Adorable teen Zhopka Sladkaya receives and gives oral sex

Adorable teen Zhopka Sladkaya receives and gives oral sex
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I was 16 years old at the time this happened. 18+ to read. Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, Format, isn't that good. ~~~ "Mom, I'm just wondering if I really have to come with you?" I asked my Mom. We were packing up for a trip to my Mom's country; Thailand. I was born and raised in Canada, but my Mom said that her Mom was really sick and that they might.

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she didn't say the final word. "Yes, hurry up and pack up, I've got tickets already and we're leaving tonight. Make sure, check 50 times that you have everything." She said nervously as she was packing up her clothes. "This is fucking stupid," I whispered to myself as I went into my room. ~~~ It was fucking hot in Thailand. I know it's hot in Canada during the Summer but the last few days in Thailand have been killer hot.

And Mom's in her parents 100 degrees room all day crying and whispering words to her Mom. There's nothing much to do. ~~~ Mom wanted me to buy some vegetables from the local store so she can make Grandma some soup. The problem, I didn't even know the way to the store.


Mom handed me some Thailand money called Thai Baht. She told me to hurry up but I was taking my time as I walked to the store. I went inside what appeared to be a run down store, looking around for the vegetables.

It smelled so bad, I quickly grabbed what Mom said to buy, put it in the bag, and gave the cashier some money. He counted it all and gave me some back. With a smile, he said something and waved bye to me. I didn't wave bye to him. I walked out and decided to walk another way to grandma's house. So I did, looking around seeing so many small homes in this new route.


I saw a girl my age sitting on front chair at the front of one of the small homes. She looked at me as I walked by, and I smiled as I saw her cute face. I waved hi to her, hoping a wave didn't mean anything negative in this country. She smiled, stood up, and walked towards me.

She was as tall as I was, very skinny and so cute, even up close. She smiled and put both hands out together, with palms facing up.


SHE WAS A BEGGAR. I swear, she could have been a model in Canada. I took out my wallet, which contained both the remaining money that the store owner gave me and some Canadian dollars. She watched as I opened up my wallet, and took out the notes. I gave her 10 Thai bills and $20.00 Canadian dollar bill. She smiled and held the money with her left hand, then using her right hand, she led me inside the home I saw her at.

Indeed it was a small home and empty, some clothes on the floor, small fridge, food on counter, I wanted to see more of the house but she pulled me into a room having a small bed. It was a clean room, only a bed and some cabinets. She put the money in her closet while I stood and watched. None of us said anything, knowing we didn't know each-others language fluently. She sat on the bed and I sat beside her.

She then looked at me, I looked at her, and she kissed me very gently.

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It was my first kiss, I didn't know what to do. I began to try my best to kiss her back, but I don't think I was doing a good job.

I kept my eyes closed, and didn't move, she kissed me with her tender lips very softly, blowing air onto my lips at some points, I let her do all the work. I began to have an erection here. Once done, she began to remove my clothes, starting with my shirt, then my shorts, and finally, my underwear revealing my 6 inch erect dick. She went onto her knees, and began to suck my dick without saying a word. She put the tip of my dick into her warm mouth, then the head of my dick was absorbed into her mouth as well.

She used her hands to stroke the foreskin of my cock very gently.

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The sensations were too much for me as she wrapped her tongue around my cock, I tapped her forehead and she stopped sucking my penis and removed her hands off it. I felt myself about to blow my cum right then and there, but I held it in. She stood up and then began to remove all her clothing. She didn't wear a bra because she had small tits, but she removed her small white shirt, and loose pants, then her pink panties revealing her pussy.

It was the first time I saw boobs and pussy in my life. She went into her closet and took out a packet of something. She opened it up and I saw a small circular ring. I recognized it from school as a condom. She began to wrap my cock around with it, all the way to the bottom until my whole cock was covered. She then went behind me and laid down on the bed. She stared at me and I didn't know what to do.

I went in between her legs. I stared at her pussy, no hairs, just a line. She used her hands and split it open, revealing a small pink entrance way. I knew what I was supposed to do. I placed my erect dick in her passageway, and slowly pushed my cock into her pink pussy.

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Oh my goodness, it was so tight. The head of the cock was hard to get in, but after it was easy.

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I felt pleasure the whole way inserting my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. She had her eyes closed and opened them once I was all the way inside her pussy. Our pubic bones were touching and I felt myself about to unload. I didn't want to cum, I pulled out of the girls small pussy and just watched as my penis began to twitch, and I felt myself releasing pre-cum into the condom. She watched as I removed the condom and stayed on my knees, not sure what to do next.

The girl opened her pussy again. What? She wanted me to fuck her dry? I put the condom on the bed, she still held her pussy open, I could see the entrance was much bigger. I pointed at my uncovered penis and then at her pussy. She nodded her head.

I couldn't believe it. I went in between her legs, and aimed my cock into her pussy. She however first put her index finger into her mouth, then showed her finger which had saliva on it to me. She pointed at my erect penis, then pointed at her stomach, shaking her her. I nodded at what she was supposedly trying to tell me. She wanted me to pull out before cumming. I leaned over the girl and placed my penis inside her pussy. The pleasure was even greater than with the condom as this time I felt the heat of her body on my dick.

My penis instantly went inside her tight pussy as I didn't know what to do after my whole penis was inside her pussy. She moaned and continued to moan as I slowly went in and out of her pussy, and kissed her boobs in the process.

The sensation was too much for me so quickly.

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I was about to blow in just a few seconds after entering. I pulled out my dick out of her pussy and with a huge groan, I shot my load onto her belly.

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