Pawning MILF sucks brokers cock in POV

Pawning MILF sucks brokers cock in POV
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All characters are based on real people. I am Tom in the story, Tay was really my girlfriend in high school and lizabeth was her best friend. There were rumors about this family being involved in some "extracurricular" activities.

Im sure nothing of this scale took place, but I wish it had!!!! The descriptions of the girls however, are accurate almost to a T.

These two oversexed best friends loved exploring each other's bodies all throughout high school. My family, could never have been mistaken as "normal", The sheer size of it, along with my parents lifestyle choices (Woodstock survivng, Ecstacy fueled hornballs) coupled with our twisted family tradition of celebrating each child's 18th birthday with a massive family orgy, means there is no family quite like mine.

However, I inherited the family libido and open view on sexuality so I am (now) more than happy to be involved in our dirty little past time. However, I wasn't always so open. The night of my 18th birthday I was terrified, So scared in fact, that I recruited my best friend for moral support without realizing that my father and brothers would have two sweet little 18 year old pussies to pound instead of just mine.

My name is Eliza. and I knew our family had a weird tradition for each child's 18th birthday. But like the rest of the kids before me, I was kept in the dark until my birthday night when daddy decided it was time to turn my sweet little snatch out. The people involved were as follows.

My father and mother, both in their late forties but absolutely stunning for their age. The oldest child, My sister Shawn Who was in her late 20's, who looked like a young, sexy clone of my milf of a mother.

My three older brothers, in order from oldest to youngest: Phil, A true giant of a man, standing 6'5 and weighing in at about 250 pounds. all solid, rippling muscle from 3 years of him doing roofing.


I had fantasized about his huge cock from a young age when I saw him step out of the shower naked. Next in line was Al. Slightly smaller than Phil, standing about 6 foot and weighing about 200 pounds. He was the black sheep of the family because of an accident he had when driving drunk in high school in which his best friend had died.

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He was dark, troubled, and brooding. Drunk more often than not in an attempt to silence his inner demons, He had some major anger issues.

I learned the hard way how he liked to vent his frustration, Relentlessly pounding pussy until his girlfriends couldnt walk for days afterwards. Last but not least it was my brother Sam. The smallest and nicest of my brothers. He was only about 5'10 and maybe 175 pounds, But what he lacked in stature he more than made up for in the dick department, somehow besting all of the other men in the Jones household (even daddy!) He measured a massive 12 inches (literally, no exaggeration) and had the girth of a toddler's forearm!

Sam and I were always close because he was only a year older than me. Growing up we would show each other our naked bodies and had practiced making out during several drunken nights, but never went farther than that. Then it was me and my best friend Taylor. we were connected in more ways than one, You see, Taylor's older sister Kaile was dating my brother sam at the time (but kaile never learned about our family secret.) Tay and I were also connected through our choice of boyfriends.

My man's name was Eric and his Best friend Tom dated Tay. We were complete opposites and so were our boyfriends. Eric and I were both total hippies while Tay was extremely preppy and poor Tom was somewhere in limbo between looking preppy while having the completely kinky and open mind of a single guy at woodstock who had eaten handfuls of exstacy.

However, That's a whole different story that I might share at a later date. Our boyfriends (who both had very nice dicks albeit on a more average size scale than the men in my family) were great guys, but have no place in this depraved, disgusting, lust filled night where mine and taylor's innocence (what was left of it at least) was completely destroyed in the most amazing way possible.

Now that we've established exactly who is involved in this story, let's move on to the night of my sweet eighteenth. By the time my birthday rolled around, Taylor had been 18 for a few months. We had been best friends for years and had pleasured each other hundreds of times before either of us knew a man's touch.

Taylor was absolutely gorgeous, Much sexier than her older sister, she was, if not the sexiest girl in our high school, definitely top 3. She stood about 5'4, weighing in around 115 pounds without one shred of fat on her lithe and limber frame. She had smaller tits than me (large B cups) with PERFECT perky nipples the size of quarters and the color or perfectly ripe peaches.

She Had shoulder length blonde hair with icy blue eyes that had the faintest glint of mischief behind them. Moving down her her perfect little body, she had slightly defined abs, pronounced hip bones, and one of the wettest pussies I've ever encountered (even to this day)! She had always been self-concious of her pussy, because of her full lips and rather large clit.

In sharp contrast to mine.

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Which could be described as more of an "inny" compared to her "Outty". My body, on the other hand was, at the time, Nowhere near as amazing as hers (though I have since grown more into it) I was 5'7 with long arms and legs that always made me think I looked like a baby giraffe. Long limbs with bony elbows and knees.


calling me "Gangly" would be an apt description. I had long, thick, brown hair that came down to the top of my ass. Nice C-cup's and (*what I've been told) A very sexy little bubble butt that was QUITE out of place on a cute little hippie such as myself.

Taylor's body was like a fine tuned race car, Sexy, yet functional. Not a shred of fat, and very muscular in an incredibly sexy way that only an 18 year old nympho could make attractive. I was more like a 1940's mercury. Soft and supple, with amazing curves at just the right places (even though my tires a.k.a.

my legs were a bit too long and skinny) I was however, far from being fat or even "chunky" weighing in around 125. When taylor decided she would come over for my birthday, It was supposed to be a sensual and quiet girls night, with us drinking some u.v. cake flavored vodka, before spending the night under the covers making each other cum multiple times the way that can only be possible by two best friends who intimately know each other's bodies as well as we knew our own.

Tay had been my best friend for years and we had "slumber parties" 3 or 4 times a week to get each other's rocks off. Armed with our plan for the night, we thought nothing could go wrong.

Now, I won't say anything was wrong, or maybe everything went wrong, but what my family had planned for the two little girls who came home from school that day would change my life and views on sexuality FOREVER!

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My sister Shawn (who was a hybrid of me and Al, she looked similar to me and had roughly the same body type, however she stood almost 6 feet tall and was bigger everywhere, though still sexy as fuck for an amazonian proportioned woman) Picked us up from school and made several jokes about the hot sex that would occur that night (our little relationship was no secret to my family because of the amount of people in our one story house and paper thin walls), Even saying she had some hot plans and was dripping wet thinking about that night.

When we got home, It was a very normal scene as far as family birthday parties are concerned, I now realize my parents had done this on purpose so my 2 younger siblings (My sister Marge and brother Elias) wouldnt suspect anything amiss, being picked up by my grandparents around 7 p.m.

that night. At which point everything changed completely. Out came the liquor, The bongs with extremely potent and flavorful bud which I was told had been especially procured for my special night. My brother Al busted out an 8 ball of Fish scale coke. Stronger than anything I had had before doing key bumps and skimpy lines at parties. By 9 p.m. me and taylor were completely fucking twisted. geeked out and stoned and drunk.

a quick trip to the bathroom together and I discovered taylor was just as turned on as I was. Our eager young pussies were so excited that our panties were completely drenched and the insides of our thighs were slick and glistening with our sweet teenage juices.

As we were making out in the bathroom, My sister shawn and my mom barged into the bathroom.Looking at me and tay wrapped around each other with our hand furiously and drunkenly working each other pussies MY mom turned and left saying "Well they seem to be ready for whats going to happen, but tell them about it and get them ready for the fun shawn, I'll go tell the boys that we'll be ready in about a half hour." Me and tay instantly stopped and tried to figure out just what she meant by that.

what "boys" was she talking about??? Sensing our confusion shawn handed us each two pills and insisted we take them before she told us anythhing.

We did, not knowing at the time the pills were some amazingly potent E pills. Shawn took her time explaining things. First stripping down to her panties and bra before fixing her gaze on taylor and saying "I can see why Lizabeth is les for you. I'm not even really into females, especially not young ones, but you are spectacular." Licking her lips, Shawn pushed me aside and grabbed tay by the throat.

overpowering her and pushing her up against the bathroom wall before making out with her very aggressively. Tay had started to struggle, but realizing how much bigger and stronger shawn was, she almost immediately stopped resisting and allowed a small moan to escape her throat as my own sister forced herself on my best friend and kinda/sorta girlfriend.

"What the fuck shawn? you can't just come in here and do whatever you want to my friend, she's not even into you you fucking giant!" I yelled, realizing from tay's glazed over eyes and relaxed yet aroused figure that the pills were starting to kick in and that taylor and even I were both very VERY into it indeed. I looked up to shawn and thought she was near goddess like sexually, remembering the times as a young girl I had heard her getting her brains fucked out in the next room by her steady stream of boyfriends (and sometimes her boyfriend's friends at the same time) Shawn had a look in her eyes that scared me.


The look of a predatory animal staring down a crippled prey animal. The look said, "I AM going to eat you, soon, whether or not you let me." Shawn reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting her D-cup tits loose before shrugging off her tiny black panties and exposing her shaved (and somewhat larger but nearly identical shaped) pussy to the two dumbstruck teens that were in the bathroom with her.

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"Liza, our family is. very loving, and we have a tradition when one of us turns 18. Normally this tradition is strictly family only, but you and tay have been diking it out for years AND everyone in the family thinks that tay here is a very sexy little cock tease.

our brothers all want a taste of that snatch and I can't say I blame them, even mom and dad want to take a crack at her." Taylor looked terrified and started visibly shaking, I, on the other hand was completely puzzled.

If my entire family wanted to fuck my friend, how was that a tradition? how could it normally be family only? Then my sister slammed me hard against the wall and sudden;y her tongue was in my mouth and her dextrous hands had my clothes starting to come off.

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The ecstacy and coke making things blur together until I finally understood what my disgusting family had planned for me and my friend.

HOW COULD THEY?!?!?! It was so wrong on so many levels! What if we didnt want to? were they going to do it anyways?!?!?! Sensing our collective terror Shawn said "Listen, this is what our family does.I was even more afraid than you on my birthday, I didnt have a friend for moral support and It was just me and mom and dad.

But as the years passed and our brothers each hit 18 I began to love it. and them, more and more. We have this special bond that other families dont have. Once those E pills kick in all the way, you wont have any problem being fucked by the huge dicks our brothers are swinging." Then she turned to Taylor, ordering her to strip, which the frightened girl did immediately. Shawn grabbed my friend by her hair and forced her down on her knees before roughly shoving taylor's face into her wet pussy.

Taylor was a good little girl, and started dutifully and expertly eating my sister's pussy. Shawn said "Taylor, sorry if you don't wanna do this, but now you know too much to bail on us.

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Nobody can know about our secret so you have to take part in it. and If you tell ANYBODY at all, the whole family, Including your little lesbian lover liza here, will tell everyone, including your sister, how we caught you fucking sam.

I know Kaile would beat you nearly to death if she found out her own sweet little sister had probably fantasized for years about fucking her boyfriend before finally making her move when everyone here was drunk and sam didnt know what he was doing.

Kaile trusts us and jealousy can tear apart a family, it will be your word against all of our's even our parents." By now, The E had almost fully kicked in and I was relaxed and actually starting to get really horny at the thought of my brother's huge dicks tearing me and taylor apart in front of all of my siblings. as disgusting as this seemed, I realized that it was going to happen and we should make the best of it.

Shawn was feeling the E too, and I knew firsthand how good taylor was at eating Jones pussy. Shawn confirmed this by moaning loudly as taylor made her cum, and cum really fucking hard. Shawn roughly pulled taylor to her feet by her hair and said "I imagine you two have a few things to say to each other about the turn your party has taken liza. So say them and hurry out. if you keep the men waiting too long, theyre going to tear me and mom apart! So be quick, come to peace with what's about to be the kinkiest night of both of your young lives, and come out to the living room with your young wet pussies ready to go.

And by the way, the men of the family really like anal, so if you havent taken a shit today, you might want to clear up some room and wash up, your young holes are getting fucking stuffed tonight ladies." The look of disgust and sheer terror on my friends face made me ashamed of my family and disgusted that I had gotten turned on by the thought of us being raped to celebrate my family.

we went about our business of taking turns pooping then scrubbing our virgin assholes do they would be ready for the brutal onslaught they were going to be facing sometime during the next 12 hours of night. Finally Taylor spoke up.

"Liza, I'm fucking freaking out. I mean, I've always though all of your brother's were hot. Ive even thought about your parents fucking while Ive rubbed out a couple of orgasms But I feel so bad for you!

I wish they would just take me and not make you fuck family members!" I looked at her incrediously, Trying to decide if she was being serious before determining that indeed, her fear and worry wasnt because of what was going to be done to her, but because she was afraid for me.

"Tay, why do you think I would want to let you have all the fun?!?! They are MY family after all, and if this is the tradition then I'm damn well not going to be the first in the family to refuse to go through with it! If it does get weird I'll just close my eyes and pretend that it's not my brothers pounding my tight little pussy. Plud, my sister is fucking sexy and I know she has a ton of experience with girls, I cant wait to have her tongue inside of me.

And have you seen the size of the cocks the men in this family have?!?!?" My brothers and father were all well above average, the smallest dick in the family possessed by phil, was almost 9 inches long and fat as fuck. Eric and tom, our boyfriends, only had 6-7 inch dongs. not bad, but practically baby dicks compared to what we were about to face!

Taylor giggled and shuddered with pleasure thinking about it. pressing her body against mine, we started fingering each other's wet eager pussies. Taylor nibbled my ear lobe and I lost it, cumming instantly with a ferocity that could only be explained by the multitude of drugs coursing through my veins. Taylor pulled back grinning, and upon hearing some rather rowdy sounding sex occuring in the next room said "C'mon birthday girl, the party is starting without you and I'm sure the guys are excited to get their hands on you.

I imagine theyve all been fantasizing about this day since you hit puberty" Suddenly I realized how true this was. My parents telling me how gorgeous I was, The stares my brothers had cast upon me, getting more hungry looking as each had their 18th birthday and realized that soon they could sate their desires by getting the chance to bury their long, fat dicks in their tiny little sister's tight, nubile snatch. My head was swimming and my knees felt like jello as hand in hand, taylor led me naked out of the bathroom and into the party.

I allowed myself to be led like the innocent lamb I was into the pack of wolves that was LITERALLY about to tear us both to shreds. My then-still-tight little pussy had never been wetter. that is until I saw the scene in front of us. Me and tay stood transfixed, realizing that we hadnt imagined exactly how hot this was going to get. My mother and father were sitting at the kitchen table, patiently awaiting us with their clothes still on.

The living room however, was sheer insanity. I saw Shawn completely naked, Riding sam's foot long dick, while phil took up the rear, furiously pounding her asshole. In between moans and shrieks of pain and pleasure she was doing her best to make Al's dick disappear down her throat. Then one by one, as we stood transfixed, my brothers started filling shawn up with their hot, white, sticky slime. First Al blew his load all over shawn's face and massive tits.

I'm sure some of it ended up on sam but he didnt seem to even notice or care. because as shawn was having a massive orgasm of her own, phil and sam were both blowing their loads DEEP inside her holes. As I watched my brothers and sister all cumming within seconds of each other I realized that this was going to be the best night of my life. It wasnt even disgusting like you imagine when hearing the word "incest". It was pretty much like masturbating in my eyes.

My mother and father seemed to notice me and tay for the first time and a sly grin crept across both of their faces. My father was the first to speak "Liza, my sweet, beautiful little girl. this is your 18th birthday and I'm sure nobody youve ever known has felt this good turning into an adult. I allowed your friend because Ive been watching her for years now, the whole family listening and all of us touching ourselves at one time or another while we listened to you two going at it like the young little nymphos you are.

your mother and I have both been biding our time, waiting for the chance to hit that. plus Sam said her sister Kaile's pussy is just about made of gold. so he's probably more excited than any of us to fuck her. so Liza, can you make sure your friend is ready to have a good time with us?" Before I could say anything Taylor surprised us all by speaking "Sir, with all due respect, If my sister's pussy is made then mine is made of platinum and Liza's here is cut from diamonds.

I'm sure you expected us little girls to be terrified, but the truth is, liza and I can't wait to jump into this family cluster-fuck and show you old fucks just how wild a couple of dripping wet 18 year olds high on E and coke can be.I hope you can handle us old man, I'm honestly afraid that you might have a heart attack!!!" Speechless, I looked at my dad and saw a smile curl up the corners of his mouth. Shawn, Tracy, you two show liza how amazing the women of this family are at making young girls cum.

Boys, I think all four of us need to see if Tay here is writing checks with her mouth that her little ass can't cash. I think the first one to explore her little asshole should be Sam with his massive dick." I noticed a look come over Taylor's face before it vanished again, replaced by a defiant, horny look of confidence before she said "bring it on boys.

do your fucking worst!!!" TO BE CONTINUED.