, but I needed the money, and most of the other workers knew that. Around seven I took a twenty minute break to eat dinner before starting the second half of my shift. Once the clock struck eleven I got off work and headed home. It wasn't the ideal day I had pictured but as I laid in my bed I was glad that it was finally over. I drudged to school the next morning, a chunk of sleep missing from my body.

Maybe it was guilt, or regret, but either way my one night stand with Melissa was still running through my mind like a song on repeat. I was so preoccupied with her that I failed to notice where I was walking and ran smack dab into someone in the middle of the hallway. Stumbling backwards, I remained on my feet luckily, but the person I hit toppled to the ground.

When I saw who it was I knew right away that I was screwed. "S-Sorry, Hailey. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going," I mumbled as she sat up rubbing her head. For a split second she shot me a look of undying anger, but within a blink of an eye she was smiling warmly at me.

That raised a couple of alarms in my head, but I ignored all of them when I realized that she was wearing a short skirt today. Like a homing missile my eyes moved to a free shot of the white panties she had on. Big Mistake. She closed her legs and let out a shrill scream that snapped me back into reality. "I-It was an accident, I swear." Two of her friends came out of our classroom after hearing Hailey's cry of terror, and after helping her to her feet she pointed at me menacingly, "You pervert!" I didn't even have the chance to apologize before she stormed off down the hall, no doubt trying to retreat to a nearby bathroom so that no one could see her teary eyed face.

The whispers from other students around me quickly made me realize that I had just been branded a pervert by Heartbreak Hailey in front of a lot of kids. It was safe to say that by the end of the day my non existent reputation would skyrocket and I would be forever known as the pervert. Fed up with the cautious stares and obvious whisperings from nearby students, I threw open the door to my classroom and retreated inside all the while mumbling, "Fuck me, right?" I sat down in my chair and slammed my head into the desk, gaining the attention of Jason as well as half the class.

"Dude, something up?" "My school life is ruined." "Oh yeah? How come?" "Hailey just called me a pervert in front of a ton of other people." "You're right, your school life is pretty much over." "So what's this rumor going around that Tucker's a pervert who violated Hailey?" Shawn, another close friend of mine who was absent yesterday, asked as he sat down in the seat in front of me.

He was a little chubby and pretty gangly in my opinion, with glasses and combed blonde hair. "How do you know about that already? It happened like two minutes ago." I asked lifting my head. "It's all that anyone was talking about when I walked down the hallway." "Fuck!" "Hey man, it could be worse.

That little event could've ruined your chances with her forever." "Here we go again," Jason rolled his eyes. "Don't give me that Jason!" Shawn snapped, "She's a lesbian!

She has to be! She's not interested in a single guy and all she does is hang around with her girl friends." "Dude you're only saying that because she rejected you like ten times last year." "It's cause she's a lesbian! The sooner you both realize that the easier it'll be for you guys too get over her like I have." "Oh really? You're over her? So if she came into the room right now and asked you out on a date, what would you say?" I asked. "Hell yes!" "Glad to see that your sticking to your word," I grumbled, resting my head back down as the bell to begin class rang.

What a great way to start of the new school year. I know I'm probably jinxing myself by saying this, but I don't think this could get any worse. "Mr. Kingly," someone shook my shoulder. "Mr. Kingly wake up." Again, my shoulder was shaken, slightly harder this time. "Tucker, please get up." My eyes opened slowly, and I robotically lifted my head up only to see Melissa standing next to me, her hand still resting on my back warmly.

She was wearing a white button up blouse and knee length navy blue skirt now, and I had to admit that she looked nice in it. "Sorry Ms. Benson," my voice was hoarse, "Did I fall asleep in class?" "Well," she stood up and looked around, "You can say that." The classroom was completely empty, and after looking outside the window and seeing the sky a golden orange color I realized that it was well into the evening.

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"What time is it?" "Five o'clock." "Five!" I stood up, "I slept through the whole day? And you didn't wake me up?" "Your friends told me to just let you sleep because you were having a rough day." "So you let me sleep the entire day? You should've woken me up after like the first twenty minutes or something. I'm late for work now and I missed both of today's electives too, which means that I cut class and am probably gonna get a detention because of it.

This is not happening," I buried my face in my hands and sat down. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't know," she warmly comforted me, rubbing my back.

Her touch felt amazing against my back, instantly soothing me and allowing me to relax if only for a moment. "Do you mind if I ask you something Tucker?" "Go ahead Ms. Benson." "It's just me and you so you can call me Melissa," she smiled, "but I was wondering if you could tell me what happened between you and Hailey.

I heard some…pretty strange rumors throughout the day." "I accidentally bumped into her in the hallway and ended up looking up her skirt. That's it. I didn't grope her or touch her inappropriately or anything else you heard. All I did was look up her skirt for like two seconds." "Well, that's a relief. I was worried that some of the rumors were actually true.

Now that I know that it was an accident I'm glad, but what exactly were you doing when you bumped into her?" "I uh, had my mind on something else." "What was it?

It must've been pretty important for you to run into someone." "N-Nothing really, look I better get going. I need to explain to my boss why I'm late." I got up and tried to leave but she grabbed onto my arm and looked at me worriedly, "Is everything ok?

You can tell me Tucker, I am your teacher after all. I'm supposed to help you work out things like this." "Um, thanks Melissa but I don't think that you can help me with a problem like this." "C'mon, you can trust me. How bad can it be?" I sighed, and quit resisting, "I was thinking about what happened Sunday night." She released me immediately, "Oh…I see. Well, I guess I can't blame you for thinking about that.

After all, you are a growing boy so it's natural for your mind to wander towards things like that." "Right," I nodded awkwardly as tension began to build up.

We were both diverting our eyes from one another, obviously embarrassed that this topic was brought up. The problem was that I didn't really have time to worry about this, I needed to leave as soon as I could. "I better get going, s-see ya Melissa." I was just about to put my hand on the door when she said, "Wait!" Turning around, I watched as she sheepishly made her way towards the front of her class, stopping in front of me.

"Y-You know I could help…sedate those feelings if you want." "What?" She gulped, looking at me with shaky eyes as her breathing started to grow louder. "I-I could, maybe, try and help you deal with your…needs." She took off her glasses slowly, setting them down on a nearby desk while undoing the bun in her hair, letting it cascade down. Leaning her head forward, she slowly brought it closer to me until our foreheads were touching, her warm breath splashing against my face as her eyes closed.

Her lips were offering themselves to me, and after seeing her like I couldn't resist, especially after she whispered, "If you want to." I stole a quick kiss, then another, then another, finally I dropped my backpack and wrapped my arms around her, attacking her mouth with passionate kissing. Her hand ran through my hair violently while she pulled me closer with the other. She guided me forward until she bumped into her desk, releasing me and hurriedly unbuttoning her blouse to reveal a bright pink bra.

She sat up on the desk lifting her bra up to reveal her amazing tits and I bent down and sucked on one right away, squeezing the other one tightly. She moaned, running her hand through my hair again as played with her sensitive breasts. She gently pushed me away soon after, hopping off the desk and unzipping her skirt as she wiggled out of it while I undid my belt and lowered my pants.

She turned around and bent over her desk giving me a perfect view of her creamy ass and soaking wet pussy. Her thong was the only thing in the way now, and after pulling it down to her thighs I grabbed her hips with one hand while using the other to brush the tip of my dick against her pussy.

She moaned her approval, looking back at me while biting her lip, "Tucker you tease. Please just put it in already." I smirked and did as she said, shoving my dick deep into her pussy as she squealed in delight, her hands clamped down onto the sides of her desk. My thrusts started off slow, easing my dick as far as it could go before removing it completely.

After enough teasing I finally starting ramming her pussy hard and fast, shaking the desk with each thrust. I gave her ass a good smack and arched her back, "Oh fuck yes!

Slap my ass more Tucker!" I gave her what she wanted and was rewarded with moans of delight after each one.

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Grabbing her hips, I started doing short and quick strokes and I could feel her pussy tightening already. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm gonna cum! Fuck yes I'm gonna cum!" she cried out, arching her back. I felt her juices ooze out of her pussy but that didn't stop me from continuing to pound my dick into her. She looked back at me helplessly, "Fuck! Are you gonna cum inside me Tucker? Gonna fill me with your hot cum?" "Yep," I smiled and kept going as she put up little resistance, even bucking her hips to help increase my pleasure.

Feeling the sensation slowly start to creep up on me, I tightened my grip on her hips and kept going, "Here it comes." "Tucker!" My eyes opened up and I shot to my feet only to bump my knees into the desk and fall backwards onto my chair, toppling myself to the ground and causing most of the heads to turn towards me.

Jason knelt down besides me with a puzzled look on his face, "You ok?" "What," I rubbed my aching head, "Happened?" "You passed out in class dude." "What?

So I was dreaming?" "Yeah, a pretty crazy one too. You were fidgeting a lot and you started breathing heavily at the end there." I groaned and closed my eyes, "What time is it?" "Nine forty-two. You slept through all of first session man, we're already at break." "Fuck." A spark of hope soon lit in the back of my mind, "Wait, what was the last thing we talked about before I passed out?" "Uh, Hailey called you a pervert and ruined your school life." "Fuck!" "Here let me help you up," he offered a hand but I shook my head.

"I think I'll just stay down here until breaks over." "Suit yourself." I was dreaming the whole time…son of a bitch. And to make it worse, the part that I wished could've been a dream, was actually reality. So now I had a life ending rumor being spread around the school and sexual fantasies about my teacher while I slept. The only sanctuary I had now was work, and if things kept going at this rate, that wouldn't be a sanctuary for too long.

This year is already off to a terrible start. ---- Author's Note: For those of you that have followed me in the past please read, for those that haven't, i hope you enjoyed the story. For anyone who was following the 3 evil sisters story, i apologize for abruptly taking a leave of absence but i hope that you'll understand that this is a hobby of mine, and if things get to hectic then hobby's are usually the last thing you have time to worry about.

That's not to say that i don't feel bad about what happened, and i can't stress enough about how sorry i am for disappointing people but i could not find time or motivation to work on that story. I think my life is finally stable so i wrote this story in hopes that you'll all enjoy it, and unlike 3ES, i'm setting up this story to last a while.

I hope you all don't hate me and please have a nice day. <3 P.S. For those wondering why i don't continue 3ES, it's because after four different attempts at twenty pages each, none of them did it justice. If i can write one that i believe does it justice i will continue that story, but for now i'll focus on this one.