A birthday present for his girlfriend

A birthday present for his girlfriend
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12:01am . "Ring .,Ring ., RING., RING.," "Hello."., "Bob Smithe here." "Mr Smithe, this is Richard's from the fire department. There has been an accident at the Halpern Construction site ., a fire was accidentally set on the roof and two men were injured sir." " Who.?

" . " A security man named Monty sir, we have no last name. .,and the site Super. A Mitch, or Mr. Mitch sir, again our information is preliminary. " Which Hospital where they taken too . ?" " Just a minute sir, I'll find out for you. .[ waiting ]. " Hello Sir. . " " Yes!" ` " . they both were treated on site by the Ambulance crew and are still here working to set things straight . Good men you have there Mr.

Smithe." " Could you tell them I'll be there within the hour . " " Yes sir, I will ." " Thank you for calling Mr. Richard's ." " You're welcome Mr.

Smithe." I get dressed . ., out the door into the company truck, another Ram. I get to the site and go to the job shack. I find Monty nursing a hand ., while sipping on a coffee. Mitch is nowhere to be seen. " Hello Monty, how are you.?" . " Fine Mr Smithe ., it's just a slight burn. ., the metal burned through my glove as I was trying to move Propane tank away from the flames. We did not want a large explosion." " I am relieved you are not hurt badly Monty." ., " Thank you sir." ., " Do you know where Mitch is Monty?" " He is inside the building Sir ., we got the fire out just ahead of the Fire dept.'s arrival." " Thank you Monty.

., thanks. ., you did a great job." I leave the shack and head into the building we are constructing. It takes me a bit but I track down Mitch. I wait; he is talking with the Fire Dept. Super. I look about for damage but see none.

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I wait for about five minutes, then Mitch and the Fire Marshal come over to me. " Hello Bob, good to see you .,this is Fire Marshal Richard's." I respond and we talk for a good forty five minutes.

The plumber was soldering and did not notice that there had been a spill or leak of some flammable compound. It is night so he has an excuse. The plumber had to move quickly to avoid being trapped, thank God for that. The flat roof burnt and a cooling tower is lost, but that is all. Insurance will cover it. I look at my watch, it is nearly 3:00am. " Time for me to go Mitch." ., got an hour ahead of me on the road.

I've two meetings this morning; more work coming Mitch; big bonus this year. [ I smile ] "Good to know Bob, my Ex's will love you." [ Laughter ] " Thanks for coming out Bob.

Much appreciated." . . in the RAM heading home. . 'Ring' ., 'Ring' . . the cell phone.


. I pull over and answer. " Hello Central, what's up? " . . " Mr. Smithe. We received a call from Mrs. Silver asking us to schedule a cab for her this morning.

We wondered if you would like to pick her up as you are out her way ?" '' It seems Tonto is not available Mr Smithe.". . [ laughter in the background ] " Sure, love to .do you have her address.

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. ?" . " Yes, we'll text it to you sir. " " Take you. . How are things tonight Central?" I ask. " Other than the fire, very quiet sir." . " Would you let Mrs. Silver know that the Lone Ranger is on his way." More laughter from security. " Yes Sir.". . "A FIERY HORSE WITH THE SPEED OF LIGHT, A CLOUD OF DUST AND A HEARTY "HI HO SILVER!". ., say's I to the dispatcher "Good night sir ." [ amidst a chorus of back ground laughter ] It seems that bad humour functions even at three thirty AM.

I look at the message to see Kendra's address ., she is thirty minutes away ., I head towards Kendra's home wondering why she needs a ride to work this morning. My Blackberry chimes and I look to see a multitude of Smilies; of the ROFLMAO variety.

I arrive at Kendra' home just after 4:00am. . I pull up outside her home and settle back in my seat for a nap., I'm early. . " TAP! TAP! TAP! ". . I look out my side window; Kendra in her house coat.

I open the door, Kendra invites me in for an early morning coffee. Ah coffee, damn fine woman I say to myself. " . What do you take in your coffee Bob.?" . . " Black, Kendra ." " I just came back from the fire and a coffee would sure sit well with me." We sit for about half an hour, making small talk.

I can see Kendra is antz-y ., so I can guess that she has something to say to me. " Kendra, you look like you have something you want to say to me ?" " Yes.

. ., let's go to bed." " What about your husband Kendra.?" ., I ask matter of factly.


" He's Gone." " GONE ?" " Yes, I sent him away two weeks ago., we are getting divorced. It wasn't working out so I gave him the boot.". Kendra shrugs her shoulders. . " Well, not exactly ., you see Bob he had this thing for my friend, and she liked him. They never communicated this to each other, so I did the ground work and set them up ., works for me Bob ., I can focus on my career and my personnel goals ., like having your baby's " "Babies Kendra.?" " Yes sir-ee !

. I decided I want two children form you Bob ., no marriage. Lots of sex, or at least as much as you can give me." . [ pause ] . I am taken aback. " So can we go to my bedroom and screw ?" . I'm not going to have these babies brushing my teeth." Laughing, I reply, " No, that's correct Kendra." .

"Ok. let's go to your bedroom. ." Kendra and I go to her bedroom; very impressed am I. ., she has exquisite taste. Kendra turns on the table lamp; turns off the ceiling light in the en suite. This casts a nice shadow across the room. . Kendra turns and drops her house coat to the floor. ., I watch it fall below her nightie, revealing her legs .

Wow, Kendra has killer legs, and I cannot wait to get between those legs. I undo my pants and let them slide down my legs, emulating Kendra's house coat. I undo my shirt taking it off. I pull down my underwear, stepping out of them as I step toward Kendra. I take her hands and pull her arms straight in front of her, and walking my fingers up her arms to her shoulders.

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I move her nightie aside on her right shoulder and kiss the hollow there. ., darting my tongue out tasting her skin ., kissing her collar bone and then her neck. ., my hands slowly move down her sides toward her waist. Both hands reach her waist; I squeeze her, holding her waist. . Kendra has a very good figure. I kiss her lips, moving my lips over her mouth ., feeling her young lips, slipping my tongue into her mouth, touching the inside of her bottom lip, teasing her mouth.

Kendra pushes me away, lifts her nightie over her head, she turns toward the bed. ., she looks back at me as she bends to get onto bed ., watching me watch her ass.

Kendra smiles knowingly. I climb into bed with her, lying beside her, holding her close, I kiss Kendra again, a nice, soft, long kiss ., exploring her lips. ., and mouth. Kendra's lips quiver ., she kisses me ., her lips dance on my lips., our kisses grow in passion .,I slide a hand around her body to her ass .,squeezing her, cupping a cheek. holding her tight . kissing her . sliding my mouth over her cheek to her neck .,to her chest ., to her nipple ., sucking her nipple ., pursing my lips ., holding her nipple with my lips.

., pulling at her nipple with my lips as I suck on it. . Kendra moans ., her small beasts adorned with a pink pointed crown. Kendra' nipples grow as suck and lick them. They're nearly an inch long. My errand hand has found her pussy .,she opens her legs ., and my finger touches her lips, her opening, her clit ., stroking her lightly ., listening to her breathing increase in both volume and frequency.

. My hard is aching ., I move over her .,she opens her legs farther ., pushing toward her opening I enter Kendra ., so warm .,so moist ., sliding-in ., feeling her ., feeling her response. Kendra pushes back. I love her youthful skin ., her vagina holds me, she wraps her legs around my back ., pulling me tight to her ., slowly., slowly., slowly., I push into her; out of her.

I feel her need grow ., the pace quickens, gasping, Kendra squeezes me tighter, I push into her .,staying deep. . Kendra arches, pulling me tight to her. Her shoulders push against the bed, her hips push against me . Her orgasm is strong., I hold on, feeling her jerk beneath me.

. I shoot white ropes of love into her, once, twice, three times, and more. She moans, she holds tight; a tingle runs through me. . Kendra kisses me and holds me tight. It feels so good to cum inside a women who loves you. A woman who has given up everything for you; her love, her body, her marriage. . The release I felt inside Kendra was as much emotional as physical. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Reflecting: I'm lying on top of this twenty three year old women, nearly half my age.

What un-imaginable good fortune I have with women. I roll off of Kendra and hold her close. . snuggling.

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. Kendra squeezes my arm, "I love you ." ------------------------------------------------------------------------ << The Lone Ranger is out of Silver Bullets >>