WIld ass fucking session with two Mormon twinks on the bed

WIld ass fucking session with two Mormon twinks on the bed
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My name is Seth, I'm 18 years old, it's Saturday night and I'm about to go to my senior prom. I'll be going with my best friends Eric and Timmy; we are all planning to get laid tonight: me by my girlfriend (we just want to have sex, because we can't do it anywhere else), Timmy also by his girlfriend (they want to have a baby, they are well prepared and have very supportive families who will understand) and, Eric just wants to have sex. I was standing outside my house in my tuxedo waiting for Timmy and Eric to ride up in the limo.

I waited for about ten minutes before the limo came. They rode up and Timmy and Eric got out so they could say hi to my parents. Before I continue I should probably describe us. I am white and I have naturally silver hair tied in a shoulder length pony-tail with chin length bangs framing my face, I'm 6'0 and 160lbs. Timmy is Japanese-American and has black hair that he dyed dark purple (only because his parents said not to) laid back and cut short at the top of his neck.

He has green eyes and is 5'8 135lbs. Eric is Mexican and has black unkempt hair, he's 5'7 130lbs.

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They came inside and explained to my parents that we would be staying in a hotel and probably not coming back until late Sunday. My parents said to have fun and we left. In the limo we talked about how much fun we were going to have. We pull up at my girlfriend Tanya's house, she is Mexican 5'6 and 110lbs. she has brown hair bright brown eyes.

She wore a short black dress that fit snuggly over her 32C breasts and stopped about an inch or two below her large but firm ass cheeks. She gave me a kiss and got in the limo; I got in behind her and closed the door.

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Next we rode up to Timmy's girlfriend Sam's house, she is White 5'7 and 112lbs. she has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

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She wore a long almost see- through white form fitting dress that showed off her double D's and ass slightly smaller than Tanya's. Timmy got in the car first and she sat on his lap. I told the driver to put on some dancing music, so he put on "Bands A Make Her Dance" Sam started grinding on Timmy and Tanya started twerking on me (Google it). I glanced over to my left and saw Eric looking a little upset.


I started laughing at him and he gave me the finger. I turned away from him and put my hands over Tanya's tits and squeezed, she moaned and I pinched her nipples. Suddenly she stopped moving and got on her knees, she unzipped my pants and pulled out my 9in.

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long and 2in. wide cock. She wasted no time in taking it all down her throat, I pulled her head back about halfway then put it all the way back down. I did this for about ten minutes.

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"Ah, I'm about to cum." "Do it, cum in my mouth I want to taste your hot cum!" I came in her mouth so much that she couldn't swallow it all and gestured for me to cum on her face, but I'd covered her face so much that I had to shove my cock all the way down her throat and basically dumping cum right into her stomach. I looked around Eric had a stunned look on his face and Timmy was still painting Sam's face with cum.

Because for some reason she wouldn't swallow but she would happily take it on her face. Then the two girls looked at each other and laughed.


Suddenly the driver threw back a pack of wet wipes and said, "Clean up back there we're about to pull up in a few minutes." We all started laughing and I sat Tanya on the seat and handed her the wipes.

I lifted her dress and moved her pink G-string to the side.

I started licking her clit and kissing her lips, I heard her moaning so I stuck my tongue as deep as I could and she squealed like a pig. She said, "I'm cumming!" I knew she was a squirter so I clamped my lips around her pussy and drank her girl cum.

"Perfect timing because we're here," announced the driver. I readjusted her panties and wiped my face clean. We got out of the limo and walked in to the dance.

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To Be Continued.