Angel en El canal de la zorra-

Angel en El canal de la zorra-
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As usual, when Joe got home from work that night he interrogated Nicky about her day. She told him it was the usual routine but she glossed over her trip to Angela's. She was still buzzing from the experience, especially watching Caroline and Angela together after she had brought Caroline off. She was slightly jealous of the obvious intimacy between the two women as Caroline expertly brought Angela to her climax. She was in two minds as to whether she might raise with Joe the question of a threesome again, after her experience today, but she knew that Joe would only accuse her of being a tart.

It was all right for him to suggest it but not her; he was old fashioned like that. Oddly enough it was the next evening that Joe raised the matter again.

He seemed surprised and suspicious that she did not dismiss the suggestion out of hand as she usually did, but he soon forgot his suspicions as he enthused about Nicky's sudden willingness to broaden her horizons. He said he knew "just the girl" and Nicky wondered who he would bring home.

She also wondered, in passing, why and how Joe thought she would be "just the girl" but pushed this to the back of her mind. Joe was keen to try a threesome as soon as possible, presumably before Nicky changed her mind, and he promised to bring the girl home following evening. Nicky spent the next day wondering what the evening would bring. She was to know soon enough as she heard the front door open and she stood up from the sofa, waiting with some anticipation and, she had to admit, not a little excitement, as she heard Joe's voice, mixed with another girl's, coming from the hallway.

Her husband came into the lounge first, with a big grin on his face, and behind him came a girl he quickly introduced as Maria. Nicky was expecting someone slim, blonde and glamorous, attributes that she knew Joe held very highly in a woman, and so she was somewhat surprised at this short, dark haired and, not to put too fine a point on it, chubby girl who hovered behind Joe.

"Hi!" she exclaimed with a nervous smile. Nicky wasn't sure how to greet Maria, bearing in mind that she was almost certainly sleeping with her husband, but it was obvious that she was as nervous as Nicky was about the situation.

Only Joe seemed to be oblivious to the circumstances as he suggested they open a bottle of wine. He then disappeared into the kitchen with an exhortation for the girls to "get to know each other". "Sit down why don't you." suggested Nicky and Maria gratefully sat herself at the other end of the sofa from Nicky.

The two girls eyed each other, like protagonists in a divorce battle. "You're gorgeous!" Maria suddenly blurted out. "I was expecting. you know." "You're wondering why Joe sleeps with you if he's got someone like me at home aren't you." Nicky regretted this as soon as she said it.

Although it brought out into the open the fact that she knew they were sleeping together, it did infer that she thought Maria was unattractive which, bearing in mind Joe was hoping they would all go to bed together, was a somewhat inauspicious start to the proceedings.

"You didn't know Joe was a chubby-chaser did you?" replied Maria with a grin on her face. Nicky was relieved that she hadn't taken offence and grinned back.

"Sorry I didn't mean it to come at like that. Not a good start really is it?" "That's all right. It's me that should feel embarrassed. You obviously know that Joe and I sleep together and here I am coming into your home." She paused. "Joe kept telling me that he wanted a threesome but you weren't interested. What made you change your mind?" "Something happened the other day." "What was that then?" asked Joe who had now come back into the lounge with a bottle of wine and three glasses.

Nicky looked up guiltily. "Come on then." demanded Joe.


Nicky caught a sympathetic glance from Maria. Was he like this with her she wondered? "It's just that when I went to the gym I saw a couple of girls naked in the changing room." her voice trailed off. "Told you! I knew you'd be up for it!" Joe exclaimed and turned to Maria. "I told you she'd be keen on a bit of the old girl-on-girl didn't I?" Maria turned to look at Nicky and the glance between them spoke volumes.

Why do we put up with this ignorant twat? Joe quickly poured wine into three glasses and handed them round. Nicky took a large gulp to calm her nerves and found that half the glass had gone within a few seconds. Her head spun. She was not used to this much alcohol. Joe seemed excited as Nicky gulped her wine and Maria, not wishing to be outdone, emptied half her glass.

Joe was quick to top up all the glasses and within a few minutes the bottle had been finished. Joe had spent the time gleefully telling the girls what plans he had for the evening and to her dismay Nicky found herself getting quite turned on by the prospect. The wine was obviously working as when she now looked at Maria she was mentally undressing her, something she would never normally do with another girl. Although she was plump, Nicky could see that Maria had large, well shaped breasts and she half-wondered what they would be like to hold.

Suddenly Joe puts his glass down, stood up and rubbed his hands. "Okay then girls what say we go upstairs?" God, thought Nicky. He can't wait; he's like a kid in a sweet shop. She looked at Maria who grinned ruefully and they both stood up and followed Joe who was now scampering upstairs. He threw open the bedroom door and by the time Nicky joined him he had already ripped off his T shirt and was busily unbuttoning his jeans. As Maria came into the room, Joe slid his jeans and boxers down in one swift movement to reveal one of the main reasons why Nicky stuck with him.

To put it mildly, Joe was enormous. Even in its flaccid state his cock hung a good 6 inches and he reached 9 inches when it was fully erect. Joe grinned smugly now that he had the undivided attention of two women, and he quickly kicked off his shoes and lay back on the bed.

"Come and get it girls'!" he exclaimed and once again Nicky and Maria exchanged glances. She saw a smirk on Maria's face and suddenly she too grinned.

Then Maria put her hand over her mouth and snorted and this set Nicky off. Suddenly the two girls were collapsed in giggles, clinging on to each other for support. Tears were pouring down Maria's face and Nicky was having trouble breathing. Gradually the two girls composed themselves and Nicky turned to look at Joe, whose face was like thunder.

His pride and joy was also wilting. "What the fuck are you laughing at?" Nicky no longer felt threatened by his temper now that she had an ally and returned Joe's stare.

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"Nothing darling!" She replied which brought a look of puzzlement to Joe's face. Then she casually peeled off her T shirt and quickly unhooked her bra.


Joe's eyes now moved down to her breasts and she knew that his temper would now be gone. She unbuttoned her jeans and quickly took these off, then her panties which left her naked. She clambered onto the bed next to Joe and turned to look at Maria. "Come on then Maria -- what are you waiting for?" Joe could not see the wink and smile that Nicky gave Maria, who unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off.

Maria was wearing a white lacy bra which only just contained her enormous breasts, and Nicky found herself getting aroused as Maria undressed. She slipped off her skirt revealing a rather large pair of white knickers which she also quickly pulled down. She then reached behind her and unbuttoned her bra which allowed her voluminous breasts to tumble out.

Naked, Nicky could see why Joe fancied this woman as although plump, she was shapely and had an all-over tan. She also noticed that her pussy was shaved and Nicky suddenly realized that she, too, fancied this girl.

Joe patted the area of the bed on the other side to Nicky and Maria climbed on to join them. The two girls grinned at each other and it occurred to Nicky that Joe had absolutely no idea what to do.

He had put together his ideal scenario but was now at a loss as to how to proceed.

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She felt an unfamiliar pang of sympathy for him so snuggled her head into his shoulder and began to run her fingers up and down his chest. "Lovely." he sighed and Nicky looked over at Maria who was gazing at her. She nodded towards Joe's groin and Maria, taking the hint, moved down and wrapped her fingers around his now hardening cock. Nicky felt Joe stiffen and she started to kiss him on the lips. Joe's arms encircled her and, as usual, she felt herself melt in his embrace. There kisses became more passionate as their mouths mashed against each other and Joe suddenly grunted.

Pulling away, Nicky glanced down to see what Maria was up to and was astonished to see her mouth wrapped around her husband's cock. It seemed to go an awful long way in, and of course she realized Maria was very familiar with Joe's cock.

He had often tried to push it further into Nicky's mouth but she had gagged at its length. Maria had obviously perfected the right technique. Suddenly Joe grunted again and jerked his hips up off the bed. Maria quickly pulled Joe's cock from out of her mouth just in time to see a long arc of sperm splash on to his tummy. This was followed by several shorter spurts until he finally subsided. Maria looked at Nicky guiltily but was obviously reassured by Nicky's grin.

"He doesn't normally come that quickly!" Nicky exclaimed. "I think having the pair of us must be too much for him!" Maria agreed. Joe muttered something about cleaning himself up and leapt off the bed, heading towards the bathroom. Nicky knew that he wouldn't be able to perform again for quite a while, and said as much to Maria who nodded in agreement. There was no need to tell Nicky it was quite the reverse when Joe was with her!

Without thinking the two girls had shuffled closer together and Nicky unashamedly studied Maria's breasts. "They're my only good points!" Maria confessed to Nicky, glancing down. "I think they're lovely." Nicky retorted. "And so is the rest of you!" she quickly added. Without thinking she reached out her hand and gently cupped one of the soft orbs. She tried to avoid Maria's gaze as she gently hefted the breast in her hand and marvelled in its size and softness.

The dark brown nipple was erect and Nicky had a sudden urge to kiss it. She looked up at Maria. "Go on." whispered Maria, as if reading her mind and Nicky leaned forward and ran her tongue around the erect stalk.

She felt Maria's hand on the back of the head and he opened her mouth wide, almost trying to take the whole breast in her mouth. Maria sighed as Nicky's tongue rasped across her nipple and as she eased herself on to her back, she pulled Nicky closer to her until she was almost on top of her. Wordlessly the two girls clung together and as Maria eased her legs apart Nicky slipped between them until her body was nestling against Maria's pussy and her head was now level with her wondrous bosom.

She grabbed her boobs in her hands and nuzzled between them, squeezing the soft flesh around her face and luxuriating in the warm cosiness. Maria's hands were still on her head, gently stroking her hair.

Nicky lifted herself up on to her elbows and gazed at Maria who blushed but smiled back at her. He felt the urge to kiss her new friend and did so, reaching up and giving Maria a quick peck on the lips.

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This then turned into a passionate entwining of tongues as they gave themselves up to the mutual feelings of arousal. Nicky pulled away again and gazed down at Maria, gently brushing her hair from her face. She then kissed her lightly on the lips again before moving down to her breasts once more. However she did not stop there. Nicky continued to work down Maria's body, nuzzling and kissing the soft flesh of her belly and as she worked further down Maria eased her legs apart allowing Nicky access to her pussy.

Nicky was almost off the end of the bed as she ran her hands along the soft flesh of Maria's inner thighs and gazed at her shaved pussy. She gently parted the pink lips and carefully slid her middle finger into the wet opening.

This brought a brief whimper from Maria and soon Nicky's whole finger had slipped deep into Maria's pussy.

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Maria was now so wet that Nicky felt sure she could get two fingers in and, sure enough, they were easily accommodated. As she slid her fingers in an out of Maria's grateful pussy, she bent down and ran her tongue around the top of the slit. The small pink bud of Maria's clit soon emerged from its hiding place and Nicky flicked her tongue across it.

Maria cried out and stiffened, clutching her hands to Nicky's head and forcing her face into her pussy. She struggled to breathe as her face was enveloped by Maria's pussy, twitching and pulsing in the throes of her climax. After what seemed an age Maria let out a long sigh and released her grip. Nicky eased herself up on to all fours and gazed, wet faced, at Maria. Her pussy was buzzing now and she longed for Maria to return the compliment as surely she would. Maria returned her gaze and mouthed a silent thank you.

Then her eyes suddenly darted to one side and Nicky knew that Joe had come back into the room. However before she had a chance to turn, she felt a pair of hands grabbed her backside and 9 inches of stiff cock was suddenly rammed deep into her pussy. She cried out at this sudden invasion, startled but incredibly turned on at the roughness and immediacy of Joe's attention. She almost collapsed under the impact but Joe had a firm hold of her hips as he began to piston his cock in an out of her and Maria had hold of her shoulders.

Her insides were on fire as Joe's cock slammed into her and she knew it would only be seconds before she came. She felt a hand stroke her face and she opened her eyes to see Maria smiling up at her. "Alright?" Maria whispered and Nicky nodded and smiled back reassurance. "Fucking lovely!" she mouthed back and Maria grinned. Suddenly Nicky's eyes closed and her face contorted as her orgasm ripped through her.

Maria pulled her down until her face was enveloped in her ample bosom and Joe thrust even harder as he felt his girlfriend's pussy spasming against his cock. Nicky's cries of ecstasy were muffled in Maria's chest and although her climax was gradually subsiding there was no let up to the pounding she was getting from Joe. Suddenly it was beginning to hurt and she turned to look at him. "Why don't you finish off in Maria? I'd love to see that!" Joe grinned gleefully and quickly pulled his cock out of Nicky who collapsed next to her friend.

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Maria seemed quite happy to accommodate Joe and spread her legs as he quickly dived between her thighs and with one swift movement slid his cock into Maria's pussy. Maria grunted as Joe's cock plunged into her and Nicky smiled inwardly at the smug expression on Joe's face.

He was in his element now, shagging Maria for all he was worth whilst his girlfriend watched in supposed admiration. He was like a kid! Suddenly he gasped and stiffened as he came, almost crushing poor Maria as he collapsed on top of her. After a few seconds he eased himself up and pulled his deflating cock out of Maria's pussy. He grinned down at Maria with a pleased expression on his face, oblivious to the fact that she had not yet come. Maria surreptitiously slid her hand between her legs but Nicky beat her to it and with a few swift movements of her own hand brought Maria to her climax.

By this time Joe had wandered off to the bathroom again and the girls exchanged resigned looks. Nicky wanted to tell Maria all about her new friends she had met at the gym, but thought she had better wait until she had discussed the matter with Angela and Caroline. She now knew that this would be sooner rather than later.