Gay bubble but fem boys movies How To Fuck Your Dad Little Austin has

Gay bubble but fem boys movies How To Fuck Your Dad Little Austin has
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She lived down the street and I was crazy about her. About 5'4'' and very curvy, and delightful.

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Her tits were about average sized for a 16 year old, but her ass was amazing. The sweatpants she wore that December 25th made her butt absolutely amazing. The snow was just about starting and the friendly area gathered for a Christmas evening party at her place. Her mom waved as I drove by getting a couple of soda cases for their party, with her daughter bending down getting ice bags out of the plastic bags from the sidewalk, unpacking their car full of groceries for their party. I was so distracted by this that I nearly hit their neighbor's car parked on the street, so I just barely turned away, scaring the shit out of both them.

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With my foot still tapping I got Ms. Jackson (the lady hosting the party) her twenty cases of soda. My head was spinning from the combination of the sight of Liz's ass and the near accident I had.

Holy crap that girl is hot, I thought. I was 17, about 5'9'' and regular build. I didn't work out much, but I come from a family of athletes so my body had that natural athletic quality. The family I came from were lapsed Christians, but my mom made sure I wasn't raping and pillaging towns, if you know what I mean. The air had a bitterness to it in its freezing temperature, so I rushed in when I helped spread out the beverages in the coolers.

When I was leaving, Liz was outside bringing the rest of the chips in, so I took them from her, saying it was "No big." She gave me a peck on the cheek as a sign of thanks, and winked. I drove home with another head rush, avoiding all accidents with my 10 mph speed, and prepared myself. Our town was pretty big, so there would be a good amount of people there that night. Liz sent me a text while I was brushing my teeth, saying "You better be there." I replied with a note of assurance of my attendance, and put on my polo and khakis.

I wore cheap loafers with it, so I was at least a little comfortable. I made sure I had that spare rubber in the side of my wallet, you know, just in case. I put that and my phone in my pocket, and drove me and my parents to the party.

We left the gifts at the door-side table, and was greeted by Mr. Jackson, as we were the first ones there. "Go see if they need help." My mother said, and I replied with a yes. I asked Mrs. Jackson if she needed help, but she said "No. But, you could check where Liz is, if you want." I said yes, and went upstairs in their house to find Liz on facebook. We sat and talked about school for awhile, and asked if I would chill with her for the party, because we were basically the only teenagers there.


I agreed to do so with ease, not acting the fool. We made sure her parents wouldn't ask her to meet anyone by going downstairs and greeting everyone early on, then we went upstairsrelieved of our duties. "Do you wanna make out?" She asked out of the blue, and I was probably more shocked then more than the near accident. With yet another 'yes' I approached her, and we smacked lips. The first feeling to me when I got to kiss her was like a show of huge, loud fireworks.

Her tongue was the amazing, illustrious color show with the explosion. When we finally stopped, I was amazed with her kissing abilities.

"Wow," she remarked, "I've been waiting to make out with you for the past two years since I met you Freshman year." I remarked "Same." She wasn't good at allowing me to be ready, because before I could think again, she ripped off my polo. I continued by taking off my shoes, socks, and pants, then her dress.

We were in our undies, and together we collapsed onto her bed. Eagerness flowed through me and my cock as it sprung to life after a few more minutes of rubbing our bodies together. I reached into my wallet to grab my stashed condom, but she said "Wait. I'm not sure about that." I thought she meant she didn't want me in her, but immediately she pulled off my pants and starting giving me a handjob.

I layed back against the wall her bed was against in pleasure.

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However, we heard steps go up the stairs, so, I ran into the bathroom, and she hid my clothes under her bed and slipped her dress back on. It was my mom.

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She was looking for me wondering if she could give me her phone, for she had nowhere to put it. Liz said she would hang onto it until the end. As soon as she walked down the stairs she ran down the hall to check for anyone, then pulled me back into the room. Then she decided to take things slow and we slowly kissed for a few minutes. I could actually take this wonderful moment in instead of rushing. She slipped off her dress in a very manner, straps slowly falling her shoulders, the rest of the dress falling onto the floor.

Her white panties were so sexy on her, and my dick re-erected.


She turned around and flaunted her ass. We both knew her best asset, was indeed her ass. I reached over and lightly slapped that bubbly butt, it was so fine. Oh boy did I want her. To shake things up I grabbed her and threw her onto the bed. She had sort of a snow angel position, her arms and legs half-spread out. She giggled a little when I pulled her panties off slowly, and I fingered her.

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It was pretty easy access with my finger, because she was really wet. She lightly moaned, and I loved it. She kinda moaned my name out as she went through the two orgies. I was so jealous, because them girls can have multiple orgies, and us guys can't most of the time.

I proceeded to whip out my dick, and get that condom out of my wallet. I was so nervous about doing her she took it from my hands and threw it behind her bed, saying she was on the pill, her parents were worried because she went to public school. Even my dick was quivering when I was kneeling on the bed, me and her pussy inches apart.

I guided my cock in slowly, each of my six inches one slowly at a time. As I pushed through I realized she wasn't a virgin, so I asked "Who took you?" And she replied, "My Hair Brush." "Ah." I replied. I started gaining rhythm, but first I wanted to make sure I could remember the feeling of my dick in her.

It was twice as good, not just because pussy is pussy, but it was Liz's pussy. I doubled up. Then I pounded with all thrust I could manage until a loud thud that could attract attention would be made. Liz was moaning like crazy into her pillow so no one would hear that either, until she pulled it off and said to slow down. It was great because I was about to bust. She got off her back and turned around on her hands and knees.

She wanted me to do her doggy style. I was about to bust with my dick not even being touched at the time. Her butt was waiting there to be fucked and it was mine. I got behind her and started to straddle on, but she started to push her ass at me instead of me doing her, so all I had to do was watch the action.

Her ass jiggling as it collided with the front of my thighs and the feeling of her pussy was amazing. The slight clapping noise was great too. She tired out after a job well done so I took over she lifted her butt higher and her head on the bed. Holy shit was it great. I was getting the best ass. I felt that little twitch as I was nearing my bust point, her moaning was crazy, the sweat glistening in her brown, straight hair.

Sweat climbed down my arms as I pumped harder and harder until I came. The feeling when I came in her was great. Her cum was all over herself and my dick.


So I licked it off her area, just as a thanks to her, and she came for the final time. She sprayed air freshener so our combined musk didn't fill the room and we kissed each other passionately for a finale.

We redressed, and cuddled on her bed as she slept on my chest for a while, and when I had to leave, I kissed her cheek, saying "Merry Christmas."