Footjob By A Teen Ex Gilfriend Close Up

Footjob By A Teen Ex Gilfriend Close Up
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My mom's name is Helen and she wears the pants in our family. She's 56 years old, pretty tall at 5 ft. 8 inches, pleasingly plump but trying to lose weight by jogging every evening. She has nice big boobs and a really nice big round ass. Overall she's very sexy with long brown hair she wears in a ponytail, and round granny glasses that make her look oh so innocent. Oh yeah, mom seldom wears panties so I don't think she ever shaves anywhere. My dads name is Bob and he's a "yes dear" kind of guy.

He's not real big and has long hair that he wears in a ponytail like mom and he's kind of feminine. He does what he's told and seems to like being dominated. My name is Lee and I think I'm gay even though I act masculine.

My parents wouldn't understand, since their so old. Mom had me by "accident" when she was 40. She says my dad had a vasectomy but it, "must not of worked".

Me and my dad look nothing alike and have totally different personalities. I'm outgoing, assertive, confident and rebellious. I've also seen my dads cock and it isn't nearly as big as mine. I love him dearly but I don't think he's my biological father. My best friend Daryll is black and were both kind of "nerdy". He doesn't know I'm gay and in love with him even though I take classes just to be around him.

I love gym class because I get to see him naked. He's 5 ft 9 inches tall, well built with short hair and a very dark brown complexion. When we shower after gym, I try to avoid staring but I love sneaking peeks at his big cock and balls. I've never seen it hard but its very fat and 6 or 7 inches long, even soft so I'm guessing it gets really big like his hairy balls.

Its weird but the only other person I'm attracted to "sexually" is my mom and she's the reason I'm so horny all the time. She's caught me jacking off in her underwear a few times and she just stares at my cock while she bitch's about me using her underwear. Now to the important stuff. Last week, Daryll came over and showed me an old news paper clipping that said a rich, gay lawyer in our town had opened a park on his property for gay people or any open minded people to meet and hang out.

Daryll knew where it was so we decided we would go check it out on Saturday. I was looking forward to anything sexual with Daryll so when Saturday finally came, we walked to a wooded area in a farming community near where we lived. There, we walked down a dirt road for about a half a mile to a big parking lot with a few cars in it. A little further down the road, we began noticing people (mostly men) walking around in the woods.

Some were talking, others were kissing and touching and a few were having sex, right out in the open. Finally we came to an area where there were picnic tables and a long building with restrooms. All around, people were kissing and fondling each other in all states of undress, even on the picnic tables.

We decided to hit the men's restroom first. It was pretty deserted so we both took a leak and then Daryll pointed to an open window above the last stall. We looked inside and then Daryll climbed onto the commode and looked out the window. Someone came in the restroom so I stepped in behind Daryll and shut the stall door.

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He motioned for me to climb up beside him and I did. We had a view of the entire picnic area where most of the sexual activity seemed to be centered. Daryll pointed out a young white guy, sucking an older black mans enormous cock. Daryll said "look how big his cock is" and then he said what I wanted to hear "damn I wish he was sucking my cock". There wasn't room for both of us to stand on the commode so I got down and said "we can take turns". At my level, I could see Daryll's cock was getting hard as he rubbed it through his pants.

I wanted to rub it for him but I was too scared. He looked down at me and I think he saw me staring at the bulge in his pants.

I heard him say "I think guys suck cock better than girls anyway" as he slid his shorts down, letting his big cock spring into action. Again I was staring at his big throbbing cock as he stroked it. I noticed his cock and balls were a darker brown than he was and his cockhead was fat and long and leaking pre-cum. Hard, his cock was at least 9 inches long and as fat as a water bottle.

His balls were huge and wrinkly and bounced up and down as he jacked off. He looked down and caught me staring again but this time he said "rub my balls for me, Lee". Again I was scared, and when I looked up at him, he mouthed the words "please, Lee". Trying to be cool and not come off as totally gay I said "I ain't gay".

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I was probably drooling when Daryll said "I think you are" as he pulled my head toward his big wonderful cock. Just his hands on my head, killed my resistance so I grabbed him by the butt cheeks and pulled my first big cock as deep as I could get it, into my mouth.

He turned to me and with his hands still on my head, began fucking my willing face. His leaking cum tasted salty and his cock was heavy and hot.


Thrust by thrust his big cock was going deeper and deeper until I felt it starting to bend down my throat. I gagged a little, so he slowed his fucking and massaged my throat, he said "breath through your nose when I pull it out". I did what he told me and soon his pubic hair was banging into my nose. My mouth was stretched as wide as it would go and the friction was intoxicating.

As Daryll massaged my throat, I found that I could swallow as if I was trying to swallow his whole cock and it seemed to give me more air and it made him moan as it milked his hot cock. Suddenly, Daryll began to fuck my mouth roughly as he muttered obscenities.

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As he fucked my mouth he said "suck that big black cock, faggot, I know you've wanted to suck it for a long time, oh yeah, that's real good, suck it, oh yeah, your gonna make me cum in your nasty cock sucking mouth, oh yeah, get ready, oh God, here it cums, oh God suck it Lee, swallow my cum baby, take it all". And then he just grunted as his big full balls churned out ounces of cum, over and over into my hungry mouth and throat.

When it was over, he just held my head with one hand as he milked his cock into my mouth with the other. He seemed embarrassed as he climbed down from the toilet and couldn't make eye contact with me. He said "I gotta go" as he pulled his shorts up and almost ran for the door.

I felt disappointed that he left like that but I also felt horny and my big cock was hard as a rock. I pulled my shorts down and sat on the toilet. I began to stroke my own cock when I heard somebody go into the next stall.


I didn't want to get caught so i stopped what I was doing and waited. As I looked at the wall between us, I noticed a pretty big hold that had been cut out.

I could see movement so I got bold and peeked through the hole. I saw an older chubby man standing and stroking his cock toward the hole.

As I watched, his big cock got closer until it came through the hole. He also managed to get his big balls through the hole.

I was already horny so I began to stroke his hot cock and rub his big balls. He then whispered "lick my balls" so I did and was able to get one in my mouth.

His big cock was dripping cum and I didn't want to waste it so I put my mouth on it and began to suck it like I did Daryll's. He was moaning loudly and his cock suddenly began spurting, thick, hot cum everywhere. It jumped out of my mouth and squirted two big strands on my face before I could get the big pulsing thing back in my mouth.

When he was finished, his dick disappeared from the hole and he was gone. Within minutes another man was feeding me his big cock and hot cum through the hole. I sucked six big hard cocks, some white, some black and I think the biggest of all was hispanic and man did he ever cum a big load.

Things calmed down and I began to jack off again until a huge, dark brown, cum drooling, horsecock, came through the hole. I began to jack him off but I heard him say "no hands, suck it" so I did. His cock had to be 10 1/2 or 11 inches long and as fat as a roll of sausage. I sucked as much as I could into my mouth but that was only the first five inches.

His big cock was salty and hard but the skin was soft and flexable. I sucked it until my mouth and throat hurt and when I tried to rest, it was gone. The next thing I know he came into my stall and guided my mouth back onto it.

He was an older big muscular black man with huge balls that matched his huge cock. While I sucked him and tried to get more in my mouth, I began to rub his humungus balls. He moaned "oh yeah, just like that" and he began to squat, pulling my head down with him.

As we got lower, my neck had to bend backward, giving him a straight shot at my throat. Then, suddenly and violently he "took my throat". He would force his big cock down my throat three or four times and then pull out so I could breath. He was talking to me, the whole time he was raping my mouth.

I remember hearing him say, "I gotta shoot some cum so I can fuck the shit outta this white lady that comes here". After saying that, his big cock began jerking in my mouth and then about every 3 seconds it would choke me with scalding hot, thick cum that squirted to the back of my throat and just slid slowly down into my stomach. I loved his big cock and balls even though I'd only had them for about 5 minutes.

When he quit cumming, he pulled his cock out and left. I sucked four or five more guys after that but none could compare in any way to him. I finally jacked off and was getting ready to go home. When I walked out of the restroom door, I saw my mom, in her jogging clothes, running toward me. She was quite a ways from me and looking at an older, hung man that was jacking off on the tailgate of his truck.

I didn't think she saw me so I ducked back into the men's room and went to the end stall to see what she was doing. When I looked out the window, my mom was talking to the older man as he jacked his big hard cock right in front of her. I wondered if she was bitching at him for doing that until she reached out and took a hold of it. Mom began stroking it for him and as she did, another older man walked up behind her and began rubbing her ass. Mom looked back and smiled at him as he pulled her jogging pants down to her ankles.

He dropped to his knees behind her and began licking her ass and pussy just as she started sucking the big cock in front of her. I couldn't believe my eyes when the older man behind her, stood and dropped his pants, revealing a hard, fat, 9 inch cock. He began rubbing it up and down her slit and then without warning, he buried it "balls deep" in her pussy and began to fuck the shit out of my loving, old, sweet mother.

She was humping back, matching him, stroke for stroke as she continued to deep throat the man on the tailgate. Other men were gathered around, watching as they jacked themselves off. I had never seen my mom like this, even with my dad. She was the only woman there and she was being the submissive cumslut for all of them.

The guy behind my mom was really plowing her old pussy as her head bobbed up and down on the cock she was sucking. They were to far away for me to see everything but I could tell the guy fucking her was about to cum, just by the way he was brutally fucking her. Then he grabbed her ponytail and pulled her backward until she was completely impaled on his big, fat, spurting cock. Mom was wiggleing her nice ass, trying to get more of his big cock and cum in her. When he was done, he pulled his cock out and wiped it on her ass cheeks and then left.

After seeing that, the guy she was sucking, stood up and pushed her to her knees. He pulled his big cock from her mouth and as she looked up at him, his cock began to jerk violently and his big balls erupted all over her face. As he pumped his cum, my mom was rubbing his balls and using his cock to smear it all over her face, finishing it off back in her mouth.

I was thinking "God what a slut my sweet mom is" as I pulled my own big cock out to jack off to her slutiness. After that, the guy with the truck left and some of the other men, guided her over to a picnic table right under the window I was looking from. I was now peeking at them so my mom wouldn't see me. They were literally 6 feet below me. A big older man laid back on top of the table with his huge cock swinging in the air and it didn't take long before my mom had it going down her greedy throat.

Another big dicked older guy, took his place behind her and buried his massive tool in her sloppy old pussy and began fucking her like a stud horse. Mom in turn, began bucking backwards like a mare in heat.

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I could hear my mom grunt every time the guy fucking her, rammed his big cock, deep in her cunt. It didn't take long until he moaned "oh God, I'm gonna fill you with hot cum, slut . do you want it bitch" and my mom began nodding yes, even with the other big dick, still in her mouth. My cock sprayed cum all over the stall as his big cock filled my mom's pussy with even more, hot, sticky, thick cum. I could hear and see the cum spraying back and coating the mans pubic and balls.

After he left, several guys, old and young, black and white all added their own cum to her pussy or mouth or sprayed liberally over her big ass and body. Things kind of slowed down and my mom laid back, open legged on top of the table. Guys were looking at her and jacking off and when it was time for them to empty their balls, they would shoot their big hot loads on her hairy pussy or her beautiful cummy face but mostly her big boobs.

She was a total "hot mess", with cum dripping from every inch of her body. I loved the way she looked, her whole lower belly was covered with thick, curly, cum drenched brown pubic hair.

Her old pussy lips were soft and hung like big wrinkley ear lobes and the hole to her womb was very red and gaped wide open, oozing fresh white cum down the crack of her hairy ass. I had leaned to far forward and I think my mom saw me but she didn't have time to react.

The big black man, I'd sucked off earlier was back to fuck the shit out of this white lady he'd talked about. As he stood between her legs rubbing that 11 inch, fat cock up and down her hairy old wet slit, my mom looked down at the cock getting ready to split her open. She groaned "oh my God, that damn things way to big, God that'll kill me". She never got a chance to finish before he forced about half of it in her. She screamed "oh my God, it hurts . please pull it out, I can't take it".

When he pulled it out, she said "thank you, its just to big I", but before she could finish, he buried it all the way in and just held it there.

Mom was moaning loudly with a lusty, painful expression on he face. The big man said "in a minute or two, your gonna be wantin more of it" and then he began slowly fucking her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, trying to control his thrusting to no avail. Mom's legs were wide open and she would grunt when he thrust in and moan when he pulled out.

You could hear squishy sounds of suction and spraying sounds of thrusting as he increased the pace. When I looked at my moms face, she was crying with a sad but pleasured expression and then she began to fuck him back. Soon they were kissing and tongueing and fucking like two animals, banging their pelvis's together in unison.

Mom was moaning "Oh God" over and over and the big black man was just grunting as he masterfully fucked my innocent, sweet old mother. Mom was looking the man in the eyes when he said "I'm gonna cum in you now, I hope it makes you pregnant with my black child .

do you want that too . tell me slut . tell me" and my mom whaled "Oh God yes pump that black cum in me and make me pregnant, fill me up, I'm yours". As he rammed her one final time, my mom grabbed his butt cheeks and pulled him as deep as he could get and then began to jerk on his big cumming cock.

I saw my moms eyes roll back in their sockets, just before she passed out. I ran outside and told him to get off of my mom and that I didn't want her to have his basturd kid. He pulled his big cock slowly out and said "I'll quit fuckin your mommy if you lick my cock nice and clean".

The next thing I knew, I was on my knees, licking and sucking his big messy cock and balls. When I was done, he said "now turn around and lick your momma's pussy clean to, so she don't get pregnant".

All the guy's standing there were muttering things about her being my mother and how she comes there and fucks everybody regularly and how hot it was seeing a mother and son, having sex. I turned toward my mom and her legs were still wide open and she was still passed out. Her pussy looked so inviting, wide open, hairy, covered with and oozing fresh cum and I thought to myself, "I'll never get this chance again" so I began licking her sloppy hole and it tasted good and I was getting big mouthfuls of mens cum.

I licked her pubic hair, her belly, her ass and tits and then her face. My belly was full and I was thinking about going back in and jacking off one more time when the old guy said "go ahead boy and fuck her, you know you want to". My cock was hard and I was standing between her legs and looking at the hairy pussy that I'd always fantasized about fucking. The old man again said "do it" so I just slid my cock right up in my own moms hot, hairy, old pussy and man was it good.

I only fucked her for about a minute before she woke up and saw it was me. She tried to get loose but I wouldn't let her, so she began screaming about incest and this is so wrong and its against the law and sons shouldn't want to fuck their moms and I was a pervert for doing this to her but at the same time, she was humping back at me.

That made me so horny that I knew I was going to cum so I said "I'm gonna cum in you mom and I hope I make you pregnant . would you like that . well, would you, slut". She looked confused but her hands were already on my butt cheeks pulling me deeper into her pussy as she moaned "Oh God, what the fuck . fuck me baby . fuck momma and make your momma pregnant baby . come on honey . pump that hot, young cum deep in your mommies pussy baby" as she closed her eyes and began to jerk in her own orgasm.

And cum I did, and oh how I did, I'd never cum so hard in my life and I came so much, it was pushing out around my buried cock and I couldn't quit cumming. When it was over, mom had passed out again. After watching a son fuck his mom, there were renewed hardons and several guys had seconds with both of us. When almost everybody was gone, mom said "lets get home, your dad likes to lick mommies used pussy too and who knows, he's also bisexual ".

It was getting dark as we walked home so nobody noticed the cum in our hair not to mention the crotch of mom's jogging pants. As we walked home, I felt like I could talk to her so I told her about sucking Daryll's big dick and him running away and she said "if he let you do it, he probably just needs time to think about it.

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I said, "I like sucking him almost as much as I like fucking my nasty old mom" and we both laughed Mom said "you know, I've never seen this forceful side of you, I kind of like it, I wish your dad was more like you".

When we got home, Daryll was sitting on our porch, waiting for me. Mom said "I'll let you boy's talk" and went inside. I sat down by Daryll and asked "are we ok", and he said "yeah man, but I need to talk to you in private". I said "nobody can hear us out here" and he said "Ok, I'm sorry I ran out on you today and I really did like the way you sucked my dick, its just uh I uh I think I'm bisexual and I don't want to admit it, so I ran, I'm sorry".

I said "that's alright, I'm just glad your not mad at me for doing it" and by the way, I found out today, that I'm bisexual too". Daryll looked at me strangely and asked "what do you mean".

I said "after you left, my mom uh I mean this older lady came to the park and was fucking everybody, including me". I asked him if he wanted to stay for dinner and he said "yeah if you suck my dick for desert" and I just said "hell yeah" and we went inside.

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When we walked into the kitchen, my mom and dad were sitting at the table naked with him on the floor between her legs, eating her pussy. I yelled "what the hell are you guy's doing". That made my dad jump and he looked freaked out, and then he looked confused. Mom told him to "get back down there and keep eating". Her back was to us so she didn't know Daryll was with me.

Then she said "your pervert son raped me with his big cock today and I liked it so don't worry about doing things in front of him anymore". I cleared my throat in such a way as to get her attention.

When she turned around and saw Daryll, she said "I'm sorry Daryll, I didn't know you were staying". She said "dinners ready, so just help yourselve's while I feed my husband".

We got some food and I told Daryll we could eat in my room but he said "no this is fine" as he sat across from my mom. As I sat down next to him, it was obvious that he was staring at my mom's big boobs, so it caught him off guard when she said "my son says you've got a really nice big cock that he likes to suck".

Daryll didn't know what to say so he just looked down and started eating. Mom wouldn't let it go, so she said "I guess we both like big black cocks". After that one, mom layed back in her chair and enjoyed my dads licking. Soon she was fondling her own boobs and moaning right in front of us. Daryll looked at me and then he looked down at his crotch, as my eyes followed his, I saw him stroking his big, beautiful, exposed cock, right there at the table across from my mom.

We made eye contact again and smiled about our little secret. Mom saw us and looked under the table, where I'm sure she saw Daryll's big hard cock. Mom's hands went under the table and I guess she was pointing it out to my dad. The next thing I heard was Daryll exclaim "Oh my God that feels good" and when I looked down again, my dad was sucking Daryll's cock and looking up at me. I heard my mom whisper "let momma suck your big cock, Lee".

I was hard and ready so I stripped and hurried to her as she turned her chair to get full access to it. Mom took my cock completely into her mouth as her and Daryll stared at each other. She was slowly, sensuously sucking me as she looked at Daryll. Mom told my dad to go get 2 of his Viagra pills and some lube. When he left, my mom motioned for Daryll to come and stand by me.

When he did, my mom laid her false teeth on the table and began taking turns, sucking our hard cocks. When my dad came back, he knelt down in the floor and gave mom the pills.

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Mom handed us each a pill and said "I think you'll like these, I know I sure will". Mom told dad "suck your son's big cock while I take care of Daryll's".

Dad crawled over to me and asked, "can I suck your big cock son" and I don't know why but I cruelly told him "as long as you do a good job".


Dad had taken his false teeth out too so when he sucked my hard cock into his mouth, I thought "God, I'm glad my parents are old". His mouth was hot and slippery and he really knew how to suck a mans cock.

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Mom was doing the same for Daryll who had a look on his face like he'd won the lottery. After a few minutes of that, my mom moaned "fuck me Daryll, give momma that big black dick of yours" as she laid down with her legs spread wide. Daryll said "God I love old white women with hairy pussies" as he knelt between her legs and pushed them back over her head and began licking her old' hairy pussy. My mom was moaning and pulling his face into her big wet slit.

In minutes, they were fucking like animals. My dad stopped sucking me and said "please fuck me Lee, I like it as much as your mom does" then he handed me the lube and turned his nice, shaved, round ass to me. I'd never fuck a guy before, let alone my own dad but I lubed my big cock and then his ass. I finger fucked him for a while and he loved it. I put my cock head against his asshole and pushed, it slid about half way in.

Dad was groaning as he said "go slow son, daddy ain't had one that big in a long time". I grabbed him by the hips like you would a woman and then and I don't know why, I just rammed my big cock completely in and started fucking my dad like he was a two bit whore. He grunted loudly for a while and then he started fucking me back. I could feel the Viagra working, my cock had never been that big or that hard and my mom and dad were paying the price for it.

Mom and Daryll were kissing and tongueing each other and both were covered in sweat. Dad was first, he moaned "oh God I'm cumming son, keep fucking me, oh God . oh God . oooooh Godddddddd". I'd reached around to jack his cock for him but he coated my hand with cum before I could get it on his cock. When I did though, it was hot and rock hard and I could feel it jerk upward every time his balls pumped more cum. As his orgasm was dying down, mine was just beginning.

I began banging his ass like crazy until my cock started shooting cum deep in my dads hot ass. I don't think I've ever cum that hard except when I fucked my mom earlier that day. I guess all good things must end and my cock had stopped cumming but it still felt hard so I remained there with it buried in my dads ass. We both watched Daryll's big cock, slam into my moms poor old pussy and then pull almost out before going in again.

They were breathing like race horse's as they hurried to the finish line and then it happened. They both began to grunt as Daryll buried his big black cock in my slutty old mom's sloppy pussy.

When he did, they both started jerking as his big cock filled her with his hot cum. They moaned as if they were in pain as the cum drained from both of them. When it was over, we all disengaged and my dad crawled over to my mom and began licking her cummy, abused old pussy. Daryll shook his big cock at me and said "its still hard" so I crawled over to him and began licking his big cock and balls clean.

Long story short, me and Daryll fucked my mom an dad continously for 6 hours until they couldn't fuck any more. Now days we all frequent the park and some of mine and Daryll's friends help us fuck my parents. Moral of this story is, if you want your kids to listen to you. You have to start fucking them.