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A Warning to readers this story features the themes of slavery and rape. If you don't like stories with these then leave now. To those that stay this story is not a glorification of rape and slavery instead a story of two people finding redemption in each others arms. A final note all characters engaging in sexual activity are over 18 years of age.

Galactic Vendetta Part 02. The Taking of a slave. The few people that lived around Tango Lake wondered about the old freighter submerged in the center of it. But what they really wondered about was the solitary man that was now living in it. These questions were raised months earlier when the man claimed the sunken ship. When he first arrived in the area naturally they began to ask questions about him. Why would any one want to live in the ship in the middle of the lake?

Not that it was even a complete ship. The only thing other then part of the upper deck that was above water was the pill shaped bridge and this where the man seemed to have settled. However the question soon died down as newer events captured the people's attention and the man that lived in the lake became mostly ignored.

What people in the area didn't notice is on some nights the deck of the ship opening. They did hear the sound of a ship taking off or landing but soon even this was ignored. This was what John Erickson was counting on when he moved into the freighter all them months ago. Since he kept to himself the people in the area mostly ignored him now. This was to his liking as he had no interest in socializing anyway. What his neighbors didn't know was he using the ship to hide another one and this one he had been using to raid shipping in the Confederation.

Another thing that they didn't know is he was rarely even in the ship he would actually be gone for weeks at a time. They never connected his disappearances and reappearances to the sounds heard on the lake. For instance at this moment he was deep in Confederation territory with his ship docked to a freighter carrying weapons to a fleet base.

He had just loaded the last unconscious crew member into a lifeboat. This one had been a nightmare to take. As he hadn't been able to stun the whole ship before boarding. Thankfully the only crew still conscious were in the engine room. Even then the four men he had to fight delayed him considerably. So now he had a Confederation destroyer approaching at high speed.

There was no way he could take the vessel now but that didn't mean he was going to let them have it back either. He kicked the lifeboats free and ran to the engine room to put his plan in effect. Using the super comp he began to reprogram the reactor control systems.

This would require near perfect timing as he set a delayed overload command into the system. With the his program running he made his retreat to the Independence. Once behind his ships controls he quickly undocked and got the hell out of there. As he accelerated away from the other ships he could only smile as he watched the destroyer dock with the freighter. His smile turned to a grimace when the Independence was rocked by the shock wave when the freighter exploded taking the destroyer with her.

When the wave dissipating he set a course away from the area. He then started a systems diagnostic and checked for damage from the blast. Thankfully both came up negative.

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With this encounter behind him he was now in trouble. For he wouldn't have the fuel to get home on unless he could take another ship and after this stunt they would be responding in force. As he made the jump to hyperspace he began planning his next move.

He didn't know that he would soon have a encounter that would change his life forever. Cassandra Bourgeois was laying nude in a cabin thinking about the look on her slaves face when she gave the bitch to the crew. She had to laugh as the first man threw her on the deck as he prepared to rape her. The way she pleaded as his dick entered her pussy. She loved the tears on the slave's face as the crewman began pounding her pussy.

The real fun began when he rolled over so she was on top of him. Boy you should of heard the slave's screams when another drive his cock up her ass. She always liked watching a slave being gang raped and it brought real joy to her when the the slave's screams were replaced with the sound of her choking on a third dick down her throat.

Her only regret was the men raping the slave didn't last long enough for her tastes but then again there were still plenty of crewmen waiting their turn still. She figured each man got at least three turns before the end. The sight of the slave's lifeless body floating behind the ship was the high point of her month.

Of course now she would need to acquire another slave but she could have the captain stop at the next station. So she should have no problem buying another one.

Ericsson had just returned from his quarters when the sensors picked up the transport. He wouldn't of bothered with it if he hadn't seen the Bourgeois family crest on it. He wasn't technically supposed to seize transport ships. However he also had been told to do anything he could to destabilize the Confederation government. This was definitely a chance to do just that. Not to mention a major opportunity to bring one of those criminals to justice. His only regret was this wasn't the Chancellor as him and that bitch of a daughter of his almost always traveled on warships.

However this was probably some minister that was being sent on a special assignment for him. Any question about taking the ship soon disappeared when he saw the airlock open and the naked woman fly out. Then to his horror he realized she was still alive. Something snapped in him as he watched the slave's death. For there is nothing more horrifying then seeing someone die in that manner. I will not even try to describe what he witnessed.

As he closed on the transport a switch was flipped. Before he had just stunned the ships from a distance to avoid the fights but this time he wanted it. He wanted to kill every man on that ship and he was going to get his wish. Cassandra had just fallen asleep when suddenly she was awakened by the crew screaming. She was pissed as she had given explicit orders not to be disturbed. Ericsson had just boarded the transport when he saw the first crewman.

He was acting on pure instinct when he put two shots into the man's chest. He was moving before the man's body hit the deck. When he burst through the door of the cockpit the flight crew turned just in time to die in a hale of blaster fire.

He must of put six shots into each man finally stopping when he was sure each man was dead With the cockpit taken care of he began walking the decks killing anyone he saw. Cassandra had just covered herself with a robe and stepped into the corridor the screaming had stopped but someone was going to pay for disturbing her. She was going to began by ripping the crewman she saw running towards her a new one. She was about to began yelling at the man when his head exploded.

She screamed as she was covered in blood.

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Then she saw the man walking towards her with a weapon pointed at her. She was turning to run when she saw the flash and she felt her world go black as she collapsed to the deck. Ericsson was after the last crewman when he saw her step from her room.

Even in his rage filled state he couldn't shoot a woman in cold blood. So as he dropped the last man he drew his stunner, took aim, and fired. With the woman unconscious he finished checking the ship giving her no thought till he checked the ship's log and finally realized who she was. As I said he couldn't shoot any woman in cold blood but that didn't mean that he couldn't do other things to her. In his rage filled state an idea formed.

A idea that Cassandra Bourgeois would come to dread when she woke up. After stripping her of her robe he picked her up and carried her back to the Independence. He then bound her arms behind her back. After her arms were secure he decided to bind her legs to. He briefly considered gagging her but put that thought aside for now. However he decided to lock her in a store room as far away from his quarters as possible.

He then went and let the transport free to dirt off into hyperspace. Now lets wake the little bitch up and tell her about her new life he thought as he set his autopilot. Cassandra woke up with a splitting headache and immediately realized she couldn't move. She began to panic as she remembered what happened on the ship.

She screamed for help hoping one of the crewmen would come. What she wasn't expecting was the strange man she saw open the door. She Immediately recognized him as the man from her ship.

The man that had killed the crewman and shot her. Ericsson was approaching the store room when the bitch started screaming for help. He wonder how many people had screamed for help from her. As he entered the room he saw her look up at him in fear. A look he relished seeing on her face. Now the fear didn't last long as she began to demand that he free her. This set him off again as he bent down and slapped her.

At the same time he yelled for her to shut up.

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At this she rolled on to her back looking up at him with the look of fear back on her face. Cassandra was aghast as this man would dare strike her. It was only at this time she realized that she was naked in front of this man. She immediately turned back over and shrieked. " How dare you undress me! Bring me my clothes and let me go!" Ericsson gave her another slap to her face as he began to untie her ankles.

Once her legs were free Cassandra began to kick at her capture as she tried to back away from him. This was stopped as he reached down, grabbed a handful of her long red hair, and pulled on it as hard as he could.

She could only scream as she was dragged, by her hair to the center of the room. She was then thrown down as hard as he could. As she landed, she hit her head and was momentarily stunned. As she collapsed her legs spread exposing her pussy to view. While she was to out of it to notice her position. Ericsson on the other hand saw it plain as day. When he saw the pussy before him he felt his already hard cock grow stiffen and decided it was time this bitch got a taste of her own medicine.

Cassandra was beginning to come around, as he opened his fly and pulled out his dick. She didn't realize what, was about to happen till it was to late.

Before she could react he was on top of her, pinning her legs apart with his body. She was screaming, as she thrashed around with him on her. This only earned her more slaps to her face before he finally just grabbed her buy the throat and started choking her.

As she struggled for breath he took the opportunity to drive his cock into her pussy, as hard as he could. He received his first surprise from her as he felt her hymen tear as he plowed into her. I'll be dammed the bitch was actually a virgin he thought. Her on the other hand, was experiencing the pain as her maidenhood was ripped from her.

She was given no respite from the assault, as he didn't waste any time before be began to fuck her as hard as he could. Even with the blood of her destroyed cherry she was dry as could be. This combined with her tightness made fucking her very difficult at best, painful at worst.

She could only grunt as she felt the dick pumping in and out of her. She could only pray that he would soon finish with her. She hand no idea he was nowhere near done with her. She had let out a sigh of relief when she suddenly felt him pull out of her pussy.

This reprove was short lived as he rolled her onto her stomach. When he grabbed hold of her hips and pull her ass into the air. The true terror of his intentions sank in. As her virgin ass hole was presented to him she began to beg him for the first time to stop. However just as similar pleading to her fell on deaf ears. Her own had similar results.

Before she could comprehend it he had drove his cock up her ass hole. Her tears had been raining down her face since the assault had first begun.

However now it was more akin to a faucet was running down her cheeks.

She began giving out shrill cries as he once again started pumping in and out of her. These though were soon drowned out as her upper body was lifted off the ground by her hair.

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Her eyes were bulging out of her head as she was held up by her hair. This was only made worse when he beginning fucking her like there was no tomorrow. She was walling now as she suffered this abuse. Thankfully her prayers were soon answered as he drove into her rectum one final time and shot his load.

She could only collapse into a crying, twitching heap as he finally pulled his softening dick from her. As an final insult he grabbed her by the hair again. She was so far gone at this point she could only stare blankly, as he wiped his dick off with her locks. As she just lay there staring into space he got up and locked her in the room. As he returned to the cockpit he had decided on a course change. He need to solve his fuel problem and the bitch needed to feel the full force of karma.

Eight hours later the Independence emerged from hyperspace. He was headed towards the nearest station in the area. He had some time at the moment so he decided to take a preventive measure. When he opened the door of the storage room, he found her cowering in the farthest corner crying. As he entered she tried to merge with a bulkhead, to keep away from him. This amused him when he thought about what she had done.

She didn't have time to wonder what he would do next as he once again stunned her. Only this time he used a sleep inducer, to keep her out.

With that taken care of he went to get some sleep, himself before he got to the station. They wouldn't get there for another five hours and he felt he should take this opportunity, to get some rest.

When he eventually arrived he need to work carefully. First on the plan find a vacant docking slip. Second he need to access the station's systems so it showed the slip down for maintenance. Third he had to get more rations. After all he had an extra mouth to feed now.

Fourth was refueling the ship. Fifth as a visit to the slave market to pick her up some presents. Finally he wanted to access the shipping schedule to see if there was any cargoes worth seizing.

Sadly the last turned out to be a bust but the others were taken care of without much problems. He even got her a few extra toys in the market before he left. He almost couldn't wait to see her face, when she saw what he got her. This is going to be fun he thought.

He just wished Princess Kirsten and Lady Marie could see this. Cassandra was having a nightmare ,some man had kidnapped her and had just brutally raped her.

Now he was returning to do god knows what to her. As the door opened she woke up screaming. As her eyes darted around the room she realized, it wasn't a dream. She then realized he was in there with her. She Immediately darted back to her corner and began cowering again. It was then she become aware that something metal was around each wrist and ankle.

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When she looked at her feet she saw them. "Slave cuffs oh god he was going to make her a slave!" She said to herself.


That is when she saw him pull it out of the bag. "Please God Not A Collar To!" She screamed this time. She tried moving her arms and realized they were shackled behind her back. She was helpless as he moved her hair aside. She then felt the to cold steel sliding around her neck. She then heard the click as the ring was fastened in place. What followed was what she dreaded the most was the sizzling sound, as the internal mechanism activated, permanently affixing the cursed band around her throat.

It was at that point he spoke. "We're not done yet my young slave." I'm a slave kept repeating in her mind.

I'm a slave over and over.


As her tears fell she watched him pull the most horrifying thing out. " It's, It's, It's, the branding iron. " She sobbed "That's right slave one last thing, then your knew life can began " he answered She could only cry as she watched him heat the iron up.

The terror was written, plainly on her face as she saw the S glowing red hot. Finally she felt the searing pain, in the side of her left ass cheek. The last thing she remembered was screaming loader then she ever had in her life, as her world went black.

Thus ended the life of Cassandra Bourgeois, what remained was just a lowly slave girl. "A fitting end to a woman that hurt so many." Ericsson said to the unconscious woman at his feet.