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Cute And Hairy Chick Teasing Her Pussy
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Chapter 3 image of Kitiri and the high amazon in the story.) Breaking their camp,Daren and his army and council returned to stormwind city where the bulk of his army.He had been preparing to go stop the uprisings among the undead and night elves when a message from the night elves arrived for him from their leader,Tyrande Whisperwind.Apparently she had managed to quell any uprisings that had been going on and would be coming to the city at the next yearly council meeting.The uprisings among the undead were still going on though.

The Banshee Queen and Undead leader,Sylvanas Windrunner may need his help and so Daren had prepared an army of 2,000 men to go with him.Having never seen an undead up close and only on a computer screen,daren had made sure to carry many weapons and provisions just in case things got ugly and the uprisings took a longer time to put down. Unfortunately,a sudden winter and snow storm had begun before he could leave,making travel seemingly impossible.Luckily,all of Azeroth was hit by it and so even the undead rebels were having to wait it out just like daren and his army,giving Sylvanas and her forces some time to recover and make some strategies before he arrived with reinforcements.

That left him to stay in the castle and wait out the snow while governing his empire from behind his desk and fighting against tidal waves of paperwork and duties without count.He had still not found anyway home and had begun to wonder if his time on his home world was over.A part of him knew the answer already.He wasn't going anywhere. And then the drama started.5 months and still waiting for the snow storm to stop and the sun to rise once more,Court(which was attended everyday by important people of each and all races.)was held once more.As everybody was mingling with everybody else,the doors were opened and in walked a certain brown furred worgen female.It was Arlena,as beautiful as ever.But that was not what caught his eye.It was the fact that arlena's belly was swollen with child.His child.

The hall grew quiet as she knelt gently before the throne and waited.Her beautiful golden eyes looked at him with pure love as she gently rubbed her swollen belly.Her fate was in his hands now.He could choose to acknowledge the child as his and give arlena her due as the mother to his heir.or reject her and the child as not his and banish her from his presence forever,neither helping her nor seeing her again as she was only a servant.The choice was easy though.He knelt and gently hugged the mother of his heir,eliciting a gasp from the whole court as the truth was revealed.A worgen female,a servant for that matter,would bear the first royal child.

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Arlena was soon installed in his own quarters and would sleep in his bed as she was now the Royal concubine.Though not as powerful a title as head lady of the harem such as Jelthra,the fact that she carried the royal child in her womb was enough to give her considerable power and influence over the emperor.Her family was informed and royal gifts of Titles,land and money showered on them.The worgen race walked around smug,knowing one of their own was with the emperor's child.It was a good time to be a worgen as arlena made sure their needs were met first.Daren found all this power play amusing though.

"What is this?A TV show? Reminds me too much of the tudors or Game of thrones."he mused to himself quietly with a small chuckle.If only he knew.Arlena now slept with him in his royal quarters.Her wardrobe was restored with knew expensive clothes for both her worgen and human forms though she preferred to stay as a wolf for safety.Truth is,she stayed as a wolf to make sure the child in her womb was full of worgen DNA and came out as such.If her child was full worgen with her emperor's blood,she would favour his or her race when their time to rule came.

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Though sleeping next to her warm,furry body brought his 19 inch horsecock to erection every night,he would not take her for fear of harming the baby.Instead,the feral beauty would cover her fur and pussy lips with slick oil and allow daren to rub his hard,throbbing horsecock and balls in her soft and warm oil covered fur till he came and covered her in his thick virile sperm.That or daren would awaken to find his horsecock between her large,furry tits and his knobed tip in her hungry mouth as she sucked him off and drained his balls dry of sperm,insisting she needed a protein rich diet.The truth was that she was making sure no other slut got his cock and fertile seed in their pussy but her.Her mother and the worgen elders had advised her on this.Should another become pregnant with his child,she would lose power over the emperor.

Her pregnancy had lit a fire in the races though.Many families from each race who had a beautiful marriageable daughter made sure to take them to court for the emperor to see and then we're left in the royal harem.Should he choose to,he could use them for his sexual needs at anytime he chose.Indeed,not even arlena could satisfy him as her seventh month of pregnancy left her confined to bed to await birth,her belly large with his child.His cock had grown and was 20 inches and as wide as a water pipe.His balls were now larger and full of thick sperm that seemed to overflow in his balls.His cock was now more horse-like and some would say he was half centaur.Upon seeing his cock for the first time,Jelthra had even assumed his mother had slept with a horse to birth such a stud.

So the influx of ladies to his harem grew and daren knew he would have to ensure he slept with all of them and had a good number of heirs before he died or retired the throne.Meanwhile his reading on history was revealing much to him.Apparently he was emperor to Two kingdoms.Azeroth was one.The other was in another dimension which could be reached by portal.This dimension held people from different game and comic universes different from world of warcraft's.Reference to diablo,Shepherd,mutants and others convinced him that characters from at least Mass effect,Diablo and the X men were in the next dimension he ruled over as emperor.

A knock on the library door brought him from his study as a messenger came to call him to council for another case of rebellion. ########################################### He sat on his golden throne as the rebels were brought in.They were two Amazons who had tried to get their fellow amazons to rebel but were found out and imprisoned and brought to him.The public was not informed and so this was to be a private case.The reason being was that the two amazons were the daughters of their respective leaders.One was from a lower amazon tribe while the other was of the high amazon tribe.Apparently they said they were convinced to rebel by a masked female creature from the "other" Kingdom who simply gave her name as 'Tali'.

Daren was no fool."Tali" could only be Tali'zorah Nar Rayya from the mass effect universe and now apparently one of the many Quarians who lived in his kingdom in the other dimension.He told his clerk to issue a search for the Quarians female to be sent to the other dimensions Quarian leaders.As the clerk left,he turned his attention to the rebel amazons who were both naked.

The lower tribe's amazon was dark skinned yet with a hint of a tan making her skin also brown shaded.She had blue painted pouty lips,brown eyes,huge breasts and a fit body with a well toned ass.Her hair was braided and kept in a spiky high ponytail while her body was painted in tribal markings.

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The other amazon from the high tribe was white with blonde hair which was in braids at her back with a small crown on her head showing her nobility in her tribe.She had a huge bust like her partner and blue eyes.Her own body was in good shape as well and as that just cried to be smacked.Her lips were painted blood red though her body held no tribal markings. Daren liked what he saw and decided that a thorough "punishment" was needed.He ordered they be brought to his rooms for him to "deal" with them personally.He blushed as many of the council members smirked,knowing what he wanted.He did not see the amazon ambassador among the council make a small triumphant smile.It seemed the amazons would be getting some new titles soon.

################################# They stood naked in one of his rooms before him.Arlena slept in another room in another part of the castle.They were both both bound and yet still defiant.And though the high tribe amazon was quite silent in her defiance,the lower amazon had no such plan.

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She kept trying to work off her bonds as he removed his armour. "Kitiri no rut with evil emperor.Emperor no claim Kitiri.No make Kitiri bear young of disgusting emperor.Kitiri no let puny cock enter sacred body.Kitiri leader of horse fury amazon tribe.No mate with emperor."the dark skinned beauty spat out.He had heard of the horse fury tribe.The provided the best mounts in all Azeroth and the other dimension.They were horse breeders by profession.They were known to cherish their horses and would even mate with them during winter to keep them warm.This continued breeding had made it possible for the tribe's amazons to bear actual high quality foals.An amazon bearing a horse's child was said to be confined to bed since the second month due to how big their wombs swelled during pregnancy.

Well if it's horse dick she liked,that wouldn't be a problem. Kitiri's fury turned to shock as daren's trousers fell to the ground and his 20 inch horsecock was revealed.Her mouth watered at the sight of pre-cum dripping from the knobed tip of his cock as it stood before her.Her pussy gushed at the sight of the rare treasure and she could not help but lick her lips at the sight of his giant balls.Her stomach ached and fertile eggs warmed at the thought of all the thick jizz swimming in those nuts.Her fellow amazon could also just stare in amazement.

Daren pushed Kitiri onto the soft thick furs on the ground in front of the fireplace as he tore the bonds on her legs,spreading them apart as she lay on her back.He saw her black cunt already dripping with juice and smiled.She was just another slut,ripe for breeding.He place his mouth fully over her pussy and drank long and hard from her cunt sauce.Kitiri screamed in pleasure and her pussy gushed with even more juice for daren.She had regained some sense and was feebly struggling.

"Emperor no drink sacred amazon juice.No lick sacred cunt.Blessed by goddess of forest.NOOOOAHHHH!!!!!"she screamed in pleasure as he sucked on her clit,which was pierced with a golden ring.Her cries seemed endless as her black amazon cunt came from one orgasm to another before finally leaving her a tired and sweating mess on the soft furs,too weak with pleasure to move.

Daren moved his mouth from her now wet and quivering pussy while licking his lips in satisfaction.Delicious! He would have to have some more every night.Kitiri seemed to come out of her orgasm induced high and began protesting once more. "You no touch sacred pussy anymore.Pussy dedicated to goddess of tribe.You no put cock in sacred womb.Womb to breed warrior and Kings only.Breed strong foals for tribe as well.You no touch.You no use.You no fit to breed sacred princess womb with young." Though her speaking skills weren't much,her voice was soft and pleasant,even when protesting.Daren could not help but look as her pouty blue lips moved with each word.He licked his own in anticipation.He had to have that.

".you no make kiti.?What you do? No come near Kitiri.You hear?

You no touch kiti.uuulllmmmmppphhh." He cut her off as he kissed her hard,forcing his tongue in her mouth and exploring every part of it before dueling her tongue and sucking on it.His lips locked onto hers hard and would not let go as he began position his horsecock at the wet folds of her pussy.Daren loved kissing her.Girl was an expert and swapping some spit and tongue with her seemed addictive.As the knobed tip found her wet entrance and prepared for entry,Kitiri successfully pulled away from his lips and tongue.

"No! NO! No breed Kitiri! No breed sacred cunt.Emperor desecrate holy womb of Kitiri.Kitiri no mate with.uuulllmmmmppphhh."Daren silenced her again as he kissed her hard and proceeded to shove all twenty inches of his dick into the black beauty of an amazon.His length travelled past her pussy,broke through her cervix and into her womb as she screamed in pleasure and pain at his cock's entrance to her body.He finally sheathed himself fully in her womb and released her from his kiss but not before licking and sucking on her lower lip.

"My turn to talk,amazon slut.You and your friend over there tried to cause a rebellion.For that I'm going to punish you for the rest of your lives.Im going to fuck you and breed your pussy every moment I get.You better practice birth cause your life from now on will be on your back,receiving my cum like the breeding mares you are and carrying and birthing my royal offspring.And that goes for your two tribe as well.Especially your tribe,black amazon whore.So shut up and FUCKING TAKE IT!!!!" He pulled his length out till only the tip remained before slamming fully into the black amazon before beginning a series of poundings into her fertile,warm pussy.Her screams for mercy went unheeded as his balls slammed into her ass with each hit to her thoroughly abused pussy.



SLAP! SLAP! The sound of his body meeting hers as he plundered her sacred womb could be heard all over the room and maybe even outside.And so were her screams as she finally gave up.

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"Breed Kitiri.Fuck pussy like horse with long cock.ugh,ahh,ugh.Fuck black amazon pussy with horsecock.UUUUGHHHHGHH, FUCK! FUCK sacred womb and breed strong healthy child in Kitiri.Pour thick seed in womb.Make Kitiri birth emperor child.Be strong warrior like father.Be emperor.AHHHHIIII!" SLAP!

SLAP! SLAP! His thrusts became more harder and her pussy poured it's juices out in a seemingly unstoppable flow.His cock began to pulse and his ball churn heat up with load upon load of thick cum.

"Kitiri feel cum.Cum in sacred pussy.Breed strong offspring in Kitiri.Desecrate womb with stinking man seed.Make Kitiri grow large with emperor's child.Make breasts swell with milk for young." Her words echoing in his mind,he sheathed himself fully in her before his aching balls unleashed load after load of thick and creamy fertile cum in the amazon's defenceless womb.Her fertile eggs were drowned in thick seed and impregnated on the spot.

With a groan of satisfaction,drawn slipped off the black amazon pulling his dick out of her with a pop and a splurching sound as her defeated and bred amazon cunt leaked with his thick cum.

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He turned to the wide eyed and shocked second amazon. "Your turn." ################################ Daren felt his now comfortable cock and empty ball as he walked out of the room to join arlena in their bed.Behind him in the room were two amazons who lay upside down on a pile of furs in front of the fireplace with their bodies bent in a C shape as their hands were tied to their legs with strong rope.Both their pussys leaked thick jizz and their bodies including their hair,tits and faces were covered in hot thick cum.Their mouths leaked with thick unswallowed spunk.

##################################### 6 MONTHS LATER The birth of a worgen princess by Arlena had the whole Kingdom in celebration.Daren had actually wept as he cradled the girl in his arms and her tiny hand closed around his huge finger.He was now a father and his throne had an heir.His empire was safe.Though with how many women he had in his harem his daughter would not lack siblings anytime soon.The sudden winter and snow storm had still held and so fighting the uprisings with Sylvanas would have to wait.

He now sat naked on his throne with his horsecock hanging limp and it's head spouting vestiges of thick cum.A thick line of cum connected from his knob tip to the wet blue lips of a pregnant Kitiri as the black amazon whore serviced his cock diligently with her lips as another black amazon nursed his nuts in her warm and wet mouth.Kitiri's belly was swollen with child and some predicted twins due to the largeness of her rounded womb.The other amazon had not been impregnated and had been put in the harem to await another chance.

All of Kitiri's tribe knelt before him.They were all black skinned and naked,all their skin covered in tribal markings.Before him were five tables with various amazon members of Kitiri's tribe.He came into Kitiri and her amazon tribemate's hungry mouths as he watched five stud horses brought in with their cock's unsheathed. He had decided to use Kitiri's tribe as breeding stock for a new generation of high breed horses.And this was only the beginning.

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To be continued.