Footworshiped asian beauty banged sensually

Footworshiped asian beauty banged sensually
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London, England, was engulfed in darkness as another hot summers night in the August of 2006 arrived.


There was nothing but the moon shining on the glittering streets bellow, until a bright yellow ray blinded the city with light, the birds started singing and the city came to life on what was a another hot summers day.

It, has British summers go, was very unusual for all the reasons, most memorable, the heat. The summer had not been as hot as it was for years, and all the heat was taking its toll on most of the British residents including a young boy named Jake Jake Matthews. Jake was an ordinary 14 year old boy. Well not that ordinary.

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He didn't drink or smoke or eat too much junk food, and it showed. His skin was a smooth as a baby's bottom with no spots, cuts or bruises on it. His teeth white as snow, and his hair. Well his short spiky brownish blonde hair looked as if it had been washed every day, and it had.

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Jake took pride in his appearance by showering every day and brushing his teeth twice a day. He had all the latest fashions in clothing, a lot of friends and to be honest looked like a pop superstar.

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Has the day started to dawn the suns rays shone through the window of the boys bedroom lighting him up like an angel. He was lying there, in the morning heat, all hot and sweaty in what looked like the cutest position wearing nothing with just a plain white sheet covering his legs and dick leaving just the cute brown pubes from his cock sticking out from the bed sheet.

As the morning started to come round so did he. He stirred so gently as if trying not to wake anybody and slowly climbed out of bed letting the pure white bed sheet fall to the ground revealing his gorgeous erect dick. Getting morning erections was not unusual for him what with all the sex he (and I bet the other boys he knew) thought about.

Has he walked over to his bedroom door to fetch the hanging up towel before having a shower, his 5''5 inch dick and its beautiful round balls swayed from side to side in the morning heat, his cock head glinting with all the suns rays.


He put on the towel and was just about to walk into the bathroom when… "OH you're up…at last!" The voice of his mother taking that tone was nothing unusual. "It's such a lovely day.

You should be outside not stuck in bed", she said "Sorry", Jake replied "Now", she said, "I want you to have a quick shower as I and your Dad have a little surprise for you" "Oh I can't wait", Jake said half sarcastically as he knew that most of the surprises he gets turn out to be nothing of importance.

However he proceeded to get ready as quickly as possible having a cool shower, then putting his clothes on, which consisted of a pair of white ankle socks, three quarter length shorts and a white sleeveless top, which he wore as he liked to show of his half muscled arms.

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He rushed down the stairs and out into the garden were his parents were waiting sitting on some chairs with quite a lot of paper on the table.

"Good morning, come and sit down", his dad said. "So what's this big surprise?" Jake said eagerly awaiting it. "Well" his mum said, "you know its birthday next week?" "Yeah of course" said Jake.


How could he not forget that he was going to be 15 next week. "We have booked us on a holiday to Spain to celebrate. I know it's lovely and hot over here but you love Spain so we thought we'd treat you".

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"WOW thanks so much for this, I love you all, but why is there 4 tickets when there is only 3 of us?" "Well" his dad said excitedly, "the travel agent said there was a deal on our particular holiday which meant we could book a fourth person on this trip for free, so we thought you might like to bring along a friend" Jake's face lit up as he knew that he didn't have any brothers of sisters and that a friend would make him enjoy the holiday more.

He became even more excited when he found out that they had rented 2 fully furnished apartments in the Spanish resort one for his parents and one for him and his friend (as it was his birthday). He kissed both of them and then rushed up to his bedroom to plan what and who he would take on holiday with him.

The midday sun was now scorching so Jake took off his top revealing a beautifully tanned and semi muscular body with sweat dripping from his hair onto his bare chest below. He lay down on the bed next to the window letting the cool air in.

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As the air was blown in, it occasionally got blown up his shorts and onto his warm moist balls making him shudder ever so slightly. Has his balls were getting brushed with the cool summer air; he couldn't help but remember his first wanking session. It took him nearly an hour to wank off and even then it was only a dry orgasm. Now though, 3 years later he could cum and could cum a lot.

Then disturbing his dream his Mother called him reminding him to think of and ask a friend if they wanted to go on holiday with him. Jake, now happy was lying on the end of his bed racking his brain trying to think of a friend to go on holiday with, when suddenly it hit him. His dick became hard and started to pulsate when he thought of the only person he would want go on holiday with.

His best friend in the world Aaron, Aaron Thomas, one of the cutest boys around. To be Continued…………………&hellip.