Old men sucking each other gay porn theaters xxx Hoyt Gets A Spanking

Old men sucking each other gay porn theaters xxx Hoyt Gets A Spanking
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Imelda: "I don't wanna go camping!!" Albert: "come on baby, it'll be fun.

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3 days of nothing but beautiful natural scenery. It'll be great!" Albert and Imelda, a couple of about 1 month were planning on going camping and one day after continuous arguing about going or not, Albert was finally able to persuade Imelda to go camping with him.

The plan was to leave on Memorial Day weekend, which was 2 weeks away. The day finally arrived and Albert headed to Imelda's house on a Friday morning. Once there he called from inside his car.

Albert: "I'm waiting for you in front of your house babe. Do you need help bringing anything out to the Jeep?" Imelda: "no, I got it." After hanging up Imelda opened the door of her house and Albert got a look at her.

She was wearing Jean-booty-shorts, with a tiny shirt that barely covered her full D breasts.

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The sight of such a beauty walking to his car got him excited in no time. She opened the door and they both greeted and kissed hello. Once introductions were done. Albert turned on the car and headed to the woods.

Imelda: "are we there yet?" Albert: "almost just a few more miles" Imelda: "this is going to be no fun." Albert: "come on baby cheer up, the fun hasn't started yet." After a few more minutes they had finally arrived. They both got off the car and started unloading their things. Once they had all they need they headed to the woods where a 3-mile hike awaited them.

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As they hiked the 3 miles they saw all kinds of creatures that seemed to greet them as they passed by. After about an hour they reached their destination: a beautiful lake that seemed endless with a few trees surrounding the crystal clear lake. Imelda looked at Albert and smiled at him.

thanking him for bringing her along because now she was convinced that se was going to have fun. Albert: "ok, before we get too distracted by all of this, we need to set up camp. I'll do most of it. I just need you to help me by holding things." Imelda: "ok" Albert started by putting up their tent, doing the sleeping bags, setting up a fireplace and collecting wood.

This took them almost all morning. Once done they both sighed and held hands as they kissed in front a picture-perfect scenery.


After about a minute of their passionate kiss Albert broke the kiss. Albert: "do you want to go for a swim?" Imelda: "you didn't mention that we were going swimming, so I didn't pack a swimsuit. Albert: "well, there's nobody around; you can go skinny-dipping." Imelda: "yeah right, and have all the fishes nibble at my nipples?!

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No thank you!" Albert: "come on we are already here and so far you've seemed to like it. Why not just keep the up beat attitude and go in skinny-dipping." Imelda: "ok, but only if you do it too." Albert: "ok." They both headed to the tent were Imelda went in first and removed her clothes as Albert waited outside.

Once she was done she came out wearing nothing but a towel that she had wrapped around her huge tits. However the towel wasn't big enough to cover her tits and bottom at the same time so she came out covering her pussy with her hands.

Albert almost got a bonner but controlled himself so that she wouldn't notice. They had never had sex before so she stilled covered herself from him. Albert went in and removed his clothes immediately. He took a towel and wrapped it around his waist. When he came out he found out Imelda was already in the water and her towel had been left behind in a rock near the lake.

He hurried to the lake and left his towel in the same place as she had. He proceeded to go inside the water. He swam to Imelda where he wished he could se her in all her beauty. Albert: "Water's nice" Imelda: "it is!

I'm so glad you convinced me to come!" Albert: "not a problem baby, wasn't gonna leave with you anyhow! No matter if I had to tie you up and hike all 3 miles with you on my back!" Imelda: "hahaha! I'm so glad I have you as a boyfriend." She got closer to him and kissed him. She got so close that she felt his dick floating next to her pussy. Albert felt this too and his dick started to throb to life.

The kiss got more passionate and Albert's erection increased.

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He couldn't resist her any longer and he grabbed her by the ass and pulled her closer to him. Imelda grabbed his waist and they continued to kiss. This all happened to fast and they were loosing buoyancy, they finished their kiss underwater and when they ran out of breath they came up for air and started moving closer to shore. Imelda was still hesitant about letting him see her breast. So they stayed deep enough so that they could reach the sand underneath them but the water still covered her breast.

Once there they continued their kiss and Albert started to grab more of her ass with one hand while the other one mover up to her boobs. Once his hand reached her boob he cooped it and began massaging it. Imelda started to moan very quietly and this made Albert massage her boob with more fervor.

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The louder she moaned the harder he massager her boob and squeezed her ass and the harder he did it the more she moaned.

They finally got out of the water and Albert got his first look at Imelda's gorgeous body. Imelda's D-size boobs looked magnificent, specially when the water from the lake running down them.

Her half-dollar size nipples were hard and pointy. Her wet jet-black hair contrasted her olive skin. Her pussy was nicely shaven and Albert couldn't tell if she was wet because she was horny or because of the water.

After admiring her body he grabbed the towels and set them down on the grass near the rock were they had left them.


Albert, already on his knees, grabbed Imelda by the waist and pulled her close to him. Albert then got near her pussy and opened her lips with his right hand fingers. He stuck his tongue out and gave Imelda's pussy a lick. Then with the middle finger of his left hand he rubber her clit and Imelda started to moan.

After a few minutes of rubbing her clit he started to lick again. She tasted sweet and her pussy radiated heat to his face. No doubt she was horny now. Albert moved his Left hand up and started to massage her tits.

Imelda wasn't moaning anymore she was almost screaming. And the more she screamed the faster Albert licked, and the faster he licked the harder she moaned. Imelda couldn't take it anymore and she pulled Albert's head from her pussy.

He grabbed her ass and started to lay down while pulling Imelda with him. She sat on his face and he started licking again.


Then she decided that it was her turn to please him and she turned around creating a 69. She sucked and he licked. They continued this ritual for what seemed an eternity.

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Albert was getting closer to cum and warned about it yet she didn't seem to care and kept bobbing until her came inside her mouth. No matter how much he cum she kept swallowing and sucking. She sucked him dry. She then turned around and kissed him. Albert could taste his cum in her mouth but right now he was in too much pleasure to care what her mouth tasted like.