Wife finally meets a Black Bull

Wife finally meets a Black Bull
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This story includes humiliation, non-consensual sex, incest, fetishism, diapering, exhibitionism, and infantilization. If any of those disturb you, please skip this story.

******************************************************************** I guess it was my stupidity that created this mess. I'm Melissa, 20 years old, and am or was a college student. I'm 5'5" and about 120 pounds, and guys tell me I have a cute face and body. My boobs are only a b cup but the guys seem to like them anyhow. I was living at home with my parents and my 18 year old brother, Drew. I finished my last exam for the semester and was looking forward to a summer break.

One of my friends was going to a party and she invited me to come along. I got there and they had beer, hard liquor, pot, and God knows what else.

I couldn't legally drink, but nobody there cared, so I started drinking beer. Unfortunately since I never drank much, I couldn't really gauge my intake, and I drank too much. I drank a lot of beer, danced, flirted, and basically enjoyed myself though I didn't really want to go home with anyone.

It got late and I left and in spite of my intoxication, managed to get home safely. I staggered to my room and collapsed onto my bed, still in the clothes I'd been wearing. I was tired and drunk and fell asleep immediately and far too soundly. I woke up in the morning, hung over, and absolutely soaked.

The beer had gone through me and I was apparently too tired and drunk to get up and pee. I was humiliated at that, I mean I hadn't wet the bed since I was like two years old. But my jeans, the sheets, bedspread, and even the mattress were soaked from what I'd done.

While I was trying to figure out what to do, my father came to check on me. He immediately scoped out what had happened and had a very grim expression. For a moment, I was worried that he was going to strike me. He didn't, though it might have been better than what happened. I mean it was obvious that my jeans and the bed were soaked and that I'd wet myself. "Girl, you are disgusting. Wetting the bed?


What are you, a baby? Well maybe we should treat you like you are then. I'm going to talk to your mother. Get cleaned up." He left, slamming the door behind him. I grabbed some clean dry clothes and went to the bathroom to shower.

I was still hung over and my head pounded as I washed my pee off my body and tried to get clean. After a long hot shower, I dried off and put on some clothes, dropping my nasty clothes in the washer, along with my sodden sheets. It took me a while to get in all together, and I came into the living room to find my mother and father sitting there, grim faced, with some bags of items.

I wondered what the hell that was all about, and very quickly found out. Dad started the conversation. "If you're going to act like a baby and wet the bed, you'll be treated like a baby." "Daddy, I've never done that before, and I'm not going to do that again." "You certainly aren't, and we're going to make sure of that." My father sent me into my room with my mother and the bags. My mother told me to take off my clothes.

"Why do I need to do that?" "Do it, or I'll send your father in here, and you won't like that." I took off my jeans and top, to stand there in my bra and panties.

My mother looked disgusted. "Take the rest off too." "Why do I need to…?" "Do it. Now." I took off my bra and panties and stood there naked in front of my mother. They had put a plastic sheet down on my mattress and my mother directed me to lie down on the bed. I did and she spread my legs, then began to trim the hair around my pussy. I didn't understand, and then she got out some shaving cream and shaved it completely bare.

She wiped the remaining shaving cream off my pussy, then lifted up on my hips. I raised them from the bed and she slid something under me and pushed my hips back down. I couldn't immediately tell what she'd done, then she took some powder and put it around my pussy.

I looked up to see her fasten a diaper on me. "What are you doing? Why are you putting a diaper on me?" "You behave irresponsibly and wet the bed like a baby and you'll be treated like a baby." "Mom, that was just " "Be quiet. This is your punishment for wetting the bed." "How long do I have to wear it?" "As long as your father and I say so." "Why did you shave between my legs?" "Babies don't have hair there, and you're now a baby and will be treated as one." "What about when I go out with friends?" "Babies don't go out on their own.

You'll stay here unless we take you out, and if we do, you'll be diapered then too." "Please don't do this to me." "You did it to yourself." "Please, I promise nothing like last night will happen again." "Your father and I decided, and it's final.

The more problems you give us, the longer it will last." "I have to wear a diaper under my clothes?" "You're a baby, around the house you don't need pants, but we'll let you wear a top." I got out of bed, crying, and reached for my bra.

My mother stopped me. "Babies don't wear bras just a top." I was about as humiliated as I've ever been in my life. Now I'd be expected to stay home wearing nothing but a diaper and a top no bra, no jeans, not even a skirt.

I pulled a tee shirt on and mother took my hand and led me to the living room where my father and my little brother were sitting. I felt so embarrassed as she sat me down. "You showed us that you aren't responsible and don't have control over your bladder or body functions, so you will wear that diaper and use it to relieve yourself." "Even if I know I need to go and could use a toilet." "You'll use the diaper, for the time being.

If neither your father or I are available to change you, your brother will." "I have to wear a diaper and even let my brother change my diaper?" "Exactly." I looked at my younger brother, totally horrified. He sat there with a nasty smile on his face. I did not want him changing my diaper, even if I had to wear one. I wasn't sure how to avoid it, but I wanted to if at all possible. It was probably just as well they didn't want me going out.

I sure didn't want to spend time with my friends while wearing a diaper. "Are you thirsty? Would you like something to drink?" I realized I was. "Yes, please." My mother got up and went to the kitchen.

She came back with a baby bottle filled with juice. They were clearly taking this all the way. She handed me the bottle, which I reluctantly took from her.

I looked at it and wondered if there was any alternative. "Does the baby need us to feed her the bottle?" "No. Is there anything else I could drink from?" "If you're a good baby, maybe in a week or two, we'll let you use a sippy cup. But for now, it's a bottle." As much as I hated drinking from a bottle, I was really thirsty. All the beer I drank last night left me dehydrated. I looked at my mother and father, both of whom looked utterly determined.

My brother still had his nasty smile. I went ahead and started drinking the juice from the baby bottle. Yes, I sucked it from the nipple of the bottle, and felt like a complete idiot. I finished the bottle and did feel pretty refreshed. "Well, is baby tired? Do you need a nap?" I was a bit tired. Getting drunk last night, being hung over, and everything that had happened today took a lot out of me.

My mother took me in my bedroom and I lay down on the bed. "As long as you behave, we won't make you sleep in a crib." "Thank you." I lay back, and my mother stuck a pacifier in my mouth. I wanted to spit it out, but decided to play along for now in hopes they would tire of all this and let me return to normal. I closed my eyes with the pacifier between my lips and fell asleep almost immediately. I woke up a few hours later with a full bladder. I walked into the living room where my brother sat.

"Mom and Dad went out. I'm here to look after you." "I need to pee." "That's what you have a diaper for." "Please don't do this." "Not a chance I'm letting you out of this." I stood there trying to hold it, but it was too strong.

As I stood there, I started to pee in my diaper. I must have turned twenty shades of red as I soaked my diaper. It even seeped through to wet the bottom of my tee shirt. "Well, looks like the baby needs to be changed." "Please let me change myself." "No dice." Drew took my hand and led me back to my bedroom.

I didn't want that, but wasn't sure what alternatives I had. He put a towel down on the bed, then grabbed the hem of my tee shirt and began to lift. "What are you doing?" "Your top is wet from your pee, I'm taking it off. Lift your arms." "You'll see my boobs." "Yeah, and I'll see your pussy when I change your diaper. Lift your arms." I lifted my arms and he pulled the shirt off me.

I tried to cover my boobs with my arms, but he'd have none of it. He pulled my arm out from in front of my boobs. "Babies don't have body modesty. Get over it.' He had me lie down on the towel, then took off my diaper. I lifted my hips for him to pull it out from under me. There were baby wipes nearby, and Drew took one and began to wipe the area that the diaper covered.

He started from the top and wiped down to my pussy. He seemed to pay special attention to my pussy, spending a long time carefully and thoroughly wiping it. Then he lifted my legs and wiped my ass and anal area before throwing it away. He took out a diaper and slid it under me, then lowered me back onto the bed. I thought maybe he'd just put the diaper on and we'd be done.

Instead, he began to touch my pussy some more.


What horrified me was that between the humiliation and touching, I was getting turned on and wet. He ran his thumb up and down my labia and I could tell they were swelling and spreading. My clit started to peek out the top and he played with that with his thumb and finger.

I hated the fact that I was naked and essentially at my brother's mercy. At the same time, my pussy very clearly liked that and against my will, I began to move my hips and moan.

He used one finger to spread my pussy lips and even eased it slightly into my pussy. My pussy seemed to be trying to suck his finger in, and without thinking, I thrust my hips forward, which got his finger deeper into me.

With that, he sunk his finger all the way in, which made me moan and gasp. I didn't want it there, but my pussy did. Drew finger fucked me to orgasm, then pulled his finger out and stuck it in my mouth.

"Lick it clean, baby girl." I did and could taste my pussy juice on his finger. He then got another wipe and cleaned up my juices that were now covering my pussy area. He put on baby powder, then fastened the diaper on me. After he did, he began to run his hands up my body to my boobs. He took one boob in each hand and began to squeeze and fondle them. He finally let me up and got me another top.

"I'm really going to enjoy changing you. There's going to be a lot more fun to come." I was afraid of what kind of fun he had in mind. He led me back to the living room sat me down on the sofa and brought me another baby bottle full of juice. He turned on the television to one of his favorite shows and we sat there as I drank my juice. A bit later, my parents returned. They looked at me sucking juice from the bottle and seemed pleased. "So, how did she behave, son?

"Pretty well. I changed her once, and she still argued a bit but finally let me do what I needed to." "Excellent.

Maybe we should let you change her most of the time." "That works for me." I had thought that maybe they would just do a short punishment, or that Drew changing my diapers would only be very seldom. Now it looked like it was going to be a regular occurrence. As I sat there, I began to feel pressure in both my bowels and bladder.

I realized I needed to go again, and very badly. "I I need to pee again, and I need to poop." "Well, you're wearing your diaper so you should go ahead and do it." "She pees a lot, you might want to make her get off the sofa so she doesn't get it wet." "Can't I please just use the toilet?" "No.

You have a diaper, use it." I slid off the sofa and squatted down on the floor. I relaxed and let my bowels and bladder empty, which filled and soaked my diaper. I was close to where Drew sat, and he obviously got a whiff. "Jeez, that stinks." My mother looked at him, then at me.

"I'll cut you a break son, I won't make you change this poopy diaper. You might want to watch though for the next time." At least he wasn't going to change me, but he was going to watch me be changed. After his last changing, I guess I was somewhat happy. I'd have been a lot happier if they'd just let me use the toilet on my own, but that clearly wasn't going to happen.

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My mother helped me to my feet and led me to my room, waddling from a very full diaper. The towel from the last changing was still on the bed, so my mother made me lie on it.

She took my top off to keep it from getting soiled in the change. She unfastened my diaper and I was a mess from what I'd done. Between using the diaper and using baby wipes, mother cleaned me up thoroughly. For sure I was humiliated, but after what I'd already been through, it was hardly anything new.

After she cleaned me up, she gathered up the stinky diaper and told my brother to put a new diaper on me, then she left the room. "Well, baby, I guess it's time for us to have a little more fun." "Please don't. I'm your sister, for God's sake." "My sister who's been snotty and ignored me and avoided me as much as possible." "Please. I swear, I'll make it up to you." "You certainly will, one diaper change at a time." My top was still off, so Drew leaned over and began to suck on one of my nipples as he began to masturbate me.

What I hated most, was just how good it felt. Okay, I'd had sex a few times. I was no virgin, and it was usually fine, just nothing spectacular. Drew was plunging one finger deep in my cunt as he played with my clit and sucked on my boobs. In no time at all, I had a crashing orgasm, and it was all I could do to keep from shrieking. I didn't want anyone to see what my brother was doing to me. The way my life was going, I figured they'd blame me and let him do whatever he wanted.

By the time he was done, I was physically and emotionally drained. He cleaned me up again, and put on a clean diaper. "And this is just the first day.

Think about all the fun we have ahead of us." They did let me eat solid food and even let me feed myself, though they continued to make me drink exclusively from a baby bottle, and gave me a pacifier to suck on at other times. I peed again and my brother changed me again, pretty much a repeat of his last diapering.

He seemed to get great pleasure out of playing with my boobs and my pussy. I kind of hoped he'd tire of what he was doing. I hoped even more that he did not escalate things.

They sent me to bed later with plastic pants in addition to the diaper, no top, and a bottle. My brother tucked me in and spent quite a while playing with and sucking on my boobs before he left my room.

He managed to make me cum just from what he did to my boobs. I woke up during the night needing to pee. I thought maybe I could sneak to the bathroom and pee in the toilet then sneak back to my room.

Instead, I found they had managed to lock the door so I couldn't leave my bedroom. I cried a bit about everything that had happened, then finally gave in and wet my diaper.

It was uncomfortable in a wet diaper, but I cried myself back to sleep. In the morning, my brother came in to check on me. He rolled me onto my back and stuck his hand in my diaper to see if it was wet, which of course it was. "I guess the baby needs to be changed again." He got the towel that I was changed on and I got on it. As usual, he took of my wet diaper and cleaned me up with baby wipes, spending a lot of time cleaning my pussy lips.

That made me moan and writhe, but then he did something that surprised me.

He opened one of my drawers and pulled out a small vibrator that I had stashed. As I said, I was no virgin, but I didn't sleep around much and hadn't had a steady boyfriend for a few months. I used my vibrator to keep myself satisfied while waiting for a decent guy to come along. I had no idea that Drew knew I had that or where, but clearly he did. What with his ministrations, I was pretty wet down there, so Drew slid the vibrator right in me pretty easily, and turned it on.

Look, there is no doubt he was giving me sexual pleasure, but it was embarrassing and unwanted.

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All I wanted was to wear my own clothes and have control over my body, neither of which I was allowed. He held the vibrator inside me while playing with my clit and my nipples. I very quickly was squirming around from the physical pleasure, and even pumping my hips.

My eyes were nearly closed, but from what little I could see, he had a smirk on his face as he did it. What else did my little brother have planned for me? Was there anything at all I could do about it?

I wasn't sure but I felt like I had to try. I came so hard I squirted, which made Drew laugh. He pulled the vibrator from my pussy, turned it off, and brought it to my lips.

"Clean it off now." I really didn't want to suck on a dildo covered in my own juices, but he pressed it against my lips and eased it into my mouth. He pushed it in so far, I began to choke, then he backed off a bit, and began to fuck my mouth with my vibrator.

I wanted to cry, but let him do it. After a couple of minutes he decided that was good enough and pulled it out of my mouth. He cleaned it off with a baby wipe and put it in the drawer, then wiped me off again, powdered, and diapered me.

I was going to grab a top to wear, but he told me that babies often went topless and that there were times when I should, as well. He said this was one of those times. Our parents had already both gone to work, so it was just Drew and I in the house. He let me have a little bit of food, then gave me a baby bottle of juice. Drew had me sit beside him on the couch, as he watched television.

He kept playing with my boobs while he did, particularly during commercials. There was a knock on the door, and I wanted to run to my bedroom, but he told me to sit still on the sofa. When he opened the door, it was Mike, a guy I had dated a while back, who still had some interest in me.

Drew had him come in and brought him over to where I was still sitting. I had my hands covering my boobs. Drew very sternly told me to put my hands at my sides, which I reluctantly did. Mike stood there just gaping at me, as I sat there in my diaper, and nothing else. After a bit, Mike spoke. "What the fuck, Melissa?" Drew responded. "She was a bad girl. She got drunk and wet her bed, so now she's being treated like a baby." My bottle of juice was sitting beside me on the couch, so Drew picked it up and handed it to me.

"Drink." I took the bottle and put the nipple in my mouth and began to drink the juice. Mike stood shocked for a minute, then almost fell on the floor laughing. "Shit, I'd never have believed it and wearing diapers too." "If she has to piss or shit, she has to use the diaper." "Fuck, man. Who changes her?" "A lot of the time, I do." "No shit, man.

That I'd like to see." Drew leaned over and stuck his hand down in my diaper, which had been dry. When he felt nothing, he stuck it farther down and put a finger in my pussy. He began to play with my pussy and almost against my will I began to pee. I closed my eyes and rocked back and forth, trying to stare holes in the floor.

I wanted to disappear into the floor, never to be seen again. That was not to be. Drew pulled his hand back out of my diaper, wiping it on the diaper when he did. He pulled me to my feet and began to lead me to my bedroom. "Follow me, dude. I'll let you watch." "Fucking A, man." Mike followed us into the bedroom, where Drew, as usual laid me down on the changing towel. He undid the diaper and opened it. I looked up to see Mike using his phone to shoot pix of the whole thing. Drew went through the usual of cleaning me with baby wipes, then stopped.

"Hey, dude. You want to clean her, too?" "Shit, yeah." Mike was not one of the guys that I'd slept with, so he'd never seen or touched my naked body. Now he was wiping down my pussy and ass with a baby wipe. He seemed to stretch it out for a long time, even longer than Drew normally did. Then he stopped and looked at my brother. "Anything else need wiped?" "Not now, but we do need to powder and diaper her." Drew put the diaper under me, then handed the powder to Mike.

Mike shook the powder onto my pussy, then reached out with his hand and smoothed it around, spending a lot of time touching my pussy.

Mike managed to get some additional pictures of wiping me down and powdering me before Drew fastened my diaper in place. Then Mike took a few more shots of me lying there diapered.

"Is that it then?" "Shit dude, wasn't that enough? You got to look at and touch her pussy." "If it was just me, I'd have fucked her before I diapered her back up." "Greedy bastard, aren't you?" "Take what you can get, when you can get it." "So why did you come over?" "I wanted to talk to Melissa and see if she wanted to go with me to the movies." "My folks aren't going to let her go out on dates, not even diapered." "Too bad, man.

I wouldn't mind changing her diapers a time or two during the date." "I'll bet." Drew left me lying on the bed as he escorted Mike out.

He came back and led me back into the living room, still topless. I suppose the only good thing about Mike being there was that Drew didn't finger or dildo me during the change. I thought about what Mike said and decided that even if my parents allowed me to go out, I wouldn't be going out with him. Drew kept feeding me juice. I think he wanted me to pee a lot so he could change me even more.

He changed me another time or two, either fingering or dildoing me when he did. Of course, he also felt up my boobs a lot even as he watched television. A little later, I knew I had to poop and I begged Drew to let me use the toilet, but he refused.

I filled a diaper with poop and he took me back to the bedroom. It took him a while to clean me, since pooping in the diaper makes pretty much of a mess. I tried telling him that he could have saved a lot of grief and mess if he'd just let me use the toilet.

"Our folks said you're going to use the diaper, so you're going to use it all the time." "Do you like cleaning all that up?" "No, but I'm going to get some payoff for it." "What do you mean? What kind of payoff?" Drew climbed onto the bed over me, and unzipped his pants. He pulled down his pants and jockey shorts, and a hard cock popped out.

"Same kind of payoff that Mike talked about." "Please don't do that. You're my brother, for God's sake." My legs were spread for the diapering and cleanup, and Drew slid his hard cock into my wet pussy.

It had been months since I'd had anything but my vibrator in there. It felt wonderful, but it was terrible. "Drew, stop that. Get that thing out of me." "No chance of that. Not until I'm done." "I'm your sister." "Hi, Sis." "This is incest." "Keeping it in the family." "This is rape." "Not if you enjoy it." "Fuck." "Thanks.

Don't mind if I do." He slid his cock most of the way out before plunging it deep into me again. I gasped and moaned. I hated that my brother my little brother was doing this to me. What was worse was that it felt so damned good.

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I don't know that he was really any bigger than the guys I'd been with before, but I felt like he was filling me up, and it felt absolutely wonderful. He started kind of slow, then gradually picked up speed, moving faster and harder as he explored the depths of my pussy.

Drew began to play with my nipples and I found myself fucking him back. My mind and body wanted different things. My body loved what he was doing and wanted it to last as long as possible.

My mind wanted him gone and out of me. I felt a heat rising through my body and my pussy felt like it was on fire. His cock was both feeding the fire and quenching it as well. I didn't understand it but my whole being seemed to narrow down to my pussy and his prick in it and my boobs and his hands playing with my nipples. He felt bigger and bigger inside me, as my pussy tightened around his cock. All of a sudden, I came with a shudder.

It almost felt like I went into convulsions. It was the longest and best orgasm I'd even had and as my senses returned, I realized I'd wrapped my legs around him and was even holding him tight in my arms. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt, as I felt his stop and his cock started twitching and spurting as he came deep in my cunt.

I felt totally drained as he lay there with his balls emptying themselves in me. I wished I'd had a boyfriend who'd made me feel like that.

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Instead, it was my brother who was fucking me. My body wanted more of this, even as my mind rebelled against it. I could feel his cock still inside me and tightened my pussy muscles to hold him there. His dick, which had started to soften a bit began to get hard again as he lay there, and I found my hips starting to move back and forth slightly.

He seemed to get hard again in no time and he added his own motion to mine and pretty quickly, we were fucking away again.

I came again and he came in me a second time before he rolled off me. "Damn, Melissa. That was the best sex I've ever had." I didn't want to even speak. It was the best I'd even had too, but my mind still fought it and I didn't want to encourage a repeat. My body and my pussy wanted a repeat, after we'd both had a chance to rest but my mind still hated it.

Drew stroked my boobs as he lay beside me on my bed. He kept that up for a while before he got back out of bed. "We need to get you diapered again, but trust me we're doing that again a lot more times." We were both sticky with sweat from fucking, so he decided that he ought to bathe the baby. He filled a tub with warm water and took me into the bathroom, put me into the tub and began to wash my body.

As he did, he got hard again, and before long, he climbed in the tub with me. He put my feet on the rims of the tub on each side to spread my legs, then stuck his dick back in me. After he came in me once more, he finished my bath, washing himself in the process.

He dried me off, then took me back into the bedroom and put my diaper back on. He let me wear a top for the rest of the day, but kept feeding me liquids, so I'd have to pee a lot and he'd have to change me. I think he had to change me four more times before my parents came home from work, and he fucked me every time he changed me.

When my parents got home, I was sitting on the sofa in diaper and top, with a pacifier in my mouth and my pussy feeling a little the worse for wear. My parents decided they didn't feel like cooking so they said we were going out for dinner. "You're going to make me go out dressed like this?" "Of course not.

We're going to let you put a skirt on over top of your diaper. At least as long as you're a good girl." I guessed that was some small consolation. At least the world would not be seeing that I was wearing a diaper. I peed again, but because we didn't have that much time, Drew didn't fuck me this time when he changed me. They put me in a short skirt which was a little poofy, so it sort of hid my diaper, but mostly just made my ass look a little bigger.

They let me have regular food and drink and I was almost starting to feel like a real person again, when I realized my bladder was full. "I'm going to the restroom." "What for?" "I need to pee." "That's why you have a diaper." "How do we…?" "There are baby changing stations in both restrooms. Just wet your diaper and your brother can change you." "In the men's room?" "You can't expect Drew to go in the women's room to change you not when there's a changing station in the men's room." "Can't I just use the toilet and pee?" "No, you can't.

Part of your punishment." "Can't Mom change me?" No, your brother is changing you." Drew got up and picked up a diaper bag, took my hand and began leading me to the restroom. We got to the door to the men's room and I stopped, pleading with my eyes.

There were enough people around that I didn't really want to say anything and be overheard. He took my hand and stepped toward the door as a middle aged man came out of the men's room. He looked at me and seemed puzzled. "What's going on?" "Diaper change." "You serious?" "Sure thing." "Shit. This I gotta see." With that, he held the door for Drew and I and followed us in. Drew led me over to the changing station and took off my skirt.

"Wouldn't want to get this wet. Then you'd have to sit with your diaper out there." There were two other men in the restroom who seemed interested in the goings on. The middle aged man who'd held the door took out his phone. "I want some photos of this." "That's fine." The other two men took out their phones and aimed them at me as well. There were a few shots of me standing there in a diaper and top, and more as I started to pee in my diaper.

Drew pulled up my top to keep it dry, but pulled it up far enough to expose my boobs. Once I'd peed, he had me hop up on the changing table. I was worried about it supporting my weight, but it seemed okay. Drew took off my diaper to the sound of photos from the three men.

Now my pussy was exposed as well as my boobs. As Drew disposed of my old diaper, another man came in the restroom, saw me and came over. He pulled out his phone and began shooting pix as well. Drew cleaned me up with baby wipesthen powdered me before putting the new diaper on.


I wanted Drew to hurry, but he was clearly taking his time and quite enjoying my humiliation and exposure. Once Drew had me diapered, I hopped off the table and pulled my top down. I reached out for my skirt, but he pulled it out of my reach, while the four men watched and got more pix. Finally he gave me back my skirt and I put it on. I was going to dash from the men's room, but Drew stopped me. "You wait here while I piss and wash my hands." I stood in the corner, out of the way, trying to make myself as little as possible.

The middle aged guy left as did one of the other two who'd been in there when we got there. The other two seemed fixated on me. "Hey, baby. I'd like to change your diaper too. We could have a lot of fun." Drew seemed to enjoy that. "I'm her designated diaper changer, but give me your number and maybe I'll let you join the fun." Drew finished and got the guy's number and we left.

As we did there was another man coming to the restroom who looked at me, looked at drew, then looked at the sign on the door. "What's up? She trans or something? She got a dick?" "No, she's all girl. We just had to change her diaper." "Damn. I'm sorry I missed that." We went back to the table where my parents were and sat down. I finished eating, but avoided drinking anything more, though Drew kept encouraging me to drink.

By the time we were finishing up, my bladder was filling up but I wanted to wait until we got home. We had gone to a restaurant that was part of a mall, and after we ate, my mother wanted to go window shopping. We wandered through the mall as I felt increasingly uncomfortable.

"I'm afraid that I need to pee again." "Well, honey, the restrooms are half a mall away. You'll just have to pee in your diaper and we'll change you when we get back there." "Can't we go there now?" "No. I'm looking at things. You'll just need to pee in your diaper. That's why you have it." I tried holding it as long as I could, but finally just had to let loose and wet my diaper.

When I did, it managed to get my skirt wet as well. "We can't have you wandering around here in a pee soaked skirt. We'll just have to take it off you." With that, my mother took off my skirt, leaving me standing there in a diaper and top. The people nearby stared at me, and one little kid, maybe five or six seemed puzzled. "Mommy, why is that lady wearing a diaper?" "Probably because she needs to, darling." We were at one far end of the mall, well away from the restrooms and far away from our car.

"Dear, it's unfair of us to make you walk around the mall in a wet diaper." "But the restrooms are so far away." My mother pointed at a bench nearby. "Drew can change you right there." "Please, no not right out in the open." "Don't argue with us. The more you do, the longer you'll be punished." A small crowd had gathered around to see the woman walking around in the wet diaper. They followed as Drew led me to the bench and had me lie down.

Cell phone cameras were snapping and flashing away, and at least a few were videoing the thing. As in the men's room, Drew took off my diaper and took his time wiping me down before powdering me and putting on a fresh diaper.

There was applause as I got up. I was still only in diaper and top, since my skirt was wet, and stayed that way as we worked our way back to the car. I had a whole entourage following me, including a couple of guys I had classes with. I wanted to avoid them, but couldn't.

"Damn, Melissa, that was hot as fuck. I got some great video of you as your diaper was being changed." "Yeah, girl. You'll have to let me change your diaper some time." I realized that the only thing worse than being stuck at home wearing diapers was going out while wearing them. There was a mall security guard there when I was being changed.

Instead of stopping it, he was shooting pictures along with the rest of them. I realized that pictures and videos of me in diapers and being changed were going to be on the internet and all over town before morning.

My college only had about 4,000 students, and I suspected that by the time classes started in the fall, every one of them would have seen it all. Dare I even go back to classes there? Could I go to another school?

Could I even find a school where no one was aware of what happened to me?

Sandra aus Berlin

By now, my pix were probably all over the world. When we got home, my aunt and my cousin were at the house waiting for us. My aunt is my mother's sister and my cousin is about a year older than me. As we pulled up I could see them sitting on our porch. Gary was staring at his phone and leering. Somehow I knew he was looking at the pix or video from the mall. My aunt came up to my mother as we got out of the car.

"Gladys, what's going on?" "Melissa wet the bed the other night, so she's being punished. She has to wear diapers until we decide she's been punished enough." I was walking to the house, in a diaper with no skirt as Gary came up to Drew and I. "She's in diapers and you change her?" "Yeah. If you're still here when she needs changed again, you can help." "Dude, in that case, I'll stay here until after she gets another change." We went in the house and my parents and aunt sat down in the living room to talk, while Drew, Gary, and I went to the family room.

Drew got me a baby bottle of juice and made me drink it. Before too long, I had to pee again. There was no way those two were going to let me get away with peeing on my own, so I wet my diaper. Gary seemed excited at the prospect. "Hot fucking damn. Let's do this." Drew and Gary took me to my room and laid me down on the changing towel. Drew took off my top and the wet diaper and disposed of the diaper, as Gary took a baby wipe and began to wipe my pussy. Gary seemed to enjoy wiping my pussy just as much as Drew did.

Once he had me pretty well cleaned up Gary turned to Drew. "Can we do more than just wipe her down?" "You bet. In fact I've got an idea, why don't we both take her at the same time." "Works for me." "On your hands and knees, girl.

Which end do you want, cuz?" "How about I do her pussy and you do her mouth?" "Cum in her that way, or switch along the way?" "We'll switch. I'd like both ends. You're sure this is cool?" "I've fucked her already, so it's good by me." "Your parents aren't going to have a problem?" "My parents want her punished not that this is real punishment.

She seems to enjoy it too much for that." Gary made me spread my legs a little farther as he came up behind me and eased his cock into my dripping pussy.

I'd never had a guy take me this way, and I was amazed at how good it felt. Drew's dick was by my mouth, so I opened and he slid his prick in and began to fuck my face. I had given a few blow jobs, but never been double teamed before. Pretty quickly, they had me moving back and forth, taking Gary deep in my pussy on one stroke and Drew in my mouth on the opposite stroke. I was lost in the feeling of seesawing between the two cocks, when Gary pulled me tight and came in my pussy.

Pretty shortly thereafter, Drew unloaded down my throat. We all rested for a few minutes before the guys traded places. This time I was on my back, with Drew fucking my pussy as Gary fucked my face. They were each unloading in me as I heard the bedroom door open.

There was nothing for a few seconds, though where Gary was, I could see nothing. Then I heard my mother's voice as she closed the door. "The kids are just playing together. Everything's fine." So my mother knew that my brother, also now my cousin were fucking me, and seemed to have no problem with it.

I'd thought about going to her and telling her what Drew was doing, in hopes that she'd end it. That clearly wasn't going to happen. I would not only be in diapers, but I was going to be the fucktoy of Drew and whoever he decided to share me with. After the guys recovered, they cleaned me up and diapered me, and we went into the living room. I just went out topless. At that point, what difference did it make?

How long would this punishment last? Would I ever be able to return to a normal life? Would they even let me return to a normal life? As long as Drew was getting his jollies by fucking me, he wouldn't want anything to change.

Did my parents even care anymore?