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Dildo and big rod penetration
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It was after school on another Friday, and I headed to my car. My sister Abby was already there, waiting for me. With her was her new friend Izzy. I'd been giving rides home every day this week so she wouldn't have to ride the bus. They were chatting happily as we got in the car. My eyes met with Izzy's just a moment as we got in. There was still a weirdness between us two. It had been a week since Izzy had discovered the incestuous relationship Abby and I had while she was over at our house.

The shock of it and the fear that she could expose us nearly caused Abby to end her short friendship with Izzy. Desperate to keep the only friend she'd made since she came to our school district, Izzy had exposed to us her own deep secret to try to restore balance.

Sunday had been only the start of what turned into the most angst-ridden week of my 16 years. After dropping Izzy off, Abby and I had gone to bed together in my bed, as we had almost every night since a storm had flooded her room. Still overcome by the embarrassment of the night, we'd gone to sleep for the first time without touching each other, somehow managing not to touch at all on my twin bed.

On Monday, my friends at school had started making fun of me for not ever having a date and always hanging out with my sister before and after school. One of them had even suggested I date Abby. I knew he was just screwing with me and didn't have any idea what was happening, but simply knowing the idea was even in their heads scared me. I knew we'd have to distance ourselves more in public. All the stress had set back our hormones, as well. Lying in the dark in bed Monday night, I had felt relief more than anything when Abby's hand reached over and started feeling my dick.

I'd fingered her and she'd jacked me off as we'd done before, but it seemed a little different than before, with more nervousness and less passion. We came home on Tuesday to find that the contractors had finally arrived to work on Abby's room, and had already replaced the damaged drywall and the broken window.

Once the carpet was put in, the room would be ready for Abby to return. It seemed that our time sharing my room may have been ending soon.

That night, our Mom seemed to sense the discomfort we exhibited and pulled me aside. She had incorrectly surmised that it was because of Abby's lack of privacy, and had told me to give her some space and spend a few nights fighting the dogs for the couch. It seemed that the universe itself was pushing us apart. I spent all day at school on Friday wondering if the end was near with Abby.

We'd have to stay away from each both at school and home. The one time we'd done something this week, it hadn't been the same, and soon Abby would be moving back into her room. With all the tension around us now, it wouldn't take very long for pretending to not want to spend time together became reality. I knew that wasn't what I wanted. My new relationship with Abby was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me.

I wanted to wait until this blew over, and continue with her just as before.

But did she feel the same way? I was afraid to ask. Even knowing now how much she enjoyed, I still didn't want to pressure her into anything, and I knew if she saw how I felt, my shy, sweet sister would have a hard time turning me down.

These thoughts still swirling in my head, I started the car and headed for Izzy's house. The lone good thing this week was that Abby and Izzy's friendship had seemed to come back together. Listening to her talk to Abby, I realized I wasn't the only one worrying. "What are you doing tonight? Did that boy ask you out?" Abby asked. "No.

I don't think he was even interested in me. Everyone here seems to think I'm wierd," Izzy replied. I think she was right. Just from hearing some of my friends talk, people did think there was something off about her. I could see why. Izzy was as shy as Abby, and now I knew that the weight of worry from her 'dark secret' just added to the distance she showed to other people. "That sucks Izzy," Abby said.

"Don't worry, you'll get a date before too long and then everyone will know you're not weird." "I hope so. Are you two up to anything tonight?" Izzy's tone sounded a bit perkier with the last question. "No. Everyone thinks its weird that we spend so much time together. We've had to stop going around together all the time," Abby said.

"Wait a second." Her voice perked up, too. "I just had an idea of how to solve everyone's problem." "What is it?" Izzy asked. "You can date my brother!" I was surprised at the suggestion.

Izzy and I were still awkward around each other. Was this Abby's way of trying to end our fling? "I'm not sure that's a good idea," I said. Izzy seemed similarly surprised.

"Yeah, I don't get it. I don't want to come between you and your brother, Abby." Abby laughed. "You wouldn't date for real, you'd only pretend.

Getting seen together on dates will help both your reputations at school." She looked at me. "And if you're dating my best friend, it'll give us an excuse to all hang out together." It seemed brilliant. Just hearing the excitement in Abby about getting to be with me put me on board. "Its sounds okay with me if its okay with you guys," Izzy said. "Yeah, that makes sense," I said. "Great.

You can have your first date tonight. I know a bunch of people are going to the movies tonight, we can all go there. You two can go in first and make sure you're seen, then I'll follow in a bit later. We can go to a movie none of them would go see and all sit together." Izzy and I agreed. We arrived at Izzy's house. As she got out of the car, Abby said, "Both of you, make sure you dress as you would on a first date." At home we picked out our movie and I got changed, wearing slacks and a dress shirt.

We told Mom about my 'date' and told her Abby was going to see a different movie. She seemed to approve.

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We drove down to Izzy's house to pick her up. She came out looking different that I'd ever seen her. Far from her usual jeans and t-shirt, she was wearing a black dress. It had thin straps and fit snuggly over her large breasts, going down to just above her knees and flaring out at the bottom. "You look very nice," Abby told her as she got in the car. "They're sure to notice you." "Thanks," Izzy said.

We arrived at the Cineplex. "Go on in, and remember to act like you like each other. Hold hands, even," Abby instructed us.


"I'll be in after you in a few minutes." Izzy and I got out and stood next to each other a moment, both feeling awkward. "You look nice," Izzy commented. She looked away from me, her eyes pretty wide and her mouth pinched together. "Thanks," I said in a similar flat tone. We reached our hands out and loosely put them together. It seemed colder than Abby's hand. Feeling strange, we walked inside together. We seemed quite successful at getting seen, and I noticed a number of people from school looking at us and commenting to their friends as we waited in line.

We talked idly a bit and tried to act happy, each of us laughing regularly. We bought concessions and headed into the movie. Walking up the steps, I realized that we were still holding hands. Despite how uncomfortable I'd felt at first, paying attention to everyone else had made me forget about it. I let go and we took some seats at the top of the theatre.

I watched intently for Abby to come in. After a minute, I decided to break the silence. "Thanks for doing this for us, Izzy. I think it'll mean a lot for me and Abby." "I'm glad I could help. I know how hard it is to keep something important to you secret." My mind shot back to the week before, when she'd shown us her secret. Abby and I had watched as she'd taken off her pants, rubbed honey on herself and let my dog Willow lick her to orgasm.

The picture of her pussy blazed briefly in my head, and I became aware of how close by that same pussy was now, up a short dress and under some panties. Feeling her presence so close to me, I felt as uncomfortable as I had all week, and I longed for Abby to show up. After another minute of silence, Abby finally entered and walked up the steps to us.

She sat down between us. "How'd it go?" "Pretty good," I said. "There were a lot of people from school out there who saw us." "Some of the boys were clearly ogling me," Izzy added with a smile. The lights went down and the movie started.

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I reached my hand over and grabbed Abby's squeezing it tightly. Feeling her familiar fingers wrap around my hand calmed me down completely. The world seemed to be on our side again.


The movie was boring. We'd picked a drama that had been out a few weeks, a prestige film where everyone's mostly interested in trying to win an Oscar. We knew that none of the other high-schoolers would be in there, and the theatre was all but empty. The closest other people were six rows in front of us. Half way through the movie, Izzy leaned over Abby.

"Shouldn't you two be making out or something?" Abby giggled a bit. I wrapped my arm around Abby's shoulder and we leaned together and pressed our mouths together. We let our lips gradually melt together, and our tongues wrapped around each other.

She reached over and grabbed my other hand, bringing it to her breast. I cupped and rubbed it through her shirt and bra. She reached down and started rubbing my dick through my pants. Soon my hard-on bulged through, bending uncomfortably, and I shifted a bit automatically. Separating our lips a moment Abby leaned toward my ear. "Your pants are a little tight, don't you think?" She started working at opening my pants.

Having trouble on my belt, I released her tit long enough the reach down and undo it my self. As I unbuttoned and unzipped, I saw her reach behind her back and unclasp her bra, then push the cups up, freeing her tits inside her shirt. I slid my hand up her shirt and found her bare breast, running my fingers around her areola and pinching her nipple as I cupped her in my palm.

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Her hand returned to my crotch. She slipped into the top of my underwear and grabbed my dick, pulled it loose of its prison. My head lay against my shirt on my stomach, and Abby ran her fingers up and down along my shaft, tickling a moment right at the place where my skin connects to the middle of the head.

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As we made out and touched each other, I wondered how much of what we were doing was being noticed by Izzy. After a week of frustration, I wasn't about to stop now because of that, though. All too soon the credits started to roll. Abby put her bra back in place and I somehow forced my dick back into my pants. Izzy stood up about ready to go, but Abby tugged her arm. "I think my brother needs a minute before he's ready to get up," she said, clearly referencing my hard-on.

Izzy looked over at me smiling, then darted her gaze away. I swear I could see her blush, even in the dark theatre. It indeed took a few minutes before I was ready to get up, and we all walked to the car. It was only about 9 and Abby and Izzy wanted to spend time at our house for a while before calling it a night. When we got home, Mom was still up on the couch.

We told her Izzy was staying a while. That was okay as long as we got her home before 11. She pulled me aside and told me the couch would be free for me to sleep on by then.

Frustrated at again not getting to spend the night with Abby, I followed them into my room. Izzy was sitting in the computer chair and Abby was on the bed, talking. I went in and plopped down next to Abby on the bed with my back against the wall.

My plan was to wait out the next hour or so while Abby and Izzy chatted, then we'd take Izzy home. "Did you two enjoy the movie," Izzy asked us. Somewhat embarrassed, I just nodded.

"I know I did," Abby said. Both girls giggled. I picked up a book and tried to ignore them and read. Abby leaned toward Izzy and continued in a quieter voice.

"Can you believe we did that in a movie theatre?" It was clear that Abby was excited to have a friend she could finally talk to about this stuff. I wondered how much Abby had actually told Izzy about what we'd done over the past week. Last Sunday, Abby had described one of our encounters, trying to pretend it was from a video she'd seen online, but clearly Izzy must have realized it was us.

I kept trying to read. "I bet that was pretty cool. Touching him must have been pretty hot," Izzy, said more quietly. So she had seen what we were doing.

How she actually been able to see my dick? How much did she make out? I realized it wasn't that big of a deal.

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On Sunday, she had seen the tent in my pants just a few feet from her at one point, and later on she had watched from the bathroom while Abby and I had groped at each other. She'd of had a much better view of my dick in Abby's hand then. They continued in whispers and giggles a minute, which I tried to not listen too.

"Next time you go to the movies, you should suck on his dick," Izzy squeaked in an excited whisper. I liked the idea, but still said nothing. Their conversation turned a bit, and Abby told Izzy about our past week of inactivity as I slept on the couch.

"That sucks," Izzy said. "Do you have to sleep there again tonight?" I looked up from my book. "Yup." "That's too bad," Izzy said. "You have a bit of time now, though." Abby seemed to agree. She scooted over toward me and started kissing me. I pulled back. "Are you sure we should make out in front of Izzy?" I asked her.

"I don't mind," Izzy interjected. "I know how you must feel, you two need some time together. Just pretend I'm not here." She turned around in the chair and faced the computer.

We couldn't very well send her out to sit with our Mom. I felt a little awkward at the prospect of doing more in front of Izzy, but couldn't bring myself to stop. We started kissing again, as deeply as ever, and I could feel our saliva mixing as our tongues twisted. She rubbed my chest with her hand, and our hormones took over. My hand went again to her breast, and she wasted no time in unbuttoning my shirt. Tossing my shirt away, we wrapped our arms around each other and held each other tightly while sitting on the bed, kissing deeply.

"You didn't really get a chance to enjoy my new outfit last time," Abby whispered to me. She got up and walked to the closet and I moved to sit on the foot of the bed right near the closet door.

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Very aware that Izzy was in the room, I turned toward the head of the bed where she was sitting. She was still facing the computer, back turned to us.


I wasn't sure I could go much further with her in the room. Turning my attention back past the foot of the bed to Abby in the closet, she was stripping under the single light bulb directly over her. Facing away from me, she shed her shirt and bra, then slid down her pants and panties over her ass. She continued pushing them down slowly, bending at the waist as she did, until her pussy poked out between her legs right under her spread butt cheeks. She dug out her lingerie that she'd modeled for me last Sunday.

Seeing her in it before had led to us getting caught by Izzy in the first place. She pulled the corset on over her head, adjusting it to fit, then pulled on the garter belt and the see-through panties. She turned, sitting on the short chest in the back of the closet, and slowly pulled on each stocking, fastening them to the belt.

She posed, turning to show me the back. Walking out of the closet, she was right in front of me at the foot of the bed. She opened and pulled off my pants, leaving me in just my boxer-briefs and undershirt. She climbed up on top of me, straddling me, and our lips and tongues met once again. My hands grabbed at her tits through the stiff corset. I felt her pussy against the length of my dick through the fabric of her thin panties and my underwear.

Abby started slowly but firmly grinding up and down along my dick, until I could feel the moisture from her pussy seeping through. Abby got off me and pushed me back farther onto the bed. She pulled off her corset, and I stared at her tits as she then quickly undid the garter belt and removed it. Next she slid her panties off, showing the red fuzz around her pussy in all its glory. She crawled up the bed to me and pushed me down onto my back.

As I landed, I happened to look up towards Izzy again. She had turned her chair part way around, and her eyes were locked on us. By now, I no longer cared if she saw us. Now wearing only the black stockings that covered her legs from her feet all the way to her thighs, Abby pulled my underwear off. She straddled across my right leg and grabbed my dick in her hand. Stroking me, she lowered herself onto my leg.

Her lightly haired, wet pussy lips were spread wide open and I felt them rubbing up and down my leg. She leaned down and guided my dick into her mouth, wrapping her lips around my head.

She ground harder on my leg and she took my dick deeper into her mouth until her lips were half way down my length. Pulling off my dick, she slid up my leg and then straddled across my waist, dangling her tits over my chin. I cupped them in my hands, then stretched my head up, licking and sucking on each nipple in turn. Abby lowered her hips, pressing my dick against my stomach with her pussy, the fullness of its lips wrapping partly around the length of my shaft.

It was the first time I'm felt her pussy on my dick, and its warmth and wetness almost made me cum into my own belly button right then. I tried to focus my attention on sucking her tits. She began grinding again, pressing her clit into my shaft. Her pace quickly increased, her breathing matching, and she soon came. She pressed her clit harder onto my shaft and dropped her body on top of me, wrapping her hands under my armpits and grabbing my shoulders, holding me tightly.

With each spasm she thrust her hips into me and held a moment before repeating. She released her death grip on my body and sat up on me, kicking her legs out in front of her and worming her feet under my shoulders. Her pussy was open in front of me, the bottom of her lips still resting on the bottom of my shaft. Leaning back on one hand, she reached with the other and lifted the head of my dick off my stomach.

She stroked and brought it up closer to her pussy, and grabbing each of her thighs, I raised myself into a sitting position with her on top of me. She scooted back just a bit and pulled my dick to her, rubbing my head on her pussy. She rubbed me along the outside of each lip, as if my dick were her toy. My head was wet with pre-cum and her juices, and highly sensitive. I felt the red fuzz on her pussy acutely.

Abby slid the very tip of my dick between her pussy lips, and started rubbing it up and down along the length of her pussy. It took all my willpower not to grab my sister by the hips and thrust myself into her right then. she started stroking my faster, bringing my dick up a bit higher and rubbed the end against her clit.

We were both breathing hard and Abby let out a soft "Mmmmmmm". Her moan put me over the top. My dick jerked fiercely in her firm grip, shooting the first spurts onto her stomach. I savored each pulse I made in her hand, the rest of my cum squirting out in great gobs on her red bush.

Even after I'd stopped cumming, she held my dick firmly against her clit. Finally letting go of me, she moved her hand onto her bush and rubbed my cum into her hair, her eyes closed.

Totally spent, my awareness and sense of shame returned. I put my hand on my dick, trying to cover it. I glanced over at the computer chair where Izzy sat.

She had been just a few feet away from me the whole time, if I had wanted I could have reached my arm out and touched her leg. Her proximity embarrassed me. Then I saw what she was doing. She had turned her chair part way around, turning her head to see the action. The rest of her was facing my eyes.

She had slid down in the chair to the edge with her legs spread apart. Her hand was up her dress rubbing herself. With a straight view up her dress, I could just see her pussy covered in short black hair under her fingers. Abby dismounted me and went back into the closet.

I got up and went to collect my clothes, trying to not look at Izzy and ignore the fact that she was probably watching my butt. I ducked into the bathroom to get dressed and lingered there, not really wanting to go back in with them.

After a minute, I heard them giggling and whispering again. Despite my embarrassment, I found I was happy for Abby that she'd found a friend she could be close to.

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