Straight amateur with thick cock sucked by hungry guy

Straight amateur with thick cock sucked by hungry guy
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Jocelyn finished reporting a story for the 10 pm News in Duncanville. The camera man had left to return to Fort Worth and the station. Jocelyn is walking to her car in the parking lot, she turns her head to the left looking through the silhouettes of the trees that tower above her. It looks dark and desolate, she is hurrying to her. She still has yet to sense my presence.

I have been keeping an eye on the cars while following her, and I recognize the oncoming lull in traffic due to the slight falter of the lights. I realize this as one of my few chances to take her before she reaches the safety and comfort of her car.

I take the chance, suddenly my muscular arm is around her waist, and the wind is knocked out of her.

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It takes her a few moments to respond and I hear her sharp intake of breath. With a knowing scoff, I lean my tall muscular body down, growling into her ear, letting my lips ghost against the sensitive skin of her lobe.

" Don't you dare." My low voice stops her in her tracks as her breath catches in her throat. With a low chuckle and a grope of her firm ass with my free hand, I say, " Good Jocelyn." She gasps at the feeling of my hands clamped on her soft skin, hurting her through her clothing. With a groan I continue my assault on her ass, forcefully rubbing it and grasping it in my hand. Jocelyn doesn't feel my other hand creeping downwards until it's too late and I'm roughly rubbing her through her clothing.

She whimpers, a sound I heard the first time we were together and have been longing to hear from her again. " You afraid of me, sweet cheeks? Hmm?" I taunt her, slapping her ass hard.

Jocelyn moans, a small noise of defenseless pain, and it excites me further. " Mmm," I croon, delighting at how my ministrations are already affecting her. " You like this?" Again, I slap her ass, harder than before, and her resulting moan is louder.

Jocelyn is embarrassed beyond belief, and her cheeks flush caramel in chagrin. " P-please.let g-go of meJohn?" It comes out as more of a question than a demand. I almost burst out laughing at how pathetic she is being. I expected her to put up more of a struggle, to give her some fighting spirit that I could crush mercilessly. Frankly, I'm shocked. But this will do too. In fact, it will do quite nicely. I let go of her now sore ass and turn my attention to the woods beside us, grabbing her small hands in my monstrous ones dragging her towards the pavilion.

" Now, why would I do something as silly as that?" I half-murmur in a distracted tone. She opens her mouth to reply, to plead with me, but she finds herself shoved against tree bark, legs open and lips stolen in an eager kiss.

I explore her mouth with my tongue while my hands roam over her body once more, this time with an affinity to her small breasts beneath her shirt.

The A cup mounds fit completely beneath my hands; I squeeze them hard and her jaw drops in a silent moan.

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I take the opportunity to deepen the kiss, denying her the air she desperately needs. At last, I relent and part from her swollen lips, letting her gasp for air like a suffocating fish. I smirk nibbling at her bottom lip gently while slowly removing the offensive barriers between me and my goal. It is then that she truly fathoms the severity of the situation.

" No. No! Please, don't touch me there. Oh God, no. No! John." She screams beginning to thrash around in a futile attempt to throw me off of her.

I groan with satisfaction. "Oh yesss," I whisper in her ear, shoving her back against the rough bark of the tree. " There's what I've been waiting for. Gimme more, baby." Jocelyn feels my fingers come in contact with her delicate pussy and again she panics and trys to flee.


In the process she manages to impale herself on my finger. She gasps in shock at the painful sensation. " Fuck! You're so damn wet it's flowing out of you like a river, sweet cheeks. Why is that?" I ask mischievously as I guide my finger in and out of her so slowly. " Hm? Ohhh fuck." My eyes flutter at the sight of the expression on her face: pure terror and tantalizing pleasure.

Jocelyn is unable to say anything to me any longer. Her eyes are squeezed shut and her mouth is slightly ajar, labored breaths escaping from her parted lips.


I take my finger out of her and slowly bringing it to her lips. Her eyes shoot open in horror. " Suck it." Immediately she purses her lips in defiance of the demeaning act. I grab her by the back of her neck pulling her face to mine, keeping my finger at her lips.

She feels the warm liquid and it makes her sick. I said," SUCK IT." When I don't respond, you slap my ass harder with a menacing growl. Like putty being molded at my will, she moans for me again, just like I knew she would.

I stick my finger in her mouth and the sweet taste of her own juices coats her tongue. Her body barely suppresses its gag reflex as I begin guiding my finger as slowly as before.I chuckle. " I bet you taste delicious, huh?" I say as I retreat from her mouth. " But now it's my turn to taste your sweet pussy," I purr as I lightly pinch the shy little bud between her legs.

Her knees buckle, just like I knew they would, and I get down on the ground, pulling her on top of me so that she is straddling me. With a smirk I hoist her up by the waist forcing her to put herself on my face. Tears of humiliation are streaming down her face now when she realizes what I'm about to do. I lick her lips wiping her tears away with my thumbs, looking her straight in the eyes.

I love what I see: complete and utter fear with a sprinkle of defeat. Tentatively, I dart my tongue out at her pussy, and she tightens her muscles throwing her head back in despair. Her whimpers of distress are back and she cannot keep the tears from returning. I gently shush her bringing her head back down so that we're looking each other in the eyes again. I want to see every expression that flits across her face as I lap at her river of juices, the river that I created.

Again, I dart my tongue out. She shuts her eyes and bite down hard on her lip, subconsciously denying me the pleasure of witnessing the extent of her internal war. " No. Open your eyes, baby. I want to watch you. I want to see just how good I'm making you feel," I growl.

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Jocelyn senses my anger returning and she does her best to spare herself from it. Her eyes shoot open but she doesn't look down at me. Instead she looks straight ahead with the best blank stare she can muster. Truth is her body is on fire, screaming for more. A thin layer of sweat is forming on her skin. My tongue is all she can think about as I mercilessly pleasure her. I know exactly how to make her tick and she almost finds herself giving in and begging me for more, but she barely stops herself.

That is, until I deviously begin sucking on her shy, little bud. She loses it.

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She screams. There are shock waves of pleasure rippling through her body, tingling in her fingers and toes.

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Jocelyn can't seem to stop screaming with delight at these sensations. She is so preoccupied that she doesn't notice I've wrestled and pinned her down beneath me. " God damn. I fucking love your voice. You know that? Fuck.

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I need you to scream like that again," I say shamelessly as I unbuckle and unzip my pants. What I get in turn is a different kind of screaming. " No! Please! Don't John! I beg of you! P-please I can't not again." She says the last part quietly, still shaking from the intensity of her previous climax. With a low chuckle, I caress her cheeks, lit up in a blush the color of butterscotch. " I didn't know you are married Jocelyn.

You didn't tell me the first time," I mutter almost to myself. Slowly, my attention travels downward, and I stop at her midsection. I lean down planting the softest of kisses on her stomach, and she shudders against my lips. " Soon," I say, " the fruit of your womb will be plump, ripe with my seed." Before she has a chance to process what has come out of my mouth, my impressive organ is deep within her, slamming against her vaginal walls.

She feels like she is being ripped apart like she did the first time I fucked her. Her screams that rip from her throat barely sound human. I don't care about any of that though. I look down at her with those cold and calculating eyes, my hands gripping her hips tightly, thrusting my length into her and out with frightening strength and speed. She feels the tears I'm causing, and they hurt so much that fresh wave of tears spills down her face.

Animalistically, I lean over and licking them away, then wrap my arms around her body so I can shift my angle of penetration. With each painful thrust she releases a pathetic grunt of discomfort.

I just look down at her and smile. I last a long time, and it is several torturous minutes later that I lean my head over and whisper disturbing obscenities in her ear about how " fucking amazing" my "cunt feels" and how I'm going to " milk all this fucking baby batter" right into myself "like the sweet little temptress" Jocelyn crying now, in utter humiliation. She thinks that is what sends me over the edge.


With exceptionally violent thrusts of my member and a low groan saturated with arousal, a hot liquid is spurting into her at a remarkable speed, and her body seems to lap it up as though she is internally dehydrated. She harmonizes my guttural groan with a shriek of pain when my hot fluids sting her stretched scraped vaginal walls.

Exhausted, she fades out of consciousness, but not before I give her one last ravaging kiss, a smirk of satisfaction on my face.

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The last thing she hears is, " Jocelyn that was great!" Suddenly I get up, flipping her over onto her stomach, I grab her by the waist pulling her up on her knees, spreading her legs wide in front of me. I force my huge cock deep inside her again, pulling her back onto me with each violent thrust.

By now she has forgotten about the pain whimpering uncontrollably. Unaffected, I continue my attack on her pussy, thrusting into her relentlessly harder, deeper, faster.

Her whimpering is low and her mind races wildly. she is flooded with emotion---fear, pain, helplessness, confusion, and pleasure. she thinks, " Why is my body responding to this assault again?" I start demanding questions of her. Her body is defenseless against me, and her mind has now surrendered as well. " What are you?" "i'm a whore." " Whose whore are you?" " Yours." "Tell Me you like it like this, being fucked like a whore." " i like it like this." " Now beg me to keep fucking you, My good little whore." " Please.Please don't stop." she answers between sobs and tears as I continues the assault on her body and mind for what seems like an eternity.

Then suddenly I push her forward, flat on the ground. she feels my hot, thick cum filling her again. I collapse on top of her spent, lifeless body. " Say thank you pet." she can't manage another word. Breathless, she just lays there beneath my weight trembling.

I begins kissing her neck gently, tenderly, my body covers hers, and I whisper to her softly, " Open your eyes, Jocelyn. I will see you again soon."