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Straight teen boys uncover gay porn movie first time Dungeon sir with
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Hello! I am going to share a true story that happend in my life. I am 23 years old and I live with my mom (47) and litle brother (20). This story is about me and my mom so i'm going to discribe us a little. I am 1.79 meters tall, have short dark hair, weight 75 kg. My mom is a short women, she is 1,54 meters tall, she is about 53 Kg, has long dark hair. It all started when I was 16 years old, I came home from school one day and ran straight to my room.

I had a lot of homework so I wanted to make very quickly, around 6 pm evening my mother came home from work, we have all eaten at the table together as always.

Around 10 am evening we go watch a movie in my room, after the film we were very tired and my little brother wanted to go to sleep. My mother is very close to me than with my little brother, so she stayed in my bed.

We are going to sleep and when we woke up, my mother was half on me with her legs and breasts, this made me so horny that I immediately got a hard penis.

I was terrified because I was horny of my mother and tried to get away quickly.

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I have thought about it all week and dreamed of it and I stayed horny. It got so bad that I myself had sometimes went out of control and jerk off with the thought of my mother.

From this moment I gave my mother often hugs and kisses on her cheek and I did everything for her in house to make her happy. As a result, she became used to my hugs, and I did it more often, sometimes she lay in bed watching tv and I came up behind her and grabbed her tightly to her waist with two hands and we watched tv together.

But this was not enough, I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted more have I wanted to feel her breasts, her ass and pussy.

So I decided to call her up to my room for a film. And as always she slept next to me, she had a dark leggings to her knee and a long sweater up over her ass. Once she was in deep sleep, I gently placed my hand on her thighs and moved gently upwards with my hand.

She does not respond to the feeling, so I proceeded down to her cunt. When I got to her pussy, I felt her leggings were ripped at her cunt. So I touched her soft pussy lips right on, this made me so horny and crazy that I could almost cry out.

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She has still not responded, and I'm going slow with 3 fingers along her pussy, I play with her clitoris and to my surprise she was also shaved! I thought I was dreaming, my heart went rampage until I felt it all the way down my throat. My hand was totally immersed with pussy juice, it looked quite tasty, that I instantly put out all 3 fingers in my mouth and licked everything off it.

I had her so wet that even the juice from her pussy started to leak out. I wanted so badly to cum on her pussy, but I was afraid that she would wake up. So am I quickly ran to the bathroom and pulled out my rock hard cock, I have slowly started to pull off with all that pussy juice on in and on my hand.

That was the best orgasm ever in my life. From that moment I only wanted sex with my mom, I wish her love to fuck, and my hugs were increasingly more intense. And then she said at one point: Mother: Don't you go a little too far with your hand? Me: No my hands are on your belly.

Mother: I feel your hands almost on my pussy Me: Sorry I had not noticed, I am sorry. Mother: Okay, I want to let you know, that's all. Me: MOM we sleep together again?


Mother: Yes of course. Me: Oh yeah. This was the night that I had been waiting, vkrm I plan to to fuck her as soon as they fall asleep I grab my chance.

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The moment I've been waiting for days on which has arrived and my mom is in deep sleep. She had a black night dress that came down to her ass, she also had a very thin transparent underwear. When I saw her alone I came already almost done in my pants, I slowly lie down next to her. And moved very slowly her night dress aside and then her underwear down. I think they had a whole wet dream because her pussy was very wet, I decided to put my cock between her ass crack and slowly to move.

Because so many juice from her pussy was leaking was her ass all wet and before I knew it moved my cock in her pussy. I grabbed her hip and pushed my cock further inside, she was still not awake. I was in my mothers pussy, it felt so hot, wet, smooth and tasty I was totally addicted to her body. I started to move gently in and out, her pussy juice was leaking out of her cunt while I fucked her.

I came ready in 2 minutes, so horny I found it.

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I spurted all my cum to the last drop deep into her cunt. I have her underpants back up again and slid her dress back down. I am then just go to sleep as if nothing had happened. The next morning: Mother: Friendly greetings sweetie!

Me: Hey mama (join her and do my legs over her legs) Dam: slept well? (is cuddling me softly while her breasts on my face) Me: Yes I was early go to sleep so am not tired.

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Mother: My pantys feels so sticky, I don't know why. Me: Maybe you had a wet dream? Mother: Hee don't talk so with your mother young man. Me: Sorry, what else could it be. Mother: Leave it be. Me: Mom I ever told you how beautiful you look, you are really the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

Mother: So where did that come from? Me: Just, I love you. Mother: I love you too (little kiss on my cheek) I was horny from her Kiss, so I gave her a kiss on her lips to see how she responds. Mother: What are you doing! You can't do this! We are mother and son we cannot do such things, I always thought of you as my favorite son. But that does not mean we can have that kind of a relationship. Me: Well when we had sex yesterday night you didn't complained.

Mother: What do you mean "we had sex"! Me: Why do you think your pantys feel so sticky. Mother: What did you do to me?


This was the moment where I've figured out my biggest lie ever. Me: I did not do anything to you, actualy you did something with me instead! Last night you put out your hand in my pants and began to feel my cock, I didn't know if you were sleeping or you were awake.

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I was so glad you wanted to do something erotic with me that I let you completely do whatever you were doing. Mother: No this cannot be true! (starts to cry) Me: YES! it is true after 5 minutes to feel my cock, you climbed on me and shoved my cock in your pussy and then said nothing more. So I tought you wanted me to fuck you in your pussy.

Mother: Noo!! this cannot be happening to me!! (cries more and more) Me: I am sorry, what could I do in such a situation? I realy love you alot, I cannot live without you, I realy enjoy the sex with you, I wished I was your man. Mother: You don't know what you are saying! Me: Yes I know what I am saying and I know what I want! I want you for me alone and if I don't get you the easy way, then I can get you the hard way. I didn't mean what I said to her, but just wanted to make her believe that it's her fault and I will take her even if she doesn't coöperate.

This is part 1! Sorry for the grammer and stuff I made this story on my tablet. If you like the story then vote: Like! And i will share with you what happend next.