Live show for my Hot chick friend

Live show for my Hot chick friend
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It began a few months into my freshman year of high school. I was 14 and decently built. Actually that's a lie. I had no upper body strength whatsoever, but I was on the cross country team, so I guess my legs were pretty strong. Anyway, one day after cross country practice, my brother said that he couldn't pick me up and that I would have to walk home. I then remembered that my friend Andrew was staying after for drama club.

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I changed out of my gym clothes and walked over to the dance room. They were still practicing for the play, so I plugged my ipod in and watched as Andrew and around 40 other students performed horribly.

It was kinda of funny listening to music as they failed at acting. It was the first time acting for most of them, and they had all of fall to put it together.

I really didn't care much about it, but I noticed these 2 white girls that stuck out pretty well. Just for you all to know about 95% of my school was minorities, so that's why they stood out. After about an hour I walked up to my friend Andrew as he was talking to these girls. I immediately interrupted their conversation with a nudge to Andrew on his back and stood their quietly waiting for him to introduce me to them. He didn't, so I introduced myself to them. One was named Ashley, about 5'4, a little chubby, decent curves, great ass, big tits, beautiful eyes.

The others name was Melissa. She was about 5'9, very skinny, great curves, nice ass, and barely any tits. Both were 15 and sophomores at the time. As we mingled Andrew and I walked them home. I became Ashley's "Freshman Buddy" and Melissa's "Dandan" as I would later start calling her "Melmel". As we got to their house we shared hugs, and phone numbers. I then called my friend Izzy to come pick us up.

While we waited Andrew and I talked about Ash and Mel, I learned that him and Ashley used to go out, and Melissa was just along for the ride. I was surprised to hear that he wasn't that much into either of them anymore. Skipping to the next day of school, I ran into Melissa in the hallway and she ran over and jumped on me. I was spaced out at the time and was not really expecting 90lbs to jump on me. I wrapped my arms around her back and felt her bra through her thin shirt.

She squeezed me so tight I could feel myself getting hard as she pressed her breast against my chest. I walked her to class and talked about so much I don't even remember.

I ended up being late to English, but because I had the best teacher ever, she didn't care. The one class I could actually be late in. We talked and talked for what seemed like an hour. I learned that Andrew hit on both her and Ashley, Ashley fell for it and she just shoved him out of the way.

These talks happened all year, getting deeper and deeper with each day. After a few months, I basically learned that Ashley and her were lesbians, Andrew was Ashley's ex that made her switch to girls, and Melissa is bi and just never found the right guy.


I was shocked, being the virgin I am, I almost always thought about Melissa, not so much Ashley, sexually. All hope wasn't lost, but a lot did change knowing what I did.

As school came to an end, nothing really changed between us. Same lust, same tight hugs, same sexual urges.

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After my Geometry final I run into Melissa while waiting for my brother to pick me up (her and Ashley live right next to the school) and she wants me to come over and celebrate her birthday with her. I said sure and called off my brother. There was beer, some weed, and a lot of cigarettes.


At the time I drank occasionally and rarely smoked. I grabbed a beer from the cooler and hung out with some school friends for a few hours. As her parents came home, the party died out, no luck tonight I thought. After about 30 minutes of goodbyes it was just me and Melissa. She asked if I wanted to go swimming.

I replied that I didn't have a bathing suit, she said that she didn't either. I smiled as we walked outside. I watched as she pulled off her shirt, revealing maybe 30b's covering by a red lace bra. I continued to watch and begin to get hard as she struggled with her belt button. She got it off and unzipped her jeans, then I stared at the almost see-through red panties.

She winked at me, obviously seeing the bulge in my jeans, and jumped in the pool. I pulled off my shirt and pulled down my jeans in a heartbeat. I jumped in before she saw the 6 inch bulge in my boxers.

She was floating calmly as I jumped in and made a splash, getting her wetter then before. She splashed me as I attempted to swim over towards her. She stopped splashing and jumped towards me, pushing me underwater. She followed underwater and lifted my chin up, and surprisingly kissed me. I was in heaven, what felt like minutes was seconds as we headed above water and hugged tighter than ever as we made out.

I was slowly bringing my left hand up her chest and my right hand down her back as she grabbed the bulge in my pants with one hand, and let her other hand rest on my cheek. I grabbed her ass and squeezed with my right hand and brought my left hand under her bra and softly pinched her already erect nipple.

She then broke our kiss and told me to follow as she left the pool. I obediently followed as if I didn't have a choice and she stood at the top of the pool staircase waiting for me. I looked up at her as I was coming up the stairs and she unhooked her bra and moved up to begin kissing again.

She turned me around and basically tackled me onto one of the pool chairs. She broke our kiss once again and dragged down my boxers, finally relieving my 6inch cock. She got on her knees and looked up at me smiling as she began to slowly stroke it.

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I was in heaven, so many things were flowing through my mind, just when I thought I couldn't feel any better she took the head into her mouth and began licking all around the shaft. I felt so good all I could do was tilt my head back and gasp for air.

As she began taking my shaft into her mouth I felt like I was already going to cum. I tried to hold it in but having surprisingly not jerked off in about a week, I came and she swallowed it all. I was gasping for air as she then hopped on my legs.

I wasn't sure whether to kiss her breasts or her lips. After an awkward second or 2, I chose her breasts and played with her left one as I brought my hand up and played with the right. I heard her gasp and moan and noticed both her hands under her panties playing with her pussy.

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I immediately turned her over and kissed her breast goodbye, making my way down to her panties. I pulled them down and dug in. I stuck one finger in and began to go in and out, and began to lick her outer lips. She began massaging her tits, breathing heavier, and moaning softly. That's when I decided to enter 2 fingers and lick deeper in. From all I know I was licking her clit for what felt like hours, smelling her amazing scent. After who knows how long, I felt her juices flowing into my mouth, I think some missed as I just swallowed most of it and wiped my lips clean with my hand.

I smiled as I looked up at her, gasping for air.


We both stood up, put on towels, and walked inside to her room. We began kissing again and as she began to reach down and feel my new bulge, her dad opened the door and she immediately broke the kiss and turned to listen.

He simply said that I had to go home. He then left and asked if I wanted a quickie before I left, I asked if her dad would walk in again and she sighed, knowing I was right. She told me to get dressed, she did too and we waited outside as I called my brother to come pick me up down the street from the school. We talked for about 10 minutes and she told me not to tell anyone. I simply smiled and leaned in for another kiss as my brother pulled in.

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We kissed again and hugged goodbye. I talked to her every day since, and who knows what sophomore year might bring.