Two sexy lesbians play and have sex

Two sexy lesbians play and have sex
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The Contract -1 Again I found myself down on my luck with no money and no job. The rent was due and I had to figure out a way to get some cash. I decided to go downtown and sell my ass or some blowjobs to raise some cash. Hell, it wasn't the first time and probably not the last.

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I scraped up enough money for a beer and went to a sleazy bar near the docks. After four dicks I only had made fifty bucks and I could see this was going to be a slow night.

As I was nursing my beer, a dude started talking to me. We got on the subject of sex and then he asked me if I was willing to make some money staring in a porn movie. He said it would be five hundred dollars with the chance to make more. I couldn't believe my luck. Against my better judgement, I snapped at the offer. He pulled a paper out of his coat pocket and gave me a pen.

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It was a standard contract he said to protect everyone including me, so without reading it (a stupid move on my part) I signed it. He suggested we go to my place to get a change of cloths so I could spend the night and then head out to the farm to start filming. After stopping at my place then a 30 minute drive we arrived at the farm. We entered the barn and I saw it was set up like a movie stage set.

Jim offered me a drink to calm my nerves. We sat and talked for a few minutes and he explained that he made porn movies for some internet sites and is always looking for new talent. Jim assured me that I wouldn't get hurt and that it would be fun to explore sex in a new way. He introduced me to two guys, Dan and Frank, who he said helped him make the films.

Then, a big German Sheppard walked in. Jim told me he guarded the place and was friendly. I found out how friendly when he came up to me and stuck his nose right in my crotch. I pushed him away but strangely found my cock was getting hard. Jim explained that this first film was to be a simulated rape film. That I was going to be tied up and that I was to struggle but not too much. I said o.k. and that I could take these to guys and make it look good, Jim just laughed.


The camera was ready so Jim said it was time to get started. We went out the door and Dan and Frank got on both sides of me and grabbed my arms.

Dan tied a bandana around my mouth as a gag and then I was led, struggling a bit, into the room. They led me over to a table in the center of the room and tied my arms and legs to the table legs. My pants were pulled down roughly and I started to brace myself for a good ass fucking. Being in this position I couldn't look behind me so I mentally prepared myself for anything.

What I felt next was a total shock. I felt a cold wet nose sniffing my ass. I realized it was the dog and that I was going to be fucked by him& was going to be a real rape movie! I tried to scream but the sound was muffled by the gag. The dog started licking my asshole with a fury I have not known. I've had my ass licked a few times but not like this. I seemed he wanted to climb in there. Although I was getting rock hard, I kept struggling against the ropes. If I could help it I wasn't going to be fucked by some dirty dog cock.

The dog stopped licking and sniffed a few times.


Then sheer terror came over me as I felt my furry attacker jump up on my back. I screamed a muffled scream and tried desperately to struggle but it was no use against the ropes. I could feel him poking at my ass trying to find my hole. I tried to clench my ass together to stop the assault but it was lose and ready from his licking for a good fucking. He kept poking away looking for the mark, I felt him hitting everything.

Then the tip of his cock hit my bud. He must have sensed this because he drove it home with a force I have never known. I whimpered as he slid more of his big cock into me. Humiliation overcame me as I realized I was becoming a bitch, HIS bitch, to my attacker. My ass burned with a pain and I gritted my teeth. It felt like I was being ripped in two from his huge cock. There wasn't any love involved, he just wanted to fuck and impregnate his bitch even if it meant he had to rape her.

It took him about three thrusts to get his whole cock in me then the fucking began. There was immense pain from his forced entry of his big cock. He started humping with quick thrusts like he wanted to climb in my ass dick first. Like it or not, I was there for the ride. I cold feel his fur on my back as his front legs gripped me by the waist.

As he kept humping wildly the pain of his initial entry started to subside. My screaming was now a whimpering as I was being fucked. After more wild humping, I felt him pull out. He walked around me and licked my face.

It was almost like he was saying sorry but he liked fucking my ass. I felt him move back around and sniff and lick my sore ass. I was feeling empty when he mounted me again and I felt his cock poking around my ass. This time he didn't just ram it in like at first, he found his mark and slowly pushed in till his cock was again buried in my ass. There was still some pain from being stretched by his massive dick but it wasn't as bad as his first entry.

He started humping my ass but this time it was different. It wasn't the wild strokes like before nut a more lovingly steady rhythm. The pain started to turn into pleasure although I was still whimpering from the rape. He fucked me for about five minutes then I could feel him filling my ass with his seed.

I could see flashes from the cameras as Jim was trying to get it all down on video and stills. He held his cock still in me as he filled me up. From the feel of it I don't think I have ever had this much cum in me before. He finally pulled out and walked around to lick my face. The cameras clicked away as I felt his cum leaking from my sore ass. I was still tied to the table when I heard Jim yell "cut".

Dan and Frank came over and untied me and I just curled up in a ball and started crying. Jim came over and handed me a glass of whiskey and said "That was great!" "You bastard" I hissed, "You didn't tell me the movie was going to be with a dirty dog." "Look, if I'd have told you about it you would have probably said no.

This way I got the full natural reaction. Besides, if you read the contract it's all in there." I must admit it was stupid of me not to read before I signed. I could feel the dog cum leaking down my legs as I walked to the bathroom that was in the corner of the soundstage.

As I sat on the pot I couldn't believe how much cum was running out of my ass. After a quick shower I came out to find Jim sitting at the computer working with the film that had just been made.

Looking over his shoulder and watching me get fucked by that dog was not as disgusting as I thought and I was getting aroused by it. It was getting late and Jim suggested we all get some sleep. "It's going to be a busy morning. We got one more movie to shoot and I have to have them ready for Monday." He said. "If you think I'm going to let that mutt fuck me again then you got another thing comming." I shot back with.

"Not all your partners are going to be animals. It all depends on what they ask to see and tomorrow the schedule calls for a gay film." Jim said. Jim showed me to a bedroom where I could spend the night. As I slept I dreamt about getting fucked by the dog, which later I learned was named Butch. It must have been a good dream because when I awoke there was cum all over my belly. As I lay in a half awake state, I could sense someone licking the cum off of me.

When I opened my eyes I saw it was Butch. I just laid there and let him clean me up, and damnit, it felt good. When he was finished he walked over to the corner and lay down. I got up and to dressed. When I got down to the kitchen I saw Jim and three others sitting and having coffee. "About time you got up. We got to get another movie in the can before tomorrow." "I don't think I can stand another animal movie" I said as I poured myself a cup of coffee.

"Don't worry, this one is simple. Just straight fucking." Jim replied and he proceeded to explain that I was to start making out on the sofa with another guy. After he fucks me and pulls his cock out a massive load of cum was to come pouring out of my ass. Jim explained that during the shooting he would cut the cameras and I was to get fucked by two other guys that would fill my ass up with cum so that there would be plenty for the money shot.

After throwing a cup of coffee down my throat and discussing how all the filming angles would work we went back to the barn that was the soundstage. When we were ready, I sat on the couch and pretended to read a magazine. There was a knock on the door and I got up to answer it.

When I opened the door Dan put his arms around me and gave me a kiss on the lips. We went over to the couch and sat down. I started to rub his thighs as we did some small talk. I started to undo his pants and he stood up in front of me. I slid his pants down and his cock sprang free. I put my hand around it and kissed the head, and then I opened my mouth and sucked him in. Dan let out a moan as I swallowed his cock and I could feel it growing in my mouth.

After about five minutes of licking and sucking his big cock (it must have been at least 9 ") he stood me up and undid my pants. Without taking his cock out of my mouth I was out of my pants and back on the couch. Dan started to finger my ass and I felt a finger slip in me.

First one, then two, then three. After fingerfucking me for about five minutes he pulled me off his cock and turned me around so I was bent over the arm of the couch. He then said "here it comes" and I felt him press the head of his big cock into me.

I felt a little pain as his big dick stretched me open and soon he was all the way in. I could see two other guys stroking their cocks just off camera as Dan started pumping in and out of my ass. I was feeling good with Dan fucking me when Jim yelled "cut". Jim told me to stay where I was and then said "o.k.

boys fill him up." One of the guys came over and just plugged his dick right into my ass and started fucking away.

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I was just bent over there taking it when suddenly my mind flashed to yesterday when I was being fucked by that dog.

The scene played in my mind over and over as I felt the first cock unload its seed into my bowels, then he pulled out and was replaced by another cock sliding in and fucking away.

I thought this is what a bitch must feel like, just stand there and get fucked because that's what you are there for.

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It didn't take long for the second load to be deposited in me. I could see flashes as the cameras took pictures the whole time. I felt Dan slide his cock into me all the way to his balls.

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Then Jim said "o.k., Dan, when you come I want you to be as dramatic as possible. Billy, after he pulls out I want you pause a little then squeeze all the cum out of your ass." Jim yelled "action" and Dan started the rhythmatic fucking. He was fucking me good for a while when I felt him slam into me hard. He was grunting and I was moaning as I felt him unload into my already full ass.

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He pulled out and I waited a few seconds, the I used my muscles to force the cum out. I felt a huge load running down my legs as the cum poured out of me.

I forced more and more out of my butt, and then finally Jim yelled "cut".

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"That was great" he said, "Now go get cleaned up while I get this in the can and ready to go." My ass was sore from all the fucking and as I hobbled to the bathroom I suddenly felt a cool wet tounge licking the cum from my legs and ass. It was Butch, and this time I wasn't repulsed, it just felt soothing so I let him clean me up.

I spread my cheeks so he could finish and clean me good, then after he finished I took a shower and got dressed. Thinking about it now, I wasn't repulsed by a dog licking my ass clean.

Jim handed me an envelope and said he would have one of the guys take me home. He told me o be here on Friday to shoot some more films. I looked and there was only $800 dollars, "I thought you said $500 a film, and what's this about next weekend" I said. "Look, you really should have read before signing.

You are signed for six films with an option to renew if you are good enough. Now go home and read the contract so you don't ask any more stupid questions, and be here at 7p.m." Jim replied. I must see what I've gotten myself into I thought to myself as I headed home.

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Four more films to go……………&hellip.