Mi esposa me complase con un video

Mi esposa me complase con un video
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s I waseight teen years and eight months old when My dad finally allowed me to go on the five day trip to the Big Smokey Mountains with four other girls on a sorta long holiday weekend. "OK Jamie girl, you can go, but I'm trusting you to be on your best behavior, I mean it." I make all the usual promises, everything under the sun including my first born.

My Dad's not a worrier, he just hates to let go, that's all. But really, I'm 18 almost 19 for goodness sakes, I'm quite old enough to take care of myself. But then again, he did said yes, didn't he! We have a great cabin that one of the dad's rented for us. We really spend more time in Gatlinburg in the evening than on the trails--which isn't my thing at all. But by the third day all the girls are pooped, tired out from trails and walking the strip in downtown Gatlinburg every night.

I'm ready to tackle the Tall Timber Trail, Difficult rating "B", what ever that is. I don't think it's anything much, but the other girls just want to go back to the cabin and lay around, be lazy, talk and drink beer. "Relax, chill out Jamie, have a beer" "But this is beautiful country, the trees, the birds and little critters, the smell of the woods, I just loved it to death, you know?" I tell them "I don't want to spend a perfectly good day sitting around lieing about old boy friends and clothes and where you want to go to college", God it makes you sick, and if it doesn't, all that beer will.

Why don't they get off their fat ass and get out in the great outdoors and enjoy life---Good Grief! I'm certainly not going to waste my time in this smelly cabin, I'm going to go out there and see the mountains!

It's 10 a.m. for goodness sake, and nothings on the schedule for these lazy guys! WelI, I don't care what everybody else does, today I'm going to take the trails.

I stick a half dozen nutria bars, two apples, a bottle of water and some beef jerky in my backpack, and a hooded sweat, along with a flashlight---I might not get back till midnight, who knows?

I enjoy myself, alone out on the trail, I feel alive, maybe I'm only 18, but what I lack in physical development, I make up for in emotional maturity. Maybe that's why I left, I'm the youngest of the five of us and all the other girls "are so much more mature" just because their boobs are larger.

Big fucking deal! Hey--I'm working on it, OK? One Sunday, when dad and I were both home, I'd just jumped out of my morning shower, and was drying off, when my dad came in the bathroom to shave--We only have the one bathroom. I don't remember what we were talking about, but I asked him, "Dad my breasts are stunted, they just look like they did a year ago! " "Look, they are the same size exactly!." He took a towel and patted my breasts dry, then studied them for a moment, He held one in each hand that stepped back at arms length and studied them.

"Nope, Darlin," "They are just perfect for your development and age." "Give them time, they won't disappoint you!" "Honey, you know I don't bullshit you." " Maybe you're not meant to have big breasts." "Small is nice too, you know." "When your 60, they won't hang down to your bellybutton" he said with a smirk. "I know" I said, "It's just." "Well Darlin, you'll know soon enough, cause a girls brreast development is full and done by age eighteen." "Yeah, they are sort of small now, but their going to fill out and become rounded before you know it, don't you worry.

Sweetheart." Then he smacked my butt and told me to get some clothes on. Well maybe he's right, and maybe I am too concerned about my boobs, but it'd sure be nice to have nice round breasts though. No matter when I bring up the subject, about why don't I have larger breasts like all the other girls my age, he always says the same old thing: "Jamie, some girls develop faster than others, some bigger than others.

it's all in your genes." "Your breasts will fill out soon and you will be a beautiful woman." "Shit!" I almost stumble on a root, and fall on my ass. Too much deep thought and not enough attention to the trail. My Dad would say; "Typical girl!" Like every other girl in the entire world, I grumble to myself. I came to a neat little shaded alcove, complete with a little wood bench. I decide I need a break, just to watch the beauty of nature, since I can't see it when I'm walking--without falling flat, and besides it was tiring walking up hill.

I shrug off my pack and plop down. I open a bottle of water and like the guys would say, take a big fucking swig, As I screw down the cap on the bottle a fellow and a girl turn in and both stop dead in front of me. "Hi Bright eyes" says the girl in a sparkling voice. "Can we share your bench?" "Sure, I can use someone to talk to." I reply with a warm smile. I schoch over to make room. They sit themselves down next to me and introduce themselves as Chris and Kelly.

Wondering why I didn't go first, I tell them I'm Jamie. Kelly says "Well Hi there Jamie, you're a real cutie pie!" I blush and mumble a "Thanks." I think: Only she could have said that and successfully make it sound like a complement. Just then I look over at Chris, and he quite takes my breath away. He is one of the sexiest guys I have ever seen in my whole God damn life, I kid you not! He's one of those guys that just radiate some sort of sensual or sexual charisma that makes your panties moist, you know what I mean?

He's not muscle bound, or real tall, he just has a healthy glow. He has a way of looking at you that makes you feel like he can see you naked. Even Kelly has a youthful beauty about her that just makes you love her at first sight. It's just that she is so darned 'bubbly'. They couldn't wait to tell me what was a big secret, of course, but they are on their honeymoon, having just been married on Saturday.

"Wow" I say, thinking, yesterday was Saturday! Delighted, I almost tell them "That means you&hellip.I mean&hellip." My face must have turned bright red. "I'm Sorry" I start to say, Kelly interrupts me, yipping. "You can go ahead and say it Jamie, last night I got my brains fucked out!" Kelly starts with an "IIIIEEEEEEE" and is bouncing up and down on the bench in happiness. We all three just break into giggles, then laughter. They are just as happy a couple as can be. We sit there kidding around.

"Jamie is a very beautiful young girl, isn't she?" Kelly comments to her new husband. "Your right about that, Kelly, she certainly is, she's the 'I want to grab you and kiss you' type." he replies. I was startled somewhat, I knew they were flirting with me, but I didn't know why. Of course, It was true I wasn't wearing a bra, and looking down, I realized that my nipples were erect and sticking out very plainly against my white cotton T-shirt. I wanted to say something very grown up and witty, so I come out with " Kelly looks like a true virgin princess, Chris, I hope you're man enough to handle her." Immediately I blushed at what I had said.

Jamie you dork, I say to myself. Chris laughs. "Your right Jamie, Kelly was a virgin, but I took care of that last night, didn't I Honey?" "Damn straight you did, Lover" said Kelly with a grin.

She looks over at me with that cute smile of hers, and puts her hand on my arm---it feels, well it feels great, warm, warm and strong, just her touching me. "Jamie, Our cabin's right up the next fork in the trail, why don't you come up and have a drink of campaign with us, help us celebrate, will you?" With her looking at me I am just befuddled, she is just so happy, I'm flattered that they have asked me.

I feel stupid cause I didn't say anything, My mind is just……blank! So I just grin like a goofus and nod an OK. We all get up, I shoulder my pack and we set out for their cabin. Up the trail five or six minutes, then at a blue post we follow a faint trail to the right, a winding trail up a grade, and finally a clearing on a bluff, with a beautiful cabin--a huge bungalow really, with a panoramic view of the valley.

Kelly said It was their honeymoon chalet --one of those "Honeymoon specials " We go in, and of course I tell Kelly the first thing I want to see is the bedroom.

There it is, a huge, gigantic round bed with dark blue satin sheets. God it's beautiful. They have a full kitchen, a giant TV, and out on the back deck, is a bubbling Hot Tub! This's the way to live!

Chris broke out a bottle of bubbly, and pours us each a glass. On mine, after the bubbles settled, it was only half full!

I wonder if they know I am only 15? We set on some overstuffed love seats, just talking for over a hour, Suddenly Kelly pops up out of her chair, scaring the bejabbers out of me. "Boy. I can't wait to get this top off." Then glancing at me, and grinning. "Jamie, do you mind if I get rid of the T-shirt?" What can I do, I smile and say "Fine with me Kel, just make yourself at home." She laughs and strips off the shirt.

I'm a little embarrassed, and a little flattered that she shares this with me. I'm surprised to see that Kelly has rather small breasts. They are the campaign glass type, small and rounded, but not large at all, maybe not even a B cup. They're not much bigger than mine---Golly!. "What" says Kelly, as I stare at her boobs. I stammer "I was just surprised that your breasts look a lot like mine." She laughs "Then we have the best, don't we?" "Well try it Jamie, you'll like it, Go ahead, off with the damn thing!" I figured, "What the hell", I stand up and in one smooth nothing, my top is in my hand.

Kelly jumps up and takes a step towards me. "Lordly, you are simply exquisite, Jamie!" "You must be very proud of those breasts, young lady" She reaches out. "May I" she looks at me with a puppy dog look. I just nod my head, grinning. With a big smile lighting up her face, Kelly takes another step--right up in front of me, just inches away. Rather tenderly she touches both my breasts with her hands, strokes them, like they are small baby animals.

She gently rolls my nipples back and forth between her fingers. This is getting pretty heavy stuff now for me, my panties are wet now, and her hands are definitely the hands of a lover, I can tell. God, her fingers feel so good, I'm getting horney! Kel's fingers playing over my boobs feels so, just lovely. I take a deep breath, just let my head fall back, with my eyes closed, breathing through my mouth, and as I lick my lips, Kelly softly kisses me.

I feel her tongue slide in. This is a next step for me, and It's,--- God, it's exciting--I can't believe it. But I think; Hey Guys, I'm only 18 years old for Christ sake! I suppose I'm a little scared. Oh, but God it feels so very wonderful, it seems so natural for me---that I just let my tongue play with hers. Her hands go up to my face, where soft fingertips trace every curve and valley of my chin and cheek and ear, then my eyes. I'm in fucking heaven.

A really weird thing seems to happen then, Her hands are on my breast, very gently squeezing them. But no, her fingertips are on my face!

It's difficult, enjoying the sexy pleasure of her caressing my breasts, my nipples, and at the same time tracing the outline of my face. Can't seem to get things straight here. Too much bubble maybe? Chris! Behind me. Of course, Chris has his hands on my breasts. I have to confess, I didn't realize I was doing it, but my arms just go around Kelly and hold her to me! Then Chris whispers in my ear; "You have delicious breasts My Love." "But I think you ladies are getting carried away, don't you?" "Damn you Chris," Kelly shouts with a laugh, as she breaks our embrace.

Chris stands there just chuckling, he looks like the devil himself! He has taken off his shirt, and bare chested, he is gorgeous!

We all sit back down and talk about breast development---Guess whose? Mine of course, and other really neat sexy stuff. I just can't believe that here I am, like in HAIR, a 15 year old virgin! With my tiny breasts with my nipples just stickin' straight out, as I'm talking to a beautiful young girl who's also topless, and a real hunk who is enjoying himself watching both of us! The subject of age comes up. it seems Kelly is 18, and Chris is 19.

Chris asks how old I am. Absolute silence for a few seconds. "The truth?" I ask in a small voice. "We won't beat you." Says a grinning Kel. "Not hard" says Chris, and Kelly punches him a good one. "Ok, I'm fifteen and a half" I say, expecting them to curse me or something terrible like that. "That's sweet" says Kel, "Seems like only last week I was fifteen, Honey." I give a big sigh of relief. "I was afraid you guys would throw me out or something." I admitted. A big hug, and a "We love you, 18 year old Jamie." was what I got for my honesty.

I just adore hugs. They are the funnest thing I've ever found. I just had to tell Kel that "I think you have beautiful breasts" "And beautiful nipples," put in Chris. "Yep" I agreed, "She has mouth-watering nipples--I can't take my eyes off them." God, what a stupid thing to say Jamie! I think to myself! But truthfully, I feel so wicked, sitting there, grinning like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, just talking to Chris and Kelly--'accepted by them', you know?

Chris, well, I notice several times that he was checking out my boobs, and you know, Hey it's OK with me! That just turns me on something terrible! We get to talking about how they met and made the decision to get married and stuff like that. They tell me about the wedding, and pretty soon the subject turns to the cabin we are in.

Chris had made the all the arrangements it seems. Kelly was bubbling over--and with another glass, we get to talking girl to girl about their wedding night.

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Kelly and I exchange secrets just as though Chris wasn't even there. It seems they both had gone together when Chris had sort of a 'pre-wedding' check up with his doctor, which she said was a hoot, and they had asked his Doc how they could, well, How they could enjoy sex all night long. Well the Doc, who was a good friend of Chris, suggested they bring along a pack of Vivarin--which are just caffeine tablets, to keep them awake and bouncy, and for Chris in particular, some Viagra.

Doc explained that the whole reason for Viagra was that Chris would be able to maintain his erection the whole night. "For which I shall be eternally grateful" sighed Kelly. And a grinning Chris leaned over and kissed her. "Then the little blue pills did work?" I ask innocently. "God" said Kelly, Chris's penis was erect and pointing straight at me all night long.

And that's not the half of it said a grinning Chris, Doc said she should take a Viagra tablet too! "Yep" said Kelly, "I was surprised to hell and back." "But the doctor told us it would excite my clitoris, vagina and my nipples." "And Hell, It worked like he said it would, because I took one, and all I wanted to do all night long was fuck, didn't I Honey?" "He also suggested we use plenty of lubricant, to prevent me from getting sore and raw from fucking" said a grinning Kelly.

"And that idea was worth it's weight in gold" she added Jamie, you should have had a movie camera, Chris fucked me like a stallion the first four or five times, after that, I was a little tender, so from then on it was slow and gentle, wasn't it Sweetheart?" Chris chuckled. Over the next half hour or so, Chris and Kelly describe in gory detail how they played with each other between fucking sessions, how Chris explored her vagina, How Kelly got a ruler and measured his cock.

How he taught her to do oral sex the 'right way' on him, which was to swallow. Kelly laughs, "It takes training to swallow, while his penis is half way down my throat, hold my breath at the same time, or else I'm going to 'sneeze' and have an awful mess!" This intimate bedroom talk was making as horney as the fucking devil himself, I already had a wet spot on my shorts, but damn, this was so much fun, I didn't care!

I've wanted all my life to do something just exactly like this--sort of a favorite sexual fantasy of mine. These guys were to die for, they were so cool. I wish I was married to them--I know, weird, right? It must have been the bubbly, probably was, since I'd had three glasses of it.

This was what you live for. Or maybe it was being in the warm cozy room with Kelly and Chris, maybe it was the frank sexual conversation, and being topless. but I bared my soul to them. I told them how much I enjoyed hearing about them fucking and all the sex play they had--it was exciting to hear about it---made me wet and horney. Told them how much I liked being topless with them, especially with Chris here, how it gave me goose bumps and shivers every time he touches my breasts.

I surprised even me when I blurted out that I had used this very thing--a threesome, just like the three of us--- just like this, as a favorite sexual fantasy when I masturbate, which was a lot! Kelly gives me a big hug and tells me that 'It's so sweet of you to share these secrets with Chris and me." "We love you Jamie and love having you here with us." "It's like you say, like you're part of our honeymoon--and I like it that you are part of our sexual honeymoon---yeah Jamie, I love you for that!" Another kiss and a warm hug.

I can't believe these two share with me all this intimate stuff about their wedding night, but I would die if they stopped. "Tell you what", says Chris, "Why don't we continue this conversation about sexual intercourse out in the hot tub?" "Sounds like a winner" said Kelly, and she looks at me. "Are you up for that Jamie?" Dirty minded me, I want to hear more details about their wedding night, so I automatically nod, "Hey, I can't wait to hear all the details--it will be just like I was there with you, right?." Kelly laughs at that.

"Boy Jamie you are really wound up tight about this aren't you?" Well, I'll see if we can satisfy your hot young lust.

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"I'll get the top off the tub" says Chris as he hurries out. "Come on" Kelly beckons me as she heads to the bedroom. I follow her into the sacred chamber. As we are already topless, it takes but a moment to strip off shorts and panties.

Our sneakers and socks follow. Kelly stands there, hands on hips. "Have to use the bathroom?" she asks. I stare at her. "You've got a bare pussy Kel!" I suppose I said it as though maybe she wasn't even aware of it.

Kelly laughs, and rubs her finger over her bare pubic mound, "It was a wedding present for Chris." "I had it waxed--hurt like the devil, but it was worth it, no shaving stubble, smooth as a baby's bottom" "Here, feel how smooth", she says, as she walks over next to me.

I feel funny, both of us naked, and her asking me to feel her pussy, but it's as exciting as hell too, Kelly reaches out, takes my hand, and places it firmlt on her pussy. I cup her mound with my fingers, hold it. It's hot, round. She's really truly smooth. I suddenly get a shiver down my back between my shoulder blades--then it's gone.

"I wish mine were beautiful like that" I tell her. As I draw my hand slowly over her mound, my middle finger is, well, right at her opening, and I can't' help feel the wetness between her labia. Kelly pulls me into a tight hug, even strokes by bare bottom.with her hand as we hug. "You will, honey, you will, just give it time." After all the champagne, I really do have to peeso I make a quick stop at a bidet for goodness sakes--after I finish, I spray my self with the warm water ---that's a nice touch, it cools down my vagina, which is a really nees a rinse.

Boy, we gotta get one of these at home, then I head out to the hot tub. Now I'm not a shy girl, My dad and I are both nudist, so why be ashamed of it? Right? Chris and Kelly are already in the tub when I walk out onto the deck. For a moment I feel goose bumps, then I see the twinkle in Kelly's eyes.

Same with Chris, only admiration, and excitement there. I relax, and exhale, I'm with friends! I mount the two steps, and Kelly holds out both hands to help me settle down In-between the two of them in the warm water. It's so dreamy, sitting with her in the tub. Actually we are in a reclining positing, a very relaxing way to sit. And God the hot water is perfect.

The hum of the pump a soft background noise, and I realize Chris has even turned on a CD somewhere, as music floats out to us. Kelly says "I though maybe you'd freak because we had no swim suits" "I never heard of wearing anything in a hot tub" I answer with a smirk. Kelly laughs. "You have a hot tub?" she asks, "Yep, we do, and I use it all the time, especially in the winter." I tell her.

"Let me put your hair up, asks Kelly, and she turns to me, her breasts brushing against me a lot more than necessary, as she fixes my long hair in a bun with a rubber band. "There, that's perfect Jamie" she whispers.

"I think it was too" I whisper back, with the hint of a smile.She keeps left her arm around my shoulders, and rubs my shoulder with her fingertips. It feels relaxing, sitting there with her. I soon get to thinking--She was telling me about last night. Now I really, really want to hear more about them fucking last night, so I venture, "You were telling me about you're honeymoon night." "Right" she says. "We didn't even eat dinner, we were so anxious to get to this cabin, arrived about 6 pm." Chris cuts in "Took me only minute fifty-two seconds for me to strip her completely naked" he says proudly, with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

"Yes, I was the purest virgin right up until that night." Jamie, "Hard to believe, isn't it, but I was!" I can't help asking "I've heard all kinds of stories about how it would hurt so bad when you broke your cherry and about the pain it would cause." Kelly nodded, and said "I was sort of worried about that myself, in fact that was one reason I went with him when he saw his Doctor." "I wanted to find out the straight scoop." "What did the Doctor say" I ask--I could hardly wait to hear the answer.

"He took me into another little exam room, and had me take off my slacks and panties, and examined me." "With Chris standing right there, of course it was nothing Chris hadn't already seen." she grins at Chris.

"Any way, the Doctor examined me, poked around my vagina and hymen for about two hours" "What!" I exclaim. "Just kidding," laughs Kelly. "He only took a couple of minutes, but he said Chris would have no trouble on our wedding night." "Said my hymen was normal, and he felt it would present no problem for Chris." "But he did give us some lubricant, and told us how to use it." "If there was no problem, why did you need lubricant Kelly?" I asked her with a giggle.

Kelly gave my arm a tug. "You know Honey, my vagina is tight, and it was not going to be easy for him to go working his big penis in and out of me for an hour with out rubbing me raw, so the lubricant was there to make everything slide smoothly" Said Kelly.

"And it did a damn good job" said Chris. I want all the details Kel!" I plead. You know Jamie, thanks to Doc, Chris had that tube of some kind of lubricant, and before we fucked the first time he spread lot of it inside my labia, then he put the tube right up to my vagina, and squeezed a lot of it into me." "Doc had said it would help prevent chaffing, even if we fucked all night long." "Anyway, with all the lubricant, when Chris forced his penis up into me the first time," "Jamie, I don't even remember being conscious of my hymen tearing." "I know I was tight, and it took Chris quite a few good hard thrusts, before he was able to get fully into me, but it was all pure pleasure." "Pleasure beyond anything I had ever imagined in six years of masturbating." she said with a serene look on her face.

"God, Kel, that must have been exciting for you!" "Well the stuff sure worked." We both sit there for a few minutes, enjoying the heat, with our own thoughts. About fucking. "You know I don't know if I'm different or what." "Jamie, can I ask you a personal question?" Kelly said.

"You know you can ask me anything at all, Kel" I told her, stroking her cheek with my hand. "Well with me, Jamie, my hymen was right inside my vaginal entrance, and I had always heard that the hymen was supposed to be almost half way up inside your vagina." "So where is your hymen, Jamie?---I'm guessing you're a still a virgin?" Yeah, I was a little shocked at the boldness of the question, but then she's Kelly, right?

And I didn't want her to think I was a wus, so I just answered truthfully, with out missing a beat "yep, I'm a virgin, Kel, and yeah, I can easily feel my hymen." "I'd say, my hymen, like yours, is very close to the front of my vagina, maybe only about a half inch inside my vagina." Kelly put her hand under the water, and on my thigh, just above my knee, "Jamie would you let me feel it" she asks, looking at me.

This was getting to be more exciting than robbing the First National Bank, I swear! So I simply did what my pussy told me, and sincerely said "Anything for you Kel." At my answer, Kelly looks at me for a long moment, then winks at me, and whispers "Thank you Sweetheart." I spread my legs for her. Kelly's hand on my shoulder turns into a full palm on my back as she leans over me and reaches in.

The water was hot but not as hot as I was, as her right hand just sorta snakes in, I feel her fingers slip over my labia, explore me,find my vagina, and I sorta 'woops' as I feel her finger tips enter my vagina--just slip in, where they caress my maidenhead, my hymen. Kelly's fingertips explore my membrane, Then I die and go to heaven, as Kel carefully wiggles, slides her finger through the opening in my hymen.

I sit there, with my legs apart trying not to explode like an atom bomb in absolute sheer dizziness at what she is doing. Holy Crap! Her finger stretches me, slides all the way up inside me! She gazes steadily at me, looks right into my eyes as she's doing this, moving her finger, she strokes me--inside. Before I can stop myself, I sigh, I sigh a long drawn out moan. I feel a warm blanket wash over me, I try to clamp my vaginal muscles down on her finger, hard!.

I holding my breath. I feel absolutely beautiful! I shudder--my whole body shudders! Then I go limp, I relax, as it passes, take in a big gulp of air. I don't smile, I just reach out and pull Kel to me, kiss her. God, that was the first time I'd ever had that done to me! But then I've never in my life felt anything so fucking good as a lot of what Kelly is doing to me. "Thank you Jamie" she whispers quietly in my ear, then she kisses me again. a long kiss. I could get used to this.

I suck her tongue in, make love to it.

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It's a long, deep kiss. "You know Jamie" she says, her voice husky. "I think that verifies most of us girls have their hymens right up front, like yours is." "Hey" said Chris, who had just re-entered the hot tub, "Don't I get in on this?" Kelly shoots him an exasperated look. "No you idiot--this is girl stuff"." I get my first close up look of Chris when he gets into the hot tub this time.

I'd held it but not really seen it. His penis passes the test, it's long and it's thick. Perhaps not the biggest, but big enough! Both Kel and I reach up to help him in. The feel of his hand is a premonition of things to come, I think. We are, all three of us submerged almost up to our necks, as we talk, about sex of course.

Kelly takes my hand and says to me "Jamie, Chris and I have a reason for bringing you here today." "Yes, we want to ravish your young body!" puts in Chris. "Will you shut up Chris" "I'm trying to talk serious with Jamie." "I promise." he says, though he never lets go of my breast.

"Jamie, We, Chris and I, need something, something we can't do ourselves, and we were hoping you are the one who could help us out." I squeezed her hands in mine, "Kelly you know I'd do anything thing in the world for you two guys" I say looking at her seriously. "I had originally hoped that we would, somehow, have home movies of us 'making love' on our honeymoon." "Unfortunately, so far, this hasn't worked out for us." "This is a big disappointment for us, me especially." She said.

"Jamie, I would like you to take movies of Chris and me making love." "Would you consider doing that for me?" I almost had tears in my eyes as I pull Kelly to me and hug her.

"Of course I will Kelly, I would be happy to do anything you asked, you know that, don't you?" "You don't even have to ask, just tell me what you want, and I'll do it." Chris moves over and joins our hug for a few minutes, just sharing the togetherness that we feel.

Finally Kelly says "Let's get this show started." So we all get out of the hot tub and end up having fun, drying each other off with the towels. We go into the bedroom, and while Kelly's busy in the bathroom, Chris shows me how to work the movie camera. It's a digital camera, so it is small and light enough to be handy. It's funny, Chris is standing a freaking 14 inches away from me, bare ass naked, his penis hanging there like some big six gun, while little virginal me dares to stand up close to him.

Bravely. God, what am I doing here? "Chris lays his hand on my knee--shivers. Jamie, You can lay on the bed with us, crawl in next to us to get a close up, just be inventive, OK?" he looks at me "You do have sweet breasts, you know that Jamie?" "Yeah, I know it" I shoot back. Chris continues, "I do want you to get some shots of my penis just penetrating Kelly, and of course, some shots of Kelly's face when she has an orgasm, that would be sweet, got all that?" "Hey I'll probably get an Academy Award for 'Best Cinematography'" I tell him.

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Kelly returns then, Her hair brushed out and I suppose, her teeth brushed too. Chris pulls off the bedspread. I start filming as she walks over to Chris, and naked, they kiss, then lay down on the bed.

What follows is a lascivious sexual orgy, where those two do things that even I have never heard of, or imagined. The thing is, it is so tender and romantic that it's a tremendous turn on for me. I mean Kelly laid on her back with her knees drawn up against her shoulders, holding them that way, with her knees spread apart, her labia open, you can see her vagina, the small opening semingingly unimportant, but now the most precious thing on earth.

I hold my breath as Chris guides his long penis into her vagina, and in one slow steady push, inserts himself into her all the way, then gives a small lift with his hips, that lifts her also. For twenty-Five minutes I film these two lovers. The two of them seemingly can not be tired out, just keep fucking gloriously. "How can you keep from choking" I had to ask Kelly, in spite of my vow to keep silent.

She wipes her mouth on a towel. "It's easy, once you get the hang of it, and it's fun--I like it almost as much as fucking!". "Come here Jamie, Come'on" I set down the camera, and naked, crawl onto the bed with them.


"It's just a big lollypop!" "Here. I'll show you." She put her arm around me and had me kneel over Chris' midsection. He was holding his member stright up. "The main thing is not to bite it, and not to suck too hard, just suck gently and put it in and play with it." "Chris likes it when you stick it as far in as you can, Jamie, so try that to" I touched the tip with my tongue, gave it a lick, then, wetting my lips, just sort of sucked the head of his penis into my mouth.

He was big He tasted different, sort of a 'male' taste I guess. I swirled my tongue around it, round and round, then tried a gentle suction, while I did it. Chris pushed up, and it slid farther into my mouth. I got the hint, and slowly tried to see just how far I could take him in. I found that if I sucked while I was taking him in, I didn't gag. When I had him in as far as I could, Kelly started stroking his penis--what was not in my mouth, and I bobbed up and down gently on him.

"I can't believe it" Said an astonished Kelly. "Here she is, her first time, and she has a good five inches of your penis down her throat!" Kelly kept up her rapid stroking. Finally, things happened. I had one hand on his abdomen, one on his leg, and I immediately noticed his abdomen go rigid.

Then Kel whispered to me. "He's going to come Sweetheart, just swallow, and keep swallowing, understand?" I tried to nod, but couldn't, so I just said "muphf".

I was still surprised when it happened. Like a gun he shot into my throat, then again, and I gulped him down as fast as he filled my throat. He kept coming, but It was really easy, as he spurted with such force, that his thick sperm was alrready half way down my throat. I could feel his penis --how would I describe it, 'undulate', as he squirted down my throat.

After he was done, I'm sure I sat on the bed with the world's silliest grin on my face! Back on the camera again, more sex play between Kelly and Chris. After what seemed a long time, she is lowering herself slowly onto Chris as he lays flat on his back, penis straight up--and now inside her, a mischievous grin on her face as she rocks back and forth over his hips.

Fucking each other as only lovers can. I can't believe the energy they spend fucking like two little rabbits, seemingly without stopping, the sweat runs down Kelly's neck. Finally she speeds up, she is panting, glassy eyed, gasping and moaning, and saying words that neither Chris nor I can understand.

I watch as Kelly arches her back, quivering as she has a powerful orgasm. I catch it all on videotape. Kel shrieks--screams as her orgasm rags her. I can tell she is gritting her teeth, and probably tightening every muscle she can. as she bears down on him. Finally they slow down a bit as they lay there in each others arms gasping for breath, all I can hear is their heavy panting.

"Take a break Jamie, that's it for now." "Lay down with us, and unwind" Chris holds out his arms to me. I turned it off and laid the camera down. I crawl onto the soft bed and lay down next to Chris. He still has an erection proudly sticking up, it glistens with Kelly's juices. He puts his arm around me and pulls me close.

I'm excited to be next to him--close to him, his penis. I hold up my hands--they are shaking. I quickly put them down. Chris turns, so he's facing me. Shit! His cock is pushing against my legs, I shift, and it slips between my thighs.

"That's better" he murmurs" "Jamie, it's a wonderful thing you did for Kelly"---"Really great of you to film us like that, you are a beautiful person, an incredible girl" "I wish there were some way to thank you." "May I kiss you Jamie?" "I think I 'm gonna pee my pants" I say.

We both break up, the seriousness gone, as we laugh. "What's going on over there" a bleary eyed Kelly asks as she leans over Chris's shoulder. "Hi there Sweetie" she says to Chris, "And you too, Jamie Love", looking at me.

"Well, How do you feel?" She asks me. "God I'm going to explode or something, I am so turned on by you guys, I mean here I am laying next to the world's cutest guy, were all naked, and his penis is---he has this beautiful penis in full erection that looks like a damn rocket launcher, and you're an unbelievable young naked Venus with a baby smooth pussy--- and I've just watched you guys fuck in 22 different positions, My brain is fried!--my cunny's on fire" my nipples itch and my clit is begging for a little lovin." "All I want to do is lay quietly with you guys and masturbate for the next six weeks, till I'm back to normal." Kel reaches over and musses up my hair.

"You're sweet and lovely Jamie darling" Chris says, "I never did get my kiss, Jamie." So this time I hold out my arms to him and we embrace, not hard, just like leaves falling to the ground, I lick my lips in anticipation, I have waited for this. Chris rubs his nose against mine, then----he kisses me. It's the way you dream about it, the way a breath taking kiss should be. He tastes good, his breath smells fresh and clean.

His teeth feel really smooth, his tongue, boy, his tongue is alive, it's everywhere. He pulls me close, my breasts flatten against his chest. I run my hands over his back---I just feel I have to know every part of him.

His penis slides up my thigh so it's laying flat between us. Somehow he has managed to have it positioned so it's pushing on my labia!

It's difficult not to aware of his erection now sticking between my thighs. I put my hands down on his butt, It's hard, I try pulling him to me. I want him to fuck me--that's what I want more than anything in the world right now. I'm bad!

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I desperately don't want our kiss to end, but finally, after I don't know how long, but not long enough damn it, it does. I know this day is about to end for us, and that will be a tragedy. I don't want this to end, No NO NO!

Kelly hugs me, thanks me for filming them. "Jamie, It was a fabulous thing you did getting our lovemaking on video like you did," "The way you fitted into our love making so easily was just magical." "Jamie, I just love you for being here with us." "I just wish there was some way we could thank you, we owe you so much," "I just wish…" It all happens in a split second, My brain processes all of it almost instanantenouslyly.

It's what I want more than anything, so I don't think---I just blurt it out, while there's still time! "Kelly, if you really mean------there is something I want, that I need so much, that only you and Chris can help me now---if you will, Oh please Kel," "Of course we will Darling, you know that, anything." Kelly said.

turning to me. "Tell me Sweetheart, what is it you need?" By now, Chris has joined her, with his willingness. He tells me softly, "Jamie Darling, we love you, there's nothing we wouldn't do for you, you must know that!" Then he literally pulls me into an embrace, tightly to him, and Kelly joins in, the three of us hugging.

I'm so overcome, I start crying--it's too much. Chris lifts my chin and wipes away my tears with his fingers. "What is it you need pumpkin?" It was now or never. "I want to make love too!" I blurt it out like I'm afraid I'd lose my nerve. Kelly leans in and kisses me on the forehead, then she looks me right in my eyes. "That's sweet, Jamie" "Of course we will, and we'll make it a loving, wonderful memory for you, one to remember us by"--and she kisses me again, this time a deep kiss on the mouth.

To say I'm nervous is to say rain is sorta wet. I lay naked on the bed, and I am shaking. Kelly snuggles up beside me, whispers that she is Chris' little helper, she produces, from 'somewhere' a fur mitten, it's so soft, like mink or fox. She strokes my body with the mitt, it is very soft, so erotic.

Kelly starts with my ear, then gradually works her way down, my neck, shoulders finally my famous pointy breasts which she treats like they are the most beautiful in the world.

Chris kisses my nipples, nibbling, gently biting and other mysterious things that feel exciting the way he does it. She's caressing my tummy with the fur mitten like she's exploring, and she comes to my pussy, she gives the fur mitten to Chris, who continues on down my hips and legs, Oh man! Kel scratches her fingers thru my pubic hair, then slides her fingers down over my mound, cupping it firmly--again the moan that I can't control.

She pulls her finger up between my labia, and it comes out slippery--she holds up her glistening finger to her lips, sucks it into her mouth, watching me. "You taste good, Love." she murmurs. She lowers her finger to my sex again and brings up the wet finger to me, I take it in greedily, rolling my tongue around her finger, sucking her finger! I start shivering again when I see Kelly lowering her lips to my labia.

She looks up at me "It's OK Sweetheart I'm going to make you feel absolutely wonderful, I promise." She gently spreads my legs, she probes me softly with her tongue, pushing into my slit, pulling a series of quick gasps from me.

Her tongue in me does feel unbelievable, I feel like arching my hips to her, I almost scream as she kisses me down there, her tongue touching places I didn't even know existed. I feel like twisting into a pretzel. I'm in love with this girl and what she is doing to me. I screw my eyes closed and grip the satin sheets in a death grip as I experience the first orgasm.

I run out of air, I get cramps in my abdomen---my cunny. My clit, my little clit is hard, like it's a little hand grenade, about to explode! I don't die, I realize I'm holding big handfuls of Kelly's hair, as she raises her head and looks up. "Was that good for you Honey" All I can do is smile weakly at her as my orgasm subsides, I feel limp, but Kelly has only started, she finds my clit with her wet lips, My clit---I swear it's twice it's normal size by now, and swollen, standing up between my lips like a little erect penis.

For the next twenty minutes, Kelly makes love to me as only a womean can make love to a woman. She draws out my clitoris, teasing it unmercifully, pulling it with her lips, left, right, again left and right. The hit and run orgasm strikes me and knocks me on my ass.

I hear myself shout and curse, as I have to fight to breathe--gasp for air. I have never in my life experienced such intense orgasms, Bang-Bang-Bang, one after another. Lovely Kel is able to arouse me so easily, with her tongue inside like that. Chris comes over to the bed, and lays down next to me.

Yes his penis is hard--erect! He pulls me around so we were facing, and we embrace, kiss. I'm so short his penis slips between my thighs.Chris smells sexy, good. There isn't any cologne, or after shave, its his, 'his male smell'. He kisses my face, then my lips. I think my eyes must have rolled back in my head as we kiss, It was all I could do was hold his head to mine and thrust my tongue into his mouth.

The next fifteen minutes are heaven, we kiss, murmur lovely things to each other, we touch, bite gently and kiss again and again, everywhere. I'm sure that by now my wetness is running over my leg, or down the crack of my ass. Kelly has produced a pillow, and lifting my hips, she pushes it under my butt, raising my pussy a good four or five inches higher than everything else. More kisses, more love. You have no idea how thrilling is it to have two sets of hands caressing your naked body, I mean it's like, it's all a dream!

Kel holds my labia open while Chris licks my hymen---WOW Finally I actually start shivering, I am so ready to be fucked---It's like being ready to jump out of an airplane--you're just so fuckin ready!

Finally, half crying, I cry out "Please Chirs, Ohhhh Please Don't make me wait, I need you in me,Chris Darling" Satisfied, They now have me on my back, legs spread wide, my hipe up on a pillow.

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Kelly get's behind me and sit's with me leaning my head up against her bare tummy, so I can see what's going on. She has her legs straight out on either side of my shoulders, I just put an arm on each of her legs and lean back against her. I'm a nervous wreck, though it's nice to feel Kelly's tummy rise and fall as she breathes.

I can smell the strong scent of her sex. I like her smell! Chris kneels upright on the bed in front of me. His penis sticking stright out. For the first time, I lay there and get a really good look at the penis that will soon penetrate me. It now looks huge to me. I look up at Kelly and whisper. "It's gonna be too big for me, I won't be able to take that!" "Shhhhh Kelly whispers, If you can pass a baby through there, you can accept his penis, Believe me Jamie, I was laying where you are, Saturday night, I was tight, like you are, and he was large when he slid his penis inside me, but here I am, I survived and lived to tell about it, so will you Darling, don't you worry." "But Kel, I know damn well Chris's penis is a lot larger now, than when we were just having fun on the bed." Staring at it, I realize that it's curved, It starts pointing straight out from his body, then bows up till it's pointing up to the ceiling.

Oh God, Chris is getting over me. He kisses me, and everything seems fine again, Chris is here, in control, he will take care of me, cause he loves me! He spreads my legs wide apart, embarrassingly wide. Then Kelly reaches in and grips Chris's penis. With a look of concentration, she careful places the head of his penis between my swollen lips. I feel him press against me. Oh Jesus Christ. "Kelly, he's in me" "Just try to relax Baby, just relax and take him in, That's it Baby Let him in" I feel his hardness as he gently eases the head of his penis into me.

I feel my lips expanding to accommodate the head of his penis, It seems with every little thrust he slips in a little farther. I want only to take all of him into me. Chris is fucking me with short deliberate strokes and I feel myself stretch over him, trying to accept him. I close my eyes, and feel my vagina start to open. He keeps thrusting into me, and yes he's pushing in farther. I feel Chris stop for a few seconds, then he pushes in very slowly. Ouch!!! God, he went deeper that time.

He feels so good inside me, but God damn he is huge, I can feel my vagina expand to accommodate his width. He doesn't really hurt all that much. The very thought of him fucking me, forcing his erection up into my tight vagina is exciting, and I start humping my hips up to meet him. But there are tears running down my cheeks.

Kelly's rolling my nipples, both of them, between her fingers, bringing on additional spasms of delight---more than I can possibly take. I can feel the bumps and veins of his penis as he slowly slides in and out of me, I can even feel the crest around that huge head of his penis on every one of those slow strokes.

I want all of him inside of me, and the more I think about it, the more excited I get. I don't know what's happening to me, only that it's spreading all through my body. It's like something right out of a fucking science fiction movie. I start moaning and gasping, trying to breathe through my mouth.

My orgasm hits, and I scream, feeling my vaginal muscles pulse and squeeze his penis.


It seems to set off every nerve in my body, and I twist and jerk, but I can't get off his penis. He's speared me with that long weapon of his! Chris begins thrusting harder into me now, every time he pushes into me, it's like he pushes all the air out of me.

I hear someone talking to me…It's Kelly "Wha?" I try to say as my body jerks back and forth "That's it Baby, take him all in, just lay back and take him in baby" she whispers, as she strokes my swollen breasts.

"Chris has half his cock inside you now Jamie, you're doing swell." Well, I know it feels absolutely wonderful, and suddenly, just like that, there was no pain, just an incredible, electrical sexual sensation marched me right up the wall and across the ceiling, wildly slow, then running flat out, yelling, yelling yelling.

Kelly strokes my face as I pretty much regain my normal breathing. Chris slowly, but gradually works his penis deeper into me. I was still so tight that it felt as though I was trying to squeeze him with my vaginal muscles---which I was! God, Here it comes again. I tried to stop it, No NO, It's no use. My moans turned to gasps as I just seemed to explode, fall apart, whatever, my orgasm makes my heart go flip flop, flip flop, it echos off the damn walls. And for a minute all I can remember is how good it feels to have him there inside me, while I hold my breath.


Chris is taking long full strokes now, pulling out as far as he can, the plunging back in, gaining just a little each time. I can only say that the feeling of that huge cock as he fucks me is the closest thing to pure pleasure and dying I've ever experienced in my life. It's difficult to describe how powerful his penis seems to be. His erection, ramming and pushing my insides around, and creating such wonderful sensations in my tummy---I feel it, coming.

I want, I'm scared of it. It comes over me like a blanket, and before I know it, I'm twisting and gasping, another orgasm that would have had me jumping up off the bed as wave after wave of sensual pleasure has me writhing around on his penis--only Kelly, holding my shoulders, keeps me on the bed--and on his penis. I am having a string of orgasms Wham, Wham, Wham, My poor little clit is so excited it's wollen up, erect.

Only another girl can appreciate how super sensitive a girl's clitoris can be. And when a guy's penis is rubbing her clit with every stroke, as he fucks her, well God dammit, she's in deep do-do! let me tell you! I just close my eyes and enjoy the wonderful feeling that spreads through my body. But it keeps on building, up up and away wheeee, way too high, my body jumps around, I yelp, Pleasure, pain, I don't know, I just shut my eye tight and taste the wonderful feeling surging through my body.

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God I'm tired! The only sounds in the room are me, sobbing for every breath, and the 'squish-squish', as his erection pounds into me. And in the backgtound, faintly I hear, far away, Kelly's voice ; "That's itJamie Baby, you're doing fine, swing your hips, pull him in, Jamie, thatta girl, let him in Baby." Now Chris is pushing really deep up into me and I shriek every time pushes up there. It feels as though he's way up there, as far up as my belly button.

I put my hand on my belly, thinking I can feel him bump my hand--I can't.Then he thrusts fully into my belly, and I feel him hit my cervix. OoooohGod That hurt! I gasp loud enough for the neighbors to hear me. Chris makes seven or eight more thrusts into me, each one bumping my cervix painfully. I can feel his pubic bone hitting mine, so I know for certain he has that monster completely inside my vagina--I cannot believe my vagina stretched enough to take him all in.

After that final thrust, he just holds his penis hard in me, deep inside me. He dosen't move. Oh Christ on a cross--I can feel his semen spurting into me. It's warm, there's lots of it! I The head of his penis is pressed against my cervix, and I can feel every spurt of shis thich semen. This is so intense--exciting, Kelly holding my head, stroking my cheek, the feel of his penis, throbbing as he squirts into me, it's so much, everything, everything swirls around as my own orgasm builds up.

Every nerve in my body tingles, glows, then light up in bight colored lights. I realize I'm loosing control, I gasp deeply and stop breathing. WHAM, that hurt it did! Just wriggling around, caught in another orgasm.on his penis.

You can't scream when you're shaking. When the shaking finally stops, I'm too exhausted to scream. I almost hyperventilate, trying to catch my breath, Big gulps.

Christ! He's still fucking me--my poor tender clit can't take this. Another orgasm grabs me throws me down and stomps on me!

My body just sorta flops around, twitches coming from all over I try to keep silent, but I keep moaning. Chris holds me after he has finished, after he has finished coming inside me, I can't help crying, my emotions are all shot to hell and back.

Chris has pulled out of me, and soaked with my own and Chris' sweat, Kelly has wiped me down with a soft towel, and now both Chris and Kelly hold me between them, close, warm. They stroke my face, my body,y breasts. Thank goodness they don't touch my tender sore pussy.

They take turns drying away my tears with some tissues, kissing me everywhere, talking to me quietly, softly, about love and feelings and togetherness, about Kelly and you and I and us--the three of us together making love. About Chris putting his seed inside me, the same as he did with Kelly.

Kelly strokes my face and hair and even my breasts, and whispered nice funny things. Chris is kissing my fingertips. I think to myself, How in the world did I ever meet such beautiful people---like these two sweet friends. Not just in looks, but in spirit, their outlook on life. Because of you two, I now realize how wonderful life can be, when you let go, when you allow yourself to enjoy life! Chris and Kelly and Jamie. The three musketeers! The three of us making love together, tender, and earth shaking, and so very wonderful.

Thanks, you Guys!