Amateur uncensored sexing on the floor

Amateur uncensored sexing on the floor
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t was an exclusive club. men only, if the name wasn't clue enough. The Rocky Mountain H0 Club. A secret society which sounded extremely boring, in fact I would had know nothing about it if I hadn't found a letter on his bookshelf.

I had no idea he was a member. I was at his house when an envelope caught my eye. It lookeded like a wedding invitation. gold on cream.

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I picked it up and saw that it was an invitation to a meeting of The Rocky Mountain H0 Club. The stationery was impressive, elegant. Inside the envelope was a card with a date and an address, a Villa or Chateau. I turned around and said "I see you had an invitation.?" He just answered with an "Ahaa." "Am I invited?" I asked. "No, members only," he smiled, "Members only, it really is very boring." I laughed and suggested that the Club was just a get together of boring old men who ate and drank too much and then tried to out do each other with boring stories.

He repled with "Yes. some as old me." Then he took me in his arms and kissed me gently as he slid his hand inside my jeans and I soon forgot all about the Rocky Mountain H0 Club as we made love on the lounge floor. Much later when I was back home I remembered the invitation, it seemed strange, a wedding invitation to a Club meeting.

The invitation nagged at me so I ran a search for 'The Rocky Mountain H0 Club' on Google. There was a huge amount of content about model railroads but nothing relevant so I tried to remember the address/name on the card.

I found it. It was a chateau, in the mountains, that used to be an exclusive resort hotel but closed maybe fifteen years ago. I was intrigued. It didn't add up.

I asked him about his plans for Saturday (the day of the meeting) when he phoned the next day. He told me that he had to be there at 2pm but he would be frinished by 7pm and then he would come over and took me out. Afterwards I still had this nagging doubt about the "Club," why meet at an exclusive resort, which apparently was closed, why not a regular hotel down town, or a meeting hall? That's when I decided that I was going to the meeting on Saturday. I had no idea what I would do when I got there.

My plan was just to see what was going on and if it was as innocent as he claimed I would sneak away without him seeing me. Saturday morning came, I was nervous but excited. I ltook a Taxi from the house just before noon.

The driver demanded payment up front before driving me to the chateau, which I thought rather odd and slightly rude. We reached the chateau at just after one. The driver dropped me just by an impressive arch gateway with ornate iron gates. The name was emblazoned over the arch. The main gates were shut but a smaller gate was open.

A smartly uniformed guard lblocked my way and asked me something in Arabic. I didn't understand. I shook my head. He repeated the phrase and adds the word 'party' in English. I assume he is talking about the meeting. which confims my suspicions that its is not a regular meeting, but some sort of party.

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I nod this time and he lets me through. It confirms my suspicions. Doesn't the guard know that it's only for members or maybe Juan lied and women guests are allowed. But why wouldn't he tell me? Is he ashamed of me, Is he having an affair? He takes me to all sorts of parties. why is this different?! I saw his car in a line at the front of the Chateau, The Corvette small and insignificant among Cadillacs and big SUVs I am angry, I would take it up with him later.

I turned to go back, but the guard has left his station and was following me as I went towards the front door, "Excuse," he said and pointed to the side door, "You go yes?" He gestures towards a door at the side of the building then steps past me and knocks on the door. A Filipino maid opens it. He says something in Arabic and she looks at me and smiles and gestures me to follow. With a sigh, I decide to see this to its end. I probably can still sneak away in to a bathroom or something if I see him.

The guard leaves us and the maid turns to me, looks me over, appraising me and then tells me that I look old. That's a weird thing to say. I look askance at her and she adds that I am still pretty. Gee thanks. Old and pretty. Whatever! She takes me in the back way and upstairs to one of the bedrooms, to "Freshen Up." I think it is a strange place to take one of the 'guests' but I forget all about it when I see the room.

It screams of money. Opulent, yet elegant, expensive but very tasteful. I love the place. I know he would love the place. The maid leaves to get me something to drink.

She comes back with a tray with a bottle of wine and a crystal glass. She tells me that it is better if I drink it all up before the event starts. I look up at her. confused. why drink the whole bottle of wine.

She says it helps and adds that it seems it is my first time. "Where is your costume?" the Maid asks. "Costume," I queried "Or is it your first time?" she asks.

"First time," I confirmed. She handed me a leather choker collar, "Put this on then I find for you, drink wine, lots of wine." The collar was wide and strong with a beautiful ornate pendant. I was confused, apprehensive yet excited, I told her that I don't want to attend the party after all.

"No too late chicken now," she said and she called out to some guy. The key scraped in the lock and this huge guy walked in. He looked like he hasn't ever heard a no from anyone. Ever . He looked at the maid, then at me.

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then back at the maid and growled about me not being ready yet. Then he picks up the bottle and thrust it under my nose and growled that I drink it up and soon. I wondered what I what had I got myself into. I took the bottle from him and drank directly from the bottle. He looked at me as I practically gulped down the wine. The alcohol hit me like a train. I always have a problem when I drink too fast, I thought if I drank the whole bottle maybe I would pass out and by the time I woke up the party would be over and I could just leave.

My head was spinning and the next thing I knew I was floating. at least, my head was. I felt strong hands gripping my arms tightly as they lifted me off the chair. It was the brute holding me. I wanted to shout and punch him.

He was gentle but he began to undress me. He undid my shirt, and pulled it down off my shoulders and down off my arms. He undid my jeans, pulled them to my knees then he took off my shoes and slipped my jeans off my feet. He undid my brassiere. I was horrified but I could barely hold up my head to protest. Then I was naked. Naked afraid and strangely excited. I must have passed out. I was laying on some sort of bed.

The leather collar was round my neck. The maid and the brute, beauty and the beast, were doing something to me, to my body and face. They were doing my make-up. My pussy felt cold, shaving foam, someone was shaving me. I tried to move but my arms and legs were spread wide by leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles.

Someone touched me down there, rubbed something into my shaved pussy. I drifted in and out of consciousness. Something cold in my pee hole shocked me back to reality, something in my most private of private places.

"Jus Relax" the maid said. They were draining my pee. That cold thing was a catheter. I felt myself emptying as I lay there, "Why?" I asked. I felt violated. I looked down at myself and I am naked except I had pasties stuck over my nipples. The maid freed my wrists only for the brute to handcuff me before the maid released my ankles "Costume," she says showing me a pair of harem pants. "No, where are my clothes?" I ask in confusion. She just shook her head. I pull the pants on awkwardly wth my cuffed hands.

The harem pants are strung beads. if I move my legs, they part. revealing everything. because obviously it's crotch-less. I tottered to my feet and looked at my reflection. I thought how good I looked, as I did a drunken pirouette for the mirror. The maid smiled and asked me to lay back on the bed, I was going to refuse when I saw the brute standing there.

I only hesitated for a moment before I saw his whip. The bed, it was a little wide for a hospital bed and too elaborate but that's what it reminded me of.

I lay down on it Te brute shackled my legs to the bottom corners with leather thongs attached to metal rings and released my handcuffs so he could shackle my wrists to the top of the bed. That was when I realised the bed could be tilted 90 degrees as he swung it around so I was standing up, dangling from my arms and legs.

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He fitted a curtain rail with a curtain as used by magicians to brackets on the standing bed. Am I to be the magicians bunny!? A target for a mad knife thrower. Then he blindfolded me. tight, cutting off the slightest sensation of light. Then he rolled the whole contraption with me in it across the floor. We went down in a lift, or was it up, and then along a carpeted floor. I had no idea where. Suddenly, I could hear voices, laughter.

the party? And as the rolling stopped, a hush fell. It felt unreal. Deprived of the sense of sight, I felt my other senses were suddenly sharper.

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I didn't know if I was the only woman in the room. or hall. I wondereded if Juan were there. I panicked at the thought. As I bit my lips, trying to think of an escape route, a male voice started talking. His voice was ceremonial as he boomed. "As we all know, we did not meet last year due to the poor state of our finances due to the activities of Mr Madoff," there was a ripple of laughter. "However due to the magnificent efforts of our new treasurer we are once again solvent and able to meet to elect our new Committe." He paused, "I have just one nomination for Chair and one each for Secretary and Treasurer and one each for the four non executive Committee members, are there any more nominations?" There were none, "Then I declare the aforementioned are elected forthwith to serve until the next Annual meeting." "Juan, would you like to take the Chair?" At the mention of Juan let out a whimper.

Is my Juan, the Chairman? The voice continues. ". as is the tradition, we had the sacrificial maiden prepared." Wait. what? Sacrificial maiden? That's wrong on so many levels! was I to die. My blood ran cold at the thought. "It is time to reaffirm our brotherhood, We have shared bread, shared wine, now we share in pleasure.

The Chairman shall had the first kiss and the first use of her orifices and for his ears will be her first moans and her first screams and her first drop of blood. Then we shall draw lots. Bring forth the maiden." I am rolled forward a short distance and then brought to a stop. I had no time to compose myself before I heard a whoosh that suggests the curtain had gone up!

A sharp intook of breath. Was it his breath?. There was absolute silence, and just the sound of footsteps walking towards me.

I heard the sound of metal against leather. a sword, perhaps a dagger! Would he kill me I wondered. It suddenly struck me that I was probably completely naked in front of a room full of men.

I suddenly felt a sharp pin prick which I assume is a dagger point between my breasts and I felt him close, I knew it was him as I could smell his scent and the distinctive smell of his tobacco as his warm breath blows on my lips. I feel the kiss. It is not angry, but his whisper is. "What the hell are you doing" He whispers angrily.

I feel him turn away from me. He declares loudly that he has accepted the sacrifice. He adds in a lighter tone that there may not be any leftovers for anyone after he is through. There is a ripple of laughter. There is a noise like people milling about. Is everyone leaving I wondered? I hope so. Or maybe it would be better protection for me if they stay. He is back with me and I feel the cold steel of the dagger blade as he traces the outline of my bare breasts with it and presses the tip on the right pastie.

I bite my lips and whisper "Sorry." With a sudden movement, he nicks me below my collar bone, drawing blood. It stings but his lips cover the cut and he gently licks away the drops of blood.

He kissed my lips and I could taste my blood on his lips. I asked him how many others are in the room. I can almost feel him smile dangerously when he replies that he is going to fuck me hard in every hole until I beg and scream in front of all those watching.

He tells me he is going to cut away what little I am wearing and let everyone see me bare. And then he is going to leave me for everyone to use how they wish. I am almost in tears. He cut off the leather thongs freeing me from the shackles. My feet dropped to the floor as felt the rush of blood back in my arms. Instinctively my still handcuffed hands moved to my blindfold but he held my wrists and pulled them away from my face.


He made me sit, he made me step through my handcuffed wrists so my arms are behind me and pushed me towards the bed again. The bed was flat now once again, he had me bend over at the waist and pushed my head down onto the bed. My face was over the side so I could breathe, then he clipped something to my collar to hold my neck to the bed.

His hands parted the beads of my harem pants and he softly caressed my exposed bum cheeks. When he took his hands away the beads fell back covering me again. He muttered something and then I felt the dagger in the waist band of my pants and with an upward thrust the waistband parted and the beaded pants slithered down my legs. I cringed inside imagining all those eyes on me. I was glad that I was too scared to be wet. I whispered another apology which goes unnoticed. Or maybe not, because I feel the stings of a hundred bees on my bum which could only mean a cat-o-nine flogger.

I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to will away the pain as blow after blow fell on my bum. Some of the strands snap against my pussy lips and it's like my bottom is on fire. I bit my tongue to avoid screaming but I couldn't stop from whimpering aloud. When I felt his palm on my bottom again, I was almost relieved but it's short respite because he begins spank me with the cat-o-nine again, hard.

raining meant to hurt slaps.

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I started crying unashamedly. He released the strap and pulled me up and turned me around towards him. I could barely stand. "I hope that felt good. as good as it felt for me." he whispered "Please, I'm sorry," I pleaded, "Please took me out of here. let's get out of here. or let me go. I am sorry." "No, you are are not sorry. and I am not done with you." he sneered, "Nor are the others. Now down on your knees, you slut." I knelt down with tears streaming down my face, stinging my collar bone where he cut me.

I can't help but think how I love him to treat me roughly. but not like this. not with people watching. It is fine in my head but not when it was actually happening to me. He seemed to be angry with me and the way he slapped me around is hurtful. He ripped the pasties off my nipples, and squeezed them roughly. It hurt like hell. I tried to be stoic and focus on pleasing him as he pushed his cock into my mouth. It sort of helped me to gather my senses. I love this. I love him. I could suck him, but when it came to the others.

no, I couldn't think about it. I started to move my tongue slowly around his cock, wrapping my lips and bobbing my head on his cock when he pulled my hair to hold my head in place while he proceed to face fuck me at his own, extremely rough pace.

He began to cum, spurting cum all over my face, my neck and my breasts.


I tried to get up but the restraints at my ankles made me trip. He held me so I didn't I fall. I was exhausted and in pain. He held me more gently than before. He guided me back to the bed. He undid my handcuffs from behind and cuffed them back up in front. Then he pushed the bed upright again and shackled my ankles and then after releasing the handcuffs he shackled my wrists to the bed before flipping it level so I was flat on my back again. He slipped the restraits from my feet and pushed my legs far apart and when I tried to close them he told me that he wants everyone to see what a nicely shaved willing pussy I have.

He looped something around me feet to keep my legs spread wide. I feel something hard being pushed into my pussy.

I hurt, I was not ready, I was hardly wet. It felt like beads, large ones. maybe some sort of dildo. Suddenly, it begann to vibrate then stopped and vibrated again. His finger found my clit and he teased it in sync with the vibrations. "Cum for the audience! Show them what a obedient litte slut you are," he ordered I closed my eyes and tried to imagine we were in my bedroom. This should had had me orgasming multiple times in my dreams. That helped. and I started to get wet.

Suddenly I am shaken from my reverie when he started to slap my breasts and erect nipples with the flogger again. I twisted and writhed to avoid it but the strands landed unerringly.

I had managed not to scream until now but combined with the vibrator and his ministrations to my clit it could not hold back. "Aggghhhhhh" it all came out in a screaming, shuddering orgasm. I almost expected loud applause but there's only silence. I am still shuddering from that explosive orgasm when he untied my blindfold and tilted the bed upright.

Twelve Asian men staring at me. Smart suits, expensive shirts, beautiful silk ties. No pants. Each one gently wanking his cock. "It seems the housekeeper mistook you for a whore my dear, while I mistook you for a nice girl," he sighed, "I suppose I had better lube you up for the other guys." The bed suddenly bent in the middle, my head and shouders fell back to horizontal while my legs were pulled down, my bum right on the edge now.

Juan so elegant in his Tuxedo and silk shirt, his hairy cock boldly standing proud as he was bared from the waist. He thrust it into me.

Hard, twice three times he thrust and then he was deep inside me. I stared at the ceiling as he pounded into me, pleasuring himself without a care about if he pleased me. He fondled my breasts, tweaked my nipples, "Why did you have to stick your nose where it was not wanted?" he asked, "You were only a stop gap until something better came along anyway." "Juan?" I pleaded but he was cumming leaving me cold and confused.

"Oh well, enjoy yourself," he said as he pulled out, "The deal is every member has to fuck the same whore to renew their membership vows at the Annual General meeting when we formally elect a new Chairman. That whore becomes the house whore for the next year, a free fuck for any member who is short of a wife or girlfriend. So welcome to your new life. Maybe I'll see you round." "Juan?" I said, but he was gone. "Ok," a Voice said, "Tombola time, Do the honours Paul, the first lucky first number is Twelve, Nikito Nakajima!" "Cunt or Ass Niki?" the voice asked.

"I think mouth," he said They freed me from the bed and made me kneel before him and that was when I tasted my first Asian cock. Sweaty in a sort of sweet and sour sauce sort of a way, he pulled out like a gentleman so I didn't get to taste it, but the next guy wasn't so considerate, I nearly choked, I nearly bit his cock off to be honest but the next guy laid me on the edge of the bed and speared my pussy.

It felt good, I was past caring anyway. Someone bent me over the bed and took my pussy from behind, the next forced his tool up my ass, he squeezed my nipples, he nuzzled my neck,he made me feel wonderful. The next took my pussy again. I lay looking at the ceiling, a big chandelier shining, sparkling crystals amid the tiny bulbs. My pussy on fire. A fire which needed quenching. I needed his cum, his cock, his crotch against my clit. "Fuck," I whispered and his cock erupted like a fire hose.

My mind exploded. I heard someone screaming. It was me. Another Japanese businessman replaced him, another cock in me before I recovered, pounding my swollen clit once more, sliding easily in my pussy lubricated by the last man's cum. It was too much, Juan only ever made love twice in night, at most. The more cock I had the more I needed. I was not restrained any more but I could no more leave than fly to the moon. I needed cock and more cock.


Finally there was no one waiting in line. The room was empty. My pussy was empty, achingly empty, throbbing. I managed to stand, "Hi, where is everyone?" The room gently swayed before me as I went in search of cock. "Hey, you no clothes," the Fillipino maid chided me, "You need drink, rest." "No, need cock." I explained. "Sure thing little lady," the brute answered, "Best get you cleaned up first but." I didn't argue, my head was all over the place. There was a bathroom with a shower. They took me there.

Sat me down, pushed a catheter in my pee hole, a shower pipe in my pussy and blasted my innards with warm water, they washed me down and then the brute laid me down and made love to me.

His massive cock filled me, crushed my clit against him, his strong arms held me. I felt safe, like a baby again, I felt loved, I began to cum riding the crest of my orgasm for ever and ever.

The clouds cleared in my mind. I had found my vocation, my purpose in life. I need cock.

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I wanted to stay, I wanted to fuck all day, I wanted to be their whore. To be continued. I nicked the idea from "The Club" by SMXema and plagiarised some of it but its fun to write from a girls viewpoint once in a while. In this version the joint was a whore house with a H0 gauge model rail road as a cover, except the guys spend more time playing trains than fucking!