Sora aoi and old man french kissing storys

Sora aoi and old man french kissing storys
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'There she is' Nolan thought. He looked across his table to see Ashley, a sophmore. She walked with her friend and talked with her. They laughed and Nolan couldn't help but smile. The smile was so beautiful and white. She stood at about 5'4" and had brown hair with blonde highlights. She had 32C size breasts. She was a real beauty. At only 16 and being a sophmore people usually thought she was in college. Nolan waited for her to walk by before he stood up and threw away his lunch tray.

He went back to his seat and sat down. Standing up Nolan was about 6 feet tall even. He was 17 years old and a junior. He had brownish blondish hair and had emerald eyes. Whenever he saw her he felt as if time went by faster. He never got time with her. One time he did but he studdered and embarassed himself. She smiled and said "Maybe next time tiger." He was a really shy kid. But with his friends help he was able to perform.

He was a guitarist and thats how he always got girlfriends. The others were never really special except one. But he found out that she had been cheating on him. He had never really healed from that. He almost went all the way with her. He heard the bell ring. "Shit, I cant be late again" he said to himself, picking up his bag. He ran to class The rest of the day went by uneventfully at school. He didnt have hardly any homework except studying since finals were coming up.

There was always at least one good thing about finals and that was the lack of hard work. His past two years he breezed by with finals. When he got home he threw his things down in his room and kicked off his shoes. He sat in a chair and began playing his black acoustic guitar. A Takamine. It was only 20 frets but it had a warm sound. He was in the middle of a song with a nice rhythum when he heard a knock.

"Come in" He said, putting his guitar to his side. His mom walked in. "Hello Nolan" She said cheerfully. "Christmas tiiime is here!" She sang out. He laughed "I dont know the words either." His mom, Marie, laughed back "Well you know how we always have Christmas parties right? Well I was asking if you could play your guitar for the crowd?" "Ugh man.

Why? I dont like playing in front of people. Especially if nobody is here to help me through it." He said, feeling annoyed. He was hoping to get someone over finally this year. His mother never let people come to the parties. "If thats what it's going to take then you can have one person come" She said. "Only one? Come on. Three?" He asked. "Two. And thats it. Deal?" She asked holding out her hand. He thought for a moment.

"Yeah sure. Deal." He said shaking her hand. "Goodie! Dinner is almost ready so come up and eat." She said. He went upstairs and talked with his parents about what to play at the party. Then through the meal and the talk he decided to invite his best friend Vick. He always helped him out and was really trust worthy. He also encouraged him alot to ask out girls he liked. That would come in handy because he was going to invite Ashley.

The next day was friday and the last day of finals before winter break. Vick already said yes over the phone to the party and told him he was going to drag his parents over because "They are so cool!" Sarcasm. A strong point for Vick.

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Vick knew Ashley and was going to try to introduce her to Nolan. They had Spanish together. Well his lunch hour finally came that day. He had to catch Ashley before she left. When your lunch hour was on a final day you could go home or wait for your friends. Most people went home. Nolan soon saw her walking out of the lunchroom and about to leave. He was not ready and extremely nervous.

But he didnt want to miss out. He walked to her and tapped her shoulder gently. "Ashley?" He asked, voice shaking. She turned.

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"Hello" She put her finger to her lip. "Hmmm. I remember you! Your that one guy who studders alot!" She said. "Haha no." He said feeling quite embarassed "Im Nolan. I was nervous. I get like that around girls alot." His voice was not sounding good. He felt is knees shaking. He tried to not make it obvious. "Oh hehe. So whats up?" She asked. "Well I was wondering if you'd like to come to this Christmas party.

My folks said it was cool for a few of my friends to come, and I thought it would be nice if you came." He handed her a slip of paper with his address and number on it. "Its tonight. I hope its not too short notice." "Nope not at all. My friends are going out of town and I had nothing panned.

I'll be there!" She said. "Oh sweet!" He said sounding like a fool. "I mean uhh. Thats cool." He laughed to shake off the embarassment. She laughed. "Im gonna need a ride home though. I dont have my liscence yet." "Oh I can. No problem" He said. They got to her moms car. "Thanks. See ya, tiger." She said with a wink. She got in her moms car and drove away. "YES!" He shouted in the parking lot. People turned and looked at him. He shrugged and walked away embarassed yet again.

When he got home he gave Vick the good news.

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"Thats awesome man. Now I dont have to introduce you two." He said. "Ugh, thanks man." "Thats what Im here for" Vick said. The party began at 9 and ended at midnight. He had a few hours to practiceseeing as they got to Nolans house early. Vick was going to play drums with him for two songs. The last one was going to be just him. His mom said that would be fantastic.

She was so glad her son was going to be giving her friends an impression of how great a mom she was. He was glad to help. Soon the party began. Ashley wasnt to be seen. The performance was going to begin at 11. Nolan filled with worry as the minutes slowly went by.

"Shit man! Shit!" Nolan panicked. "She not gonna show! She isnt going to come!" "Dude! Calm down! Its only 9:30 theres a thing called fashionably late." Vick said.

Nolan felt a little better. Then all worry went away when he saw Ashely enter the fron door. He ran there and greeted her. "Sorry Im late" She said. I wanted to put some makeup on to look extra nice!" She told him and Vick. Vick pinched him so Nolan could spit out a corny line. "You dont need makeup to look nice. Your beautuful either way" He said nearly rubbing the spot where he was pinched. "Aww arent you sweet" Vick said. All three laughed.


Ashley and Nolan both blushing. Soon Vick had to go set up the drums for about 10 minutes, leaving Nolan and Ashley alone. "Drums? Is there going to be a show?" She asked. "Yep. Im going to play with Vick and then for the last song its going to be just me" He said. He had grown more comfortable with Ashley. He wasnt as nervous anymore. "I cant wait!" She said genuinely impressed.

He failed to mention a show. They talked for awhile until 11 finally came. Nolans mom stood up and clinked her glass. "Okay I'd like everyone to go downstairs for a special show by Nolan and his friend Vick!" Everyone turned and looked at him. He blushed and Ashley put her hand on his leg. "You can do it" She whispered. He suddenly lost all fear. "Yeah. Lets go." They went down stairs and Vick was holding his brush drumsticks.

They werent like regular sticks. They made it quieter than regular drums but still gave a nice strong beat. Ashley sat in the front, along with Nolans parents. Everyone else sat behind them. Around 20 people. Not too big but enough to make Nolan nervous enough to fuck up. When he sat on the stool he saw Ashleys gaze. All fear left him again. He annouced what the song was. "This is Heart Shaped Box. We hope you like it." The song was played perfectly. The crowd clapped.

They said their thanks. This was Vicks last song. They made sure it was going to be good. "This is Plush" Stone Temple Pilots.

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This was one of Vicks favorite songs to play and to listen to. They also did this one easily. Vick stood and bowed. "Man you love to brag" Nolan said to his friend. "Quiet lover boy" Vick said. The crowd did an ooo. Nolan blushed slightly.

He looked at Ashley and saw her flirty smile. He smiled back. Vick saw and chuckled. "Good luck" He said, the crowd unknowing of the double meaning. "Im going to do this one solo. This song is called Hunger Strike.

By Temple of the Dog." "I love that song maaaan!" Vick called from the back. The crowd laughed. "Haha here we go" Nolan said feeling confident. Ashley watched the him. He kept his head down the whole time. Then the chorus came. He sang it with strength looking right at Ashley. He really let the lyrics fly. He soon finished the song and people stood and clapped. Vick whistled and Ashley cheered. The show was finally over.

He stood and bowed "YOU LOVE TO BRAG!" Vick called. The crowd laughed again. Nolan smiled and walked to Vick and Ashley. "That was incredible!" Ashley said.


"I really loved the last one Nolan. You and Vick did great!" "Thanks. It was actually pretty fun." Nolan said. "Yeah. And you didnt fuck up like you said you would" Vick said. Nolan rolled his eyes. The party slowed to a stop as more and more people left. Soon Vick had to leave. "Ill see ya man. Ashley do you need me to take you home?" Vick asked. "No I'll let Nolan take me." She said, smiling mischeviously. "Okee doke" Vick said cracking a smile at Nolan. Nolans parents headed up stairs.

The drums were no long in the basment. Vick took them home. A couch that was against the wall had been moved in its place, facing the TV. "Nolan, Im tired" Ashley said. She sat next to Nolan who had just sat on the left cushion of the couch. She lay on his shoulder and laid her legs on the couch. He lowered on the couch and wrapped his arm slowly around her.

He was starting to get an erection from such close contact with his dream girl. "You wanna sleep here?" He asked. He was suprised his voice didn't shake. "Mmm. That would be nice. I brought some clothes. I hoped youd ask me that." She said.

"Really? Where?" He asked, not sounding tired at all. "In my 'big ass purse'. Vick wouldnt stop teasing me about." she yawned "It." Nolan almost felt disappointed. He knew she was falling asleep. 'I guess she only wants to crash here' he thought. "Hey. Nolan?" She asked, her now sounding nervous and shy, "Could I take a shower? You know. To wake up?" 'Oh my fucking god' He thought.

"Uhh yeah. Definitely. Want me to show you the shower?" "You could say that." She said. She got up off the couch. "Come on. Show me the shower." "O-okay." He studdered. He was in utter shock at this point. He grabbed her hand and led her to the shower. It was a big one and the pressure wasnt too hard but it wasnt too gentle either. It was one of those that could probably fit around 10 people in that are ridiculously unnecessary.

It also had a big bench, so if you were lazy you could sit and let the water hit you. "So I'll get in now" She said. Nolan turned to leave to give her privacy. He felt her hand on his shoulder. In his mind he shouted 'YES!' but kept silent. Ashley pulled him back and pulled his head down. She immediatly started kissing him, and Nolan kissed back.

He wrapped his arms around her and rubbed her back. He felt a little daring and squeezed her tight, round ass. "Mm. Im a dirty girl.

Wash me" she said pulling away, pulling up her shirt to show those incredible tits. "Uhh. ahh. o-okay." Was all he could say. 'This is the night. Im losing my virginity. I know I am' he shouted in his mind. In about 4 seconds both were naked. Nolan went in and forcefully kissed Ashley, and slowly and passionately, pushed her against the wall.

His cock now rockhard and standing straight at 6 inches was in front of Ashley. He pulled her out of the way and turned on the water. He got it nice and hot. Steam soon filled the gigantic shower. He went into the rushing water, pulling Ashley with him all the while kissing her. "Nolan." She panted. "Please. Im still a virgin. Dont go too hard." "Thank Christ, I am too." He said with relief.

They smiled at eachother and knew this was going to be a special night for them both.

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The hot water hit them and they met in a kiss. Nolan leaned back and let her be on top, His cock in the crack of her fantastic ass.

"Mmm. Have you ever had a blowjob?" She asked slowly going down his chest and making her way to his cock. He had and admitted it. "Yes. Theyre incredible" He said hoping she would still touch him even though he said yes to the blowjob question. "I hear Im good at giving them" She said with a wink and swallowed about four inches of him.

"Oh, shit" He moaned cocking his head back. "Mmmm" she moaned. This wasnt helping his cock any bit. He wanted to cum. Bad. We held back as long as he could, but only lasted a few minutes. In the span of these minutes she sucked hard. Once in every few head bobs she would go all the way down and hum, and just suck as hard as she could on the head. This is when sent him off the edge so fast. "Oh shit. Im cumming!" She went faster and he exploded.

She swallowed every last drop. "Good?" She asked. He was in so much bliss all he could do was nod. "Good." He pulled her up and switched positions. He heard her moan loudly and felt the squeeze of her legs as he took the first lick of her pussy.

This was a strong point for Nolan. He was good at eating girls out. She moaned louder as he aimed for her enflamed clit. He fingered her fast and hard and felt her hymen as he went in deep. He licked her clit hard. Soon she came in an explosive orgasm, most of her sweet sex going down the drain. "Oh my god." She moaned. "Where did that come from" she asked. "Experience" He said. He laughed a little. They both looked at each other, both sitting up. Both still had a strong burning lust in their eyes.

'Shes so beautiful in this water' He though. That she did. The water in her hair, the drops on her face and breasts, her arms. She looked incredible.

Her water dropped hand reached for his face, his hand reached for her face, and they met in a passionate kiss. More passionate than either had ever had. Nolan was falling in love with her.

"Please Nolan. Im ready" She said. He nodded. He helped her get in his lap and aimed his cock for her pussy. "Here it goes. Nice and slow" She said, lowering herself. About an inch and a half in he felt her hymen.

Their eyes locked. Ashley bit her lower lip, His face nervous. Ashley nodded and mouthed the words "Im ready". She went down now harder. Nolan felt her hymen stretch. Soon he felt himself go through, and heard Ashley moan. She said "Ohh. ouchie." She almost sounded helpless. "Im sorry that hurt" He said. She had a pained expression in her face. "Its okay" she said, her voice a little shaky.

She looked down and so did Nolan. A little blood went down the drain. After awhile she was used to his dick and went down all the way. She was wrapped around him and waited again. He kissed her neck and waited. Soon she was once again ready. She began going up and down on his cock. Eventually the expression of pain faded and excitement and pleasure replaced it.

Nolan loved the tight pussy. It was nothing like head, and was certainly beating the feeling of his hand. The pleasure was incredible. He grabbed her waist and guided her up and down as she rubbed her hands through her hair. She was going wild, her tits jiggling, water splashing off of them. Nolan began using only one hand and used the other (his left) to squeeze her nipples.

Soon he felt her pussy clench. "Ohh fuck Im coming!!" She moaned.

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He pounded in her and felt her collapse on him. He quickly pulled out and came, outside of her pussy and let it hit the floor. Like all the other bodily fluids, it went down the drain as well. Both looked at eachother and smiled. They had done something special together. And had fallen in love in the process. Ashley walked out of the bathroom and hopped to grab her fresh clothes.

An orange thong and orange short shorts. She also had an orange shirt on. She was like a cute little orange. Nolan put on some basketball shorts and a black shirt. They both walked to the couch and kissed there. They fell asleep soon, Ashley on top of Nolan, and had smiles on their faces.