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Jennifer Jacobs screwed by yoga masseur
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Kristi and her Dad By PornluvrJim Chapter 3 This is an adult erotic story (or at least it was written as one). If you're under the legal age wherever you happen to be, don't like these types of stories, or are close minded, judgmental, ignorant or for any other reason you think these types of stories are disgusting, leave, delete it and go away forever. Chapter 3: Later that week Tom had a location shoot for a swimsuit manufacturer This particular manufacturer specialized in bikinis and other sexy types of swimwear obviously made for the girls who had what it takes to be able to wear this type of suit Tom really liked this type of job, and usually had a hard time hiding the fact that he walked around with an almost constant hard on.

He would be working with about six models, most of whom he had worked with before. Because it was at school vacation time, Kristi had no problem convincing Tom that she should go with him to assist.

After all; she had helped him at other times. And besides was in the age and type bracket that the company was marketing for and she would be able to give a firsthand opinion of the suits being modeled They arrived at the location at 5:30AM because the early morning light was the nicest as far as photographers were concerned.

After setting up his lights and reflectors, Tom and Kristi were ready for several hours of photographing some of the most beautiful girls around. When the art director arrived, Tom was told that one of the girls called in sick at the last minute, and they didn't have enough time to fill the now vacant slot. Hearing this, Kristi almost jumped out of her chair to volunteer filling in for the missing model. Tom was a little hesitant in allowing his baby girl to model in such skimpy clothing until she reminded him that these were the types of suits she and her friends were wearing all the time.

That and the fact that she would be paid a whopping thousand dollars for one day's work. After she slid over to her daddy's side and hugged him, she knew he couldn't refuse her request, and she was right Tom was a sucker for her hugs and recently noticed that his cock was beginning to react to this very sexy teenager, As a matter of fact, he realized that even at home, he was beginning to react to her body when he saw her walking around in her bath towel or when he caught glimpses of her in her panties and bra while dressing, He was unaware that Kristi planned for him to catch sight of her.

He had to constantly remind himself that she was young enough to be, and as a matter of fact indeed was, his daughter and these thoughts had no place in his mind. The model director took all the girls to the changing area and in about ten minutes, they started filing out.

Most of the guys on the set almost stopped breathing when they caught sight of the girls, each one more striking than the last. The first two models were Debbi and Anji.

Debbi was about 5'T, long blonde hair with legs to match and a firm round ass. Anji stood at 5'9" with short chestnut hair and tits that would have given a hard on to a dead man, He worked quickly while sporting a hardon of his own, but remained totally professional Tom's policy was to have an assistant at all sessions, especially if working with females, That didn't mean he didn't want to get his hands on them, he just tried to put business before pleasure, The girls he worked with always appreciated his professionalism, but also were attracted to his rugged good looks and personality.

More than once, after the photographic sessions, models would ask Tom out for a drink and whatever, and usually none were disappointed in the outcome, After photographing Debbi and Anji and then Naomi and Stacey, who were every bit as gorgeous as the first two, Tom had a hardon that he was having trouble hiding, The last two models were Suzy and of course, Kristi He worked quickly with Suzy because first the morning light was beginning to fade and the hot sun would soon be upon them causing unwanted harshness and shadows in the pictures, Secondly, he wanted to finish because he was extremely horny after looking at these gorgeous almost naked women and wanted to get home to Michele, He was saving his daughters photographs for last simply for the reason he could let down his guard because after all, he was photographing his daughter and how much trouble could he get in taking pictures of his own flesh and blood, Unfortunately, Tom hadn't seen Kristi in a two piece bathing suit in a long time, He didn't realize how much she had grown into a woman in the last couple of years, Kristi, and like the other models had been able to choose their bathing suit she wanted to model.

After looking through all of the different styles, she chose a pure white silk top that barely covered her nipples and a bottom that caused her to shave to show some of the hair around her mound, with a thong back, When Tom saw her in the suit, he almost died, At first he didn't realize it was his own daughter and his cock grew at the sight of his absolutely beautiful girl. When he realized it was Kristi he quickly composed himself as best as he could to finish the job he had, Kristi glanced down at the front of her father's tight jeans and smiled when she saw the reaction her father had to her appearance, This is the reaction she wanted, and helped her to convince herself that he would not be as difficult to seduce as she had thought It took Tom a couple of minutes to compose himself and he had to try harder than ever to keep the lovely sight out of his mind, It took another two minutes to realize that he couldn't keep from looking or thinking about the nineteen year old beauty in front of him, She stood there almost naked, body glistening with the oil the art director spread over her already tanned body, Even when he was looking at her, he could have sworn that his daughter was flirting with him, He was cursing himself for even thinking about those things and proceeded to continue with the job at hand Tom took one of his cameras and started photographing the young Kristi in earnest.

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He soon found that she took directions like a pro and knew by looking through his camera that these would be the hottest photographs of the day, After watching her dad, Kristi had a pretty good Idea on how to pose and position herself to show off the suit, and her body, She also knew that all the men watching were almost drooling at how she looked.

She liked the reactions from the guys, especially the involuntary one from her father He photographed her in several poses, and even had her pose lying in the water and let the waves wash over her body. It was so hot a photograph that Tom discovered that he had started to cum in his pants, Kristi noticed it too, and just by looking at that she started to cum herself. When he finished that sequence, Kristi stood up and everyone discovered that the skimpy bikini turns almost transparent when wet.

Tom got a bird's eye view of first her hard dark nipples, and then the slit he decided he would like to devour.


Because she was the last to be photographed, Kristi decided to take a shower in the cabana. Just about everyone else had left by the time she got out and she found her dad sitting in the room feet up and drinking a cold soda.

She came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel that covered almost as little as the bathing suit she modeled. The sight of him startled her a little and in surprise, she dropped the towel, Dad looked up in surprise and gasped at the sight of her father staring hard at her hard firm body, Tom blushed and stammered his apologies as he tried to stand up and leave, Kristi quickly regained her composure and insisted he stay right there and relax, After all he had seen her naked when she was a baby and growing up and besides, he had worked very hard under grueling circumstances and needed to relieve the stress.

I have an idea, she said to dad after she had rewrapped the towel around herself. She walked behind him and started to rub his shoulders and back. Tom sighed in pleasure, giving into the relaxing feelings of her long fingers and the fantastic rubbing of her digital manipulations, He immediately began to relax and forgot all about the feelings he had discovered earlier.

He didn't even give it a thought when she reached around and unbuttoned his shirt, explaining that it would be even nicer rubbing against his skin. Since the session was over, all the other models and staff had left, leaving only Kristi and her dad at the isolated beach house, It had been rented for the week and Kristi knew no one else would be around until the following days scheduled shoot.

She knew it would be now or never to institute her devious plan, She continued massaging his back and innocently suggested that he move over to the bed where she could get to his whole back, Tom didn't think anything of it because she had given him many massages before to help him relax after a long day in the camera room, He moved groggily over to the bed and flopped down on his back. Kristi made her move before he had a chance to roll over. She jumped on top of him, straddling his mid section and started innocently rubbing his manly, muscular chest and arms.

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She reached over to the table and took the bottle of baby oil. The massage was so relaxing that Tom fell asleep within minutes, Kristi noticed while rubbing him down that the bulge in his jeans kept growing. She also noticed that the spot between her legs got wetter and wetter. She was enjoying just sitting there over his hard encased cock and rubbing her ready pussy over the huge lump, but figured it was time for more, she got up and knelt down next to the bed, not wanting to wake up her dad, she gently unbuckled her dad's belt and unbuttoned his jeans Then, with the skill of a safe cracker, she slowly started to pull down the zipper that was holding back the item she longed to touch.

Her breathing sped up and she could feel her pulse race as she came closer and closer to freeing the massive piece at manhood. Finally, the zipper was all the way down and she felt the need to lean over and simply smell the hardened love rod. The aroma was overwhelming and after looking up to make sure he was still asleep, she reached over and licked the prick through his underwear.

She shivered with anticipation as she then reached over and ever so gently pulled down the top of his ever tightening boxers. There it was, finally, the purple colored knob stuck out, leaking like a faucet, steaming like a rocket ready to fire. Not being able to control herself any longer, Kristi reached down and licked the tight skin covering the hard cock. Tom let out a moan as she swirled her tongue ail over the tip of the cock, then working down as far as she could, stopping where the silk boxers were.

At the same time she was working on his cock, she was also stuffing two fingers in her own ready pussy, She knew she wouldn't last long, and wanted to enjoy her father's cum bath before she finished.

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Slowly, like a surgeon, she managed to work the pants down a little farther, allowing her to now get to his entire length and even his huge set of balls, Tom was starting to stir and moan, after all, who could sleep under these circumstances. Kristi didn't care anymore; she had to have this cock.

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She quickly dropped the towel that was just hanging anyway and moved in right between his legs. Lovingly, she leaned down and took the hard prick into her mouth, gobbling an inch at a time, enjoying it like she was sucking a lollipop. She also reached down and felt the soft sac under the pistoning cock.


She could feel the tiny eggs inside contract and expand with each suck, Tom's groaning was growing louder and Kristi knew he would soon be fully awake and probably would be very upset. She knew at this point, she couldn't stop and figured if she was going to get into trouble, she might as well go all the way. Quickly, she moved around so her sopping wet pussy was directly over her victim's face .

She had a plan to take care of his complaints, She hoped it would work, because if it didn't, she also knew that she would probably have to live somewhere else. She didn't have long to wait, because the pleasure was just too much for Tom to bear, at least while asleep. As he opened up his eyes after the relaxing nap, he was greeted with the sight of soft curly blonde pubic hair. A funny thing happens when you wake up to an amazing hot blow job.

You tend not to think about who, just about the amazing pleasure. Without thinking, he simply stuck out his tongue and started returning the oral pleasures he was receiving.

Tom stabbed his tongue into the mysterious sweet smelling pussy and reached out to the pair of firm tits that were bouncing off his chest Taking the very hard nipples, he started to rub both of them in his fingers, it didn't even take thirty seconds for Kristi to flood his face with her cum, She never missed a beat of her sword swallowing and when she screamed in orgasm, she kept the cock all the way in her mouth, Torn had never felt anything like this in his life, with his cock all the way down her throat, the vibrations of her deep throat screaming set him off like a rocket He sent four full shots of cum down her throat and then collapsed under her.

The two of them stayed like that for a full five minutes before either of them had the strength to move. Only after Tom started to come down to Earth did he start to realize that something was not right. Trying to piece together what had just happened, he suddenly thought of where he was, and who the only other person in the room with him had been.

With sudden fear and confusion, he rolled the nineteen year old off him and jumped off the bed like he had just been bitten by a snake, He looked at his daughter lying on the bed like what had just happened was not out of the ordinary, He started yelling and rambling things like "What have I done" and "I just made love to my daughter" when Kristi jumped up and hugged him, telling him it was alright. Her dad was very confused and just hugged her back, telling her that he was sorry and he felt so ashamed, Kristi laughed and said, look at me, does it look like I didn't want what just happened, or what is about to happen, Tom looked at her puzzled as she got back down on her knees and put his now deflated cock in her mouth, Tom sputtered and tried to pull her off him.

But for all his strength he couldn't budge hee girl. Kristi kept the now hardening cock all the way in her mouth, sucking it like it was giving her life, just as it had nineteen years ago, Tom's brain went into overtime, giving in to the fact that his daughter was giving him a second blow job, and that it was even more intense than the first.

Kristi took her mouth of the steaming log just long enough to look up at Tom and say "You want this as much as I do Daddy, I Love you," That was the breaking point for Tom, He gently lifted the sexy, willing young girl up and carried her to the bed. He knew it was wrong, but his brain wasn't allowing him to think anymore about the possible consequences, As he laid her down, Kristi looked back up at him, smiling and said "I need you now Daddy, Please Fuck me." Tom's cock got so hard upon hearing that that it hurt.

It had never been this hard, and he could swear that it even got longer. Kristi reached down and took hold of the hardened piece and guided it into her waiting, steaming pussy. When she first saw the approaching cock, she gasped at the size. She had taken on a large prick before, but it had been a while, thinking back to her experience with Jim the year before.

For the briefest of seconds, she had second thought whether she could accommodate such a beautiful prick, but the lust and need was too great. As soon as her daddy's cock touched the lips of her waiting pussy, she could feel the flow of juices wash over the blood-filled cock head, Both Kristi and Tom lost themselves at that moment and Torn took over like a man possessed, He started sliding in and out of the dripping pussy like a man who hadn't eaten in weeks, Kristi's reactions were to yell in pleasure at the top of her lungs.

As she got her wits about her, she leaned down and started to bite Tom's hardened nipples, Bolts of electricity went through the madman as he lunged into the young girl, slamming his cock all the way into her and feeling his bails slap against her responding ass, "CUM DADDY, CUM IN MY PUSSY" Kristi yelled passionately as Tom kept up the pace a twenty year old would be proud at'. Tom's body glistened in sweat as he looked down at his little girl and told her he wanted her to cum first.

"TOGETHER", she wailed as she felt the first wave of orgasm hit her, Her pussy tightened around his cock like a vise as she dosed her eyes tight and started the most intense cum she had ever felt Torn felt tier cum and his ready prick responded in kind, All of a sudden, with a roar like a hungry bear, Tom let loose With his second major load of sperm in an hour.

Together, their cum juices mixed and seemed to flow unending, Tom's cock started to deflate after the exhausting workout and as they held each other tightly their lips met for a deep loving kiss that said neither one of them was sorry The only thing they didn't count on was the fact that someone had come back to the house . Michele had come out to the cabana to surprise Tom and was just outside the patio doors when she heard the unmistakable sounds of sex.


She tiptoed into the room and hid behind the curtains and watched and listened in shock to everything that occurred. Shocked and dazed, but, totally mesmerized at the remarkable sight, she knew she couldn't let them know she was there, she just stood there getting very horny, afraid to even touch herself for relief for fear of exposing her voyeurism. She snuck back out the door and very hurried to her car where she stuck her hand into her panties and reliving the sights and sounds she had just witnessed, brought herself off in minutes.

After flooding over her own fingers; she had to laugh because something that really turned her on was multiple partners, especially when the third was a female, Tile thought of having Tom and his daughter sent her mind reeling, and her pussy started to spasm making her feel especially nasty, and she couldn't wait until it became a reality. Things around the house for the next couple of days were quiet with Tom throwing himself into his work, trying not to think about the events of the other day.

Kristi, on the other hand, could think of nothing else, and was in a constant state of readiness, All she wanted to do was hug and cuddle with daddy and make love all day and night He made her feel like no other could and knew there would be more for the two of them in the future.

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She was also aware that their special relationship had to remain very quiet, if her mother or anyone else found out about it, Tom would be ruined, and she would have to move out. During this period, Tom tried to hide his feelings, hoping that they could go back to being father and daughter, but realizing that those feelings weren't going to succeed with him or with Kristi.

Just last night, he awoke to the unmistakable feeling of a warm soft body next to him and found Kristi cuddled up tight to him, He turned over and gave tier a kiss on the forehead before sliding out of bed to the bathroom, where he started to jerk off rattler than wake his sleeping princess, In about two minutes, Ile felt the tightening in his nuts that he knew was the prelude to shooting his load all over the bathroom floor, However, it wasn't to be.

As he closed his eyes for the last thirty seconds of his solo sex act, he felt a hand over his and then the warm moist tongue of his little girl. As his cum raced towards the tiny slit on the end of his cock, Kristi removed his hand, saying, "it's mine", and engulfing his entire cock into her warm oral cavern, Seconds later, Tom and Kristi felt the overflowing stream of cock juice race into her mouth, over her tongue., and into her throat When he was finished, Kristi stood up, shaking her finger at him in mock anger, "There's no need for that any more, young man, anytime you feel the need, you come and see me, Is that understood," With that, Tom laughed and grabbed the teenager, holding her tight and whispering to her "I Love You, Baby, Are you sure you want this .

" She hugged him close, looked at him and sighed. "I have never wanted anything else but this, Daddy," After this episode, Torn and Kristi took time and sat to talk about the new twist in their relationship.

After much discussion and several reality checks, they agreed that they shouldn't, but would remain lovers, but will also see other people, Tom certainly didn't want to keep Kristi from having her own life, and knew that someday she would find someone to spend her life with.

Someone her own age and who could provide a comfortable living and children, Tom actually was looking forward to the time when he could play with his grandchildren, Kristi also realized that her dad might find someone else in his age range to share his life with, whether Michele or someone else, and promised him and herself that she wouldn't stop him or get in their way.

After all, she wanted her daddy, and her lover to be as happy as possible. End Chapter 3