Blonde beauty Britney Young shares BF with busty Devon Lee

Blonde beauty Britney Young shares BF with busty Devon Lee
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Working for a local authority Carer service was not your ideal way for getting into nursing but after trying other ways someone had suggested it while you get the qualifications you need to go to nursing school. After a couple of weeks you find the work easy and quite enjoyable, talking to the old folk and hearing their stories of when they were younger, a few of the old men even flirt with you. At 22, 5' 5 inches tall with long blonde hair and 38DD breasts and 18 stone you haven't had that many boyfriends, in the company uniform at first glance you could pass for a nurse though your uniform is a darker blue than a nurse's uniform.

A few months into the job you're asked to swap the route as one of the girls has gone off sick. On the first day your partner for the route tells you that there are a few old men on the route you need to be wary of, thinking that she meant they were very ill you're shocked when she tells you that they will try to go further than just flirting, one old man had even tried to 'feel' her up a few times!

Alice, your work partner, tells you that the 'perv' will be the last call of the day as he's close to the office and it's easier to finish there. Arriving at the house you see a well kept place, Alice tells you the perv's son does all the work, and you enter with her in the lead and calling out to the man.

'Richard, come and meet Catherine, she's new so you behave'. Richard comes in from what you guess is the living room, he would be about 6 foot tall if he wasn't in a wheelchair, distinguished looking with thick grey hair and a slim almost bony frame. Alice pushes him into the kitchen as you follow on behind.

'Ok, let's get you sorted while Cat starts your meal, It's in the fridge' she tells you. With that Alice pushes him off to the wet room/toilet. You stand for a second and then go to the fridge and get the meal out to start cooking. 10 minutes later they come back with Richard grinning like a cat and Alice looking red in the face. Everything goes quietly as you help Richard around the room and lower floor.

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'Ok let's do the paperwork while he eats' says Alice, turning she suddenly swears, 'Fuck, left it in the car, don't worry I'll run and get it' she heads for the door. Turning you ask him if he's ok, Richard mutters that he uncomfortable in the chair so you pull him out from under the table, Richard's grinning at you as you do and shocked you see he has released his cock from his trousers! No knowing what to do you stare at it as he laughs dirtily, you realise it's bigger than the cocks you've seen before and it's not even hard.

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You feel warmth start in your panties and blush furiously, jumping when you hear Alice's voice 'Richard! You dirty sod' she comes over and stuffs his cock away. Looking at you Alice thinks you're blushing because you saw his cock.

'Don't worry he's harmless' she says. Back in the car Alice drives back to the office talking all the way, you don't hear half of what's said as all you can picture in your mind is the size of Richards's flaccid cock. Over the next couple of weeks you move from round to round only occasionally visiting Richard, each time he tries to grab or flash you being stopped by your work partner and each time you can't stop thinking about his size and feeling guilty when you start getting damp.

Then it happens, you're working with a new girl and doing the route finishing with Richard, going from client to client the girl doesn't stop moaning about having to deal with him at the end, she moans so much you get annoyed and before you can stop yourself you say 'If he upsets you that much I'll do him on my own!' the sudden silence in the car is deafening.

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'Would you really?' she asks, unable to back out now you nod, 'Wow thanks, and I'll return the favour sometime' she says and dropping you off outside Richard's house with the paperwork she speeds off. You stand there for a minute not knowing whether you should go in on your own or call the office.

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Thinking about it you realise you'll both be in trouble if you did call so taking a deep breath you open the front door and walk in. Calling out you guess Richard is in the kitchen waiting for his dinner, putting the paperwork on the table you walk through and see him sitting there waiting, 'I'm on my own tonight so no playing up mister' you tell him, immediately you realise that was the wrong thing to say as his face lights up mischievously.

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Following the usual routine you take him to the loo and leave him while you sort out his dinner. Going back you knock on the door and ask if he's ready to come out, you hear a muffled yes and open the door to see Richard stark naked! Moving quickly you try and dress him as he fights you, suddenly he grabs your uniform front and pulls, thankfully the poppers unsnap and your uniform falls open all the way.

You both freeze for just a second and Richard sees your pump body clad in nothing but your underwear. Taking advantage of his stillness you pull his shirt back on and bending down you get his trousers up to his knees, as you go to stand you glance up and see for the first time Richard's cock standing erect inches from your face, you know seeing you this way caused it and you feel a hot flush race through you and your panties dampen.

You finish dressing him and get him back into the kitchen trying not to think about his erect cock, picking up his dinner you turn to see Richard staring at you and rubbing himself through his trousers, it's then you realise that you still haven't done your uniform up and it's fallen open showing him everything again.


Stepping to the table you put the plate down and suddenly feel his hand on your breast, squeezing gently, you gasp and straighten up causing his fingers to hook in the cup and pull it down exposing the nipple. You hear Richard moan and feel your nipple harden.

Standing there you can't move, almost as if you no longer have control of your body, watching as Richard reaches up and cups your breast rubbing the nipple with his thumb.

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You shudder and gasp released from your trance you pull away and see Richard has got his cock out again, this time it's standing fully erect, you flush red again and feel you pussy tighten as you realise it's almost 10 inches long and very thick. Trying to ignore how you're feeling you move to cover it up as you touch it, it twitches and your pussy tightens again, Richard moans at your touch and moves his hips forward. You stand there bending over him with your uniform open and a breast exposed holding his now throbbing cock, indecision runs through your mind.

'be professional' you tell yourself but your body is sending other signals, looking at Richard you run your hand up and down his shaft once, he moans louder. Stepping to the side you release his cock, standing straight you slip your uniform off your shoulders and lay it over another chair, now you're standing in front of him in nothing but your bra and panties.

Taking hold of his cock again you let him know he can touch your breasts, he reaches out hungrily taking them firmly and mashing them together flicking his thumb over the still exposed nipple as you start to stroke his cock slowly. Releasing his cock for a second you remove you bra so your breast swing free, a moan escapes his lips as he looks at them, again you grasp his cock only meaning to wank him, leaning forward Richard pulls one breast towards his face and you lean in as he sucks greedily at the nipple, gasping you feel your pussy flood even more and looking down you see his cock head covered in precum, unable to stop yourself you lean down and lick across the tip tasting him, Richard groans again and this time you take his cock into your mouth and start sucking.

moving up and down as much of the length as you can. You feel Richards hand move round to your arse and over your now soaking panties, he slips his hand between your thighs and start to rub your pussy through the soaking wet material, you hear a moaning and realise it's coming from you and you suck him for all you worth as he works on your pussy.

suddenly Richard cries out and before you can stop him he cums flooding your mouth with long hot globs of cum, pumping hard into your closed mouth you are forced to swallow or choke, he seems to cum for ages and you have to keep swallowing.

Finally you pull away from his cock standing up in front of him you feel his hand on your soaking pussy, without thinking you pull your panties off and bare you shaved throbbing pussy to him. Immediately he thrusts a finger inside you bringing a cry of pleasure from you, he starts fucking you with it as you watch his other hand take hold of his cock and start to wank it back to stiffness.

It seems like seconds have only gone by when your first orgasm hits you, crying out you clutch the handle of the wheelchair and shake continuously as Richard doesn't stop finger fucking you, moaning again and again you shake and gasp. Looking down you see Richards cock standing straight up as you step away from him Richards finger slip out your now burning convulsing pussy, he moans loudly thinking you're going to stop and again in surprise as you straddle him lowering yourself onto his lap forcing his huge hard cock into your tight throbbing pussy, deeper still it goes as you force yourself further down onto it bring whimpers of pleasure and pain from your lips, you've never been stretched this much.

Suddenly you can't get any more of it inside you and you start to move back and forward, up and down riding him hard, you pull his face into your breasts making him suck and bite your now hard nipples making them sore as you pull away while he bites them, again you feel like it's only been minutes when without warning you both orgasm, you feel him unload his balls deep inside you feeling his cum fill your pussy more and more, you almost scream.

Finally spent you both stop, almost draped over his skinny frame you can barely move, slowly standing up you feel his now soft cock pull out of your abused pussy and with a final tug it cums out, not caring you feel his cum start to leak down your thighs.


You gradually get dressed leaving your underwear off you slip into your uniform and then put Richard to bed, giving him a final surprise present. your pussy juice soaked panties, he greedily sniffs them and then hides them under his pillow. You lean down and whisper, 'next time you'll have to taste me.' looking at him you see a grin spread across his face, leaving you realise it's almost 10pm slowly walking home you can still feel Richard's cum leaking out of you.