Sexy masseuse babe and client shower and blowjob

Sexy masseuse babe and client shower and blowjob
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CHAPTER 5 We had a wonderful time at the cookout. Rose and I rocked slowly in the hammock for more than an hour until it was time for lunch. After that I decided it was time to play ball with Eric. I pulled my glove from the truck and threw with him until he tired. Rose and I teamed up for horseshoes, beating our parents three times before throwing a game to Eric and Mary. Eric, at thirteen, was a year older than Mary.

They liked each other, but I doubted that they'd ever love each other the way Rose and I did. I helped to cook the steaks for dinner then Rose and I were dismissed. We were free to go for our date. Rose opted for miniature golf so we brought Eric and Mary with us. It was a tight squeeze in the truck, but we made it work. I paid for ice cream sundaes after, then we took them home; Rose and I headed for the beach. We found several others around a bonfire. They were all kids like us who we knew either from school or the neighborhood.

We said our "hello's" then walked down the beach for some privacy, although I still had no idea what to do about Rose's screaming. We stripped each other then lay down to hold and touch each other. We were there more than a half hour when Rose shifted position, moving down to take my cock into her mouth.

"Oh no--only if I get to take care of you, too." I pulled her around until we were in the classic "69" position. My tongue found her wet and hot. Juice gushed from within her fountain. Rose's tongue and lips found my organ hard and oozing pre-cum at a fantastic rate. Seconds later we were into each other as never before—as starving people at a grand feast. I licked Rose's silky thighs, marveling that anything could be so soft and smooth.

When I reached her labia I combined licking with sucking and nibbling. I could feel her react on my cock. My hands found her firm breasts and her hard wrinkled nipples as my tongue entered her. Her body thrashed on mine. Only a hand, quickly moved to one of her ass cheeks, held her in place. Rose had begun at my tip slowly and carefully licking the oozing pre-cum from my urethra. She then licked around the head several times before engulfing my organ with her mouth and sucking for all she was worth.

Her mouth fucked me just as my tongue fucked her. We kept it up for more than ten minutes until I sucked her clit into my mouth. I could feel the spasm running through her body. It went on and on for almost a minute.

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I could only assume she was experiencing one orgasm after another. Her scream began just as I came, flooding her mouth with semen. It was the only thing we'd done so far that had silenced her. Finally, it abated and we lay still. I pulled her up to hold and caress her face. "I love you so much, Rose…more than I could ever tell you." I looked into her face to see that she was out cold.

I shook her gently until she stirred. We kissed and dressed then walked back to the fire. We sat and chatted with our friends; half an hour later we went home. I took Rose to my house where we cleaned up and watched some TV before I took her home. Both families were still there so I grabbed a beer and we joined them in the back yard.

The party ended around one. School was hectic once Memorial Day passed. Rose and I were both enrolled in college-prep level courses which meant we would take special exams developed by the New York State Board of Regents, more commonly known as "Regents Exams." There was tight security on the exams and everyone in the state had to take them at the same time.

As a junior I'd have a heavy load—English, Spanish 3, American History, Chemistry, and Advanced Algebra. As a Freshman Rose would only have to deal with Elementary Algebra and Biology; she was in an advanced level program in science. We were both excellent students, near the top of our classes. Her dad was a PhD physicist; mine was a PhD biologist.

They had extremely high expectations for us. We studied like crazy, but still found time for each other. We were always careful to use a condom. Neither of us wanted to create a problem and our religious beliefs meant that an abortion was out of the question. Also, I loved Rose so much that I'd never want her to be hurt or embarrassed. We finished the year strongly.

I had an average of 94.3; Rose earned a 94.7. I started work at the golf course the following day. I was really busy between the golf course and my lawn mowing business. Mr. Gentile taught me how to use the tractor mowers, how to mow the greens, and to use insecticides.

In fact, I'd take the state applicators license test and pass it by mid-summer. It was a breeze after taking a full year of chemistry. As time passed my work hours were increased so I passed half of my customers off to Brian. I kept those in my immediate neighborhood and, because Brian used my mower, gas, and tools, he paid me a dollar per lawn. I also took any complaints because they were my customers and I was responsible. Fortunately, Brian was also responsible so complaints were few.

Mr. Gentile had given me Sunday and Monday as days off. I spent most of Sunday with Rose, first at church and later most days at the beach. We made love almost every night.

I went through condoms by the dozen. Then, one night in early August, I got a surprise. We were on the beach and I reached for one.

"No, Paul—you won't need one, not any more. I talked Mom into letting me get the birth control pill. I've been on it for a month. Now we can really feel each other. Isn't that great?" "Yeah, but it also means that your mom and dad know what we're doing so my parents know, too. I think I'm about to be killed." "No you won't, Paul; both our moms have known for more than two months.

Mine guessed after that first night you came in with me back in May. Remember how glassy-eyed I was when I went into the bathroom? We had a long chat once school was out. She had already made the appointment for my gynecologist.

She swore me to secrecy until tonight so it would be a real surprise. Of course, your mom knows, but I know my dad doesn't. Mom said he wouldn't understand.

He still thinks of me as a little girl. Isn't that funny—someone who wears a 34-C bra a little girl? I can barely wear a C-cup any more. I think Mom will buy me some D's once school starts again. Oh, Paul I'm so sorry. All I'm doing is talking when both of us want to do something else.

I guess I'm just nervous." I silenced her with a quick kiss and whispered, "I'm sure I'm just as nervous as you are besides I love to listen to your voice…even when you aren't making any sense." Rose waited a second before she began to giggle. It wasn't long before I joined her and the two of us were laughing like crazy. Somehow we managed to undress each other while we laughed.

"Paul, can we do it some different way?" "What would you like to do?" "How do animals do it?" I'm pretty sure that's called 'doggie' for obvious reasons. You need to be on hands and knees facing away from me. I'm sure this would be a lot better on a bed, but that's out of the question for now.

Tell me if the rocks hurt your knees, okay?" "I promise, but I just remembered something else my mom told me. She's a screamer like me, but she doesn't have orgasm after orgasm like I do. She told me I was really lucky, but I already knew that. I'm lucky to have you, especially after thinking you were my cousin all those years." "I don't want to start an argument, especially as we're about to make love, but I think I'm incredibly lucky.

Not only are you gorgeous and brilliant, but you're sexy as hell and your body&hellip. Well, just let me tell you how many guys at school would have tried to maul your breasts if I hadn't threatened to beat the living hell out of them." Rose turned to face me. "Did you really do that, Paul?" "More times than I care to admit, but now everyone knows you're taken.

Only a fool would touch you now. Even idiotic Ryan knows better than to even open his big mouth. So, why are we still talking?" I rubbed my naked cock into her slit. It was a new and foreign experience for both of us. I leaned forward to hold Rose, the person I loved most as my rock-hard erection slid into her. It took a bit of effort, but within fifteen seconds my balls swung against her abdomen. "Mind if I try something else new, Rose? I read about this in the Playboy Advisor, too." I moistened my index finger in her slit and rubbed it into her puckered anus.

"Ohhhhhhh, Paul I never thought you'd do anything there." "If what I read was accurate you have many more nerve endings there than in your pussy and we both know how you react to that being stimulated. Shall I push my finger in?" "It felt pretty good when you touched it, but I don't think I'm quite ready. Are you angry with me?" I leaned forward to kiss her ear. That always tickled her.

"I'm not angry, darling. I never want to do anything you're not comfortable with. Now, shall we see how this works out?" I placed one hand on each breast and thrust into Rose with increasing pace and intensity. My fingers worried her sensitive areolas and her hardened nipples as my cock moved into and out of her. I had to admit—feeling her on my skin was nothing less than fantastic. The heat…the wetness…the grip of her muscles on me were beyond comparison.

My abdomen picked up the tiny vibrations of her orgasm through my contact with her butt. The terms "vaginal orgasm" and "multi-orgasmic" were foreign to me, but if there were ever pictures next to them in the dictionary they would be of Rose.

She once told me that she had counted twelve separate orgasms during one of our couplings.


Another time she described only one that lasted more than ten minutes and increased in intensity, ending only when I had cum. Now I was actually going to cum within her and it was going to be sooner rather than later.

I reached for her clit just as I blew my first thick rope of semen into her. "Oh Paul—I can feel it. It's so hot and there's so much of it." I collapsed onto her back, my arms around her waist holding us closely until I realized something was wrong. "Rose, what happened? Why didn't you scream?" "I did, but this blocked it." She showed me a small hand towel that had been rolled into a cylinder. "It's a secret my mom showed me. I stuffed it into my mouth just before I felt it." "I don't know.

I kind of liked the scream. I always knew I'd done well by you." "Paul, darling, you never have to worry about that. I thought I knew what an orgasm was from when I masturbated, but I was wrong. There's nothing like the ones you give me." I pulled her back to me and we lay on the blanket for more than an hour. Rose had played with my slimy cock the entire time and, naturally, it responded. I had been hard for more than fifteen minutes when Rose decided she needed me again.

Up she went to straddle me. Her hand guided me to her. I watched myself disappear into her slender body. Rose carefully placed the towel by my head as she began to rock. I reflected on how far she had come in only five months. She had gone from a demure virgin to a sexual animal who wasn't the least bit hesitant to act on her needs and desires. I moved up for a kiss, grappling her breasts and squeezing them firmly as we moved toward our orgasms.

I had been surprised to learn how rough Rose liked her sex. She loved having her nipples grabbed and twisted and even bitten. Along the same vein she loved my teeth on her sensitive clit. Of course, we both knew I'd never hurt her, but a little pain made the whole experience so much more enjoyable and so much more intense for her. Tonight was no exception; I worked her nipples with my fingers until she leaned forward, her intentions perfectly clear—bite me!

She came so hard I could actually feel her squirt onto my body. It exploded from her like a fire hose, running off my body onto the blanket. This blanket had been washed more often in the past four months than it had in the past four years. Now it would need to be washed again.

Luckily, Mom knew about us and had apparently approved. She never said a word about our relationship and I knew she wouldn't say a word about it now. She would wash the blanket with a smile and place it on my bed so we could use it again tomorrow night. Once Rose had recovered I pulled her up and into the water. Long Island Sound was usually calm and the tide was high tonight. Swimming at low tide in the dark could be dangerous.

Not only were there fair sized rocks to trip over, but I'd actually swum into a few in the dark. It was a shocking and dangerous experience, believe me. We waded slowly into the water, our hands swirling through tiny bioluminescent jellyfish-like organisms in the shallow warm water.

This wasn't our first time skinny dipping. My mom had teased me mercilessly the first time I had walked in with wet hair and clothes. She knew all too well that my bathing suit was upstairs in my dresser. She also knew that Rose and I were making love almost daily so our nudity with each other was a non-issue.

Our only concern was to get Rose home after her father had gone to bed. We held each other in the chest deep water and washed our secretions from our bodies. I knew exactly what Rose was thinking when she rubbed her pubis into my leg. "Not tonight—I doubt I could get it up again no matter what you do." "Oh…want to bet?" "No!

I have to get you home. Remember, I have to be up by 5:00 tomorrow morning so I need to be in bed like a half hour ago." "Okay, let's go." She led me out and we dried each other using the other side of the blanket as best we could. We were back in the truck ten minutes later and home ten minutes after that. My mother took one look at me and smiled. She laughed when she saw the blanket under my arm. "Don't worry I'll have it ready for you by tomorrow night." I waved my thanks en route to the shower and bed.

I noticed early on that Mr. Gentile was spending much more time with me than with any of the other employees. Initially, I thought it was due to my inexperience and newness to the situation, but as time passed I thought he must have some other motivation. I never asked; I assumed he'd tell me when he was ready.

I only knew that I learned a lot that first summer. It was hard work, but that was okay with me. I enjoyed working outside and I especially enjoyed seeing things grow.

All the same I was looking forward to school—my senior year and the football season. Practice began the third week of August from 5:00 to 7:00 five evenings a week. Rose came with me every time even though it meant that I'd have to drive home, eat a quick meal after showering then drive back to Port Jefferson High to dress for practice. We rarely wore pads for these practices. Most of the guys weren't in good enough condition when practice started and the heat could be oppressive, even in the early evening.

After practice I'd shower and rush out to be with Rose. Practice went well. As expected I was first string fullback on offense and first string middle linebacker on defense. I was looking forward to having a great year. I learned over Labor Day weekend what Mr. Gentile had in mind. He explained everything to me and asked for my opinion. He asked to speak with my parents when we were done. I made arrangements once I had a long talk with Rose.

He came to our house at ten on Labor Day morning. "Mom…Dad, you know Mr. Gentile. He wants to talk to us about my future." "Okay, Paul, but why is Rose here for this?" "I'll explain that once Mr. Gentile is done, okay?" "I think you know that I'm Superintendent at St.

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George's Country Club. I'm also 59 years old and I hope to retire in another six years at 65. I asked Paul to work for me this summer because I thought he'd make a good replacement for me." "We think he should go to college." "Yes, so do I; would you be surprised to know that I'm a Cornell grad? Cornell is an interesting university.

Part of it is public and part private. The public part began as an agricultural school although these days one can study anything he or she wants. I think Paul will tell you that I spent a lot of time with him this summer. I also made sure that the Club Board met and interacted with Paul. They like him as much as I do. "So, here's the deal: the Club will pay all of Paul's expenses at Cornell.

They have an excellent program in turf management. Once he graduates he'll work a year as my assistant at $20,000 plus benefits. The following year he'll take over and make $30,000. Over the next two years his salary will increase to $40,000 which is what I'll earn my final year. You seem surprised. There's a lot of responsibility in my job and there's a lot of money at the Club. Of course, all this will be put into a contract to protect Paul's interest.

The Club would expect Paul to work there for a minimum of five years." "How do you know he'll be accepted at Cornell? That's a pretty good school, isn't it?" "Yes, it is, but Paul will have my recommendation as well as that of the entire Board.

I should point out that the Club has donated more than $100,000 to the University over the past five years and will donate another $50,000 before Paul graduates. Trust me—he will be accepted." We talked it out over the next hour and a half. Everyone voiced their opinions except for Rose.

Her turn would come later. Ultimately, we agreed. I liked the opportunity. I enjoyed working with my hands and with growing things. I hated the idea of working in a laboratory like my dad did. It didn't hurt that I'd earn much more than the government paid him, too. Mr. Gentile left around 11:30. Now the discussion became serious.

"Mom…Dad, I know you're wondering why Rose was here for this. Now you'll know. I asked her to marry me last night. Next June, once I've graduated, Rose and I will marry. She'll come to Ithaca with me. We can't stand the thought of being apart for two days let alone ten months. Back when we began dating I told you, Mom, that I loved Rose and that I was in it for the long haul.

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Now you know that I'm in and have been in love with Rose for quite a while and by 'long haul' I meant forever." Rose spoke for the first time. "When we first began seeing each other Mom thought I was thrilled to have a real date.

The truth is that I was thrilled to have a date with Paul. I thought I was a freak. I was in love with my own cousin. Aunt Martha…Uncle Stan, I've been head over heels in love with Paul for more than two years. I loved him as a cousin when I was a kid then that changed.

I love him more than anything now. To be away from him would kill me. We promised ourselves to each other months ago. I want to be with Paul…forever." "Where will you live, Paul?" "If we have to we can use a small cabin on the golf course grounds.

I've already cleared it with the Board President. We'd prefer to stay here with you while we're home, but if that's not possible we'll stay there. It's small, basically two rooms and a bathroom. It does have a double bed which will be a relief after having sex on the beach for the past five months. That's right, Dad—Rose and I have made love almost every night." "And I was the one who pushed for it, Uncle Stan. Paul didn't want to push or rush me, but I wanted Paul more than anything.

I pushed him, but I don't have to push him any longer. We anticipate a problem with my father who thinks I'm still nine, but we will be together whatever happens." I had never seen Rose so determined.

She had incredible internal strength. The matter was settled when my mom rose and came over to hug and kiss us. Dad followed a moment later.

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We had their blessing. We were both relieved. Now all we had to deal with was her parents, especially her father who was known to sometimes be high-strung, even irrational. CHAPTER 6 We ate lunch with my family and I could tell from my mom's expression that she'd be on the phone as soon as we left to speak with Rose's parents.

I knew her mom would be with us, but I was worried by what her father would say—and do. We hugged my parents and walked out the door.

I knew Rose was nervous. She had my hand in a death grip. Three minutes later we pulled into her driveway. As expected Aunt Celia was just hanging up the phone.

She had a smile on her face. We asked to speak with both of them and Rose began. "Mom…Dad, Paul and I want to speak with you about something important. Paul asked me to marry him last night and I agreed." She paused here for a reaction—there was none so she continued.

"We want to marry when Paul graduates from high school. He has just received a full scholarship to Cornell. I want to go with him and continue high school there. He also has an offer of an excellent job once he graduates." I looked at Uncle Carl and could see that he was fuming. "What are you two thinking? Are you even thinking at all?

This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I absolutely forbid it." "Why, Daddy? I love Paul and he loves me." "Why—because you're cousins---that's why!" "But we're not cousins. We're not related at all.

I may call you Uncle Carl and Aunt Celia, but the fact is that we're not related in any way. There's no reason why we can't get married." "I don't care about your smug answers.

I think you should leave. I forbid you to see Rose again." "With all due respect, Uncle Carl, we're both eighteen. Legally we're adults. You don't have the ability or right to deny us." "I have the ability to throw you out of my house, don't I?" "Don't I have a say in this, Carl? I would think so inasmuch as this house is half mine.


Paul--stay where you are. I'll be right back." Aunt Celia walked to the kitchen; we heard a brief discussion on the phone. She was back in less than a minute. "Well, what are we waiting for now?" "You'll see in a minute, Carl. Really…you should get your head out of your lab once in a while. If you did you would have noticed how much these two are in love. I actually envy them." "Well, I don't think they should get serious. Bad things can happen." "Like what?" "They could be caught kissing by the police." We all laughed.

We couldn't help ourselves. There were hardly any police in our area and kissing was mild compared to what we've been doing. "What the hell was that all about?" Rose spoke to answer, "Daddy, Paul and I kiss every day and we do a lot more than that, too. Don't think that Paul has forced me to do anything. It was the other way around.

I wanted to become physical with him and he resisted until I made him. Even then he made me wait until we were both sure I was ready." "Ready? Ready for what?" "To make love, Daddy. Paul and I make love every day…every single day." His reaction was immediate.

He was out of his chair and raced across the room to hit me. Unfortunately for him, Uncle Carl is small and puny compared to me. He raised his hand, but I trapped his arm before he could swing his fist at me. My mother walked in the door, shocked at what she was seeing.

"Carl! What the hell are you doing? Sit down this instant and let's discuss this like responsible adults." I had never seen my mother so angry. Uncle Carl backed off and returned to his chair. "Do you have any idea what these two have been doing? What would happen if Rose became pregnant?" "If she became pregnant they'd just get married sooner and we'd have a lovely grandchild, but that's not going to happen. Fortunately, Celia does pay attention to what's going on around here." "Yes, Carl, Rose has been on the pill since the end of June and before that Paul insisted that they always use a condom even stopping Rose one time from having sex without one." "How do you know all this?

How do you know this is even true?" "If you took the time to talk with your children once in a while you'd understand. Rose and I talk often. I noticed a very special look on her face one night when Paul brought her home.

If you think a bit you'll remember that night, too. I woke you up and we&hellip." "Celia! Please!" "Oh, Carl, get a grip. You think nobody here knows we have occasional sex? Did the stork bring our two kids? Please, yourself! I woke you up and we fucked like we haven't in months…and if you continue this idiotic argument we won't for another several months." "But, this just isn't right." "Daddy, maybe you'd prefer that I get involved with someone who would abuse me…maybe even hurt me." "No…of course not." "I want you to remember when I was sick.

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Who came to visit me every single day…every single day, Daddy? It wasn't you. Sometimes I didn't see you for days, but I saw Paul every single day. He always kissed my forehead then read for at least an hour.

I laugh when I think of some of the things he read." "I don't know…I really enjoyed Nancy Drew and some of those romances were&hellip." Rose silenced me with a kiss. Then she spoke again. "I thought I was a freak, Daddy, because I was madly in love with my cousin. Then I learned that Paul wasn't my cousin, after all. I can't tell you how thrilled I was. Some boys would have taken advantage of me because I was so naïve and inexperienced, but not Paul. He always treated me with dignity and respect.

We want you to accept us, Daddy, but even if you don't I am going to marry Paul. I. AM. GOING. TO. MARRY. PAUL!" She linked her arm into mine, holding me as though she'd never let me go and I guess that was the message. We all sat there silently waiting for a reaction. Finally, Uncle Carl decided to speak. "Okay. I still have some concerns, but it is your life." I breathed a sigh of relief.

Rose turned my head with her finger and gave me an incredible kiss. I hugged Aunt Celia and Mom and held my hand out for Uncle Carl. He thought about it for a few seconds before smiling and taking it in his. "I'm sorry about earlier. I'm glad I didn't actually hit you." He must have been delusional. He was never going to hit me. I took Rose's hand and we walked out back to the hammock where we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.

We kissed and talked quietly until it was dinner when we learned that we were all going out for a celebration. We went to the beach the following day. I always found it amazing that the beach died right after Labor Day even though the weather was still great. This would be our last day free. School always began on the Wednesday after Labor Day and I was looking forward to my senior year. This year I'd also drive Eric to school.

He was beginning ninth grade. I would have much enjoyed having Rose to myself, but I'd have her after football practice and that would have to do. Our first game was on Saturday against Riverhead, another central school that pulled students from roughly twenty local elementary districts.

We always had trouble with them, but not this year. I led the way for our star halfback Elmer Morris, repeatedly opening holes in their defense. Elmer ran for more than 150 yards and two touchdowns. Even I had one on a fake run right and pass left. I was all alone in the corner of the end zone.

Rose met me with our parents and Eric and Mary who looked like they were getting along unusually well. I reminded myself to ask Rose about it later.

We won our second game a week later at Huntington. Once again I opened holes in the line for Elmer and starred on defense with eight tackles and a fumble recovery.

I was looking forward to having an outstanding year. I had taken Wednesday morning off from school to sign my agreement with St. George's Country Club after Dad's lawyer had reviewed it. I felt great knowing that my future was secure. I returned to school in time to meet Rose for lunch and prep for Saturday's game with Deer Park. We built an early lead using the same formula we'd used in the first two games. We were on defense in the second quarter with a 21-0 lead when I moved to fill a hole on the right side of their line.

I was engaged in a block with their tackle when I was cut-blocked by their halfback who dove for my knee. It was an illegal block that had been seen by the officials as well as both coaches. More than illegal, it was an intentional dirty play. I knew in an instant that I was badly hurt. I could hear as well as feel the cracking in my knee and leg.

I went down and I didn't get up. Both coaches and the doctor rushed onto the field. The pain was incredible—almost enough to make me pass out--but I could hear the Deer Park coach screaming at his halfback. He was removed from the game and told to turn in his uniform. I looked down at my right leg; no leg was ever meant to bend in the direction mine had taken. Even worse, I could see my uniform pants turning red—I was bleeding, apparently badly.

There's always an ambulance at football games and now I knew why. It drove onto the field and I was loaded onto a gurney and taken away to the hospital. Port Jefferson has had a hospital for years and from what I've been told it was pretty good.

A few years ago the state opened a new university almost next door in Stony Brook. The following year a medical school and teaching hospital were also opened. That's where I was headed now. I was still conscious, but barely, when they wheeled me into the emergency room. The team doctor had given me something for the pain and I was really woozy. I was only there for a few minutes while they cut my treasured uniform from my body then I was whisked into an operating room.

By then my parents had arrived and had signed the necessary permissions. It was dark when I woke--my leg up in what I later learned was traction, an IV in my arm. I was still pretty much out of it, but I could hear crying. I knew in an instant that it was Rose.

"Don't cry, Rose," I whispered. She jumped up in a flash to hold my head and smother me with kisses. "What's the diagnosis? Do you know?" She ran out to the hall to fetch my mother, sat again and told me everything she knew, "It's a good thing they brought you here. The doctor told us you could have lost your leg without the proper treatment." "You'll be in a cast for ten weeks, Paul," Mom said, "then you'll need physical therapy.

I'm sorry, but your athletic career is over. Everyone was here, but Uncle Carl and Aunt Celia took Eric and Mary home earlier. Dad had to go home, too. He has to go to work tomorrow—something about cyclotron scheduling. Rose has refused to leave you. She's been here in your room ever since you were brought back from the OR." I weakly extended my hand; Rose took it and held it to her face.

"Oh, Paul I was so worried." She hesitated when I groaned in pain. "I'll get the nurse. I'll bet you have to go, too." She leaned down to kiss me and then she was off. Rose returned a few minutes later with one of the nurses who gave me a shot—morphine. I was out like a light seconds later, but first I told Rose how much I loved her as I pissed into a portable urinal.

I was in the hospital for a week. I shuddered when the doctor showed me the x-rays of my knee. It had been fractured into seven pieces. The ligaments were all torn to shreds and the upper end of the shin bone--the tibia--were also shattered.


I had received an artificial patella--the kneecap--and the ligaments were all reattached. That was why I was in traction—to prevent the ligaments from shrinking. The hardest part of the surgery was the removal of all the tiny bone chips—more than thirty of them. Had they remained in my knee I'd feel terrible pain whenever I walked. Rose brought all my books and assignments to the hospital for me. She was driving the truck; I had no idea she could even drive a manual transmission.

My parents came almost every night as did my future in-laws, but the constant in my life was Rose. It was late one evening after all my visitors had gone that Rose got that gleam in her eyes. She pulled the screen around the bed, lowered the blankets and pulled out my cock.

"Don't Rose-- I'm sure it's dirty. They don't wash me there." "If you think that'll stop me you have a lot to learn. Now lie back and enjoy." I was hard in seconds; I had missed our nightly forays into the wonderful world of sex and I had missed cumming at least once every single day. More than that I had missed the intimacy with Rose—holding and caressing her, hearing her scream in ecstasy. Her mouth was on me in a second; her tongue showed me just how much she had missed me.

I came in an embarrassingly short time. Rose sucked it all into her throat then cleaned my cock and balls with her tongue. She covered me and pulled the screen back. We were both surprised to see one of the nurses standing there with a huge smile on her face.

"You weren't the first and you won't be the last. I was young once, too. I'm so glad you have each other. You're obviously very much in love." She took my temperature and checked my bandages before leaving. "The swelling is down quite a bit so I think they'll put your cast on tomorrow.

Then you'll be able to get out of bed and walk. I'm sure you'll enjoy using the bathroom instead of the bedpan. Okay, I'll be back in an hour with your nightly medications." She turned and left. I was embarrassed that we'd been discovered, but Rose just took it in stride. I was taken by gurney to another room the following morning.

Three orderlies had to lift me from the bed, one carefully handling my leg. They used the same procedure to lay me onto an exam table. The orthopedic surgeon entered a minute later, checking what I assumed was my chart. "You're coming along very well, much better than anticipated. You'll be able to walk now with crutches, but I'll still want you to keep the weight off your leg.

You'll be able to return to school in another week, but promise me that you'll take it easy. I suggest you get a friend to help you with your books. You won't be able to carry them while you're using the crutches. Okay, let's get this cast on you." My leg was wrapped in gauze and cotton padding from just below my crotch all the way to my toes before the plaster bandages were wrapped around, making a strong protective case over virtually my entire leg.

"You must try to keep this dry for the next two months. Then I'll want to remove it so I can check your progress. We may be able then to put on something lighter. Sorry, but it'll be sponge baths for you until this comes off." He adjusted the crutches to fit me and assisted me down the hallway to my room. I sat in a chair for the very first time in almost a week. I'd never take that for granted again.

I was sitting there when Rose rushed in from school. She was always at the hospital fifteen minutes after dismissal. Rose ran across the room to kneel by my side.

She held my face to hers. She was crying when she moved back. "Don't cry, Rose." I wiped the tears from her face with my lips as I kissed her over and over. "I don't want you to cry for me, Rose. I'm going to get better and we're going to be fine.

I won't be able to play football, but that's okay. I only had another seven games, anyway. Then I'd probably never play again." "You might play with our children." I grinned. "Planning ahead, eh? I think I'll still be able to handle that, maybe even a little basketball or baseball; just so long as I don't have to roller skate. I tend to fall a lot." "Oh…Paul, how can you joke about this? I've been so worried about you." "What's the alternative, Rose? Should I sit around feeling sorry about everything that's happened?

I'd rather look forward to being with and loving you." "You're right, of course, Paul. We can't change what's happened, but we can change what's going to happen. I'm going to be closer to you now than your own skin." She hugged me and I felt that nothing had ever felt better. We talked about school, our friends and families.

I asked her how Uncle Carl was feeling about our relationship. "Believe it or not, he's much better about it since your injury even though he knows I'm going to stay with you." "What do you mean…stay with me?" "Oh, didn't I explain? Your dad's office is being converted into a temporary bedroom for you…and me.

I'll be there every day to help you get dressed and undressed and to wash you and help you to the toilet." "The toilet?" "Yes, the toilet; I've already discussed it with your doctor. You'll probably be able to stand and pee, but he doesn't think you'll be able to get up from the toilet if you have to poop." I couldn't resist a giggle. "Poop?" "Yes…poop! And don't be surprised if I have to wipe you. I'm going to wash you.

If I don't, your mother will have to do it. Who would you prefer?" "You, but I'll really look forward to a shower." "Me, too; I also talked to the doctor about that—no solo showers for a couple of weeks once the cast is off.

He says your leg will be weak for a few weeks. By then you won't want to have one by yourself." "Hell, I don't want one without you now. I just never thought we'd be showering together…not for quite a while, anyway." The banter continued for another half hour until I began to yawn.

Rose helped me up and into bed. She covered me, kissed me, and told me to sleep. She didn't have to; I was asleep in seconds. I wasn't used to the strain of being vertical with my leg yet. I was also still flushing the narcotics they'd used for pain relief from my body. Rose was still there when I awoke around nine. "What are you eating, Rose? I don't want you to get sick at my expense." "Don't worry I'm eating more than enough.

I have a sandwich after school every day and I usually grab a snack while you're sleeping. See—here's my candy bar in my purse. Okay, now?" I held my hand out for her. She took it and I pulled her to me.

Her lips met mine; my tongue met hers. It was our first romantic kiss in almost a week. We held it for what seemed like forever only to be interrupted once again by the nurse. Rose told me about the arrangements tomorrow to take me home. She'd go to school for the morning, but be here at the hospital by noon for my discharge and to drive me home.

I couldn't wait. I donned the tee-shirt that Rose had bought me yesterday, but I needed help with the underwear and shorts. I was thankful that a male orderly was selected for the job. I stepped into the single sandal and hobbled forward on my crutches into the wheelchair.

My leg was elevated and I bid farewell to my room, praying I'd never see it again. We went down in the elevator and out to the lobby. Rose stood by the truck door.

I'd never been so happy to see her. She helped me up to the seat and threw my crutches into the truck's bed. The nurse handed me my books and we were off. "I never knew you could drive a stick." "I couldn't, but Uncle Stan taught me. It was quite a challenge, believe me. I must have grinded the gears a hundred times before I figured it out. I'm doing a lot better now. You can relax." She let her foot off the clutch and off we went. I was surprised at how well she was doing.

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I did relax—all the way home. Mom was there to help me from the car. I managed the walk to the front porch easily, but was stymied by the steps. I didn't know how to proceed until Rose helped me once again. "Put your good leg up first then pull the crutches and bad leg up after. Repeat for each step." "Let me guess; the doctor told you." Rose just smiled and laughed. Then she helped me up the stairs. Mom and Rose were by my side all the way into the living room. I eased my way into the couch.

Rose lifted my leg onto a hassock then she brought me a Coke. She delivered it with a kiss. Mom laughed. It was good to be home. I was sitting there resting when Mary ran in from school.

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She hugged me, but carefully. "Don't worry, kiddo—I'm not made of glass." She hugged me again and whispered into my ear, "I need to talk with you later.

Okay? It's private." I nodded and she ran into the kitchen. I wondered if I'd ever run again. I struggled to get up, understanding what Rose had said about the toilet. She scolded me for trying to get up by myself as she led me to my new temporary quarters. Dad's study had been rearranged. The arm chairs had been moved to the garage as had the table and the large world globe.

A double bed had been moved in and made with sheets, a blanket, and four pillows. "Four pillows," I asked. "Yes—three for you and one for me; you'll be sleeping on your back and the doctor wants your leg elevated. We also think you'll need a few pillows for sitting up in bed." "How many will we need when we make love? We've never done it in a real bed, you know?" "Well, under ordinary circumstances I'd say that I'd be your pillow, but for a while I think you'll have to be mine.

Of course, we'll have to be home alone to actually make love. I'm afraid I'd scare the living daylights out of your family." I hugged her to me and asked her to bring Mary in.

"She wants to speak with me privately, Rose. I don't know what it's about. Do you mind?" Of course, she agreed, closing the door a few minutes later. I looked at my sister closely, probably for the first time in years. I could see her blossoming sexuality in the formation of her breasts and hips. "Okay, kiddo, what's up?" She sat on the bed, looked up anxiously, and asked me, "Paul…how do you know you're in love?" Wow, what a question.

"I don't know what to tell you, Mary, except that when the time comes you'll know. There's no billboard in the sky or little voice in your head that tells you.

I wouldn't worry about it for a few years. You're still pretty young to worry about that." "Okay then, can you teach me how to kiss?" Oh God, what a welcome home! "Okay, Mary obviously I'm not going to demonstrate on you so why don't you ask Rose to join us?" She did a minute later. I motioned her to sit next to me. "Mary wants to know how to kiss so I think we need to demonstrate." Rose's eyes lit up. We moved Mary to the other side of the bed where she'd have a good view as I leaned forward and Rose met me.

We kissed for almost a minute while Mary looked on. I continued my explanation when Rose was willing to release me. "See how loose and flexible Rose's mouth is?" I demonstrated by working Rose's jaw much to the amusement of Rose and Mary both. "You need to keep your mouth open." So, of course, Rose opened up so far that a cantaloupe could fit easily. Mary and I laughed, exactly as Rose had intended. "And, you'll want to use your tongue." "Even I know that!" I hugged Mary as we all had a good laugh.

Then I got serious again. "Is all this for anyone we know? Don't worry, we won't say anything and we won't tease you either." Mary's head went down as she blushed deeply.

"Eric," she whispered. I hugged her again. "I like Eric. I think he'd be great for you, but don't be discouraged if it doesn't work out. You're both very young and things can change.

Does Eric know how you feel?" Once again the head went down. "Yes, he tried to kiss me last time we went to visit you in the hospital. I didn't—not because I didn't want to--but because I didn't know what to do." I looked to Rose. I knew what I'd do, but I wanted her opinion.

"If I were you, Mary I'd kiss him the next time you have an opportunity which I think might be tonight. Mom and Eric are coming to dinner. Maybe we can get you outside…alone." Mary hugged Rose and, then me, and we were alone again. Aunt Celia and Eric came at 5:30 and they brought dinner—two large pizzas, one sausage with extra cheese, and the other a "kitchen sink" with sausage, pepperoni, onion, green pepper, black olives, and mushroom.

I opted for my favorite—the sausage. Rose and I ate at the living room coffee table where I could stretch out my leg. Eric and Mary also sat with us, but on the floor, their drinks on the table with ours. The parents sat in the kitchen. I "asked" Mary and Eric if they would please take the empty pizza boxes and paper plates out to the trash cans in the back yard. Mary winked at me when she left.

I knew the job should take two minutes or less from prior experience. They were gone more than ten. Rose and I were silent when they returned. Mary winked again.

Rose and I couldn't resist laughing. I stifled it by kissing her which silenced both of us. I was home three nights when Mom told us, "We're going out a bit to play some miniature golf.

We'll be gone at least an hour. In fact, we'll phone you at least ten minutes before we come home." I knew immediately what was up—my dad hated miniature golf and I knew they'd never go out on a Wednesday—a school night.

Rose closed and locked the door and helped me into the shower for my sponge bath. She showered once I was done. It was a quick one for both of us. We were barely dry when we tumbled into bed. Rose was all over me in a second. Her lips found mine and her breasts rubbed all over my chest. We'd slept together in the same bed Monday and Tuesday nights and we'd been naked.

Rose had sucked me off Monday and I'd reciprocated with her sitting on my face, but we had wanted to make love in the worst way. My hands found those delectable nipples and her hot wet cunt. Meanwhile, my cock felt like it had never been harder or thicker. It was so hard it actually hurt. Rose lifted her body over mine, taking care to avoid contact with my cast. A moment later I watched with interest as I disappeared into her slender body.

Dear God, I had wanted this so badly and, apparently, so did Rose. Her eyes glassed over almost immediately as she crushed her clit into me.

I gripped her butt, feeling the tiny tremors running through her body almost immediately. I drove into her as best I could considering my infirmity. Thank God I had cum just two days ago otherwise I'd probably cum in an instant from her frenetic motions on my cock. I knew that Rose was somewhere else—somewhere few women would ever find—when she suddenly froze. I saw and felt the massive convulsions race through her body and I heard her unearthly scream that went on and on.

She continued to ride my cock for several minutes as I emptied my balls into her until we fell quiet, barely moving.

Only our slow breathing showed that we were actually alive. Rose looked up about five minutes later. "I love your mother and I love you." I pulled her to me for a long lingering kiss as my softened cock fell out of her pussy. Rose pulled me up and back to the shower. I stood with only my good leg inside because the floor was now wet as she washed me again. I stepped out so she could step in. Semen ran down her legs. We dressed and were back in the living room by the time Mom phoned, acting as though nothing had happened once they returned even though everyone knew different.

We were dressed in our pajamas—a tee-shirt and gym shorts for me, one of my tee-shirts and a pair of pink short shorts for Rose. We only wore them while in my family's company. In bed we were always naked.

One final part, coming tomorrow. I will allow comments at the end of the story. I hope you are enjoying it.